Movie Bloopers That Were Too Good To Cut

Hey, accidents happen.
But if you’re in a movie, sometimes accidents
can turn out to be amazing.
In fact, some of the most memorable moments
in cinema were actually the result of mistakes
that the filmmakers decided were too good
to leave out of the finished movie.
Here’s a look at some movie bloopers that
were too good to cut.
Guardians of the Galaxy
Alfred Hitchcock coined the term “MacGuffin”
to describe important objects upon which the
plot of a movie revolves — like the briefcase
in Pulp Fiction, or the Infinity Stones in
the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
As any comic fan will tell you, the Infinity
Stones are incredibly important and powerful
— which is why it’s so funny when Chris
Pratt, as Star-Lord, just straight up drops
“Let us see what you brought.”
It looks totally scripted, but according to
the DVD commentary, that was an actual moment
of clumsiness from Pratt.
But the moment works, so director James Gunn
left it in.
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
As war looms and the loss of Rohan seems imminent,
Eowyn stares off into the distance as the
camera reveals a wide scenic shot.
As she does, a flag pole whips in the wind.
And then, perfectly expressing the mood of
uncertainty and destruction to come, the flag
rips off the pole and flies away.
The metaphor was not only beautifully apt,
but it was also totally accidental.
Director Peter Jackson didn’t plan for this
— it was just really windy on that day of
The Princess Diaries
This movie made Anne Hathaway a star, and
the DVD has become a slumber party classic
for little kids.
It’s a classic ugly duckling story of a girl
named Mia who finds out she’s the heir apparent
to a small European kingdom.
But she’s so very awkward, y’see, falling
down all the time, as she learns how to carry
herself with the grace and poise befitting
a royal.
At one point, Mia is dancing on some bleachers
in the rain at her private school with her
best friend when she takes a pretty nasty
“…look just right, remember-“
That’s no stuntwoman, and that wasn’t supposed
to happen: Hathaway really did slip, falling
But it fit in so well with the character’s
awkwardness that it was kept in the finished
Casino Royale
The idea was simple: Bond-girl rides a horse
along the beach, and Daniel Craig swims up
to her.
But as he floated up, the actor ran into a
sand bank, giving him no choice but to quickly
stand up on his feet and stomp out of the
Suddenly, Bond is standing there, muscled-up
body on display, along with some very revealing
swim trunks.
Casino Royale was a reboot of the Bond series,
so most fans assumed this was an homage to
the classic scene from the first Bond film,
Dr. No, where Ursula Andress emerges from
the ocean.
But it was a actually just a lucky accident.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones wasn’t the only raider of the
lost ark in, uh, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
There was also evil French archaeologist Rene
Belloq, who suffers a doubly horrible fate:
not only does his head explode…
…but he also eats a fly!
Well, okay, not exactly.
During a closeup of actor Paul Freeman, a
fly appears to crawl right down Belloq’s throat.
Freeman later revealed that the insect actually
flew away after crawling around his lip for
a moment, but some judicious editing after
the fact made it look like the cold blooded
Belloq just ate the fly instead.
The Usual Suspects
The police lineup scene early in the movie
is crucial to the plot of The Usual Suspects:
it’s where all the criminal main characters
meet to arrange a big heist.
As each character steps forward to read the
line police told them to read, none of them
can contain their laughter, perfectly setting
up the dynamic between the characters as well
as their collective disregard for the cops.
(Benicio’s got the giggles)
But the laughing wasn’t in the script, and
it wasn’t a directorial note.
No, the cast of The Usual Suspects couldn’t
stop laughing because actor Benicio Del Toro
couldn’t stop farting.
Co-star Kevin Pollak says he farted on “like
12 takes in a row.”
But, director Bryan Singer got so mad with
the cast’s inability to focus that he yelled
at them … which probably only made them
laugh harder.
Rain Man
Speaking of farts, Rain Man is that rare film
that won the Oscar for best picture and also
included one of the most memorable fart scenes
in movie history.
Brothers Raymond and Charlie are in a phone
booth together, and Raymond passes gas.
“Uh oh fart.”
“Ya Charlie Babbot I’ll hold.”
“Uh oh fart.”
“Did you fart Ray?”
“How can you stand that?”
“I don’t mind it.”
That was real, and accidental.
Stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise both managed
to stay completely in character, setting up
a classic moment in cinematic fart history.
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