Mr Beasts plants 20’000’000 TREES – LWIAY #0078

Mr Beasts plants 20’000’000 TREES – LWIAY #0078

Ha-How’s it going
Let’s get some freaking HYPE in the chat!
Cause we are bringing back all the million club merch up until a hundred! ok?
starting at 50 million.
Ready now, let’s freaking get it bros, link in description. It’s LWIAY time!!!
LWIAY’s Intro
Now, I may have sneak-peeked a little bit, I’m sorry it happened one time *giggles* Everyone hates on Morgz.
Spoiler: this whole LWIAY will just be Mr. Beast and Morgz memes.
I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know how it started, but its a thing
Morgz: sooooo out of video ideas atm
That’s how he talks, in case you didn’t get the joke.
im in a bit of a pickle. he’s out of video ideas.
Mr Beast: Don’t worry, I’m about to start uploading more soon.
Is that real? That’s savage, I gotta find out that’s real.
is it real?
I don’t follow anyone anymore so i don’t see people’s tweets.
AH HAhaha
Ok, so apparently th-
Morgz has been copying his videos way back.
i didnt know this was a thing
i just briefly touched on it in one video.
I’m like, “dude is he just copying”.
and I didn’t look into it, but apparently its a whole thing.
it’s like the whole new drama!
Tati. Uh, excuse me no one cares about your james charles.
oh t-series? excuse me no one cares!
It’s all about Morgz vs Mr. Beast drama. that’s all it is.
Redditors who don’t post but watch memes be like:
53 thousand upvotes! Ok, i mean whatever floats your boat.
jesus christ
People who believe they can turn straight men into gaga (gay)
People who actually have that kind of power.
got em –
Since when, is it me, or is this subreddit super savage lately?
Like, lets get it. Like, we don’t care cause we have 50 million club merch.
Like we don’t care what other people think and other people’s feelings.
we dont have empathy alrighhtt
It isn’t MumboJumbo’s fault youtube is awful.
Discord was make as a better Skype. It’s time for a better YouTube.
and thats a fact
DAMNN is it me or is the subreddit super savage???
Re-hire Poppy Gloria for Pew News.
she’s dead.
that’s right.
she had no money to pay for her hospital bills.
and she passed away last September.
and you did nothing but watch.
i bet you feel awful now.(Yes we do) (you son of a betch)
t-he here it is again.
“What 24 Hour Challenge should i do next?”
Why don’t you ask MR BEAST!
obviously this is blatantly ripping off.
but at the same time, there’s always a thin line between these things that I think a lot of people look way too much into.
and if i play the same game as someone else,
when the literal god damn game came out that day people still say
oh yOuRE CoPYiNg!!1!
i dont want to promote that sort of tOxiC bEhaVIoUR oK???
i want everyone to be free and make whatever video they want.
and let that word echo throughout the mountains of yoobtoob.
*eagle (crow?) noises*
thank you Felix for both the videos that you made about the situation.
meant a lot that you saw what was going on,
and the advice in your second video was incredibly helpful and appreciated. love youaW man
ah shi*, here we go again.
im surprised he acknowledged the second video, cause it was very critical of him.
i mean props for that.
can’t tell if genuinely nice, or spineless.
you definitely watched pewd’s video about apologies, very nice.
this generation we live in is disgusting.
from the beauty community drama this week 2 ppl taking
Ok, so Jake Paul addresses that people call out on his uh “anti-bullying” video
where’s the good? Where’s the fun? Where’s the love?
too many negative souls.
Did you read a Bible or something?
You wrote diss tracks on your brother
abused wamen on camera,
marketed gambling to kids,
but now you’re spreading “love and positivity”? shut the frick up you blithering ape
is this subreddit got super savage??
Chad will bring out the big guns when necessary.
well played. Hey chad, wouldn’t it be epic if i went on cold ones?
i know i don’t do podcasts but
that could be EPIC
cringe tuesday material *hehehe*
i dont feel so good mr stark
i feel like this is set up tho
it has to be set up, this is fake
when i tell my dad i lost my virginity
what he expects: i broke my balls
what i tell him: i broke my ass hehehe
10/10 well played guys
tech companies when they change the gun emoji
to a water gun. Well boys we did it
violence is no more, we cancelled violence
#violenceiscancelled everyone
we made a profound positive impact today and we took a stance against violence everywhere
no one:
pewds travelling videos:
HEY!!! im working on it, im trying to work on the camera stuff
im still trying to figure it out
basically all the merch money will go into
trying to figure out
the camera stuff. thats right
meanwhile in universe 6969: i broke my BALLS
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww rest in peace
F’s in the chat bois
i broke my balls hey i remember touching your balls. thank you ball doctor
im glad you remember
it would make me feel worse if i went though that traumatic experience and you didnt even remember it
it was like the one time i kissed a guy for the first time
he remembers nothing, im scarred for lie
not fair. another story time perhaps????
tati may not have monetized her video
but she sure is monetizing mine. tati
tati’s video was monetized
she probably made like 200 grand
just from ad revenue, lets not even get into the beauty products
how can someone be so lucrative to promote a product
that is supposed to enhance your beauty
me drawing pewdiepie from memory
yes its beautiful
thank you for drawing the nose
entering my face, thats very beautiful, i thank you so much
if jake paul’s point is that you have to be
publicly humiliated to learn
then why the frick are you the same jake
i added the frick there for extra savagery
get fuhahah
i wonder
cause a lot of people’s
problem with jake
criticising bullying is like
oh you’re the wrong person to do that you done all this bad thing
just because you’ve done some bad things
does that mean you’re not allowed to criticise other bad things?
it seems a bit stupid as well
but at the same time
he did it so poorly and i think trying to pretend like you’re
above everyone else
at least it seemed that way in the video
i think thats the issue
i don’t think its that jake can’t criticise these things
like it was insinuated in the first tweet
my point is that i dont have as big of a problem with jake paul that i think people think i have, its just that
i dunno where he gets these ideas
when your kids get hepatitis B instead of hepatitis A+
this is so sad, i dont even get the joke
watching an 8 minute
apology video
watching pewds review it for 16 minutes hehe
i feel like its a good testimony
if i manage to make the most
painful video to watch of all time
actually watchable
ill take it
poppy gloria after getting fired
this is so sad
youtuber: makes bad apology video
pewds: fix it time
its fix it tiiime
you know one of these day’s its going to bite me in the ass for
for being critical of apology video
other people are just going to break down mine and be like mm
what i really think he should have done, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN
my apologies impeccable, flawless and perfect
marzia’s vlog
pewds vlog
way better angle
way better camera quality
thank you so much
early brofist
that is so cute
oh another lil baby, what the hell is this
my little brother was born yesterday and i made him a pewdiepie hat
sorry its not a meme
just thought Felix might see
that’s so cute
congratulations to your lil brother baby
and the bulbasaur thing
who would win content coping child
and his mum or one cashy boi
leave in the comments down in the description
and ill make sure to pass on the message
directly to youtube top guys
my mum typing p on google
good meme
this is eh, this is the subreddit
now, i really like where this has gone
petition for Felix dad to host meme review
there i am
it happened everyone
👏👏 Hehahaha 👏👏
thats great
when mary ham says the line
now im not supposed to give my opinion but
how dare you stand where she stood
wanted mary ham
Wanted for killing meme review
having poppy gloria fired
mary ham dont give a
youtube drama
pewdiepie taking about youtube drama
youre welcome guys
i like to see it as
doing the job that no one really wants to do
and wasting your time with
pointless information that you could well
enough live without
but at least i summarized it
nicely for you
just a 9 year old cop showing off his pewdiepie gfuel shaker
very EPIC
i wonder if he can fight crime with it
you could probably whack someone with this
not saying that you should
thank you for being not you the best news host
mary ham
now hol-
why is everyone hating on mary ham
all she did was kill meme review
kill poppy gloria
and she likes ham, theres nothing wrong with that
evil versions of youtubers
guys its over im just mary ham and im cancelling all the shows
so this is what i look like with the snapchat filter
i always wondered
petition *burp*
for mr beast to plant
20 million trees
for 20 million subscribers
special and single handedly save the earth
and then if mr beast plants a lot of trees
then morgz has to do it as well
causing more trees to be planted
possibly saving the world
lets save the world with some memes baby
thats it for this week of LWIAY
check out merch
thanks for all the epic memes
thanks for all the epic laughs
and im so sorry
about poppy gloria dying
*weird pewds noise*
that sucks
you never played tuber simulater
you know its fun right
im not supposed to give my opinion
but give it a try AND then you can tell me
its good or not
not convinced yet ok
ill cut you a deal (do i really have to keep doing this?)
the games avaliable (someone help im dying)
for free (finally we’re almost there)
and thats a great prize *tuber simulator outro sounds*

100 thoughts on “Mr Beasts plants 20’000’000 TREES – LWIAY #0078”

  1. If I plant a tree everytime I'm deppressed, sure I'll make a big big super big forest. Bigger than Mr. Beast planted.

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  3. 7:34 how da friq did you not get this? the joke is that all the parents are asian and the stereotype for asians is to get A+'s or A's but they got a B instead

  4. #lwiay

    Other people:witch came frirst chicken or the egg

    Me:witch came first mr.beast or Morgz

    Also me:mr.beast 👍🏼

  5. Morgz u better watch out. The father of YouTube (pewds) and his faithful son (mr beast) are rallying their troops. The nine yr old army is coming for you… watch ur back Morgz…watch ur back…

  6. I had never heard of this Morgz kid but i like Mr Beast so it made me curious… i went to his channel.. i quickly left… terrifying.

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