MSI GE65 9SE Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 21 Games Tested!

MSI GE65 9SE Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 21 Games Tested!

The GE65 9SE is a gaming laptop from MSI which
has got some powerful specs on offer, but how well does it actually perform in games?
I’ve tested 21 different games at all setting levels and also compared it with other laptops
to help you decide if it’s worth it. I’ve got the 9SE version of the GE65, so
there’s an Intel i7-9750H CPU, Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, 32gb of memory in dual channel,
and a 144Hz 1080p screen. It’s also available with RTX 2070 though, you can find different
options and updated prices linked in the description. The MSI Dragon Center software allows us to
set different performance profiles. I’ve tested with turbo mode enabled for best performance
which basically overclocks the graphics. I’ve also performed all testing with the fans set
to cooler boost mode, and this increases the fan speed. We’ll only be covering gaming performance
in this video, so if you’re new to the channel, you’ll definitely want to get subscribed for
the upcoming thermal testing and full review. Let’s start out by going through all games
at all setting levels, then afterwards we’ll see how the GE65 compares with some other
laptops. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode,
and I’ve got RTX on shown by the green bars, and RTX off shown by the purple bars. With
RTX on it was kind of playable at high but for a first person shooter you’ll probably
want medium settings or below, and in my opinion RTX off with ultra both looks better than
RTX on at lower settings and performs better anyway. Control was also tested with and without RTX
on. I’ve used ray tracing with high settings and it wasn’t really too playable, but with
RTX off it was still possible to average 60 FPS even with the highest setting preset. Borderlands 3 was tested using the game’s
built in benchmark tool, and the ultra setting preset was only just slightly below a 60 FPS
average, with low settings able to score over 100 FPS in this test. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings
at maximum, or all settings on the lowest possible values, as it doesn’t have predefined
setting presets. With minimum settings it was averaging on the 144 FPS frame cap, and
even at max settings it was still playing smoothly. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with
the built in benchmark, and the results were quite impressive, but we’ll take a look
at how this laptop compares with some others in this game shortly. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with
the benchmark tool, and the highest ultimate settings was still able to score above 60
FPS averages, granted the 1% low results are a fair bit lower compared to very high settings
and below. Wolfenstein Youngblood was tested using Vulkan,
and there were minimal differences in performance between the different setting levels. Even
with all settings set to maximum it was still playing perfectly smoothly and taking advantage
of the high refresh rate screen, so might as well just play with it looking good at
the same time. Far Cry New Dawn was tested with the built
in benchmark, and as this is more of a CPU heavy test and we’ve got an i7, the results
weren’t too different compared to other machines with higher tier graphics. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,
and as a less demanding game even epic settings was playing well with above 120 FPS averages,
high settings averaged above the refresh rate of the screen, and low settings was almost
double this. Overwatch is another well optimized game and
was tested in the practice range, again it was still playing well with max settings,
with averages above the screen’s refresh rate, and even the 1% low result at ultra
was able to surpass this too. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark,
and as a game that depends primarily on CPU power the results aren’t really that much
lower compared to other laptops I’ve tested with the same i7 CPU and different graphics. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane,
and as another primarily CPU heavy game the results at lower settings aren’t really
that much different compared to other laptops with the same CPU. Even at ultra settings
it’s working extremely well. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark. Even the maximum ultra setting preset was able to average the refresh rate
of the 144Hz screen that I’m using, and that’s with a 100% render scale too. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in
benchmark, most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so don’t take
these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s
more of a worst case. The Division 2 was also tested with the built
in benchmark, and above 60 FPS averages were possible with the ultra setting preset, although
we could almost double this with medium settings. PUBG was tested using the replay feature,
and ultra settings was still able to run over 100 FPS, with around medium hitting close
to the refresh rate of the laptop’s screen. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark, and as more of a CPU heavy test the results aren’t too different
compared to other laptops with the same i7 CPU but lower graphics. Watch Dogs 2 is a resource heavy game, but
I think it still plays fine with a stable 30 FPS, so absolutely no issues playing it
even with the highest ultra setting preset as this was averaging over 60 FPS. The Witcher 3 was playing fine with ultra
settings. The 1% low result was a fair bit lower compared to high settings, and given
high settings still looks quite nice I’d just stick to that for a good mixture of performance
and looks. F1 2019 was tested using the game’s benchmark
tool, the highest setting preset was close to 100 FPS averages with nearly 60 for the
1% low, so not too bad in isolation, although the 1% low from high settings was even higher
than the average of max settings. Strange Brigade was tested with Vulkan, again
with the built in benchmark. At ultra settings over 120 FPS averages were reached, with high
settings averaging close to the refresh rate of the screen, while the 1% low from low settings
is higher than this. Let’s also take a look at how this config
of the MSI GE65 compares with other laptops, use these results as a rough guide only as
they were tested at different times with different drivers. In Battlefield 5 I’ve got the GE65 highlighted
in red near similarly specced machines. This is only the second time I’ve tested the
RTX 2060 with a 9750H CPU, and it’s beating the Clevo machine underneath it by a fair
amount. The results are actually ahead of most of the 2070 Max-Q machines too, both
in terms of average FPS and 1% low, so great results from the GE65 here. These are the results from Far Cry 5 with
ultra settings in the built in benchmark. Again the GE65 was a fair amount ahead of
the competition, even higher specced machines like MSI’s own GP75 with RTX 2070 graphics. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb
raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings. Again the results are above average
and in front of most of the RTX 2070 Max-Q laptops above it, granted not by much, but
it’s still winning with lower specs. Overall we’re seeing excellent results from
this level of hardware with the MSI GE65 gaming laptop. The i7-9750H, overclocked RTX 2060
and dual channel memory are offering good performance which was higher than most other
similarly specced laptops that I’ve tested. I’ve only tested one other RTX 2060 machine
with the 9th gen i7 but this one was noticeably ahead, though again it is overclocked in turbo
mode by default, which seems to be helping. The GE65 is also available with a 240Hz screen
or RTX 2070 graphics, so if you want even more power then that is available. Let me know what you thought of the gaming
performance from the MSI GE65 gaming laptop down in the comments, I’ll test out thermals
in depth in an upcoming video and the full review is still to come, so if you’re new
to the channel consider getting subscribed for those as well as future tech videos like
this one.

55 thoughts on “MSI GE65 9SE Gaming Laptop Benchmarks – 21 Games Tested!”

  1. Damnn msi is really the best gaming laptop in terms of performance compared to other brand laptop… My next priority is going to be MSI.

  2. I really wish this "MINI" Desktop replacements got more love. They're small enough you can take them with you on the road and they really do smash the Max-q cards in performance. I'd really like to see this laptop get a visual make over that made it look like a thicker GS65 so it was less gamer looking. Performance wise this should be on alot of peoples short list.

  3. MSI GE65 9SE RTX 2060 I7-9750H
    Acer predator Triton 500 PT515-51-73EG
    Razer blade 15 RTX 2060 I7-9750H
    ROG strix scar iii RTX 2060 I7-9750H
    Which one is the best bang for the money?
    please advise me. I need them for school and gaming.
    Sorry I deleted my last comment 😅😅

  4. MSI, 這公司誠信有問題

    在網頁資料買底板送遊戲, 當你買底板, 提供相關資料及聯絡後, 竟然還要你到它的WEBSITE去檢查回覆, 唔會直接聯絡你, 根本是想你忘記。 數日後, 它回覆你是"Not qualified", 甚麼原因都沒有提供。 你再問它, 它就回覆 "打開您提供的網頁,在適用主機板型號里面確實沒有看到您的主板型號,B450 TOMAHAWK MAX …當然,如果您有異議,我可以幫您反饋相關人員查詢。" 又話"看到您在香港地區,,,我查到您的主板型號在香港地區并沒有這個活動,。" 我的回應是, 你不是開玩笑吧, 並把相關網頁SCREEN CAP俾它。它當然又不回覆, 我再去它的網頁出POST追問。它又重新問我, "您問下您參加活動的官網帳號是什麽,可以提供一下嗎。", 我再提供單據, 又再等, , 佢又唔覆, 又再追問它
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  5. probly not til 3000 nvidia or even 4000 series, i intend to get the GE75 to replace my 15x. it just looks too awesome to resist. also its big enough to be able to breathe without being a titan lol, so it has good balance

  6. Holy chit, that's impressive for a 6GB RTX 2060 mobile machine….
    Starting to think I could have saved a few hundred and gotten this from HIDevolution with Liquid Metal instead of the CyberpowerPC Tracer 3 17S Slim (aka TongFang GK7, aka Eluktronics Mech-17 w/ 2070 minus Eluktroboost)…. I still got the GK7 from C-PC for under 1700, but damn this thing is nice.

    My only issue with it is I really wish MSI made the back panel less gamery and childish, more flush and businesslike, much like the GK7 or Clevos or Mag-15 (albeit not that thin). Also, not a fan of all the I/O on the sides. This is where despite its performance not being as good at these laptops, the Y540 and Y740 kicks ass. Having all the I/O in the back, and lit like they are, is such a huge win. I want to see more laptop manufacturers achieve the aesthetic of the Y540, but with more rigidity and performance numbers of the GK7 and GE75/GE65.

  7. I dont understand why but this laptop is $200 more expensive than zephyrus gx502 in my country…base on the testing, it looks like the zephyrus is far better in performance ?

  8. The scar 2 needs a bios update because it was limited to 1250mhz as boost and it raises it to 1333 mph and usually hover around 1400 to 1500mhz . Cuz I have the hero version and I'm getting more fps than your charts scar 2

  9. How does the laptop have more average FPS than my GE75SE? I mean im not complaining i still get really good performance but is this because of the bigger screen? Its a 9th gen and 2060 as well.

  10. Should I buy a refurbished laptop on Mwave? Found a GS65 stealth 144hz i7 8750h, rtx 2060, 16gb, 512gb nvme ssd for 1900 aud

  11. Great video, I am thinking about getting a computer for school and gaming, and this is an exciting option.
    PD: Can you do a video with the new RTX Quadro series, including the pc and laptop series?
    PD of PD: What is RTX MaxP, while searching laptops in amazon I noticed that some of them have this version, what's the difference between the normal, the max q, and this

  12. next time you test RTX, you should try to turn the Texture one notch down. You will be surprise how much more FPS you get. The Texture is making the VRAM bottleneck

  13. Great review as always. Do you have any update for the full review of the Alienware M17 r2 ?
    Im between the Razer pro 15 or 17 and the Alien M15 r2 M17 r2..

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  15. Jarrod what's the difference between a 1650 Max q and a 1650? I've to choose a laptop between these two , max variant is under locked?

  16. It seems slightly below helios 300 with rtx 2060 though … mine on fortnite on epic and turbo mode, I got 135 fps on average (vs 120 for the msi).
    But more important, dunno how the cooling is … because the helios 300 did a great job.

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