MSI Pro Cast#24 -Unboxing  MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

MSI Pro Cast#24 -Unboxing MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

Hey everybody welcome to this new
episode of MSI Pro Cast
Intel recently announced a new series of processors
today we’re taking a new look at one of
MSI’s new motherboards,
Let’s go
so this is it
starting off with the box
let’s see what we’ve got
on the front we’ve got a nice picture of the board
and some key logos as well as the product name featuring the Z390 chipset
as you might know the MPG lineup from MSI
stands for high performance gaming
it focuses on providing a host of customization and expansion options
It has a unique look and feel exclusive to this series,
and so much more to equip you with the power you need
to take on your opponents with finesse.
flipping it around to the back now
we can find several product features and highlights
which I’m going to go through later during this Unboxing
In the box
the first thing you can see is the motherboard itself
wrapped as it should be in a nice anti-static bag
And underneath we’ve got the product manual
a set of important SATA cables, WiFi Antenna,
and of course the good old boy,
now legendary driver disk
all right, now let’s see the motherboard
The whole PCB is black
and sports some sweet looking
white brushes near the socket
that blend perfectly with the edgy look and feel of the various cooling components
My favorite part of the refreshed look
is the I/O shield area
It is definitely a beauty.
looking at the features this
board comes with some of our
top-of-the-line features
what would a board in 2018 without RGB be right?
obviously only used in rainbow
mode by the newbies
this is a stylish function that keeps growing on me
then comes the DDR4 BOOST
nothing new for the name
but as for each revision we made it better with always more memory modules
being supported at faster frequencies
M.2 shield frozer
is the name given to the sleek cooling solution I’ve mentioned earlier
M.2 drives tend to get very hot,
and with this feature be assured to always get
the highest performance out of your drives
AC in the name of this motherboard
stands for AC WiFi.
It’s very simple to setup and saves you from buying
USB-WiFi drives which do not always deliver
and finally the Pre-Installed I/O shielding
now the IO shielding is pre-installed
it makes installation on your motherboard
simpler faster and safer
our shield also comes
with a patent-pending technology to help
protect your hardware from an
electrostatic discharge
this board also comes with an upgrade
front Type-C USB 3.0 gen 2 connector
so that’s it for a quick look at
new MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard
we always look forward to your comments
if you have questions ask us below
thanks for watching and happy gaming

40 thoughts on “MSI Pro Cast#24 -Unboxing MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON | Gaming Motherboard | MSI”

  1. Wow really that is cool and the led I love the Corbin theme is cool I love it. Wifi I really like no more need for a cable. Really MSI you are the best.💓😍

  2. Question: I have this mobo and wondering if I only use the M2_2 slot for my 970 Evo PCIe M2 for the heat shield and no M2 connected in the M2_1 slot. Will it work this way and which SATA connector port disable it? The manual does not explain about the PCIe or SATA being use in M2_2, only M2_1. Thanks.

  3. My MOBO under board explorer keeps showing my PCI_E slot empty where I have graphics card. I returned my MOBO and got another one and I still have the same problem. I know it's not my card because it works on my other PC when I plug it in. When I try another card on this MOBO i get the same empty. Nothing shows under device explorer, even under show hidden devices. I've flashed the BIOS, reset the COSM and still nothing. I can't even download NVIDIA drivers because it cannot detect anything. Also already downloaded the latest drivers off the MSI site.

  4. I just got this board in the mail and there was a loose screw floating around in the anti static packaging just rattling around against the board itself. does anyone know if this may have damaged anything?

  5. bought this to replace my z270 gaming m7 which the pins broke(wasnt even used yet😣) cuz my 6 yo brother bent/broke some of the pins not knowing how delicate they are

  6. I have this board and it's awesome. Very very VERY easy to overclock and control fans, though I had a few issues with the RGB, for some reason MSI's dragon center software was in conflict with other software for my other components (ICUE from Corsair for my AIO), so I wasn't able to install all of the features from dragon center. The mystic lights do work though so no issues there just not sure what was causing the conflict. Also I installed intel optane. Be VERY cautious if installing optane, follow every step to the t and you'll be fine. I failed to read a portion of the manual and had some issues, but figured it out. In case you're wondering my rig has i7-9700k, 32 gb 3200 ddr4 team t-force rgb ram, gtx 2070 by msi, corsair 240mm aio. installed 32gb of intel optane at first m.2 slot to improve performance of a WD hard drive, samsung 1tb SSD all installed in a Fractal R6 case. If I had to really put a complaint about….wish it came in white.

  7. May be a dumb question, but i'll ask anyway: Does this MOBO have a 5v ADD Header? i have some hardware i'd like to get, but it requires a 5v ADD Header. Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi. I have a problem with the motherboard and it is that the hdmi does not detect me to connect a second screen. It is not a cable problem because I have tried it with the graphics and it works perfectly. Do you have any idea what it can be?

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