Dear friends
today only a short video update on Gotway MSuper V3S – and there is now the MSuper
V3S + There is of course the 18-inch wheel of Gotway,
plus there is already a video that can you look at you, it is also below the video
link. The MSuper V3S + now has a larger battery,
and that there are two variants, 1300 Wh 1600 Wh. A whole lot of battery and which is not only
good for the range, you come to around 95-100 km and with the large battery 120-125
km, depending of course from the driver’s weight and how to drive the wheel. This large battery also buffers much better
the power peaks from which one means be enormous margin of safety, the MOSFETs
less stress, also because the Wheel with 84 volts so it runs almost 20 volts
more, and that means the cable cross-sections are no longer so heavily loaded, the MOSFETs
no longer have so much to do, that’s a total of much more sense with a higher voltage
to work because you just high currents avoids. What else has been done? The case is slightly wider, if your you
the photos even look in my webshop, you see that it is slightly wider, 1-2
cm on each side, makes driving but not noticeable because your
have above this soft side padding and it really makes no difference,
the devices see confusingly similar. As soon as the wheel passes now? First, our freewheeling test, actually
67 km / h – that’s really really fast and then it switches off final. And how the wheel behaves under load? And that’s really exciting, we had
not expected: You see, it turns slowly, the
whole thing is always tackle with feeling. And now there is actually a Gesschwindigkeit
So are these 62 km / h – from 62 km / h still held a moment before then
really off. And we have given the wheel at 48 km / h
because someone is so fast already driven it, I have researched on Youtube – the
is this wheel goes really really fast and therefore at this point the warning:
ride please never so fast, even 50 km / h too fast for such a bike. If you really want to try it,
then transmits definitely protective clothing and it is your own risk. You should never go for this 60 km / h
I think 40 km / h are already fast enough. If you really want to try it,
is no recommendation from me, it is your your own risk – but you know just that
Wheel has reserves. Always remember when a car 250 km / h
driving, ride your also not permanent 250 km / h – you can then easily 190-200 km / h
travel, but you do not always need the last ausreizen piece. Who wants to do it, I can not do it
prohibit, but in my view it is dangerous. Incidentally, we have done this test twice,
it runs again here in the background, So not that you think we do it
once only. We have it twice with camera and then
previously been tested several times without a camera. So it’s really a very good result. I think there are a lot of security
know that the wheel does not easily turn off so even if your 30 km / h ride – which already
is very fast, but you know, the wheel actually can almost twice as fast
drive. This test rig simulates a driver of
about 75 kg, and the wheel ran 2.5 bar tire pressure – so all realistic conditions. You can wheel now in my shop
to order. Enjoy using it and up to the next video
– Ciao!

4 thoughts on “MSUPER V3S+ Max Speed SUB DE/EN/ES/RU/PL”

  1. I own a Gotway Msuper V3s+ (1600) since 6 months but never got faster than 35 km/h, simply because I wish to be able to wheel some more years. Going that fast is simply suicidal.
    Use some protections and be careful: don't listen to music neither use your phone when you drive.

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