Multiplying Fractions Song | Math Rap Video

Multiplying Fractions Song | Math Rap Video

Three of us found treasure on a scuba trip,
so we pulled our treasure onto the ship.
Since we were so blessed by this rarity,
we decided to give half of it to charity.
We took the rest and split it up three ways;
one third of the rest was still a huge payday!
One third for me, one half for charity,
so what’s my share? Let’s multiply and see…
When we need to multiply two fractions,
this is our reaction:
multiply the numerators,
then multiply the denominators.
(Break It Down Into Fractional Units, Dawg.)
(Now That’s 1/6th Done IN STYLE
My friend and I were digging for dinosaur
We decided to search in a rectangular zone;
We split up equally between the two of us.
The first day I found a bone from a brontosaurus!
I found a few more by the end of day two,
when three eighths of my half had been searched through.
Of my half, I had explored three eighths;
How much of the entire space did I excavate?
When we need to multiply two fractions
This is our reaction
Multiply the numerators
Then multiply the denominators.
When we need to multiply two fractions,
This is our reaction:
Multiply the numerators,
Then multiply the denominators.
(Never be the one to demean;
The outsider who’s green)
(Does the principal know I just rock ‘n rolled?)

92 thoughts on “Multiplying Fractions Song | Math Rap Video”

  1. I found it in class and I showed the teacher and she said to put it on the active bord and when we got done the classSaid WOW that that was awsome

  2. I love this song, all my friends told me to stop singing it but I carried on anyway. Also this helped me in a test

  3. Diction isn't good. cool tune and catchy but the music drowns out the important lyrics. Enjoyed it but would not use it to learn. Thanks.

  4. This is by far the best song our teacher has showed us i love it!! and i recommend listening to it 1.25 speed

  5. my maths teacher played this song to us twice and i absolutely LOVED IT!!! Its so so so catchy i've got it stuck in my head

  6. This song got stuck in my head 😂 Although im in Year 6, my whole class enjoyed it when my teacher showed it to us! I bet this would be perfect for little ones if they know there x tables 😂😂

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  8. My teacher shows me this it is so easy to do now plus my baby sister tried to sing along with the music and started to dance to the beat 🎧🎧

  9. Your welcome thank to me this is the most popular channel in my school
    It all started when i was watching this during class then my teacher asked what i was doing then i showed her and know its awsome

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  11. The dinosaur part is inaccurate
    1.they’re not bones.What was once bone has lost all of it’s calcium,turning it into rock
    2.Brontosaurus isn’t a dinosaur.Scientists used to think it was a species of dinosaur but after further investigations it was found out that it was just an apatosaurus

  12. 80% of the comments are “My teacher showed this to my class”
    19% of the comments are “This is so catchy”
    1% of the comments is this

  13. My teacher showed this to us in school like this if your teacher showed it to you!!!!!!!!

    And like this if you speak Spanish,english? And watched this video in 2019???????


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