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  1. thanks for the million views, my friends! (i am in fact not dead! i am doing something new… and it may or may not be related to zelda music, hehe)

  2. Can you play the guitar?

    No. Here is an example. Trumpet sound plays

    Plays the bass

  3. I didn’t know people can add great dry-humour to the piano. I would like to personally thank you for opening my eyes to this.

  4. Me: Oh cool new seth video.
    Seth: you are not prepared for what you will see in 1 second.
    me: wha-
    Seth: smiles
    Seth: see you arent ready lol

  5. 00:9 mother 3? Chapeter 1? The night of the funeral? When Flint discover thats hinawa is dead? Dude, i feel old

  6. Англоязычные комменты: "ОМГ фантастик апсалютли Легенд оф зельда мазафака лет ми спик фром май харт амазинг"

    Русскоязычные: "АНУС лол"

  7. This is like… Every JRPG music in the world? Like… The amount of dragon quest 9 flashback I get from this video is just wild.

  8. i, Kenneth the Very Evil (and strong), have come to tell you about my plans (which in the end could not possibly be the reason that you, a simple child, would have the knowledge to defeat me.)

    my plans are
    1. take over world
    2. be the Strongest™️
    3. have a great time
    4. find myself :'(
    6. milk
    7. bread
    8. mustard

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