My Mom Left Me In The Airport When I Was 3 And I’ve Never Seen Her Since

My Mom Left Me In The Airport When I Was 3 And I’ve Never Seen Her Since

Hello, guys!
My name is Mathew, for now, though I used
to have another name until I was three.
As well as another last name, another home,
and… another mother.
How did this happen to me?
Let me tell you.
I vaguely remember my early childhood.
I was adopted, when I was very little.
But I remember the day that I got lost, the
day when my mother left me.
I was very happy that morning, because my
mom said we were going to Disney World on
a big plane.
I was so excited!
When we got to the airport my mother placed
a little suitcase on the floor and sat me
on it.
She said she would be back in a minute.
But that minute lasted for ages.
I was sitting there, squeezing my little red
backpack with my eyes filling up with tears.
I am not sure how much time passed, but soon
I found myself surrounded by a lot of people,
police officers, airport workers… and they
were all asking me questions.
But I couldn’t remember my mother’s name or
even my own.
I couldn’t even speak properly at that time,
to be honest.
And in addition to that, I was stunned and
I also didn’t know where I lived, so, I wasn’t
much of a help to the police, who were trying
hard to find my family.
They checked the suitcase and my backpack
and found a note, which said: “Take care of
with no name or address on it.
Time went on, but it seemed like nobody was
looking for me, and my mother was gone and
was never found.
The airport workers tried to follow her with
the cameras, but she just vanished without
a trace.
After the police lost any hope of finding
my relatives, I was adopted by a very nice
I got another name and a new home.
My new parents gave me all their love and
tried to do their best to help me to forget
that horrible day at the airport.
It’s been eleven years now, which have been
absolutely happy and I grew up to be a totally
normal kid.
Of course, gloomy memories hit me from time
to time and that painful question: ‘Why?’
was a constant question in my mind, until
I finally found out the answer.
My new mom and dad are pretty rich and busy
people, and since we live in a big house,
we’ve always had maids.
We had a wonderful maid, Mrs. Ally, for many
years, but she left us a while ago because
she moved back to where she was from.
I was very upset about it, because we were
really close.
She was the one I used to spend my time with
when my parents were at work.
My parents placed an ad on the internet, and
we got a call that very day.
The next morning a very nice young woman appeared
at the front door.
I liked her at first sight.
Her smile was so charming and it seemed like
I’d known her for ages.
Though when she talked to me, it seemed like
she was a little bit nervous and uncomfortable
the whole time.
She came to clean the house every day and
soon after we became good friends.
She didn’t tell me much about herself, but
she always complained that her life was not
a bed of roses and that she was always out
of money.
Once she came up to me and asked if I could
lend her some money because she had gotten
into trouble.
She looked so embarrassed that I got really
worried for her and gave her my pocket money.
Shortly after that she asked me for money
again, and again, to the point that after
a little while of this, I had nothing left.
So when she asked me to do her a favor again,
I offered to talk to my parents, because I
believed they would not refuse to help a poor
woman that was in trouble.
I was telling her how kind and generous my
mother was, when suddenly she burst into tears
and cried out: “I am your mother!”
I got choked up.
I literally could not believe my ears.
She told me how much she loved and missed
me and that she knew I was adopted and continued
to watch me all those years, but didn’t have
the courage to reveal herself.
She said that she was so young and stupid
and was not capable of raising a child.
I think she said she was sorry more than a
million times.
These words immediately brought all my memories
I became the same three year old boy, squeezing
his red backpack and waiting for his mom.
She hugged me tightly and said she would never
ever leave me again and that she had come
up with a great plan.
She said we could start all over again and
leave together, but we needed money for living.
She suddenly became very strict and serious.
She said: “You have to steal your father’s
credit card and find out the password.
We will take the money and run and have a
happy life together, Rob!”
It turned out that my real name was Rob.
After she left, I went to my room and collapsed
on my bed.
My head was just spinning.
I had finally gotten the answer to the question
I had had my whole life, but my heart was
broken again.
How could I steal from my family?
And how could my real mother, who said she
loved me, really ask me to commit a crime?
When my adopted mom came upstairs to say goodnight,
she found me lying on my bed and crying.
Of course, I told her the whole story right
away, but I begged her to not call the police
and to not get my dad involved.
My mother listened to me quietly and then
sighed heavily.
“”I have something to confess to you…This
is all my fault.””
My heart sank.
She told me that she had been trying to find
my family during all these years.
And finally she did.
She knew that all my life I’ve had this thing
hanging over my head and she believed it would
sort things out for me.
She found my mother working as a janitor in
some bar.
She told her about me and offered her a job
at our house.
When my real mother heard she would get a
decent salary, she agreed.
And we all know what happened next.
Well, it’s all over now.
I have no idea how my adopted mom managed
to find my real mom, but it took her eleven
years, anyway… my real mother never appeared
at our house again.
I’m trying to get back to normal and just
accept it the way it is.
I finally got my answers and I will have to
live with them.
It just so happened that my biological mother
came into my life to break my heart twice,
but I was lucky enough to have a real mother,
who was there to love me and to heal my broken
If you have a similar story or if you are
looking for your parents, who’ve left you,
You never know what you will find there.
The ‘happy’ ending might not be up to your
What would you do if you were me?
Would you have run away with your real mother
or would you have stayed?
I am looking forward to hearing what you think.
You can also share my story with your friends,
if you think it was a valuable lesson.

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  1. What would you do if you were him? Would you have run away with your real mother or would you have stayed? We are looking forward to hearing what you think. You can also share this story with your friends, if you think it was a valuable lesson.

  2. When I a baby my dad left me I didn’t know anything my family did and told me nothing even my mom 11 years later came back everything was cool but he had forgot told me nothing after that I just broke down never talked to him again

  3. His biological mother is todally stupid! From 0:25 to 1:00 it was so sad, he must have been terrefied! I would have slapped the mother in the face!

  4. Just because you give birth to a child dosnt make you a mom.
    You need to actually be there for the kid and raise them.

  5. the real mom never wanted him. she just came back to use him to get rich. hope the boy never has to deal with her again. good luck with your good family.

  6. My is Amoya Sterling I hate my mother she went away and left me with my father she bought her ticket and went as far away as she could leaving me to live a life full of struggle however I have overcome my struggle and I have to tell you that your worst mother Patrica harding I hate you I heard you have Wob the worst mother record enjoining to see me suffer

  7. Tbh if I were in that situation I would be like you bastard what the hell?!?, look I appreciate you not aborting me but what the flying flip lady? You abandoned a 3 year old child!!! I could have been raped or been a slave or tortured!!! But now no it’s all ok that I steal for you.

  8. Wtf, she left him in the airport and FINALLY GO TO HIM after a few years when he was adopted by a rich family?!?!

    How pathetic and irritating

  9. Your mother left you because she wasn't ready to take care of you yet but she still loves you no matter what

  10. the real title should be: My real mom left me at the airport when I was three and wants me to take my dad's money

  11. Go for a blood scan and find out who your biological mother is, then get the police to track her down.


  12. Why the hell he couldnt remember his name usually at the age of three your parents call you with your name so how the hell this is possible

  13. I was adopted. But the fact was my mother was 18 and my dad was 23. My mom had to put me up for adoption because she was still to young to raise me and she thought it was best for me. Also my biological mom and dad were not married. I still think about the day I was adopted. I mean my mom and dad had to do what’s best. I hope one day to meet them. Also this is true, this really happened to me. Sometimes I still feel the pain about my parents giving me up.

  14. Your real mom emotionally manipulated you, she’s a terrible person, this guy did nothing to deserve being abandoned at a young age.

  15. My mom says always when I'm silly she says that I'm adopted and
    The they found me next to the thrash and that makes me cry a lot and I say that I will find my real mom and I packed up for finding her but when I was going out of the door my mom said that she was jk and I was angry with her also happy that I'm not adopted cause I don't know how to go with bus or with the plane and going lonely I'm scared but she finnaly told me the truth

  16. I think she wanted u to rub ur parents and leave together and she good raise u really bad and be a gold digger sorry to say that

  17. Definitely stay. A mother that abandoned you(in the airport !)in the past and never went back to you is not worth the find.

  18. Well, I have a story that just happened yesterday night. So I asked my mum for a birthday gift, which is starting August 11. I hate when they lock the door. I unlocked it once but my dad was only there. I have no idea what they did! I'm gonna talk to them about why they locked me out and what did they do in there. I bursted in tears hardly crying and I didn't know and I kept talking to God to help me. The next moment I knew, it was morning. Now is 6:07 am, people are waking up, and birds are singing. Crying all night broke my heart in half. I didn't know why they locked me out. Maybe I should ask the universe, well, god maybe. But I don't want to wake them up early in the morning. I didn't sleep, so I have a soda addiction that keeps me awake 24-7. I wish I had a luckier life, but when they locked me out, it breaks my heart whenever I try to remember it or relive it.

  19. Your real mother only wanted money and didn't truly love you. So If I were you I would stay because they were putting all the attention on you not like your real mother

  20. If the mom was young and stupid and was not capable of raising a child then why was she watching him all those years?

  21. Poor Matthew he was about to go to Disney World on a big plane with his mom but his mom left him in the airport.

  22. I had a dream when my parents left me in the middle of nowhere and I had to start walking and tried to find my way back then I woke up once I started walking….

  23. My dad lefted me when I was a baby and 13 years later he came back in my life but then he started treating horribly yet again

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