My New Diamond Casino Parkour (Forced+Pickups) in Gta V Creator

My New Diamond Casino Parkour (Forced+Pickups) in Gta V Creator

Wassup guys, lets go
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Some Thyraxs

Not impossible to pass.

The Goods

Some Weaponized Deluxos, Scramjet, Mk Opressors.

The legendary holy one, Baseball batt

Lets do this!

A bonus


The Big ones

Which should i take

its ok

Thats what im looking for

This is it
Beautiful area
So if you get bored you can take sunbathe here 😀
So now you saw my parkour, have to go to test it in online
Hope i will meet you guys too in there having good time, bcs live is for living and playing so is this Parkour!
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So take care, Love, Laugh, Life and play parkour
Maybe my parkour?
Who knows.
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Alright take care

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