no no no no no dick well hello my friend and all you new friends there’s over 30,000 new people on this channel so thank you so much son hello all you new friends I want to show you guys to pool because the poo is finally ready so we’re gonna go and check it out but before we really see the pool I want to talk about the summer my summer was it was very good because I was without my phone for a week I was traveling with my friends and my family I was just there to be for them to be for myself and I will fly and now I want to challenge you to be without the phone for one day leave your phone during it off don’t be in social media not in YouTube Instagram or Facebook or any of these social medias because why this is so much better than you can experience what’s happening around you also our dear friend returned for a year old we had a surprise birthday party for Europe in there was 50 of his friends and family members in the surprise he thought he’s gonna come and host a show and even at this boat once he arrived he was totally surprised [Applause] he had to sit down because he was so overwhelmed to see all of his friends and family there and surprise him like that [Applause] so my holiday lasted for three weeks in total and I went to eat Ali I was there with my and I also visited France and Switzerland when tomorrow I’m biking there with my friend but now we’re actually already in front of my house and the Pooh is on the back yard you’re still really monitoring isolated frog but the back is almost ready and finally we get to swim URI day as you can see these quite a change what has happened here on the backyard the trampoline is down there we have some swings right there almost everything has changed here but now let’s see what’s in here what’s so great is that this room is actually heated and the order is 30 degrees in Celsius before right some been there I need to say one thing when I was younger and I thought that it’s kind of like a dream which is almost impossible to achieve that I would have my own four and now it’s here wow I’m so happy it’s stupid they’re free to what my heart is there okay I’m still at my yard but the pool is gone how can this be possible I don’t know what to say my yard is back to like it was a year ago what move like how do I get back everything is like it was before the wooden deck is gone there’s no grass these rocks were totally different that tree is still here is this a magical pool somehow I can travel in time with no in cut the yard you see it’s like everything is back like it was a year ago there’s no pool there’s nothing Ross what is happening how do I get back if I go through that gate from here hey let’s go okay no no no work the trampolines yeah how do I do this I just can’t go and dive in there and go back what if I try to go to the house instead my house house looks the same I know and what year is it I don’t know okay oh this is weird wow this is not the first time something like this happens to me so okay so let’s go I’m so happy to see you and everything is back like it was the yar is like it was before me before I jump in there I’m gonna show you a secret the water it’s really warm it’s 30 degrees Celsius I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit but I want to show you the secret what keeps it that warm so this device is air source heat pump it’s a cheap step water here it I think it costs around 50 euros to keep the pool in 30 degrees there is a way to heat the pool with electricity as well it’s so damn expensive to use so I don’t know I’m gonna use that now we’re using the air source heat pump is the UV light the water actually goes through these pipes and through the UV light or this helps to keep the water clean and also all these equipment are here to keep the water clean you don’t have to change the water almost neighbor because all these will keep the water clean of course you need to use a little bit of the chemicals but not that much please gaming cause I don’t want to go too much into detail spa let’s just say that now we go for a swim so very cool [Music] if this happens again how do you fight something there and I’m different time a different place so is that really a time machine or and I actually screamed there I know that you’re freaking scream there because trp home already was really this is how we find out if you can really swim in that poor it’s just a time machine back to the future here we come [Music] here’s another secret device your Bush here do these that counter-current device movement what does it do it’s like well let me show you these pulleys seven times four meters I gotta swim here oh they love that counter creative equipment it also has power but I can’t penis there you go ah it definitely works you can train swimming in this pool if there’s aliens Oh [Music] there’s only 100 subscribers on this channel thank you I thought maybe should we invite all of you guys for this was the first video I film after the holiday so I’m back and I need to say thank you to email that with the feet and high metal all day designed and built this pour so thank you guys and if you want to have your own pool there’s a link in description so check it out and even bigger thank you to you because now over hundred thousand subscribers on this channel that’s huge thank you so much for subscribing and watching my videos and I try to do my best to keep my promise with swass that this channel should be more about the soul than ego I’ve been thinking that a lot during this summer one of the biggest challenges we humans have is that how can we love ourselves because that’s the start to everything when you can love yourself you can love others you can be kind to people when you’re kind to yourself so let’s be really kind to ourselves and start with that all right so please think about that I will do my best that this channel also has a deeper base it’s not such like of course I want to do funny videos I want to share my stories Wow I have learning life because I’m turning 40 let’s just say that there has been a lot of food moments but also hard moments in my life so I’m gonna share that so your life will be easier and happier and now if you haven’t subscribed you can always subscribe ring the bell so then you get the notifications when the new video is out and we see again on my next video see ya

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  1. love the idea of going without phones/internet/social media! feels good to connect with the world, nature, friends, and family

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    best wishes for your future and greetings from Germany 😎

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    I've Done
    But by doing that CHALLENGE changed alot
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    For 15 years ,so I've never used any outlets except Twitter when I first got a iPhone 1 generation when they were released that lasted about 10 months ,never went back to social media ever except on YouTube to show support to RESEARCH & spoil myself with some of the PEOPLE I watched that entertained me
    I shine they shine
    Stay positive & just enjoy this kind of content when I need a smoke every now & then ..challenge won !

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    (I hope that Jarppi have had a good birthday)

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