MY WINTER QUEST, BOOK BOYFRIEND BOOK TALK & DNF-ing Books 📚 Weekly Reading Vlog #48

MY WINTER QUEST, BOOK BOYFRIEND BOOK TALK & DNF-ing Books 📚 Weekly Reading Vlog #48

hello guys and welcome to my bookie
trials reading vlog I have just got off
a live on Instagram it was so nice so I
am actually reading girls of storm and
shadow for this week and I’m not just
reading this because there are other
readathons are happening as well this
is just my book to take down the evil
enchanter I have like a few more books
but like I’m trying to do this thing on
my vlogs now where I don’t have like
massive intro sections where I tell you
the books that I’m going to be reading
so I’m not going to do that I’ll just
let you know when I pick another one up
I’ve got two more chapters of girls of
stormy shadow today to read before my
chapters for the day I’ve done so it’s
going well
can’t say any of the first three
chapters have hooked me at all not
actually interested at all probably not
good thing I think that the first part this
this week it’s of course the Winter Quest so
we’re trying to take down A G MacDonald
and it’s really exciting so many of you
were taking part and I fucking love it
I’ve also bought all the equipment that
I need to create my TBR extravaganza for
2020 I’m thinking of names for
this because it is a new game and I’m
thinking of calling it something like
Rachel’s realm I won’t be doing any
explanation of it until I actually post
that video and it will probably be going
up between Christmas and New Year
somewhere that tomorrow we are receiving
our couch it’s been ordered so long ago
now and I’m really excited to get it in
maybe we just got to this place in our
lives now well we can actually start
buying some semi expensive things that
aren’t just from Ikea so it’s quite nice
now to start getting our home with
things that were might have for a very
long time including Millie.
and we also
bought a dining table it’s gonna be my
first-ever grown-up table thank you very
I’m excited about that so a few
cool things coming up this week and also
this weekend I have basically brick
/ Ilja from my bookish bubbles and Anne
from wiggly wobbly book nerds I’m gonna
have a cheese board game wine day and
it’s going to be really really fun maybe
we’ll create a video I don’t know ask
hey guys its is day three of the
winter quest I’ve had a very special new
addition to my home it’s really exciting
and I’m really I just can’t wait to show
you my new baby
are you ready I’ve got big girls over
actually feel like a real grown-up now
look at that beauty
I have this like massive section here
just for like my reading corner I love
it I really really love it so much and I
just think of like all the bloody
reading I can get done on this beautiful
Sofa oh yeah that was really exciting
so I’ve caved and I’ve got the Toll
audio book on audible and it’s going
back to now switched over to the audio
book so the narrator I think is the same
one that did the never night series
which means I’ve listened to a lot of
his audio books lately
and after chapter 16 after a massive
amount of exposition we actually start
going into a very similar story talking
about the same characters as the
previous two books so it’s kind of
you’ve got to stick with it for over 30
percent of the book before you get to
the real story I am just really worried
I’m really worried about the story I’m
really worried about the Thunderhead and
what’s gonna happen so we’re gonna see
today it’s work from home day because
there’s nobody in the office which means
I don’t really have to be in the office
I’m just getting some work done and then
after that I might try to film a video I
might I want to do and all my own read
books on my shelf and combine it with
what I think is going to be five stars
because that kind of videos going to be
very important for next year I’ll also
think that I’ll combine it maybe with
the TBR veterans the ones that have been
on there the longest because again
that’s going to be very useful for my
2020 TBR surprise
okay oh okay epic
workout done oatmeal shake eaten
a mess and I stink so bad it’s a good
thing that you’re on the other side of
this camera because nobody wants to be
subjected to that
however it’s actually
time for some sprint and I tried to take
part in every single one of these I’ve
got them going on on Twitter and discord
at the same time I’ve got my Knights
running them and sometimes I’ll do them
as well but it’s mostly my night so
fucking grateful for every single one of
them they are amazing and I’ve got to
light a beacon I’ve still not lit my
beacon so that means I have to make hot
drink or light a candle so I’m going to
do both of those things just to make
sure and I’m going to read some more
girls of storm and shadow
hey guys
it is a glasses day because I wants to
give my eyes a rest I’m just about to
leave work it’s dark outside as usual
like what we’re gonna do about this
winter think eh it’s ridiculous I am on
page 150 of girls of storm and shadow
and honestly I’m not really in it not
really caring finding it very mad I
don’t really like the relationship that
the two main characters having this now
even though I was really fighting for it
in book 1 I just don’t like where
they’re sat in relationship and I don’t
like them together I didn’t like them
together from the end of the first book
there’s this like codependency thing
that I struggle with Lei puts a lot of
her power into Wren anything that she
does she thinks she does because of Wren
everything that she achieves and her
strength she thinks that she gets from
Wren and I don’t like that because Lei
is so powerful on her own and has done
so much and has achieved so much and she
deserves the recognition for that and
she deserves to have that in her heart
and that’s hers but in this it’s not in
this it’s given to Wren
Wren is her wings
and it’s just puke and I really don’t
like it that’s my kind of I only have
two hours left of the audio book for the
toll so hopefully that will go really
quickly I am definitely enjoying it much
more I think at the moment is probably
going to sit at like 3.5 for very
terrible long-winded
exposition you really do have to wait
for a long time before it really gets
into it but after that it gets a lot
better but we will see where it ends up
we shall see I don’t have my whole trust
in it yet
now I’m going home and editing
my book haul that’s going up tonight
so my book haul is edited ID need to
finish a couple of things like the
closed captions and make sure the
description is sorted and the endcard
but I’m gonna get cozy, i watched
a little bit of American Horror Story
because I started watching this last
night and I didn’t want to go to bed
because it was getting so good and it’s
the latest season and I haven’t been
sure about watching it but they’ve just
released all of it on Netflix and I
didn’t look the previous season which i
think was was it called election maybe
reading some oh girls of storm and
because I’m behind and at this
rate I’m really I’m not going to end up
saving my demon
which as the queen is
not good it’s not good look
but today was
a really good day and I felt really
positive really upbeat wasn’t the best
workday but it was just a day where I
felt like I could actually accomplish
things so and now I’m going to relax and
chill and I’ll see you tomorrow
hey guys I’ve just filmed the all my
physical books on my TBR video I don’t
got no idea how I’m gonna put it all
I’ve got like some stop-motion things on
taking things from my shelf and putting
things on the couch but I just don’t
know I don’t know how it’s gonna turn
out he’s a mess I don’t know we’ll see
I’m sure everybody will love it it’s
fine also today I did have my table
delivered puts it’s here without legs it
arrived this morning and the people
brought it in at like half past eight
and I was like are you bringing the legs
up if you’re bringing those like no you
just bought the table top I didn’t
I bought the entire table so I had to
call them it’s a Saturday and I don’t
know what’s gonna happen but I’m still
waiting for a phone call from them to
tell them that yes they need to bring us
the table legs no I think I’ve got an
hour until Ilya and and come here and
we’re going to go so shop and get some
goodies and we’re going to come back I
wish that I don’t know what we’re going
to do but basically it’s like a duchies
game day so I’ll play some board games
maybe what do you want Oh what was I
oh yeah so we’re just gonna basically
have a load of fun
play some bookish games maybe film some
videos together I don’t know I’ll ask
the girls what they want to do but
hopefully we’ll just have like some
reading time as well and then this
evening I’m going to kick off a 24 hour
read-a-thon for the winter quest because
it’s the final weekend and I’ve still
not completed a book do you want to talk
to you though about girls storm and
shadow I don’t want to read it that’s
pretty much pretty much it it’s right at
the bottom of this book pass oh I can’t
hold it up but I think I’ve decided that
I am going to DNF it I am the queen of
the realm so I can make up my own
goddamn rules don’t tell me otherwise
and I think that I need to swap it out
for something so I’m reading the
Christmas sisters for tis the season of
fun because it covers all my prompts and
hopefully that contains a lot of the
elements of the prompts we’re going to
have to see but of course I read the
toll so if not I can add that in I don’t
really have to follow the rules like
everybody else because I made it so yeah
ha hello everybody I am joined today by
Ilja from my bookish bubbles and Anne
and I have a
short challenge for each of you and I
want you to run over to my bookshelf and
I want you to okay because we were just
talking about this I want you to choose
the book that contains your book
boyfriend then choose another book on
the shelf okay okay go
I got a book one, the cruel prince – Holly
I sort of like Carden
For fucks sake, what do you like about Carden?
But especially in the second and last book
the main characters misunderstand each
other all the time really enjoy that
I agree for me it’s also Carden and I
think I prefer the final book but this
is a really really close second maybe
they share their please if you want to
read a good hate to love romance or well
this is this series it’s it’s subjective
but yeah no I’m just a sucker for faee
and he’s just so … I dont know I just love it.
I can’t explain it
Can i get a second one?
Yes you may
both run and get a second one this is
gonna be harder taking too long yeah I
like it I guess I’m not sure I love love
love and I love sorry I do have the
really percent gold and it’s signed and
the muse of nightmares one is first
edition the Illumacrate box I think
that they actually reprinted them and
they have them again and you’ve got the
gold sprayed edges and
silver sprayed edges are mostly sold out
they are the most beautiful.
I change my pick?
I wanted this cover desperately yes I
picked this book not for Nathaniel
but for Silas Silas is because I’m
lacking I mean I love the Romance in here
in general between Nathaniel and
Elizabeth I know you didn’t but
everyone’s allowed their own opinions in
here but I liked Silas a lot because he
was sort of the bad guy but also
constantly telling everyone how bad he
was I mean in reality was just a big
sweetheart he was in incredibly complex
and I’d argue one of the most
complex characters of all of it
my picks first I picked this one because
Rys was my first ever true book
boyfriend I think a lot of people have
read this one by now and like think they
know kind of like I just he’s he’s just
so sweet and I liked him better in this
book than in the the next two books
actually yeah I don’t know what else to
say about it like he’s he’s good at sex
cool I picked this one because um I
don’t actually like Rhen at all and I
have the arc of the heart so fierce and broken back home and I read that one
and now Grey is officially one of my new
book boyfriends I love him so freakin
much but actually the second mm-hmm Millie doesn’t like me…
yeah she does she does
It’s okay i don’t like cats anyway.
No you love Millie
you know
what occurs to me now all these books
are bluish oh my gosh oh it’s the
greenish bullish
THAT is a thumbnail hahaha
which is a problem when you’re a teacher
guys oh my god is the last
day of the winter quest I have my
Christmas tree and Millie
you love this tree too much
she wants to
play with it she’s
so yeah I am DNF-ing
The girls of storm and shadow it
is meant to be my book for the winter
quest but I’ve checked in with all the
Knights and everybody agrees because I’m
the queen of the realm I do get a
certain perks of one of those is I get
to switch my book I’ve always said to
people that I’m quite happy with you
bending the rules of this read-a-thon as
long as you do it creatively and within
the realm and also as long as you are
not like taking the mick and you’re not
bending it too much that it skews the
results especially for the July one so I’m
swapping this out and actually I have
realized that there’s a group chat for
the toll
yes I’ve not buddy read it and agree
before so I do miss out on the double
points for that however I did actually
put you read it but still I read the
toll and actually it covers every single
one of the prompts there was a few that
we weren’t sure whether it hits or not
but I’m reading it definitely has ticked
all the prompts at least in my book so I
have completed my quest which is kind of
anticlimactic considering I already
completed the book
I have started red
white and royal blue I am two chapters
into this I’m finding it very american
centric and I was hoping that was gonna
get both perspectives both of the Prince
of Wales and also the first son of the
president but it seems as though we’re
just getting the first one of the
presidents perspective so that’s a bit
of a shame and it’s it’s very American
leaning and it’s very judgmental I think
of the English British monarchy I think
the case of a question depicts the UK
royal family is being exorbitantly
lavish for instance the inciting
incident of this is the destroying of a
$75,000 wedding cake now I really
honestly cannot for the life of me think
that the UK royal family would spend
seventy five thousand dollars on a
wedding cake I think that that is
ridiculous and I think that if they do
that’s ridiculous but I honestly don’t
think that
true I’ll probably do my own googling
just to see but if it’s not true then
it’s depicting the royal family as pink
exorbitantly lavish yes they do have
lots of money but they’re not rulers of
all the bloody money in the world I’ve
also started the Christmas sisters and
this is my tis the season-athon read
it’s also technically my magical
read-a-thon reads so I would like to get
this done today and I’ve picked up the
audiobook I’m not really good so we’ve
got an English narrator who’s doing
Scottish accents for the women in this
which are the three sisters an American
accents for their partners or friends or
colleagues because it spans like
Scotland and America so I’m actually
really enjoying it the audio book is
really nice it seems quite easy to
digest red white and royal blue is also
quite easy to digest but one of the
reasons why i dnf’d girls of storm and
shadow everything that’s happened so far
could have happened within two chapters
and a prologue or even a prologue and
one chapter it is dreadfully boring it
is not impactful not in the same way
that girls are paper and fire was and it
really is such a shame because it’s a
beautiful cover it’s a beautiful story
that could be really impactful
especially because we’re dealing with
PCSD in this we’re dealing with a lot of
anxiety relationship issues Trust but
overall it’s just really weak it’s a
really damp wet plot and I’m
disappointed because I really enjoyed
girls are paper in fire yes I was
disappointed by the end but I did truly
enjoy it so this is just week
I’m wondering why it wasn’t edited better
those are my plans for today hopefully
those to be decorating this tree but we
might wait a little bit because Millie is
enjoying the tree a little bit too much
and therefore we need to have it while
she understands that it’s not a thing
that she can attack until we put our
really nice baubles on it and today
I’d also like to do some exercise and
eat healthily considering yesterday was
a naughty day
so we’ve come to the end haven’t we
we’ve come to the end of the winter
quest 2019 and I just want to thank
every one of you so much this
read-a-thon would not exist without you
without your dedication without your
playing along from day to day but I do
want to shout out some special people
who without this read-a-thon just
wouldn’t have happened you guys know
that was really struggling with my
mental health in November and basically
for the last year and a half but it
really got pretty bad in November and I
was thinking oh my gosh like if I didn’t
have my winter nights I don’t see how
the read-a-thon would have happened I
probably would have cancelled because it
was just it was overbearing everything
was just falling on top of me
these 13 people were incredible and hand
on heart they did everything for me I
was able to be creative I was able to
keep my head above the water I was able
to enjoy this read-a-thon so fully
because of the support that I had I also
want to do a special thank-you to AG
MacDonald for being a good old sport
for being our evil enchanter and for
providing us with a worthy
The Twitter Sprint’s that he
ran we’re so much fun and they’ve really
made me think about more things that I
can do in terms of reading Sprint’s
24hr readathons and just
adding an extra element of role play to
our read-a-thon
I want to provide you
with a little bit more in general about
the direction and where we’ll go but all
you really need to know for the bookie
trials is that we will be having a
weekend read-a-thon between now and July
out of the blue
I don’t know when it
will happen you’re not going to know
when it’s gonna happen but there will be
something between now and July and it
would just be a weekend because I was
just thinking that July is so far away
and I don’t think I can wait that long
until we revisit this land so excited
additionally I want to tell you guys
that if you want to support this
read-a-thon the best way you can do it
is to become a patron my patreon links
are down in the description and if you
want this read-a-thon to be a success if
you want merch if you want a website if
you just want to get the sneak peak and
the gossip
what I’m up to and what I’m developing
then that is why you should go we do
monthly live streams that are sign-up
gift there are Christmas gifts and
handwritten cards for people at the
higher tiers there is a monthly book club
there is audio narration of our monthly
read and there’s just there’s so much
going on over there and if you do want
to supports the Bookie trials even if
it’s one dollar a month that is where
you can do it we also have a discord as
well so we have like a private discord
there and I’m just so grateful for every
single one of my beautiful patrons also
needs a shout out a couple of people who
have joined me over the past few weeks
so I want to say a big warm welcome to
Charlotte, Emma, Freida, Dragonstone and
Erica Holbrook
I am so so thankful for
each of you it’s insane
also Dragonstone and Erica are in some
of my highest tiers and so they’re going
to be in the description of every one of
my videos from now on this way from that
thank you thank you thank you I love you
please don’t forget to like subscribe
and comment all that jazz you can find
me on Twitter on Instagram and on
Goodreads and my patreon link is down
there in the description if you’d like
to join my bookish family I love you
Bye, buh buh bye

25 thoughts on “MY WINTER QUEST, BOOK BOYFRIEND BOOK TALK & DNF-ing Books 📚 Weekly Reading Vlog #48”

  1. Omg I was laughing so much while watching this hahaha 😂 You did a great job on editing! I had so much fun and I miss you guuys!! Next time we really need to film a video! 🥰 Also I love Millie and I love YOUUU 💕💕💕

  2. I had so much fun participating in the Bookie Trials and I'm so glad I actually got to participate!
    I can't wait for your new TBR extravaganza! I can't wait to see it.
    I look forward to seeing all of your new interior decorations – the couch and the table. It's so exciting! That's such a gorgeous couch! I love it.
    I always love seeing people's unread books. It's always fun.
    I really want to try and figure out discord sometime soon. A lot of people use it, but I'm not sure I 100% get how it works. But then again, I'm very bad with technology haha.
    Awww Millie!
    Every day is a glasses day for me! I've never gotten on well with contacts unfortunately.
    Oh no! No legs! That's not great.
    Oh yeah the Christmas tree shenanigans with animals. The first year we had Sasha we had our tree on the floor and she repeatedly went under it to sleep on the skirt because she's obsessed with blankets. But now we're back to putting it on a box.
    That edition of Strange the Dreamer really is stunning. I love it.
    I love that blueish theme you've got going on haha.
    Millie is me laying in the middle of the floor haha.
    YES RWRB! cries forever I hope you enjoy it when you get to it, but I can understand how it isn't for everyone, even thought it's one of my all time favorites…
    Oh you have started it already. And you'll see, there's a reason we only get one perspective. I know she did extensive research for the book, but I'm sure she made up things for it too. And yeah it is fairly American centric, but I hope you end up enjoying it more as it goes on.
    Yes the Winter Knights were so great. Thank them for all of us because all of it was incredible and I'm so glad you had them to help out.
    I'll definitely keep an eye out for the BT Weekend Readathon and of course I'll participate if I can!
    Lovely as always <3333

  3. I was really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Girls of Storm and Shadow because we had very similar thoughts on the first book. I definitely won't be buying it haha
    I failed my Bookie Trials Winter Quest, my poor daemon :'(

  4. I tried reading The Toll physically and the beginning was shit, there is no other way of putting it, I’m now 40% through (pg 252) and the story is only just getting partially started 😫😫😫 Neal what did you do, this is not what I expected. I’m hoping as I keep going it gets better but like you Rachael I am worried that a third of the way in it has gone like this. Another head fuck and don’t get me wrong I am not phobic in anyway but the gender fluid representation in this….wtf, again Neal what, why, you’ve made it feel weird when really it is far from that. I am keeping all my fingers crossed that something magical happens and we get the story we wanted actually back. Xx

  5. Oh my goodness what an amazing video Rachael!! Your big-girl-sofa is SO COMFY! Also: I cannot wait for your 2020 TBR surprise, I am so looking forward to what you are going to do!
    I had so much fun with you and Ilja, and I am sort of sad that I’m moving to Manchester now.. but I’ll be back in May and I would love to hang out some more then 🥰🥰 AND: the editing on this is SO MUCH FUN, I laughed a lot 😂

  6. I am SO PUMPED for the new TBR game! And thank you so much for hosting the Winter Trails! I wasn't as active on Discord or Twitter about it due to school stress, but I was there and had so much fun.

  7. I won't even say the Evil Enchanter is responsible for Girls of Storm and Shadow. I didn't even bother after the first one. I figured fool me with Girls of Paper and Fire, shame on Natasha, fool me with Girls of Storm and Shadow, shame on me. 😂😂😂

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    love that couch!

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    Thank you for that shout out! we all love you, Queen! 😊

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  12. You explain how I feel about the WrenxLei relationship EXACTLY how I feel.
    LAMO THE TABLE W/O LEGS XD I laughed all over again.
    Ah! love the "Dutchies" crew! Having to hold them back from their book bf Cardan x'D I cracked up.
    Your concerned mom face through the whole scene hahahahah
    Other people getting to meet Millie VS Me trying to not be jealous and just happy she's getting love
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    "damp..wet…plot." HOW does that describe it so well!!
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