Nasal Spray for Gambling Addicts?

Nasal Spray for Gambling Addicts?

Could the cure to your gambling addiction
be found in a nasal spray?
(crowd laughing)
Yeah, this is legit.
So, there’s actually going to be a study in Finland
that looks at this and it’s using the nasal spray naloxone.
Which would theoretically block
the opioid receptors in the brain,
so maybe a gambler doesn’t get the high
from puttin’ a lot of money on the table.
So, I can see this–
So, I mean this is
something they use in drug addicts, right?
And we know that there’s a crossover correlation
between other addictive behavior,
gambling, shopping, sex addiction,
any addiction.
That’s right.
And gambling disorder was just recently added
to the diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5.
And we know that there is that crossover,
they basically have the same activation
in the reward centers of the brain.
So, this is supposedly gonna help combat that.
So, this is a study,
it’s gonna be 12 weeks long.
They’re gonna examine 130 people age 18 plus.
They’re gonna use the spray as needed.
This is gonna be a legit placebo controlled trial though,
’cause they’re gonna have a placebo group
that uses a spray that doesn’t have the naloxone in it.
What do you think, Dr. Nita?
Do you think it will be successful?
I do, I think it’ll be successful.
I’m hopeful because if you think about it,
they really need that urgent cure for their craving.
So, if you go into the casino,
and you have a craving to get to a slot machine,
you use this nasal spray,
by the time you get to the slot machine,
cravings gone.
You’ll just walk right by and go to the buffet.
I’m really anxious to see the results here,
because this could go on to other things.
When my wife wants to go on a shopping spree
and buy all those
No, no, no, no.
all those expensive shoes.
Everything except that.
Everything except shopping.
Those fancy shoes
Dr. Nita likes that one.
I don’t know, I do like those high heels.
They’re pricey, but they’re worth every penny.
Right before shopping, a little psst, psst, psst.
Just sneak it under there.
Well, I could see that working,
but, you know what,
the person using it though has to have some level
of insight, right?
They have to know that the craving’s coming on
and then they have to use it.
So, I think that’s the tough part.
And I think they have to want–
To use it.
That I wanna fight this.
The one thing I will say is,
you do not wanna get to a place where we’re dealing
with all addictions as just a nasal spray.
(woman laughs)
Everyone at the shopping center
is going to be whiffing naloxone,
’cause everyone (sniffs).
(audience laughing)
“Down to my last 100 bucks,
“I don’t want the shoes, (sniffs) I don’t want the shoes.
“(sniffs) I still kinda want ’em.
“I really don’t want the shoes.”
(audience clapping)
It can turn into a whole compulsion by itself.
Yeah, it can.
Addiction to your nasal spray.
I will say, though,
that the gambling,
one of the biggest things is if even if you’ve had
a successful night and you made
a couple of thousand dollars,
a true gambler’s gonna gamble until they lose it all.
So, the self control part,
“Well, I’m up a couple grand, (sniff)
“have a good night, y’all.”
That’s part of it.
That would be good.

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