Native Americans Review “Indian” Sports Mascots

– You make this any other racial group, where you do a ridiculous
caricature like that, people get it right away,
“Oh, that’s racist.” But for some reason,
when they see this one, everyone’s like, “Well,
yeah, that’s our team.” (upbeat music) – I was a band geek in high school, so, I’m not really familiar. I know of it. – I’ve watched a fair amount
of ESPN SportsCenter in my day. – I don’t think it’s very
historically accurate. – Don’t understand why
we need to be a mascot. – Native American people
don’t look like this. – I don’t understand what the hair is. – He looks nice, yeah,
he looks really kind. – That looks like a child did it. – They don’t do this with anyone else but animals and Native Americans. – It bothers me that,
like, one of the symbols that people recognize about our people is a weapon. – This is this weird, outdated view of what it means to be native. – We only brought those out in defense of ourselves, our land, our people. – Like, you see the Atlanta games, and they’re doing the (vocalizing) (laughing) – Perpetuates one very specific
and very outdated image. – Oh, the Redskins. – This is a dictionary
defined racial slur. – Literally painted him red. – And they have eagle feathers on here, and those are very sacred
to a lot of tribes. – I can’t imagine any other race where that would be considered acceptable. – It’s having a team
named after a racial slur. – People say, “Yeah, but we
have such a strong history “with the Washington Redskins.” We kind of have a history,
too, it kinda predates that. – It makes me want to cry. – I don’t even know where to begin. – He looks like Mr. Burns, kind of. (laughter) – And he’s completely
red, are you kidding me? – That’s the color of a fire truck. – He looks like the Indian guy who’s about to sneak into
camp and steal your horses. – This is another one that
really depersonalizes our people. – The fact that a people
group is your mascot, like, that’s just not okay. – It’s just weird, because
then everybody shows up acting like a stereotypical
version of that race. They’re really not trying
to be mean in any way, it’s still contributing to the fact that people are supporting
this team looking like this. – When I look at those pictures, it just, it breaks my heart. – We don’t need to have, like, human beings represented as mascots. – And they’re like, “Nah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” – Well, a lot of them say
they’re just honoring us. – I don’t feel honored. – I don’t think it’s
honoring us in the least. It’s very hurtful. – It’s not always just
about you and how you feel, it’s about the people who are involved, it’s about the people whose feelings are being affected by this.

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