Nelk Boys | The Rich Life | Last Real Pranksters | Full Send

Nelk Boys | The Rich Life | Last Real Pranksters | Full Send

After years of grinding it out the boys of
Nelk are now living the good life.
They’ve made the move to Los Angeles and are
kicking it in the Clout House throwing wild
Climbing to the top of the YouTube prank world
in the late 2010’s ain’t an easy task and
the boys burned through a ton of expenses
while doing so.
Besides production costs they have all the
props they need for their videos which include
costumes, booze, transportation, a few darts
more booze and whatever else they need…
I dunno how much a Charizard I.D.’s costs
but i’m guessing it’s one of a kind.
Having been banned from filming pranks in
some parts of Canada they’ve also had to spend
crazy amounts of money on international travel,
BnB’s, car rentals, plane tickets all mixed
in with an endless supply of rona’s and limes.
Also, Tim Horton’s for the boys and for one
lucky fan they even apparently even gave away
a Lambo…
Not bad for some dudes who not long ago were
driving beaters like this.
They’ve also had to fork over a small fortune
to cover their legal fees, shout out to their
lawyer Brad Koffel.
With over 3 Million YouTube Subscribers and
half a billion views it’s been a long grind
to the top for the boys of Nelk.
Jessi Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard have been
plugging away at the YouTube game longer than
most people know.
Aright, the first time I made a Nelk video
I got a few chirps for only taking a sip of
my beer.
So here we go.
According to questionable websites like
the boys have a net worth of $800K but it
sounds like that website just took their YouTube
views and multiplied it by $2 bucks.
I found this new website titled YouTube Money
Calculator and they pull stats from YouTube
channels and for my channels it seemed pretty
This site pegged Nelk’s current trajectory
with their channel blowing up right now with
them sitting on a net worth of $2.4 Million.
It’s also got them pegged at $2,000 dollars
a day and on average $40K a month.
But you can’t believe everything you see on
the internet – as we know with the Nelk boys
they been getting rinsed on
the CPM.
get bottom basement CPM which is the ad sense
rate per thousand views.
Most of their content also gets demonetized
so the boys rely heavily on their merch to
keep the party going – with that said, these
dudes have a seriously loyal fan base to I’d
assume their doing pretty a-ok.
What’s going on guys?
It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the financial come up of the boys of Nelk
here for you on The Rich Life.
We’ve made a Before They Were Famous & an
After They Were Famous on Nelk when their
channel was put on hold.
Were glad to see these local dudes continue
to kill the game!
Let me know who to document next here on The
Rich Life and I’ll see you guys after the
Oh – ya, trivia questions.
One member named Lucas left the group just
before they made it big!
Can you guess what he’s doing now?
Sound off in the comments down below!
For the boys come up story, I’ve gone into
greater detail in their Before They Were Famous
video but let’s do a quick recap.
Jesse Sebastiani was born on June 27 1993
in Hamilton Ontario Canada and grew up in
nearby Shelbourne Ontario.
The dude got into film making and crazy stunts
on his family farm as a kid but found himself
working at No Frills at the age of 15 making
minimum wage.
Jesse was determined to make it big entertainment
and in his free time he’d make YouTube videos
at home.
Crazy to think that most YouTubers you guys
watch today have been doing this for nearly
a decade.
Getting some air time on a few Canadian television
shows earned Jessi the handle of MTVJesse
and he’d soon cross paths with another Toronto
native who had similar ambitions to his own.
Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994 in
Mississauga Ontario Canada.
Kyle has been making videos since he was a
little kid and idolized a lot of YouTubers
who had made it big.
He started producing his own skits around
the same time as Jessi and the birth of the
Nelk brand and it’s YouTube channel was done
all Kyle’s vision while getting the help from
some of his Mississauga buds.
Kyle’s early videos got him some news coverage
and he was qoing viral on the regular – he
also had the public prank game all figured
Jessi had some stunt experience and after
being introduced online by a fan the boys
got to work on their first collab Nelk video
which involved Jessi getting lit on fire,
this was back in 2014.
Today this video has almost a million views:
Aright, so the boys of Nelk had been established
but it was a long climb for them to seeing
any real revenue.
The channel at the time had around 40K subscribers.
They soon took a trip to LA and found viral
success with their Coke Prank on Cops, 7 Ways
to Compliment Boobs and a few other bangers.
They also picked up some press from websites
including Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan, Break,
Playboy, Chive, Reddit and DudeComedy.
The exposure was good and the views were great
but by the time these dudes fed themselves
and covered travel costs they were still living
day to day.
They also didn’t wanna pick up shitty minimum
wage jobs that would stop them from making
It’s also unlikely anyone would hire them
when they were known for terrorizing all the
local corporate establishments like McDonald’s,
WalMart, SubWay and the movie theatre.
As a number of members quit Nelk, Jessi and
Kyle pushed forward and 2017 would end up
being their breakout year and this was also
the year they started selling their merch.
Starting off with Hoodies the boys put a lot
of love into and attention to detail into
their designs.
Soon to follow were hats and if you go to
their website now-a-days at Full
well these dudes are selling everything from
beer towels, cooler packs, beer openers, flags
and new apparel dropping on the regular with
a big hit being Jesse’s mug shot on a tee.
All of a sudden the boys were in business
but one prank would put everything on the
The boys of Nelk took their pranks to the
YouTube headquarters which seemed to have
crossed a line.
The video went viral, Nelk got dropped by
their MCN, BroadbandTV and they got two YouTube
strikes being one away from having their account
For a little while there no one knew what
the future had in store for Nelk but behind
the scenes the boys were working on a new
website, new videos and more merch.
They also made the move to LA living there
full time setting up shop at the Clout House.
I dunno if their paying the rent in beer but
they did manage to piece together a Corona
room complete with sand and flamingos.
All the free promo they’ve created with Rona
Season you would assume these boys were sponsored
but in a tweet from 2017 and 2018 it seems
like their still waiting on a paycheque for
all their hard drinking.
Besides living expenses the boys pour a lot
of their money back into their show.
There have been a number of notable new members
that have joined the team including Shooter
905 and Steve Will Do It.
Their prank videos typically require some
kind of costume which they pay for outta pocket.
When it comes to whips the boys went from
Kyle driving his parents ride and Jessi in
an old Saturn – think it was a Saturn, to
them renting countless cars for their road
Of course we know these dudes know how to
bargain for a deal.
At the end of
the day, the boys of Nelk seem to have made
it to the top of social media stardom.
Their socials and YouTube channel are really
taking off and whole legion of fans see them
as this generations version of Jackass.
Must be rough for the few dudes who dipped
from the group right before they blew up.
I believe Lucas went on to work as plumber
or electrician.
No shade, my dad’s an electrician I worked
with him until this channel took off.
Aright, I’m wrapping up this video here.
Let us know who is next in the comments down

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