Never do this in Minecraft…

Never do this in Minecraft…

Big brain
Welcome everyone to big brain sky blogs
So this is for you really smart kids who like to go way on up beyond and do
Okay. Okay again cobblestone generator
Time lights go. Okay. I’ve got to make the fastest cobblestone generator in the planet
I got a point out that we have more than one island and the Sun is moving
I think double stone generator. You’re doing it. Let’s go
Okay. All right
We did it Ken
So what was the time what was the time
There’s at least eight seconds, right? So, all right, I’m gonna dig it. Three two one go big fan big braid
Here we go. Big brain. Oh
Cool. Oh wait. Oh
Yeah over to pick up the block
Put it up there does it connect anything right? No, it just shut up
You do lava I do lice, okay
Wait, we gotta put a block in the way here. Are they just gonna get robbed? We don’t do you?
Know we don’t you put it right here. Yeah
Hey, why would you listen to me good question, right?
Hey Ken, yeah, what did you go in and check out the sand island? Oh wait, it doesn’t exist
Oh, you’re gonna bring that back. You’re gonna it’s out there now, okay
We learned our lesson at one time. We’ve built this stupid cobblestone generator like 12 times now he’s talking there
No, no, it’s not about getting it right. It’s about getting it. Perfect. Any big old doofus can build a cobblestone generator
But and not any big old doofus can make it in three seconds go one
Three seconds baby, here we go. Boom boom, but the Amish moon. Is that is that big enough?
It’s big enough for you. And your mama. Sorry that was that was me. I’m sorry
More spot, right?
All right, you want to try this
God dang it big brain
Three seconds, baby
We are
Big brains we got big brains
We barely got it
What do you mean we barely got it?
first try I
See three grew as always you me too. Hey, we should name treat something together. So it will be like art
You know what? We should name it what tree tree I love it. It’s so unique. Yeah
How deep is this is like three that’s what your MA yeah
Yeah, so now we need it
We need tree to drop thing trade good we’re not gonna have any wood unless you drop some saplings
SAP it up
Anything nothing
We must be doing something wrong
Somebody the comments right now is like only good or tree sister maybe the 480
Okay, cool
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Baby, baby
Oh my gosh, I’m freaking out
So anyway the whole thing already, oh look at you go
I’m sorry. Sorry, I’ll explain four small brain. So right now what I’m doing can I’m making a cobblestone generator
What we need to throw out so that like generates like an empty amount of cobblestone. That’s right
But if you’re no careful, you could actually miss
You could actually burn down
the whole tree their whole tree Wow
But that’s how it’ll be. Terrible small people do that. The only sway I mean help do I put it here together?
No, no, don’t worry
Okay, alright watch this cobblestone generator
It’s already wrong already
Give me their water. Give me the water cane
All right, you’re bringing all the weeds out of me right now, I just make me wheeze
Put the thing, I’ll put the thing
I’m sorry. Did I just make a cobblestone generator?
I’m sorry. Why did you even pick it up – whatever okay, it’s fine. Oh, I’m sorry
Fine when I do it
All the time it is so I’m gonna dig some dirt
If I look up there the trees on fire again are the cobblestone generator is gone
I’m gonna be bearing with your generator is locked solid
okay, it’s
But I can mind this right now, right
Mining it with my hands
This is what we used to do in Sweden in the Stone Age
Right, right. Hey, maybe oh
My god
Good job of it see it’s screwed up again. Why would you ever think that I would mess anything up?
Maybe we’ll get back up, you know here talking to you again. I think yeah, I know
I’m talking to I know exactly I’m talking to
That’s right
You know, that’s what another noble price is a Swedish invention because we were so smart that we decided other people need some words for
smartness and who got the first awarded you could give it to yourselves we gave it to
You know what? I’m not gonna answer that either Oh,
How does that what happened? Oh, I get it
It needs to be ah, oh you’re gonna feel so stupid now Ken. How about gonna feel stupid?
I feel like we’re going backwards maybe
Okay, this is actually all the space we need yeah
Eight times now. Okay. Okay wider than me
Be sure
I’m acting very confident, but
It’s working so far
See how easy it is ken the water’s like flowing backwards, is that right?
Is that this first flow technique that bitch did you know about this? Okay. All right. I’m impressed. I’m impressed. I’m not gonna lie
I didn’t know in Mississippi they practice that technique but okay we do we try say I don’t know what you do in Alabama
I’m not gonna ask questions. Oh, yeah, we’re gonna be next Texas. Do you think any more states?
Can you just google it no, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I definitely have not been googling it
Under the tree, okay, I think I know what I’m doing
Allow me to help you
You know exact you
Minecraft pros here. Uh-huh. Thank you
We’re about to show you and the way you’ve never seen a cobblestone generator ever built before
This is what we used to do back in my day instead while all you kids were busy playing for tonight
All right in winning millions of dollars Somalia. What is this any more dirt? Sorry. My brain capacity is
Max, you can’t you can’t think and talk right guys. That’s why I’m talking right now
All right, this is safe
Okay II need like either you do the water thingy. I do the lobby. Okay, you need me to break it
We’ve taken up most of our little island with the cobblestone generator, but that’s okay
it’s called the side swede back in my hood Zach back in your
Hood. Yeah
you have the rest of the wood, er, I’ll get ya get –
Thanks, bro, yeah, bro, I got you
It would seem I’m on fire
That’s fine. So many people made fun of me in one of the videos because I caught on fire and jumped off the edge
I’m so glad you brought that up because I looked at that and I’m like what?
That’s big brain that’s big brain right there you’re on fire there’s some water next to you what do you do
Joyce waited go pokey dokey. Hopefully this works. Oh gosh
Ken what is is this gonna break it again? Oh, let me give you watch I want to see it. Okay
Does these need to go down maybe you?
Can trust me. This is gonna break only one way to find out
Cirie’s it over. Thank you for watching everybody watching. There’s like an easy how to like a point the first one
Are you looking up? No you need to look?
I do
Oh, well you were busy doing that I
Did that yeah good already
You know what it’s it’s working so far and I don’t think it’s gonna mess up the cobblestones the cobblestone generator
I think we’re good. What’s the other one?
Okay, well we get back to my dad
How are you on fire, what did you see I did not right-click
Like an old man over here, okay. I’m just like
Think I’m having a small brain day
Yeah, I’ve heard of these
They happen they happen through your average Joe air from time to time
You start digging every time and somehow I messed it up
No, I’m like like yeah, I’m doing good down here and then it’s just gone. Alright, it’s fine this time. The lava is shaped
Lava yeah, that looks safe. It’s state has to be same Sweden. Is that that what you guys say?
Huh pulling off this is not safe is okay. You got water just swim back up
Changing the cobblestone generator that you worked so hard to build
You are doing a very good job keep it up look at that I actually did Wow
and bonus lava bonus lava
Right, so now if I dig it
Yeah, good job, thanks bro Wow Wow
Why you do this absolutely goes down 3d doesn’t it?
It’s fine you have to do that
I’m just wanting it say I’m just playing it safe the waters not flowing up there. Thank me. We fun
Doing great
Team works, okay. Yes. Here’s here’s a thing for small brains in case you don’t know you can make slabs. Ah
She’s a bargain piece of art no no no
All right
putting their output in there and you’ve been
The bridge to whatever island you wanted. All right what island? Okay, so there’s water over the air
Maybe there’s food over there cuz we’re gonna oh, we’re gonna be swayed honey. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait is the
But the Sun is moving it’s just always having to reset so much fun playing forever. Oh
There’s an apple, there’s something ok, so there’s some Oh got one. Yeah. Yeah
I got an apple. Oh
Yeah, okay so apples there’s rule to trees. I’m ear everyone complain about it. I need like space to grow but
They were giving constructive criticism yes constructive is it did exactly
exactly big miss
There’s one thing we’ve learned from this. This is how we are. We’re gonna we’re gonna mess it up eventually
Why I don’t know what you do at some point. It’s all gonna go wrong. What are you talking about? I?
Don’t know what’s gonna happen, but somehow the cobblestone generator is gonna break
My couples don’t generate they’re live forever
This is how I speak American on my accent because I’m Swedish that’s big brain speak
What do you mean? What have you ever spoken with a Swedish accent? But five years ago babies all the time mean. Yeah, I mean
Is my favorite?
Our luvs means
Good, cuz that’s what they are called. And why you laugh? I don’t know
Think rain slimes. Yeah, you haven’t made it to island yet Wow pathetic very really understand Swedish
There must say that do we in the drop of Minecraft become delirious?
Can I place as well if you had big brain maybe Oh, oh
Not today big brain you out to brain me one time
There’s villagers over there really I don’t think we good. Alright sheriff
I I mean we got a cobblestone generator we go if we make a bed we can make villagers Frank and
They make tiny village. Yeah, I’ll go you say it was like making boy
This is how you speak minecraft Ken right big brain money, you gotta you gotta you gotta get ass big time really big brains
Right. I’m not gonna – because I mean money right now. We’re not even getting ways that be
Ouch, why do you hit me? Ah
Paul as the builders would say whether frickin should we go maybe it’s a bad island. No, we should we should definitely meet dad
There’s nether stuff over there right glowstone, and I wish I saved some stones. I’m just so excited
That we’re actually doing it. We still got a Jake you only have one stone. Yeah. Oh my god
Oh, yes, that means bad guy come soon no
Actually, a lot of people don’t notice but bad guys need a 5 by 5 square to spawn so
Can’t spawn here
but later, what we can do is we can make an island that is 5 by 5 and we can use that to
get the resources from
Yeah, brain is at mainly large right now very big
It’ll cool me be brain for nothing big brain big arms big brain
No, he just ran off the edge and dad can you pushed him? Oh
You pushed him. Oh, this one’s looking at me and judging me
No, are you serious went off the edge?
Why did he went off the edge again?
When he was fine. Yeah, I just he was like you don’t want to live anymore and he did he’d left
Then we go do we have to have him I am making sure
He’s not going anywhere
We don’t have another one how we gonna make ah
What did the villages where they use for it like
Freaking out man
Did we need him for something?
Well, we can make them freak and we can give them professions and then we can trade something
it seems like pretty like late in the game that you would do something like that, but
Stay here. Okay. Good. Wait State. Okay, right, okay
I also got some wheat seeds so we can grow wheat. So this is going really really good. I think
Trying to expand the land
That’s what you Americans do don’t you yep, that’s right. Well, I mean written really right oh you blame
Yeah, yes got like a rhythm going did did you do
Today I’m building to the other Island because I think I see Mike my blocky way. We could made the workbench
They don’t have to Frick but technically now since you kill one, we can’t expand the village. Maybe one will magically reappear
yeah, maybe he’ll just like
Photosynthesis. Will they call it new? You want to see what I did over there? No, you want to fight me on bridge
No all da and I have stuff
Wait, it’s like it’s like when you’re playing a horror game you guys got a look
Okay, cool, so you did you did oh he’s in there yeah
Rosen there is fun
actually if we
Like it. Yeah, I think he’s I think he’s he’s enjoying it
Too you’re gonna you’re gonna take him out and build him back in to get that one block of dirt
Hey guy hi
Gonna starve to death like that. All right now they don’t start. Okay. Look there’s a water pool. Oh, no
Oh, no, I’m dying. He’s gonna be
Saved that precious precious dirty face is dirt precious dirt
We put the trees over here, yeah, that would make sense. Yeah. Okay. All right, I’m gonna make something you never had. Oh-ho. Oh
That’s true. I didn’t the rabble owes me
Great woman see that’s the joke. That was the joke cool. Let’s go
Plant Island
Okay, you got the sample is everything okay, Oh grab bucket while you’re at it bro. Oh
Okay, bro. I got bucket. Oh and grab the apples. Barri at it though, in case you ate them all they’re not in there
Did you just accuse me? Yes, she just accused me. Yes. I’m accusing you. Did she just take juice?
Yeah, I keep like I have I’m missing two chicken bones right now and you ain’t like five apples in a row
I don’t know what your problem is. I was why are you so hungry? I was really hungry
Why is the grass not growing oh
My god, oh it is it is it is
There another thing I guess Oh
Oh, what’s your wow? Hello. Oh, you’re gonna come in here
Hey, hey is everyone up for that for me?
Don’t be a third wheel again Eddie you got some privacy. Oh, yes. It wasn’t ok gamer good
We got all the island set up we have three trees
Some weed and man. Are we doing good? Yeah, we’re doing great. Let us know how great we’re doing and how you do things
sure, they have already can small brains like
Coyote element. That’s right before these videos even over with we they’ve already told us all about it
What you never played toupper simulator?
You know, it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion
But give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not convinced yet. Ok. I’ll cut you a deal
The game is available for free and that’s a great price

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