“Never, EVER, GIVE UP!” – Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Top 10 Rules

“Never, EVER, GIVE UP!” – Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Top 10 Rules

– Whether it’s Microsoft
or Google, I mean, so many people that have really hit big have gone against the tide. It may seem like you have no chance, it may seem like it’s over; never, ever quit.
If you’re a quitter, I hope you quit right now,
and stop watching immediately. And people that can handle pressure can be entrepreneurs, can be successful. – He’s an American
businessman, politician, and 45th president of the
United States of America. As of 2017, Forbes listed him as the 544th wealthiest
person in the world, with a net worth of $3.5 billion. His presidential campaign received unprecedented media coverage,
and international attention. He’s Donald Trump, and here’s my take on his top-10 rules for
success, volume two. Rule number two is my
personal favorite, and I’m curious to figure out which
one you guys like the best. Also, guys, as you’re
watching, if you hear something that really resonates
with you, please leave it down in the comments
below, put quotes around it so other people can be
inspired by your sharing. And also, when you write it down, you’re much more likely to
lock it in for yourself too. Enjoy. (inspirational theme music) – What would be one word
of advice you would have for an upcoming businessman,
or for a future businessman? Or woman, or woman.
– Knowledge. Knowledge, but, if it’s one word. One word’s very hard for that,
but the word is knowledge, but you get knowledge through experience. One of the things people
talk about is luck, and I do believe that people are lucky, and some people are luckier than others. I do believe that. But there’s also an expression:
the harder you work, the luckier you get. And I can tell you 10 instances where I didn’t quit; one, it was 1990, the world was coming down, the
debt markets were everybody. All of my friends and
enemies were going bankrupt; I never did. And, the times were
actually just terrible, and even today, you look at
times, and you see what happens, and you have to learn. But, the word luck is very interesting, but if I didn’t work really hard, I probably would not,
almost definitely would not be here today, and unless
you had me up as a man who, at one point, was successful, but let’s see what a loser looks like. So, you have to work
hard, because it is true, you can develop luck, through hard work. – Your first book, “The Art of the Deal”, begins with a simple sentence that many people might
find hard to understand. You say: I don’t do it for the money. Can you explain that? – Well, I do it because I love it. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. I have bad days, I have good days, I have days somewhere in the middle. But, the end result is:
I love what I’m doing, and I don’t do it for the money. And I make money because, probably, I’m not doing it for the money. I do it, and I do it well. I’m the biggest developer in New York. I love building buildings. I have a lot of fun building buildings. The fact is, I do it for
fun, I do it for game, I do it for sport; I happen to
make a lot of money doing it. If I didn’t enjoy it,
if I didn’t really love what I’m doing, I wouldn’t be successful, I wouldn’t be sitting with you today. – [Interviewer] What’s the
implication of that, for someone watching this, who wants
to create greater wealth? What’s the message in that, do you think? – Well, the message is: you
have to love what you do. If you do it for the money alone, it’s probably not going to work. I have friends, where I tell them, get out of this business,
which is a good business, and go into another
business, which isn’t as good a business, because they like
the other business better. They’ll do better in a
less-good business, so to speak, than they will in the better
business, because they like it. Going against the tide
is great, if it works. Now, it doesn’t always work, and you really have to be
smart to go against the tide, because you’re going against
a lot of smart people. But when you get it right,
you’ll end up better, whether it’s Microsoft or Google. I mean, so many people
that have really hit big have gone against the tide. But you have to have great
confidence in yourself, you have to be the right person. There are very few people
that can pull it off, but when you pull it off, it’s great. Same thing in real estate;
you go against the tide, people are selling, you’re
buying, the tide changes. Never, ever give up. Just keep going forward; never stop. It may seem like you have no chance, it may seem like it’s over. Never, ever quit.
If you’re a quitter, I hope you quit right now,
and stop watching immediately, because you’ll never make it. – [Interviewer] Now, you
own these incredible casinos and hotels, and the
towers in New York City, you’re going to build this
world’s tallest building now, in Television City. When is enough enough,
or will Donald Trump never be satisfied with the
deal-making and the acquisition? – Well, I’m like a lot of
my friends from Houston, I just keep chugging. I mean, all you can do is just keep going. Life is sort of a pretty short experience, and you have to maintain
some kind of an equilibrium, and the way I maintain that is to work. And I enjoy what I do, I love what I do, and I hope I do it well. And so, I just keep going forward, Dan, and it’s, so far, it’s paid off. – Are you smarter than most people who would call themselves entrepreneurs? Do you work harder? What is the deal with you, anyway? – Well, that’s an interesting question. I don’t know if anyone’s
ever asked me the question, am I smarter than other people. I think that, without a
certain innate intelligence, and without a certain drive,
you’re not going to be successful. I have a friend who was
not successful at all, but was really up-and-coming, and he had a thing, he would
only fly first class. I’m not saying do this, because
for somebody it won’t work, but he needed that mentally. He wanted to fly first
class, because mentally, he wanted to think he was
the best, and that’s it. And, even though he didn’t
have much money at the time, this is years ago, he would always fly, I used to criticize him. But it put him in a good state of mind, and he became a very, very successful guy, very, very successful. And, I’ve always remembered that. He would never fly coach. He would always fly first class, even though he didn’t
have the means to fly. So, look, it’s complicated. But, whatever it takes to train that. I’ve always believed in positive thinking. At the same time, I don’t want to mislead, I also believe in aspiring, in terms of what you’re doing, aspiring to protect against the down-side. You can’t just be this wonderful guy, walking around, everything’s
positive, because, unfortunately, that’s
not the way the world is. I love to tell people to
think about the challenges, so that when they do
come along, you’re ready. – Let’s suppose that I have a job, but I have the feeling that I
want to start my own business. How would I know that I’m
the right kind of person for the entrepreneurial life? – To me, that’s the best
question you’ve asked, and it’s also the toughest. Somebody has a family, has a job, they have a nice job,
they get X dollars a week, they don’t have to worry about very much. It’s not going to be great, they’re not going to live in Palm Beach, but you know what?
They have a job, and it’s income coming in. The hardest thing to do,
in my opinion, in business, is to leave that job, and
become an entrepreneur, because you’re risking your wealth, you’re risking your family, your health, your family’s health. You’re really risking a lot. You have to know, in your gut, whether or not you have
it, to be an entrepreneur. Can you handle pressure? Can you handle all of the problems that you’re going to be confronted with? And there’ll be many, many problems. But the toughest job that
somebody has, in my opinion, in business, is to know when
to get out of something, and when to go in something, because that’s a very, very risky proposition. You know, when people
ask me about success, I just started thinking about
it over the last couple years, ’cause I’ve seen a lot of it. You have to have an
ability to handle pressure, because you, no matter
how successful you are, I have many, many friends, and enemies, lot of enemies too, I don’t
care, but they’re smart. (audience laughing)
I have a lot of enemies. And, I’ve watched
people, and I’ve seen it, and people that can handle pressure can be entrepreneurs, can be successful. Now, I have some friends that
are really, really smart, but they can’t handle pressure. In which case, they
should work for somebody, do great, and have a good life. There’s nothing wrong with it, ’cause I almost think
that’s an instinctive thing, the ability to handle pressure. Now, one of the things I
tell people about pressure is, you know what they said? How do you handle pressure? Who’s had more pressure than me? Ai-ai-ai. Have I had pressure over the years! And, you know, I mean, I
get criticized at my hair, but it’s not so bad, and
it’s real, and it’s mine. You know it is my real hair.
(audience applauding) I mean, I get killed. I had an article recently,
that was so good, it was such a great article, and then it had one line, but
he wears the worst hairpiece I’ve ever seen; I couldn’t
show the article to anybody, and it’s not even true. But you have to have the
ability to handle pressure. And if you can’t handle pressure, you have to know that about yourself. You have to know that about yourself. So, handle pressure. If you can’t, that’s okay. But one of the things I tell
people about handling pressure is, remember, ’cause
they ask me the question: how do you handle the stress? And you know, somebody actually said: Donald, you’re so handsome. Do you believe this?
I love this person. (audience laughing) You’re so handsome; how
have you stayed so handsome, under all this pressure? And I actually thought of it, to myself, you have to remember, it doesn’t matter. God matters, your family matters. It doesn’t matter, and if you say it, I have some people, they say:
I’ve got to be successful, I’ve got to be. They’ll never be
successful; it’s too crazy. They can’t think straight. Does that make sense? Does that make sense to
you, that was going crazy, standing up about your success, right? So, you’ve got to handle– look, now he’s a little bit more low-key. That’s very good, I like that. We’ve calmed him down. So, you’ve got to be able, you’ve got to be able to
sort of say to yourself, nothing matters that much, other than the real big deals, with family, with your faith, et. cetera. People settle for mediocrity,
for one reason: they’re lazy. I’ve seen it so often; people go into something,
they don’t want to go that extra step, they know
it’s not going to be great, it might be good or it might be okay, it’s not going to be great. They settle for mediocrity; they’re lazy. I have five children, but the three that are in business, and
a lot of it is because of the success of the
Apprentice, where they go on, and people get to know
Ivanka, and Don, and Eric. But, a lot of that was, early upbringing, I’d always say to ’em, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, and now I add, for Barron,
and I drive him crazy, I’d say, every time
they’d leave, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes,
repeat after me. And I’d have to, they’d
go, Ivanka would go, dad, will you leave me alone. But I’d drum it into their heads, and you know, you have to get through those artificial barriers. I call them artificial barriers, because you can do something about it, until it’s too late. Once it’s in your system,
it’s very hard to stop. Like, I don’t drink, and it’s
very easy for me not to drink. I tell people, what are you drinking for? What are you drinking for? And they don’t even
understand what I’m saying, because it’s so– – How did you, it’s amazing when people see you, they can’t imagine, no alcohol. – Oh, would I be in
trouble if I was a drinker, with my life.
– No smoking. – Yeah, no smoking. Well, I had a brother–
– And, no drugs. – I had a brother, Fred, who
was, sadly, an alcoholic, a serious alcoholic, and
he was the best-looking guy you’ve ever seen.
– Yeah, he was much older than you.
– He was much older. He was 10 years older than
me, 11 years older than me, and he was as good-looking
a guy as you’ve ever seen. He had everything going;
the best personality. I have like a bad
personality compared to Fred, but he started drinking,
and he also smoked a lot, but he started drinking. I think it started in college, Frankly, but it got progressively worse. And he was really unable to
stop, and he’d always tell me, don’t you ever drink. So, he was much older than me, and it really has an impact, you know, when you have that kind
of an age difference. But he’d point, don’t you ever drink, and don’t you ever smoke,
he’d add the smoking, ’cause he smoked and he drank. And it hugely affected his
health, and hugely affected, even his look, and his, you
know, the whole bearing. And every time he’d see me, he’s say: don’t you ever drink, and don’t you– so, I never drank. I mean, I really, when
you talk about my father, I learned a lot from my father, but I learned a lot from my brother Fred. And he set an example, it
wasn’t maybe the example the people would think, but it really was, in its own way, an example. – We met an adorable
10-year-old girl, named Megan. Now, Megan was born with
brittle bone disease. – Hi Megan, my name’s Donald, and you probably don’t know me but I was watching Maury’s show the other day, and I must tell you, you
really hit me right here. I think you are so beautiful, and, both inside and out. I had a little something, a little gift, that I have to Maury,
who’s a friend of mine, and a very good golfer;
don’t ever play him in golf. He’s very, very good, believe me. And, I gave him a little gift for you, and I hope you and your mother
have a good time with it, and you’re very special,
and you just keep it up, and keep up that attitude. So, good luck, and you stay in touch. (audience applauding) – So–
– Unbelievable! – Donald Trump, Donald Trump, he has his
name on more buildings in New York City, than any other person. And, besides that, he is one of the most
generous people I know. And he wants you and your mom to have a very special check. (audience applauding) And, when we talk about Donald Trump, when he gives out checks, we’re not talking chump change here. (audience cheering and applauding) This is big-time money. So, look at that. Do you know how much that’s for? Did you get all those zeroes right? (audience applauding) – Hi, Donald. Good. I really wanted to say
thank you very much. Bye. I told him that I thanked him, and he said, well you’re very welcome, and he told me to keep up the good work. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I’d love to know, what did
you think of this video? And in general, what do you
think of the volume two series? Leave it down in the comments below. Also, I’d love to know, what
did you learn from this video, that had the biggest impact on you? What did he say that
resonated with you the most, and you’re going to immediately apply, somehow, to your life,
or to your business? Leave it down in the comments below. I’m super-curious to find out. Finally, I wanted to
give a quick shout-out to Kelly Quittenton. Kelly, thank you so much
for picking up ten copies of my book, and sharing
it with your friends. I really, really, really
appreciate the support, and I hope you all enjoy the read. So, thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you; I hope you
continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love, I’ll see you soon. – You have an enormous
skill with branding, and marketing, and re-branding. What would you give as advice to small and medium-sized business owners, for branding and marketing?
– Well, the first thing is you have to have a good product. If you don’t have the product, forget it. But assuming they have
a really good product, you have to get the word out. You know, I know people
that are better singers, more talented, than Frank Sinatra. You’ll never hear about ’em. I know one in particular, a
person who really is talented, always practicing, always rehearsing, and yet, if the New York
Times calls for an interview, no, no, I’m not ready
yet, I’m not ready yet. They’re never ready. You got to get out and do it. Also, you have to sort
of let the press know that you exist, getting good
ratings on things, like, I have golf courses
that have high ratings. And then, once you get the ratings, you got to let people
know you have the ratings. It’s a long process, and
it takes a long time. It’s really just a wonderful thing, if you can have a mentor. Having a mentor makes a
big difference in life. Now, you have to look around; who is somebody that you
aspire to be, or to be like? But having a mentor is a wonderful thing. – Something I do have to ask you is, what’s it like to wake
up and be Donald Trump? When you’re shaving in the mirror, and you’re looking at
yourself, you’re an icon. What is that like? – Well, I’m honored by your question, but I don’t really
think about it that way. I mean, I wake up and I do shave, and I do use a mirror, and
all of that stuff, but, you know, I go to work,
I’m in my office early, I leave late, I work hard,
I employ a lot of people, lots of education, lots of everything I supply for people, by giving
them a check every week. Lots of healthcare, frankly,
and it makes me feel good. I know a lot of people where,
couple of my employees, their wives have cancer, and they’re being well taken care of, because they have a good program, under the Trump organization,
and I’m happy about that. So, I just feel I’ve
done a really good job. I’ve created a lot of quality, and I’ve given a lot of people jobs.

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