New App Store Games #2 (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS & Mac)

New App Store Games #2 (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS & Mac)

– [Narrator] Thanks to the amazing support
in the first episode, I
think we can officially
make this a new weekly series.
So welcome to my second episode
of New Apple App Store games.
I intend for this to be
the best place to find
new games each week for iPhone,
iPad, Apple TV, and Mac,
and I plan to feature games
that have no ads or pay-to-win mechanics.
Towards the end of the video,
I’ll also update you on a
game’s latest software update.
It’s pretty big.
Number one, we have
Table Top Racing: World
Tour – Nitro Edition.
This game is brought to
you by Playrise Digital
and is a sequel to their
original 2013 game.
Players can go behind
the wheel of tiny cars
in offline or online combat races.
There are power-ups to collect and use,
and heaps of miniaturized
racing cars to unlock.
This version for Apple devices
comes with new features;
two-player offline
and online split-screen battles,
online cross-play between iOS, iPadOS,
and tvOS, controller
support, 60 FPS support,
and native 4K resolution
support on Apple TV 4K.
The game doesn’t fit the
full-screen resolution
of my 2018 iPad Pro, but the developers
are working on a fix for this.
I have to give a big thank you
to The Apple TV Gaming Blog
for pointing this one out too me
and for the developer, Playrise Digital,
for providing a review copy.
This game goes for $4.99
USD on the App Store.
Please note, it is not
available on the Mac App Store,
but please bring it to that platform.
That would be awesome.
(car engine revving)
(upbeat music)
(soft chiming)
Number two is Figment.
Originally released on PC in 2017
and console in mid-2019,
I believe, this week,
Figment was ported to iPhone
and iPad by Bedtime Digital Games.
If you’ve never heard of Figment,
well, it takes place in
the human subconscious
and you will have to deal
with nightmare creatures.
It’s gameplay is quite different,
mixing elements of music,
art, and puzzle-adventure
into one package.
For example, each boss you fight
has their own theme
music and battle style.
The game runs at 60 FPS
on iPhone XR and up,
and should run at 60 FPS on iPads
released after the iPad Air 2.
If you’re playing on an older device,
the game is locked to 30 FPS.
Figment is free to try,
then, if you enjoy it,
you can purchase the full game
as an in-app purchase of $4.99 USD.
Bedtime Digital Games have
told me they are planning
to release the game to Apple
TV sometime in the future,
which is great.
Also, the game was released
on the Mac App Store last year
and goes for $19.99 USD.
And once again, thank you to the developer
for providing a review copy.
It’s very, very helpful.
(upbeat music)
(man shouts)
(monster yells)
– [Monster] I am out of here.
– [Narrator] Number three, we have
Steven Universe: Unleash the Light.
Grumpyface Studios, in a
collaboration with Cartoon Network,
have just brought Unleash the Light
exclusively to Apple Arcade.
It is the third game in the RPG series
known as Steven Universe.
You can explore different environments,
face off against two
new prism-wielding gems,
and engage in fun turn-based battles.
There are also six playable characters
from the Steven universe
and can customize your team
with different abilities and costumes.
Unleash the Light has a
new, tasty story co-written
by Rebecca Sugar and the cast
are here for the voiceovers.
The game has been very well
crafted for touchscreen,
controller, Apple TV remote,
and mouse and keyboard.
From the art style, you might
think it’s aimed at children,
and yes, children will
absolutely love this game,
but it has real depth
and challenging RPG gameplay
that will be of interest
to anyone who is into
this type of gaming genre.
And yeah, the game is
available to download
if you subscribe to Apple Arcade.
(upbeat music)
(low thudding)
Number four is King Tactics.
King Tactics shows the
famous Wars of the Roses,
when two royal families the house of York
and the house of Lancaster,
battled for total control
of England between 1455
and 1485, I believe.
If you’re after a new strategy board game
for your iPhone or iPad, I think
this one just might be for you.
Do bear in mind, though, that it’s easy
to play at first, but it does become
super difficult very quickly.
You can play this game
alone or with another person
next to you, but if you are playing
with another person, it would
be best to play on an iPad
due to the larger screen.
You will try to take control of as much
of an area as you can
compared to your opponent.
The game will end if both
players can no longer perform
an action or if a player occupies
a field for the last time.
King Tactics goes for
$2.99 USD on the App Store
and is only available
for iPhone and iPads.
Alrighty, here is a bonus game for you.
Real Racing 3 been
updated to version 8.0.0.
The new content is the addition
of Formula 1 races coming to the game.
This means we have the
new 2019 Grand Prix,
where you can participate
in five Grand Prix events,
and we also have heaps
of new cars, new tracks,
new daily races, access to
the 2019 Invitational Series
and 2019 Championship Series.
It’s great to see that
this game is still being
heavily updated with new content
after it was released way back in 2013.
That is incredible devotion
from EA right there.
Real Racing 3 is playable on devices
running iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.
(car engines revving)
Have you or are you going
to play any of these games
and on which Apple platform?
Let me know in the comments.
(upbeat music)
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Anyway, thanks for watching.

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