NEW BEGINNINGS & FREE GIVEAWAY @ Graton Casino | Chapter 2 Episode 5

NEW BEGINNINGS & FREE GIVEAWAY @ Graton Casino | Chapter 2 Episode 5

Good morning, everyone it is
15th 2018 I am walking on my way to
My meeting and it is seven o’clock in the morning and I will touch guys on the next clip
Good morning, brother. I just got out of my a meeting and it was a good one
I love to start my mornings with my a a of course as you know on Saturdays and
Something that we talked about was
as part of the meeting
book goes around and we write our name so that we can sign in and a lot of people tend to just
Skip it and not sign their name in and one of the old-timers
wanted to make a
statement about it and say that
The reason why you put your name in there is to show that you are
Taking action towards your sobriety and that you are
still working on your step one to realize that your life is
under the influence of alcohol and
Used to think that it would be okay if I didn’t talk that day because there are so many people in the room
But sometimes you have to realize that
Even if you cease up being that’s not
Provocative or something that is not as big or as
long-winded as some other people there might be something in your story that other people may relate to and may
Clicking their mind about something to help them with their sobriety
so that’s one of the things that we learn in our meetings is to give back and
So that is why I am now inspired to always put my name on there and not to be scared
To be called upon because again, it’s part of the higher plan. So I
Think that if you are going to a meetings and you are attending them just write your name down and at least you could say
Hi, my name is Jay. I’m an alcoholic and I’m grateful to be here today
Something as simple as that if you want to share go ahead and share if you don’t want to share
No need to share, but there’s nothing wrong
or nothing
Bad with signing in just to show some respect for the rest of the fellowship
So hopefully you guys are having a great Saturday so far. I am getting ready for work
And if you hit the casino, hope you’re winning big. I will talk to you guys on the next clip
Hello everybody is your boy Jay. I’m here with Mama NorCal she doesn’t want to talk
All right
So we I just got out of work and I got a lot of work done not like necessarily relate to my work
But I got two videos done
For you guys to show and
Mom picked me up from work because I’m still not driving and we decided where are we going great
So there’s a free gift giveaway this weekend it’s a single cup coffee
maker, and that’s what we’re gonna go pick up today at Graton and
We usually don’t go this late it is now
10 till 4 o’clock p.m. And
We usually leave our house by
5:30 5 o’clock in the morning to be one of the first people I gray in but
Since we’re not doing anything today we decided to drive up to Graydon
So yeah
That’s of traffic. Yeah, it’s gonna take us about two hours to get to Green now because of the traffic
Is Saturday and there’s usually a lot of traffic in the day time
that’s why we go in the morning usually just takes us an hour and a half and that’s with a stop at Starbucks or
At the gas station or sometimes we treat ourselves to McDonald’s for breakfast
Oh, yeah, so I texted some folks to see if they’re around and I think
Some of my brothers are gonna be up there today
So you might see some other people in the vlog or a future slot video
Yeah, we’ll see we were just at Graton last weekend so
Hopefully we can win some more money back cuz I pretty much left even
last weekend I think it was up maybe 20 40 bucks, but
Yeah, I left pretty much even did you win Oh
Mom lost but we had fun. We had a great time
So yeah again in a a today we talked about
Responsibilities we talked about a new life
Something that
Talked about in my share is about new life is being able to remember things
to remember
What happened in the day and not to wake up in the morning hungover?
And thinking did I say something last night. Did I text someone last night? Did I?
Miss speak her say something. That should have just been kept up here and not
Brought out into the world
Waking up sober feels good
I’m less cranky when I wake up
I’m more hungry when I when I wake up now
But yeah, so yesterday’s today’s meeting was about
Responsibility and a new life so
Definitely taking responsibility of my sobriety has gotten me to my new life and I feel that
Everything else is working it out in God’s plan
The fact that I have a job now the fact that I have a primary care doctor that’s taken care of me
The fact that I’m on the road to getting my light driving driver’s license back
Sorry you guys it’s a bumpy road
The fact that I still have people that support me and friends that are that still have my back and
family that has a walked away or
Tried to jump ship. I think that everything is working out in the higher powers plan, and I just gotta trust it and
Just go with the flow and not stress out too much
So, yeah, just like in yesterday’s vlog mom went to an al-anon meeting yesterday and she had a good time
And hopefully she’ll go again next week they do hers
Her meetings are once a week at the place where she likes to go
I go every day to my a meetings that I have also started
Planning ahead and I’m gonna be meeting with my sponsor once a week
So I’m going to be doing double time on those days that I meet up with my sponsor
One-on-one so that we can move forward with the steps. I am
100% committed to step one already and I’m ready to hit up step two three and four or five
All the way step 12, but I’m in no rush
We’ll see how long it takes and then we’ll go from there
So hopefully you guys enjoyed that the vlogs are back and I will talk to you guys soon
hopefully we can be big winners at Graton today and
enjoy our
single cup coffee maker
Okay guys just wait for it wait for it wait for it
You guys, you know, we’re not in the Bay anymore when you see
the dude riding a horse on the street
If you guys watch my slot videos you guys know this intro
Hey, what’s up everyone, we just got to kiss you know, we are
Parked in c4 and we’re about to head to the casino entrance
And I’ll take you guys along
What is up? Everyone it is
Saturday September 15th just got home from the casino. It is now
Almost 11 o’clock p.m
Wait at the casino today. I was cool though. That’s I meet up with my brothers out there
Something weird happened at the casino
I don’t really want to talk about it right now and I will probably talk about it in another vlog
So let’s go ahead and read tonight’s reading and is called a beautiful response
So the reading is he came and took her by the hand and lifted her up
Then the fever left her and she began to serve them
The reflection today was Jesus was never afraid to enter homes where there was illness
He didn’t wait until everything was in order before he would visit when Jesus entered he made things better
The woman who was healed of her fever immediately began to serve those in her home
What better response to being touched by Christ than to serve?
The premium today is Jesus assist me in bringing your presence into my own home
So I
Got nothing I got nothing today you guys
The Lowen who was healed of her fear immediately began to serve those in her home what better response
to being touched by President to serve
Okay to be of service okay, I
Guess I fee I think I need to pray more for that Jesus
Jesus assist me in bringing your presence into my own home
Yeah, I got pretty for that one today. So it’s in the vlog that we we usually do to be confident be
Honest be humble and most of all people take care of
To love the drought I need that story. Are you still here?

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  1. Have a good day Brother! You are serving many folks through these vlogs. You got a lot of something! P.S. the single cup coffee maker will make a great Christmas gift wink wink.

  2. Awesome son you are brother for letting Momma NorCal be able to in your videos and you have my respect Brother and thank you so much again for your time and sharing your time and until the next video you take care of yourself and much love to you and Momma NorCal…. Peace and Love Brother!!!!!!

  3. Good video brother. All things happen for a reason, figuring out what the reason is can be another story. Be well my friend

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