New Games with Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold, and More!

New Games with Xbox Game Pass, Games with Gold, and More!

[MUSIC]>>This week, we’re checking
out Mirage’s Holo-Day Party, getting ready to return
to Raccoon City and are chasing down the child of
prophecy to save the world. All that and more in
This Week on Xbox. [MUSIC]>>The Witcher 3: Wild
Hunt is coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and
the timing could not be better. This epic saga is the perfect
game for the holidays with untold hours of game play
and an enormous map. Here’s a quick tip, don’t skip this side quest called
An Invitation from Keira Metz. It might just land you some cool
loop for later in the game. It will become available
after the main quest, hunting a witch, which happens
early on in your adventure. [MUSIC]>>January’s Games with
Gold have been announced. [MUSIC]>>Hi there, I’m the new accountant. [MUSIC]>>Captain. There’s a. [MUSIC]>>Starting January 1st, you can download Styx:
Shards of Darkness on Xbox One for solo or online
duo stealth missions.>>We should write a story about me. How I always seem to find
[inaudible] situations. [MUSIC]>>You can also grab one of the biggest fighting
games in the world, Tekken 6 on Xbox One and Xbox 360. [MUSIC]>>Who can gather my [inaudible]?>>Then on January 16th, you can pick up the amazing
Batman Telltale Series and get the complete season with episodes one through
five on Xbox One. This series is a must play for gamers as well as End
of the Dark Knight. Lego Star Wars II: The
Original Trilogy will be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. [MUSIC]>>You still have time to grab the
back half of December’s games. If you haven’t already, pick up Insane Robots and Jurassic
World Evolution on Xbox One and Castlevania: Lords of
Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD on Xbox One and Xbox 360. [MUSIC]>>Get ready to return to a new and terrifyingly
good-looking Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3 remastered. This is a must play
for gamers everywhere with intense action in
classic survival horror. Plus, it also includes
Resident Evil Resistance, a new one verse four
asymmetrical online multiplayer game set in the
Resident Evil universe. Cooperate as one of four
survivors or take them down as the twisted mastermind attempting
to stop them at every turn. Resident Evil 3 is available
for pre-order right now. [MUSIC]>>It’s colder, it’s darker, and it’s a good time to play games. Check out the seasonal
events in some of your favorite games to
get through the winter. Deck up your ride during
Rocket League Frosty Fest, collect prizes and play
on a new map in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for
Neighborville piece to this event. Checkout daily new
players squad building challenges and foot miss
with EA Sports FIFA 20. It’s a winter wonderland in ARK: Survival Evolved with seasonal skins, building materials, snowball fights, and some really ugly holiday
sweaters. In Overcooked! 2, there are five
festive new recipes, new chefs, new levels, and a new horde mode. Overcooked! 2 hit Xbox
Game Pass last week, so try it out now. There are going to be lots of
ways to spend the holidays. But if you’re like me,
you’ll want to party with your squad at the outland
biggest holiday bash ever. Drop onto the Mirage Voyage and check out the new
winter express mode. It’s a train job for three teams
of three and a non battle royale point capture match where legends battle it out to capture
a special holiday train. [MUSIC]>>I’m going to be grinding for
the Pathfinder heirloom set by unlocking all 24 holo-day
bash and ANPAC cosmic games. [XBOX SOUND]>>Untitled Goose
Game is now available on console and with Xbox Game Pass. This game took over the
Internet almost as soon as it launched and has
been an international hit. It’s a satisfying escapist puzzler where you get to live the goose life. If the game gets you
wondering about what to do if a goose ever attacks
you in real life, the Internet will recommend
that you remain calm, stare down the goose,
and slowly back away. Good luck with that,
though. That’s our show. Thanks for watching and we
will see you next week.>>Check out these exclusive
W Hotels custom controllers. US fan should keep on the lookout for W Hotels banner ads on Xbox
to enter for a chance to win. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. 3:54 I'm gonna be grinding for the pathfinder heirloom 😂 ,grinding your wallet, you can only buy it gamer girl😂🤦‍♂️

  2. So sad I've never experience all xbox live game pass etc. I've been an offline player since my xbox one (day one) and now i have xbox one x. We dont have an internet haha. But its okay i have games here im satisfied on that 🙂

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