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If you guys follow me through here, this is
pretty interesting, right here is a replica of Yoda, and over here is a replica of C-3PO. As we continue down the hallway… Do you know in the movie, was there a guy
in that suit or was it an actual robot? I don’t know. I heard rumors but…I guess
I don’t know. You’re really, um, really quite a handsome
chap aren’t you? Yeah. Gorgeous! Stunning! Beautiful. Exquisite!
Ravishing! Splendiferous!
Are you talking about me or you? Me.
Me, you? You, me.
Who?! US! GORGEOUS! This week on The Star Wars Show!
Peter sits down with comedian, Nick Swardson! EA Play and the future of Star Wars games!
And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters, it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hello I’m Peter Townley.
And I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome to The Star Wars Show and we have so much to talk about
this week that we simply don’t have time to reference the episode number and the film
it coincides with. Ewoks. We did it!
Yeah! News Break! Once again, it is new comic book day, and
that means Marvel’s Han Solo #1 is sitting comfortably on store shelves.
**HAN!** Lando says, “Han.”
The comic, written by Marjorie Liu with art by Mark Brooks chronicles one of the smuggler’s
adventures post A New Hope before Empire, wherein spoilers, Han’s gruff ne’er do
well facade is shattered by his inevitable heroic acts.
In Star Wars television news, LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures debuted a brand new
trailer this week. The new animated series premiers June 20th
on Disney XD, but if you want to check out the trailer in its entirety head to this handy
little link after the show. Anthony Daniels, who you saw at the top of
the episode, will be appearing once again this summer at Star Wars Celebration Europe.
The heart and soul of C3PO will be performing in a one man show, technically a two man show
since he’ll be joined by main stage host, Warwick Davis to tell stories, perform skits,
and answer questions from the audience. C-3PO also says Han, and he’s a linguistics
expert so he ought to know… E3 is currently underway in Los Angeles and
there was a lot of Star Wars news to unpack. On Sunday, during the EA Play press conference,
we were given a behind the scenes look at the work currently being done on the next
installment of Battlefront from Dice and Motive Studios due out in 2017.
Also confirmed, elements from The Force Awakens will be included in the next Battlefront installment
and we also got a brief glimpse at the motion capture work being done for Respawn’s still
untitled Star Wars game. Not to mention the first ever blink and you’ll
miss it footage of Amy Hennig’s Star Wars title from Visceral due in 2018. And that
was just during EA Play. The next day during the Sony presser we got
our first look at the upcoming VR DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, X-Wing VR Mission,
I get really excited everytime I say X-wing VR mission.
I know. And the announcement that the demo for LEGO
Star Wars The Force Awakens is available right now for PS4 and Xbox One.
We got a chance to catch up with Jade Raymond, General Manager of Motive Studios at EA Play
to talk more about the future of Star Wars and gaming. Check it out. Hey everybody, David Collins here. I’m in
Downtown Los Angeles at the first ever EA Play event. Now we’re going to go inside
and get a quick peek at everything EA has in store for their Star Wars video games.
Welcome to EA Play! We have teams across the world creating a
wide range of Star Wars games. We just got out of the press conference and
we saw that amazing video. You’ve got Visceral, you’ve got Respawn, you’ve got Motive
Studios, you’ve got EA Dice, how excited are you about this tremendous lineup of games
that we have coming in the future? Oh my god it’s a dream come true. The teams
are already doing some incredible stuff. Motive is working on a big new part of what the next
Battlefront is going to be and you know, we’ve been really been listening to what players
have been asking. Amy Hennig and what she’s got going on at
Visceral, now that just looks incredibly exciting, and how about Stig Asmussen and everything
they have going on at Respawn, that is another just amazing world-class studio working on
Star Wars. Both him and Amy Hennig are working on third-person
action-adventure games. The way they’re coming at it, the eras they’re dealing with,
it’s just going to really appeal to totally different fans. Star Wars is probably the
biggest franchise on the planet. That’s why you can have so many different teams working
at it and just making completely different games.
I don’t know if you’re more excited and anxious to talk about everything you’re
working on at EA or if I’m just excited to try and get that information out of you.
Congratulations on everything you’re doing with Star Wars.
What an incredible experience I can’t wait to play all of the games that EA has to offer. Welcome back everyone. Star Wars Show is really,
really excited to welcome, screenwriter, actor, comedian, Nick Swardson!
(clapping) You may remember him from Reno 911, from his
many collaborations with Happy Madison. Nick, thanks for being on the show, man.
Let’s not forget about Bucky Larson. Bucky Larson: Born to be a star!
Zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Try that, Hollywood!
(laughter) Great.
So, yes, thank you for having me. So this is your first time over at Lucasfilm?
Yes. Yeah, and you got the tour?
Yeah it was awesome man. Yeah!
Very cool! Yeah.
I saw that um, you guys had a hand in Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Which I was-
(clapping) -yeah, that was pretty mind blowing. That
must’ve been, uh, that must’ve taken a decade or so to get those effects down right.
It was almost like, like overload walking around because it was just you want a picture
every 5 seconds. ‘Cause there’s just so many photo ops and so many different like,
you know, Boba Fett, and its like how do you not take a picture of Boba Fett. Then there’s
a stormtrooper. Then there’s a RAPTOR! And its just, my instagram, everything is just
going to explode. You were very excited for Force Awakens, were
you into it? Yeah, I thought it was awesome. I really,
really, really, really, really, liked it. Um, people hyped it up a lot. I didn’t,
I didn’t see it right away because I was on the road.
MmmHmm. But uh, you know, people were like, “OH
MY GOSH!” and I was like, “Alright. Alright let me give it a taste.”
It was weird like, seeing you know this new vision of it, and then having, you know, Harrison
Ford and Carrie Fisher and just seeing like, you know, the old school peeps. Chewbacca
still looks good. He kept it up, man. He’s been working out.
Were there any characters that you connected with when you were a kid.
I always loved the, the, the creatures. I always gravitated towards, you know, the people
at the bar in Star Wars. I always just loved those characters. You know, even when I was
a kid with the action figures and everything, like those were my favorite. You know the
band with the “hoot hoot, hooodeedoooldlehoo. Hoooh looo looo.”
That’s exactly how that goes. I think I’ve got it now
It’s uncanny! No, I was always kind of a runt. So I always
liked Salacious Crumb. I used to laugh like him when I was a kid. I’d be like, “EHHEHEHE!”
[Salacious Crumb Laughing] I loved Jedi. I mean, you know, like, that was one of my favorites. I mean, Empire is
my favorite. But Jedi was, I was a big fan of Bib Fortuna.
There we go, the man right there. Look at that, right there. That’s awesome.
You gotta love Bib. So switching gears, are you still able to do a lot of stand up or
is doing film and writing taking up most of your time
Um I kinda just juggle all of it. I’ve got a show with Comedy Central called Typical
Rick. So it’s kinda like, I’m trying to juggle as much as I can. Uh, which is a little
intense, because I want to see the sights of San Francisco. Okay? Maybe I want to go
to Alcatraz. Maybe I don’t want to work on my show. Yeah. Maybe I want to see the
Wharf. (laughter)
So but yeah, we have a new movie called The Do-Over, with me and Sandler, Spade, Michael
Chicklas, Paula Patton, Katherine Hahn, really awesome, really awesome movie.
We’ve seen it and it is awesome. Nick, thanks so much for being on the show.
Thanks for having me I really appreciate it.
Nick Swardson check him out in The Do-Over streaming on Netflix right now. So last week you crossed Fett and you lived
to tell the tale. I can’t have opinions?! And besides, if
you read the comments a lot of people agreed with me.
Oooooh! Ssss! But we did manage to get some pretty killer
collections in the process, like Rich Cutter who has over 100 Fetts and counting, or Scott
Casanova whose collection outgrew his home office had to move it into his work office.
Matt Booker showed us his collection of over 5,000 Boba’s while Tordue Geniale took her
Fett fandom to her Fiat. And I am so sorry I just totally messed up your name.
I think it’s Sullustian, she’s used to it. Well, we’re going with a far less controversial ask this week, because we want to know what
your favorite Star Wars video game of all time is.
Republic Commando off the top of my head! I’d have to say Pod Racer or Shadows of
the Empire. Oh Pod Racer is so good!
It’s where I started And you can let us know which one is your
favorite in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #BestStarWarsGame and we will
feature our favorites next week. And as always, remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel on YouTube. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram,
Google+ and for more Star Wars happenings from around the galaxy check out Star Say something about the app! And the Star Wars app as well. And that should
cover everything. Thanks! We’ll see you next week.

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