New Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Suzuki shift sport version it’s right here with me and I’m really
happy to review it for you I will show you a little bit the
exterior interior and then you will tell me what do you think about it I find it
really interesting those white rims and some little stuff
that they add here in the front and in the back and I will show in the moment I
think the car looked very nice with these blue and white rims so yeah in my
opinion they can do a little bit better but yeah the car still look fine and I
know there are so many Suzuki fans so I just think to show you this car so
Suzuki shift 1.4 is the engine sport 140 horsepower on this car
the price is 26,000 on this car that you will see it right here $26,000 here are
also the option you can pause the video and read it the price also the
consumption you can see around 5.6 little so yeah let’s do it and let me
show you the aesthetic of the car so down here we have this white rims that
in my opinion they are really interesting and they look nice I never
see on many cars white rims but 17-inch they are 17 inch rims and we have
Continental tires on the car good going in the back we have LED lights on the on
the back here combination between LED lights and normal boat ride for example
for the blinkers in the back to exhaust pipe in the back also the fog lamp is
right there in the middle down so you can see it very interesting the way they
added is plastic with kind of carbon fiber design but it’s still plastic down
here we have a back camera as you can see and also there are
the lights for the number plate so yeah cool it’s really cool that this car have
this reverse camera so you can park the car very easily also shift sport you can
see here the logo we have the braking light up here really interesting the way
they did choice to make this spoiler up there also the door in the back down
here they add some extra accessories so you can see the same plastic with the
same carbon fiber design on it it looked very nice I think it will make the car
look much more sport here keyless entry in the car also the mirrors here we have
heated mirrors we have the blinkers right there on the mirror in blue so we
have here in the front as well some plastic down there with kind of carbon
fiber design the fog lamps some LED daylight blinkers normal bulb light and
we have LED light for this for the high beam and low pin here we have the rudder
for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that cool feature and
again we have this plastic with some carbon-fiber design other than that it’s
kind of the same model as the previous one there we have the camera and some
sensors for the rain sensors and the camera for Lane Assist so that helped
the car kind of keeping the lane I think that’s the reason for the camera right
there in the middle I didn’t test the car but that that’s my guess here in the
trunk really impressed how deep is the trunk we have like 30 centimeter
deepness here in the left side we have a normal light that you can open and close
very simple and on the right side some hooks and
yeah plenty of space in the trunk it’s really deep I didn’t expect to be so
deep and so big the trunk also you can take this out very easily if you want to
put something there if you want to carry something with the car it’s kind of very
simple also under the floor here we have a repair kit and some storage space down
there so opening the door is in the back you can do it from here from up here big
entrance in the car I just want to fold down the seats to show you how much
space you still have there in the back so let me go there in the back let’s
fold down the seats just like that and you can see we don’t have a flat floor
there so but you still have plenty of space on your legs if you want to put
something there and I just want to show you you see you have kind of 10
centimeter there up so we will not the seats and they will not go all the way
down yeah so anyway for for the size of the car I think it’s it’s plenty of
space and for the price of the car it’s it’s it’s more than enough the quality
inside the car it’s not bad at all also the seats are fabric material seats you
will see in the moment we will go there let me close the trunk let me go inside
the car so the entrance is kind of big like I told you before it’s just one
piece glass here in the back also here we have on the door some plastic almost
everywhere we have plastic the button some storage here for a bottle of water
and the speaker the city we have fabric material seeds we don’t
have side support on the seat so they’re kind of straight back of the front seat
as well soft material everywhere so no plastic there the space in the car
people see it right now it’s kind of a lot of space on my knees pretty enough
so you can see the front seats are way way in the back so in the front there
it’s much more space also on my head I have plenty plenty of space on Headroom
it’s no problem at all so the quality in the back it’s good I don’t like this
plastic here this handle they put it up and I don’t have any good vision so I
don’t have so much good visibility on the windows but yeah maybe not for all
the people this is a problem I think yeah if you don’t have many people in
the back this will be not a problem here in the middle I like that this step is
very small so you can put your legs together you have a storage space there
in the middle and all vents or something in there the space on my legs still good
in the middle still plenty of space here on the Headroom in the left in the right
you can have here in the back two person three person for the short trips in the
city will be not a problem to carry it here also we have still the manually
hand brake on this Suzuki shift sport yeah usually on the sport car they use
this manually hand rake now let me go in the front to show you the rest yeah let
me close this door I also like I like the front part much better you
can see how big windows since in the front we have better visibility although
the doors in the front are the same plastic quality as in the back so no
soft material but the trim it’s very nice the way they design it we have a
skinny part here on the side of the door then we have the chrome handle here we
have soft material so we have fabric material the same eyes on the seats we
have this red insertion here orange insertion we have the buttons for
electric windows and electric mirrors storage space speaker right here then we
go inside you can see some plastic then we have a sports carpet aluminum pedals
that’s a plus also we have the buttons here for different option start/stop
engine adaptive cruise control lane assist and
all that stuff now something that I liked very much on this car are those
sports seats in the front those sports seats they look so nice and they also
have this side support that help you want to drive a little bit sport here
they are soft in the middle they are good for long trips and also for sporty
driving so there they are quite nice now the dashboard simple vents plastic there
so almost everywhere on the dash it’s plastic so as expected but the design of
the dashboard and everything it’s really good and I see it really nice on this
edge I didn’t expect to find those nice it’s inside the car other than that
everywhere plastic on the dash the dash has a nice design those are the bands
you can adjust it or you want left-right kind of cool then we have the copied I
think you already see it in my other videos they have this red insertion
their LED light you can also see it up there
that the car have a lady I like the background light on the cockpit the
background light and this red light there looks so nice orange with red nice
combination also here on the dash they do a great job I like the way they
design it the steering wheel it’s nice the visibility from the driver side of
you it’s super nice here we have a multimedia system it’s not so fancy it’s
super simple that way I didn’t I would not take the time to show you right now
because it’s the same as on the normal version start/stop engine button a small
space for the glow box in the glow box here then we have the lens you have the
steering wheel steering wheel it’s also super nice the same as well
and then as on the seat the steering will have great quality leather you can
see the stitch is the leather the buttons feel nice when you touch them
good quality here on this part we have some glossy blacks black plastic that
looks super nice and also very easy to control those buttons and to change
different settings those button are for telephone and multimedia here we have
the lane assist button and then the other are for cruise control and want to
made a system anyway climatic system is right here you can adjust it very simple
I like that it has rubber there so the quality it’s good to look a little bit
like in the Range Rover and I like them now down here we have an USB port and
also a 12 volt port you can see it for yourself right there so very useful
these days then a space for your phone right there two cupholders some red
plastic there on the side of the center console you can see also the manually
stick we have the six the five gear box here in this car and also some leather
with red stitches that looks nice and combination with the seeds
manually handbrake a lot of space down there heated seats button right here on
the side big windows big mirrors and good visibility in the back
normal bulb light here on the roof no glass support I wish it was a blessed
port up here but is not so they tried to live it to the minimum and up here also
no no light to the mirror the quality of the roof it’s yeah it’s okay
not the best but okay the visibility although it’s very nice very good maybe
a little bit of blind spot in the corners there but other than that it’s
quite good so guys I guess that was my review with this Suzuki shifts port 2020
model I think I can say that I hope you really enjoy it guys I hope it was
helpful don’t forget to check out my other videos subscribe to my channel
like it share it thank you for watching and see you soon in the next video bye

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