NEW VGT 🌟Jin Huangdi Emperor Dragon Long🌟 EXCITING free spins

NEW VGT 🌟Jin Huangdi Emperor Dragon Long🌟 EXCITING free spins

well good evening Erika good afternoon
here at Red Rock Casino so I was playing
this game the other day
that’s the name of it anyway so I didn’t
really explain it very well so I’m just
going to explain it now and kind of show
you guys the up
it plays a lot like buffalo gold where
when you get the free games you collect
dragon heads
and then they change into dragons lots
of water bingo works
okay so anyways I’m just gonna do her
you know what no I’m gonna just leave it
there and go on to the video some light
play with a couple of bonuses so enjoy
if I had another bonus on this game ball
I’ll record it and put it in the video
hello everybody hope you guys are having
a good day we’re out here at the Red
Hawk casino playing gym whatever I don’t
know if that’s the name of the game okay
guys we’re gonna do dollar eighty spins
to start out see what happens
come on where’s that bonus at I hear the
bun is going really good on this game
come on where’s that fishy
hey we got it one more huh Raley’s got
the free game so good
I’m hoping
they’re multipliers well I guess we’re
collecting dragons
poor games
okay let’s keep going guys
660 yeah
yeah I hear they can be really really
good games Wow
another bonus
give us one more button
oh yeah
okay hope this one goes better
boy it is
60 marks
nice Cynthiana dog that was good though
you got a pork
if we get on Morgan’s
oh my
okay guys we’re gonna end it there and
move on to something else have a good
thanks for watching

15 thoughts on “NEW VGT 🌟Jin Huangdi Emperor Dragon Long🌟 EXCITING free spins”

  1. Did the dragon heads change other symbols to the dragon head like buffalo gold you never did show that, never played this i will keep my eye opeb for it, kinda wish it had a wheel spin of a second bonus feature not a fan on how they just copy other games they need to mix it up a little

  2. Those bingo cards lol! Interesting game, I wished you would have showed the top box to see the "collecting" part, as it didn't seem to change symbols. I hope you had a great xmas and happy new year!

  3. This game looks like it has potential like buffalo. Too bad the bonus didn't treat you better; I was hoping you would get something nice with all those retriggers. Thanks for sharing & best of luck 👍🍀!

  4. Glad you compared it to Buffalo Gold. Immediately saw this and was hoping for a longer bonus. I'd play this slot. Thanks for posting.
    Good luck!

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