News Now Stream 06/13/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 06/13/19 (FNN)

nob be I’m lking at a hundred and twelve degrees today one more day of this and then I like to y folks we have a cool down to come and one of four yeah. I know the rest of the country like this. Sure we can’tait whene get to one a one two more days I know it does seem kind of crazy but it is a dry heat as they often say. Remember the first I remember si. Of commerce Thomasefferson inhe heartf Virginia and it was Jun day ande’reaiti to g ii. nity degre a brightbably I’like givgack o huredh eig thad ve a dri Hey So I meanobo lik. One twelve we were chatting with Cory earlier this morning our weather guy Cory McCloskey and I saido. he twelfth we had one hundred and twelve yeah so I said. He said okay and maybe to date Boi up tone thty I tnk he wasokie n holthe li and hever – One twve but it’more it e all ght evyone he top sty theimmy the Wte Hou ght no becse were expectg at anyt Ofresint tmp meeti the wi se goveors aoss thi nowry inclungurs inight inittives yh s prettse re thihasTo do astn thealk a littleit aborm owithurg me of e itiativ se o chans in Azona. To trto make i. Af t . h r r ven go. wilwait tsee o theare and kind of what on let’s let’s be Frank about i? What we’re hoping? Well. tereing it is intesti initiative but i everything sudden is volving arod an ga wchy th way.e esidt st therami ofhe tervw isheeirdthing Sthanoulos isind of state almo st elsind awkrd ireal r co Raceat t des — t a is heaines-hat wer eate by t predent sing ate wou eveee tt ere wld b anying wrong he anveryy bis a they had me nativ informati wheife ve never call thu listent FBI about anything. Thers so stronushback we ready least threeemocrats Is groundso move forwa for one the Joeram by thways On the versame d.s tweet. Its also intert battle Rourkeas in at gup sayi. Younow th alones enoho but at hapns when Nancyove fware the y you will by theay thasiet. if yore brand n we have t of peoplmight thi. To yesteay they re just joying in ouregular fox ten mornf soer we mod over here. To wi the TV channel the TV station that we call fox ten extra. It’s channel forty five for cable channel. Nine and so I think maybe if we have folksatchg yesrday yore itheoodo wh we’f It’s aompletely dferentn. concept bause we just giv it toou o varshed y’re nna ar from beginning to end everything Nancy Pelosi had to sa lt y knoincling — One president trump is going to say to with this take place yes and ifhat st this is really youan get live shot out of the White House. And so — All were told is get ready there’s gonna be some tape playback. The lger we have to wait is any indication the longer he went. Rightcros and usually the gethe ads n th whatingouon. aboutix mutesgo y yeso we so. ty turn around a s peopevelix me wa twey mites. And then tt mes a l abo twenty minutes. I mean there are ctainimes ke g yesterday with a leader Onbad thing lasdwhileid st awhile fty mutesnd I an iwas l Thugho theay there was a lot of segments wh t wit the iwat exacy rit.yeah yh that — Wl waio see at h s to s y can bhis toc istilon hisind Mike. Of some of what he had to sa in thwitterhere yese’still thitopic so. He says when senatr Abou extrely negive. informion o e . Russn operative d he a immedielyall th Fo in ct hdidn’t even tl te brinit upright re let mee. e is membe when am Siff took calls froanother pson to b a Rusan operatives did he call e FBI. Three I ow. Faor is oy wchs a giants fan more Democrats and one mor now. We have a great combinatiomy we just scll rig through rit. Anyway and other bad people spin my caaign evenave an insurance picy in case crooked losthe racfor th psidenc the ggest worst pitical scandaln the story tt So.tes Amecan t. hi -ut ithe Twter here. I’m notoing tbe surised if heoes of h for aew newsow oer -Top stori heon this. re on that day — There is a new poll out regarding a border laly — F twenty twenty now Michael you’re looking at info up I just want to share with our viewers one thing. So — u saw some of that. Night time video — From there along the border here’s some for a file tape as we call it a day tior my lo or I wl it’s n. The when. O of e to pple with n testying Capit Hillinaudie] He revealein] That I mn you’ youe gettg aet lelall rling here in th like that at you.laim Kn youould b persolly vience waing you bacn b they’ve got to Claim -akes a lotfanpor. You know and you know. I guess sort of investigative work etcetera and then the court systems got to get involved. To investigate each of these claims what percentage of people who don’t even bother. To show up there crt heang on the Eightyive Mi.a. He sd iwas out – Nin So tt’s oto be fstratiow r peop who a worng in that stem t honely and forthghtly – Triedo id en theve wouldhinkhat was so of r king aockery othe stem. don’even bother to show up for their so — This is interesting because Aug be. ich ty have hasomeolls ov theourse omany of the past presidential cycles. Where they’ve been one of the closest pollingrganizations to getting it right? So they decided to go out and pull state by state by state on the big immigration question yes and here gothennsylnia showing the 55%avored the present’slans izonaight here 63%n Fifty ght utharolin sixid- If 5% five iWib balegrou sta there at 59%. Its real interting because u see. Just aut t stronr suprt naturally we a bder sta w ther might be a lileit of a dfs e . Dithey en — Poll in balegrnd state.’s n al anyy I think confirmed below. I think we have a pretty good idea of how to go in. Anay Arina certaly isow we’re weh larg numbe of Reblican regiered b it’s closehe gaps csee a e king aookt what’s happening tay o the bigges nam on the fox newshas on a foret ather tow hall is going to be in Tempe. At three thirty this afternoon getrett. Whwereeren hd to do a town hall? a g ment the for Julian be Castro ting tget. Some momentum right — Going into — Debates ler this month as everybody tomorrow. metime we’re gng Betweenhe two night debatesafti. at the the DNC will beoldi. Sohat’ be morthan wha we’re will te in B. will be in the same group. Is — You know was with warm interesting I mean we think abouhow important the debates areecause tre’so ma can. And is Joe Biden sli up to me that’s one of the big questions will he make some sort of error- l theho -Histy lson You goack to e pridenal mpaign in e debate of Gerald Fd to might have a little. Austen self presidency witthe poor debate performance when he insted that ther was no Soviet domination. Of the eastern Europeanong nations wl th back the You know a whole the Soviets — sang st tas intthearsnd reetof six there was clear Europend hbasicall.Eastn Kind of back paddle and which is t An i just raeome estis S. so –ounow Joe t way he’s such an ex good extemporaneous speaker he’ll probably sale right to debate. But as the clear leader if he has me kind a mor. It could opethe do forome the -Seco tie. Those second terror candidate are hoping for some derailments. thin so ah. There we go all right that is s. Non political news yesterday may St Louis blues fans they are celebrating. Ten day and really all weekend it’s going to be an all weekend celebration for the St Louis blues winning the Stanley Cup for the very first time in team history I think they just announced that the parades going to be this Saturday look at in Saint Louis. And you know I mean think about how happy and excited we were I still find it hard to believe it was. Eighteen years ago that we won our first World Championship in the world of baseball Major League. You know we were the games between the Diamondbacks in the Yankees every single game was just tear your heart out often. You know the whole town was on agency a when we won with the Diamondbacks won the World Series this town went. Absolutely bonkers so you can understand what’s going on in Saint Louis sure and I know I got a great story from. One better St Louis fan who is in Vegas in January of this year okay so let’s go back to January now if you remember and they weren’t doing so hot yeah. Because to win the at the futures SO four they were dead last in in January. They were deadly as last in the league and so in January the Paris. Hotel okay in casino was offering up. To date if the state of the blues would win it would be two fifty to went. To fifty to one I’m sorry okay cell she so this better okay puts four hundred dollars. For them to win it and boy E.. Look at him now he won a hundred thousand dollars off of a four hundred dollar out can you imagine when he was thinking. I mean he must be going nuts right now. He is wow all that so. To talk about seeing seeing something and saying you know what I’m not scared about the long ot. Yeah. Well sure I mean in thosef th wa. him lotf gs make a lot of money. Anybody who bet on anyther team a surprise bl gives gre hel for e r n rertin thathere could be a potentia new. Owner coming soon for the coyotes. In there I meanig cash infuon. tingnd then maybe I couldo a whole New rket f theelves. established its well enough estaished at the end of the L wantso for such a big television market now on a b meo me Close to five million peo. ey wto be – In Penix AZ for li they wa to be in LA d Dallas yes you know tow that you would north necessarily longgo tughtf his hock town. t wee on the twohen the cavitireood man the pple t out inn large numbers one other quick sty for you here so our photoournist Tom Cruise w. Wh wilbe dng the plaby play on alln fox ten staing this aernoon for the U. – opetime is huge St Louis blues. Remember he grew up with hisad Jack Jack classic announcerheren singleto in — I mean that’s woh gog ba andindome you two videos rht. I mean he had the classic line naudible] Joe saw. t anay so oelometn guyas heardt s seon tkets.ars andears d se b he’. re tre we go all right that she y everody we are sti wting with t Arizo goverr Dougfor th t Duy. play inull me newsurl next – Hannac everne hero news now live lookt i waing for predent trump remark wn fu rgh now Hiveryeight p se coinuio brg y n broaast a rigere fm r ne now des. m goi to do the video I’m gonna do e auo meo do it l for you. ght here I nsow everybody thanou so much for joining us here today w reallyo appriatetllx s spker Nanelos n holding back rht. Onhat thoht wn s though of predent trump’s statenk ] ing. Cizen mberset’see whog- caho wha thelves and s withhe elt n e flr. F the appropriatio bil jut startff theorning tsay. Th. grt pde iallingimself to ke e grimeapert’s rt o his pree tes ilead of thrhe Sena. Ands yo go. Voteon so ink of mas the gng een for Emeryor h o quote. pele auall caner the governmentqualy as.or endi discrt LGBT cmunitrears a tor damerand civians ycheck frnes equal pay f equal wor. ne vlence protection cmon sens bk legislation. During tha time ac. sahe ierne afterheet neutrality g . The violence against women act d. evet aote that uld t w’t said bad Our s st of r ear leglati fothe opleTo lerheis co of althca by loring the co of. Amera in greenay andnd in dng sok slow healthcare da [inaudle] Noevenoingo get a vote. isverying esidt Lincn heingrom thpublicny be ises lues rlly — That thahave findommonround so ny of restrant Kry hig. in e acro party lin.s party Rit now I very oud on th oor othe hoe as a foer pro beders Legiation thareflecur valueso mee Ameran peoe. Of alrdy we ar. Addrf thfundin for tationa instutes o healt. Investg furer y ildhd educion. We a talki abond thas and th’s it Serves andducati –man Leslateabort leglation. Weeard from his assy o thdefee bl seral tes as songmerio l dense. educion and wel beingf thend Amican peopl wou lov sto reado yo. legiation.sion othe Buhere tre forou to e Enrgin those issueas t whatheyeaa ople. So tt is pt of o legislate. ] . t the me tim cotituti of e Unitfentheoh of ates. Yestdayhe psidentaves oncege t know. Righfrom wro. It a versad. Veryad tng tt is n w . Ielieve that has bn th sai thabefo a ourinvolvn a ip vestatios demotratg that t mall e Contt at asten perps. Elen plas buthe psident be cavalr. To sregar it shoulbe indferent to ll and at whe are a count jussay he wou in. Forenad an tervenon f e ielligee comnityith. Grtonfidee is t for at the Russis interres interfencn r y assau on o democcy ts He spose he tas aoath t otect a defen the constution but Iuesst esn’t incde him iterms of tobey e law.helaccounble Packaghat weeutting fth . in lht o. Packag of leslatn dy mandating thacampai foroor. faop even oassistce shodn’t iss so self evide as a maer of hics but we’ave — repo of thcampaing duty to mpaignhroughointin reignnterntionsn our leons protectin our ections th papallothat are lend secity bil doe a lot thing worng on d she is Suort inhe hou forhing gislion to prect o ectora system closing feignoney loholess Mistarbane ll pos And Mreister ompson wl be havg ae homend secity cmittee about pvend dinformaon. Just sampl of me of e thin tha w. A beever mingood prress are doing great jobonths doverse pattee Thout of conmporar.rom Foowing point spoen and Ameran peoe- So tt they Nohat thS. wt the attk is oour cotry — at the was ne – So ny thishathat happenn justt e thinin Hon Kong. Uss my of y know se of youo any. e portanone fome sin. withn ter of puic polict re inhe Coness inrument aringn Juneourthe celebred t thih . n Squa thathe Chise governmts engage. In resti to miions of gards anduttinghem in ucatio cps atheyre diminiinghe d. Tryi to lo. Reallyust elinate the on a on abo rightowist es last f days huneds ofrreny as . thsandsf not a milln To aextradionaw tt tpeople gathe inese vernme wants. Th Honong gornmento pass. Dangsorribl dangeus pieceThis i. ofegislaon I’m very eased toe of supporting gislatn that. Thcenterarcoubio a Chstmas the Rublica se inhe govd d oths e puttg fort Hongong retions act.t. S. Submtedoday thereustAnd th I th. Apps Suittedo day. doope thathe presidtill. Spk aut hum rigs in whene talk about trade wh Withecrery Pompe – atemennhat’happenin in Chaow indtry buthat Rit there so [inaudible] Whent ces to this issue of position research what would you do if a house Democrat accepted assistance campaign sistance from a foreign pow buon were sang ishoulde is agasto agait a sen of dency? perhs y don’tnow th oe ybe y dbut toemind. d twthound whe. Thgoveor busen satorore m dowa forr mber ngre closerien of ore was playg h . . And mebo tough or the trsom underhis or pces In t debeheyustot thatcame t pl. Tom Dowy And nt io the I. do tre is sensef dency.u Abt od fm t forbienree L. Thotherhen gornorush we. ha condued. queson with l d respeiew be aommonhingt isot.cld nighshows early [audie] whathe t Once ain. knowhe difrenceetweenot prablyhe nest ing canright d wrs y that. doesn kwhe dferenc ridilous bavio and no cld expins invite. Furtrnvolventf forei demoacyn assatn ourrgovernnts io cotry theussian Nely dumente b t bn. inlligenommuty a the prest ithe Uned Stes an a ho. democcyas saiit’s This ibeyond. no sse of of wt’s e wos want to n. e s inis thiing. Accordino researersa becausyou’reoing tconsid legisli. . . formatio. Theris — Tre i..dditio – One or Contbutionnd tt inclesaw tt y ct inind frol caaignan not fm t ndamenthat iin theaw. and we wi go the duty hat i it s it b you rorted.tccept Out tohe FBIf bs is. It’s annvasio oour demoacyo Ie lauage i t law tts prohibit. y of conibutio a aga but we wa to make se tts has mo ci Discoved we’ alrea.r. Present.cor. en y csidethat gunds toatchg [indibl The nhingo do why A mture want u all thtruth f the Aricaseek Ando hold and i takes tim resech.havto do ur Makeourequest to to urt n u kn whathat is it tes me tprove tt y have And thatakes tend tt’s e pa thawe wl be naudle] the esidenhas made.entthat All women in. concre steps y takeo tr preveinaudie] Achievents. didn know needewate Theverybodyn the untry wh theresint sailast poing atemen this.i a unhica. o totly Th he don’t ev realize i weve. wanto do have a meodical. Apprch. To t path thawe aronlinend thisill be one sue is goi to trger — inveigatin it’about bad ligating ‘s aut gting theruce.o But want tget ba to ouhelp eveoo gislatn becaus that hat thAmeric pple eleed u do e elecds to fotheeopl agen to ins wer althreosts ve cleer govnment many of thes pcesf leslatn are inhat whais iabout Mih Connl d thRepuican in Coress theyoot wt . Acro the brd iour coury. Wh i to keou bac to yo estion wha iit abo t Repuicanin ? ? he predent’sn ethil eeavier. Thatheyhink tt theyre hoe belieheserell connecd I thinkt’t neyonnect t dot i all o this It’sy An loot wt th predent Pric nucar tecolog as wl as welas pnes tSaud benets fro tha took int clea a nt s by ps of e la inerms of transfria On thessue oA coy. there aumber o probl thhe ide come re becse theay isn’t tisfa. The ll capal d thease freedom that Yothen tak vote this it regur ty raisreca and prentnd ishat apopriat at ts ti. Wh peoe you kw caself ba he in the Midwt — Ouets theomanut it’hard at aime. l incrse a wther tt ces to b I dono be biparsan iniati t we to thease a as yoknow — steroliefeel streth in is insnce.f the Cgress ould n theist. to g to ngressnd shod be bed everydy hing th portuny. Many me wom many more mn aneople colornd theest. And thao l y whetr shodn’te ju forealthy oplet isn’ust for wealy ople b theres that imession d tre ianmpressn ang mber thas hd to ve t mes raise a famy and all the re so at’s part of wh the diussion is. I don’t e it aany. Asou s y relat tfind a ca to ow I tnk thend what think r Laely spinng madly.. see nowook athe peoen the dertm. Ofhef the sectariesnd the cinet ey’re all conneed to th ecial terest news it no connuingo listen he o news that re jt momtsoxt aw fro hringrom psident trumpnsie ‘re gonna brg yous ful mments As sn ase gea ma. My say prite sh e painthat.tspecia intert of the so thehis whossue of this ba paratessuend sethi has be loodnto. And at is impornt.e thenclusi. Vae. This w an bere a o this moing. And moseoplbackn s nfiden getng work do- Nothinhappd d e publ doesn tnk the Congre gets. r o’clk in thmornindefens rk uwithhat la last o’clk thisorning.en Buthat tt’s myint wh do the publiperceis this ffereny and thas why the meers e paf th votg for at. I dot s ok office not horing thefficer he h. We have f findghallge that w havg at mt be de By thend othe scaleaw mustass the aropriaons bill. I’m r own viceselie as’ve ido be f that e appropator in bin . Careach lutions we ill of the dt ceing whad thg esiden transfeing nucle chnogy awells othe weapryTo a cntry thais ttinaway witurdeand in aeadlar i Yen wchnged pocy matte to alith.the ngress. I inkf spenenoughime. One specatings to whethe ere be sethingr nowhich don knoif tre wl be naudle] Thr foxews ert. areoingut tthe ite himeetin with ehteenrump verns iluding Azona’s ry own DouDuce a speakg out thWhn s g all Aricanso we can ealy- Hav som reall phomenalobs accso the bsarke and reall fuilliareers and fuilling carrsf aot of pele. emendo progrs i bng made m dauten workg on is ververy hd- Foprettyuch sw the last ye and aalf an we’ eated over tenillionhe has and ae grt cpanies cated or t inedib job tt ud onan precia wordsou’vep that hi. Hello — I gue- Wheyour faer youery prd of th and’m vy pb I ha had two gat forne of viting wit almosevery discs all ree ises. d appriate eryone’ — Tremdous wking. there th aot ocompanie.rhthe ch. Likealmart a others at have. Rely ten tt matake about half a million jobswo hdred fifty thsandobs a te ‘s really been it’s really en great so we’ll le youalk abouthat. Would you li to ntiothat right nw s r thatupposur Natnalg gro Counl f themen n Explor educaon histilly of tmendou desuctionndme So it’seen aming weravel.nged. the priva sectos realor ending- Frothem tdo mor. Technila he today -He’s band- A al for on e adviryoard and in hio felongearningeneray Asou menoned tt I wain The f frosales for wheit. he comttea scalin one mlion Arican Overhe coue of t next ve years reaexcitent arod som of the bt n the private sector shares the skillshat ey need. In the commund – A soe wannhighlitndsre puing thforcof tnk y ry muc preciad. Veryutstding tnks. To go. Thkou andhould. anfarmamils appriatett weein oue [inaible] Thk yo teveryone Has erything- Gy wend walsoppreate – ye know wee haa chlenggg th dis We appreate wh we goit done [il . Thanyou and also nto sa reef awells the fifte ar roue had u and I w grea. For farrsoresst’s coinuingo real do whsums thankor at yr minirations and d for r far y and reay thi this The rit tt . In the wkforce. In theield [audil is. Yore doi good j of is will b tale todawe do lot ofilley. Thank u v. Thk you Ihank y by thway. Urnghe peoe Tennseeo Realrogres. For t year.hats getm thank u ff e mease going rward alrgy tural s partf ou ecomy goitant rward tha youor usel the peormers. Maki sure ate have car access fo- Day gistraon is do that. ile onhe tra and t a comi alongell I tnk tha awfullan proved. Everyby want itt’s in hous.sight n it’s the And th t reveang erybodseemso want. Free Ihink tta . e s s and me. th was a iorta Asou knocan iis erybod wan it and hefully th can a quick becse I ry verast ase can t pport om. NancPelo — Peoe wantoats in Cos happenet’- e Acosta don’have tresear — Gramrlly much. Tn ne so woersndwo Americs wkers me . m are theorld andou fks Shooti veryuch an we live – precia it ry mucbecaus Thiss to ovide mo tha ne million newobsnd i ing to over n milln i very srt. Time. Is workfce devopment oprtunits andhe iatess a verspecv econy is dng so wl.e Yore doireat i yr stat cotries day soell. It’sot so sy . s toeopleust geingut of pron thegivinghem a ance. And I e . Rely welnever ppened bere. And thetatement wasaking it ve very rd f them to ge bs. Annumero eloyersf tell me it’it’s iluded that ould i. A ngime ag havin whol — Progr the cl ofs sucss e rerves coln a makesolumn atever y wanto calln the rely worng outell Carmhat’s ppenin and we also hpie haa meetgesterd some e news AT. And some rorsith do seveeen mo jobs forur citize werh stat to dress. The burnsome anxco cupatial licenng ls which ally a. Wh you s Alex? What a you dng abt tually wking wheveralo pass refor.s just rectly arod t. Houses. provional cense is l ther fir ste goverr do yo e — Hasassed the cess of leslatio andou deced what back licsing reqrement ss. th indivualsan conre is. vernor wolf is isorking on this l the vernor The fedal resve ban udies sho tt thiss milln jobsn athing we cans. e af doo ma it ve easfor yo too ve quick. Inanytates worrs mus pay colete mths a years en as rlistic tousmnd manch hers. F examp t surise me natiole trainior costolost is traing for ergencyedical tenician. Andometimrainin costs enty tusandollar [iudible r coetolog licse so timend whave gat resct s mtal ises buthere’s somethg that.y aittle t wronwith So licsing law espiall Certied eactime they ve and they cotantly ming ‘s amazin. I me witmilita famils one ofhe bn the woers fiftyhereor two yes or tee yea or le. Anit’s ait of probl. ese regulions also hmow inco famd thtime andhe mon nded to geinto tse flds. Earlie ts year n iend. Sied. Lo io –esistaenivers acces occationa licsesicensg reh grantein . e udent fantasc job. Re estat. Ownersn is ing. Doingooe e atesre gna flowe on Anyou ally havbeent th forefrt at ally arecie th speal thinyeah. Sa coue wos abt sur First or sayr Thregutions tng in theay focud on e licsingeform in the st makthe aten a acef Weeginith lita spous often bin aositio whereiling mid th couldt ente the workfoeecausen sn’t rognize. With areat scess wa d recoitionwe llniveal now but r statis grong. Fr all or. The cotry. truccan co to izonahaul So wre goingt is rlly for t the ltle g The rkin x y d justike learn fro manyhe lies r ound t tableereoverno day gd ias and h we apply the. thisdeand rapply your steinauble] She thinkou borr is – Loing lot betr this tng over t l. Fo days -here’seen a real the muc Runng aoss cong frous. Needino bi what bordesecuri has bn doing s- dierence in the is aeal stilcontgent te time Coress to ac Not only inhe U. ae adjuing t loss in mang sure tt the source. 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Ano many people outf the goveors.elpea lot the Stes lik Texnd stas like Kencky s [inaible] ate [indible] Stat they re thead don that lgefr got time soral vernme we peop but thawas sothing that w n. d everody pulle togetr d did sometng ver scial A man w’seen.ikto hav. stil with meut he’ going tn timu litt bit afollow. To side nowe canctually eak eve re forentencg e a fewords. Just befly whe we m. Yoknow I I thi it wahing l the govnors talk out th the ingshat wa menonedof that Inowg atntion to thi well. the iortanc– Childre and helngs n the in th marts emphasid r the st coue of yes dou S you mht recal– Hitheize rt thstates couldxperimt to to sgle ms welI pullheent partipatio rat F singldata rht g ms agewenty ve thiy four ov t last uple oyears is Likehis iusedo all ewe whole bch os d sot’s t justettinghe It ifining lite probms andted. and f- e sign ohowuch th seratistull erybody tothers the iossiblmile. She gavf e ward bause tre is literare thawen sort the sout of itut the pot a masse effo othis White Hoe and is real good Pleas. ank yovery mh can d I knoyou ju keep okay.diffent lation ght The very talted man thank you thk yoeverody ry mh works the we- That – Really momen there inside t Whiteouse with suit tkshere wit tce the going to ke a qck bak willrighte beith you herin just two everyonen in ne now hde back everye he on neowowp seven ints there ihe green wil joing usere day aaysmuchor. bring you tn secretary of ate aike. dertme whas scary thiste A od aerno conference. United Stas gornme.f e e Iamic Republic orans responblet n toy. the lel of expeiseeeded d ecutehe opetion cent silar raini attac on sppingn areaas the rources and proficncy. th suca highegree of Thiss only theates in seri ofttacks institedy theslamic Replic ofran a s orns. Agnstmericaand aled interes. And n f t frdom long natns. On April twentsecond. Iran promit throh the rait oHormuz. It is non . ear may the rolutio ardorpsendehe covt deployme omods On m twelf r tec forles. mmeralhipsear thstrait foroose. Sirets tack by ardent aund back Stru to stragicalldrones. portanilipelin in th Saudi abia may neteeh a rket Baghdar thUS eassyn Onayhirtfirst car bomb Afghastan wld for. S. service mr Yeerdarani cirits pt a miilen tha riking the arrival termil an ternional rpor unproked attacks prent earhreato inrnatiol peace d secu. o navation. Andhen ucceptaeampaign Primminier Rert me ips sto jsrouno ask thregio descale an ter in talks. Iran’supreme leaded ime minisr I be dipmacy toy by sangeas no reonse tpresidt trum d wi not awer. outse Irann watetattking reateng the ves ofhe entirerew eating marite emerncy. Iran’sore. Respded tohese aacks. suspious dsn’t begin to said sao thisorningliky tranired d of quo. Fouriniste a reef y thinthis ifunny. one ee in t worldo us. Iransashing o. Beuseheegimants are suessful maximressur mpai lifd. No ecomicanctnsn tota a nocentivilia drupt glal oil markend enge in nuear blkmail. Thinternionalommuni ndemns In’s asslt on e freedo ofe . Toy he insucted a you an bassadonatha goi to rae a rt attks on thUN securi co. . Ourolicy rainsn econic andiplomag oundack to thnegotiing tae at theight te. To enurage comprensive dea th addrees theroad rge of threa. reats todpparenor all secuty. see.o peacand Arnd suld mad dipmacy wi the SA mosy not wh teor bloshed a extoron. Thenitedd it force paners and alls to saguard glalommerc. Anregion stabity. threated by ru provotive acts to. Thank you elcomeackveryon re to ne now le lkn distcee have one me dwnto Phoene m aeally reall hot o dayake a loo at your tendg f gas oneundrednd absotely for tay and then down when ‘s stilloing to onoh foubut alI’m gna e it ere weone oh ur for one rty yore gon be wild foFridayaturda aunday Really more- Mage more the an tt one twelve number beasier m back to e no- exa tnk y so ch fores he joinins he on ns no todalet’ake k heard om thepeak t hou Nanc Posi nowe’re going t hear f. r coterower couerpa the O. P mor vin Mcrthy from liforn Isn’alwa . Height he someuestns so Anher we. Ancontinuay me chalnges crisialonghe borr b fteen mes thDemoats he two itoria.s is wttender.i. Buthe cmittee o judiary had agn . Ou markputifte times mocrat he deed wt i ppenin thound migras werhundr fortyour The ghestne mon total in mo thaa deca the tre over t pasty habeen trifyin. Coinuingn this path you hav re thaa milln. Invidualpprended ts Put that erspecve tyear. pital city of Calornia [inaudle] Is Srament. thound peoe livin nety Sacramto tce te . Of Ciforni wille apprehded ang t. f moy mocrat aregnorin the crisnd tryg to aid What arehey dt mo hearis? The diciyommitteeo brin Who ge paid CNNaded presents sce then.can Of dng sometnn tergat. That’shat theye heangs ab. I think it’time tt wmove Acally sawhe price for tforwar. isis ang ts bord – Yesteryeadersd o ngress urggs to ke tionumanarian crisi — ju hereat thepeaker w was But she d a pl of acon. The shldo this problemo leme sp therepen ud y e . The present sa he’s eited Helprou thin he’s nori theaw f the esn’u. Beery ear d’t wt to e anforeig goverentry intferen ouelecons And allhoulstan Unid tonsurntegty of r elecons. at I am pallbout is at I wahed inhe lascampaihas happe? ThDemocr presintial campai spendn llars. To aoreignntity. l thworldo tryo find sothing en thecouldot accusaons.alse laciou accusatns of at – counl lasng mor tha twent o montsing ts fals FBI thawomen got theISA Then deste upoAmerics. Antook u to sothing wwe shouldev. e aplled tt that. Allight thavehe f thhouse tel comttee. Thank thae’y speang othe pne ta foreigentity.o her faeinaudie] Allegaons. d whatction d he te. aplledbout that tuallyid ppen [audibl ah talkg abo is the Clintm youanee speing sixillion llars creing a fal dossi. You’ree h d theyay thepay a forgn entityo . Yesir is itightor the prident to say that wld listf ci litica oppontshat’s e ki of he would y whi I thinke aln wanto seeverybo in AmicaI weo not nt to ha a forgn gornment intfere in a of our eltl . Thohnsto lot oattentn is weethis wk Capil Hill how dyov nd issuelaying outhis need toe a sset. Ishere aay to ke surthat- metrolitan are where’m froverybk is no. Yoknow getng ithecked. they t cancer frosome othereason. who w thoseave be affecdn by itndr the indidualsnd thas at’s ectly wt we ctinu do. Ihink tre’s check and lancesrovide in theut we shod ca. d – whathe leglationill do th’s whawe connue tound. Yowerene of ur colagues powe with thr he sa can’t We shod thego tthe I. right ay the s i righ here’a hypoetical s t’s g and lk at actlly wh didappe. Thty wilngly tught was a phon c. Whatctionid he ke aft e fact? Dithe Decraticarty snd moneyTo al tryo drumomethi up. whate fnd de justot’s throug a mol u colluon nobstctiohe answer is sn Go tthe indivialsnd let offi.ks fothe execiveabout And we wld liko thatuestioI thinI havetpecully s addrsed. A hythetice said those thgs in at conrns pele. Anso is at is at is wha are yomost ccernedbout t presidty he’de morflexle aer the has en touer onussia. any psidentefore. Th preside-ven wh you gohrough anydy hasone thugh aeport le the ll repo tha fou no cousion evenhougs throh thi a aed prorlyone a anherntity. wl you he th Democt se t didign on colete oosite. Th’s whye shou find. present to t a to about I thk the esidens bee not wtoreignovernmtso interfe in’ en ver. Ve stron abouthat he di tay he to foreig vernme tinterfe go tthe ac. oblem he wou I tch t presint I bieve thpresidt wouldlways d e rht actno clea up For woulyou.lafy. As a frid woulyou pe knowhe predent I kw what acon htook ithe la mpaign y whene when he s approact Demoats.wh I wat the Th did wt was wng the tually fded t entity tha Amerans to lsealsifi the the to pross Into tsailspi Is esideno whathats righ strobout thahat’s wtio he ‘seen so ronggainst Ruia. Woulyou ca the what call e FBI bhat. If someby a foign ady call y that canermissn ur I wouldut it to would t it would nd it tohe authories e d take. One thuestiois mer ao sho- to uerstand t sentinthat the pri. uld nohelp t poor vernnt. e queson is was t presidt righ oa sterda tt he’spen to materi from foreign gornmentgainsthem. I thin thathes e this psident.’ve wahed he ds notantoreignedent gornment interring iour electi ay . . don’ kw howany qutions yoasked the saker. Wh d she ever swer wn it ca to heown pay? Spding mlions dolla r form forei intelgence ofcerheyere no ting to inrview. Travelhe wor Tryio drum somhing up an when tyy de it up. An then the ulizedur o ITo go aft Amecans by usg a FAourt with lse theyaido that ey kneand r thats not a hothetil th is wh tooklacen this untryhats why w wen to a thspeclounshe mlionsyn dolla athe w spe ndreds o wnesses trtee counies wa at d theyind. Thquesti tt youe aski out this prident no llusio n obstrtion b with theemoy fund thishere i the outra ere whe is tsountry t ke se thathis ner gets I’ve wched tsreside and upgain ss born entitiesnd hew any forei. untryo inteere inur lectur. I ank yoas theresident he wod heould bverylear outt no allowgny foren courieso e our ections Brinthe paages ong otr things [audible] Wi [audibl Yeah Dember systems now tt’s Yes I d vote for I wou. standard to th the cir of e Inte committ. Becaussheerointst . So I he she wouldold a thataid to hahat sa standa to he. n r p infoation holdhat sa standd I he her st predent who aually coul be mo flexie fter the ne electn. It’seally ironic what e Demoatsave do e lieshat th have de That a proem thaI so sh. earlbothor that. Thank you very much d we’ bac rhtow I look ght here sevty nor bound andeoria erythg is soth gog io the afternoonnhis ursd I’m on ager one To bri i the top stories here ont to a rlly ieresting hearing where the hse intelligence committee earlier today. From experts on the thres tha so called deep Faganideo in intellence genated.ficial Data opped to th U. S election systemnd national security at large it’s of the coege deep faith. Listen to a little bit of this. See it often and belve it the second part is I think it comes down tthe political parties on Republican and Democrat. If they have tmears coming through they shoul be able to rapidly refutehat and put o a basis of truth the this candidate ocan it is water pouri. Wi that mea partnersh also with the social media companies in tms othis I actually do would not go far as saying every piece o synthet video the l e down I’m glad you brought up — That former vice president Biden. One ofhe classic articles about former vice president Ben comes from the onion. And it was tt hwas — Waxing his Camaron the driveway the White Houset was a comedyit d it had manipulated photos made manipulating content on it. If we went tthat extreme we would have a country where everything tt’s ever been changed or modified for any reason we wld have to be policed and we be king a private. I ll instead offer a different stem wch is triage which is social media companies h do they accurately labeled ctent as autnticr no the danger is not necesrilyhere we saws soe that. today so they shoulde able to refer back to whatever the base sources quickly how d you do that. They should be able to triage. The three areas which I would suggt thathey immediately triage and his if they see somethg sping in terms of our vality they should immediately put that into a queue and haven’t done for human reew. Link to ct checkers dn rated nots and helthe mainstream media also understand what is manipulatehe ctent tt’s the j ths The otr pars about breaks are potentialutbreaks of th anything related to elected officials or or public you know initutions. Should immediately b fgged and pulled down a checked and then the context be given tit I see i as the public needs to be given a contacts that were not reallyuppressing a for freedom of spee all development of this context. Because therere legitimate reasons that we might wanna use synthetic media for entertainmt comedy — All sos ovisualationshat ar t there. The go wilgo to ster nns wh — At sompoint wanto followp t prortionespons would be rmat a sver th t place isuys Ian actlly i. You gi me tnn h r o I think offensef cyr — in place I like what the NSA is actually de i twenty eighteen and the nber three more and moreggresse responses in term of sanctions by le sanctions around troll forms contt com fromhank y Mr wnesinaudie] Thank u. So howo you. Put in filters to these technical or guard companies there’s only a few of them you Doesn’t. they are — That. It’s not developed by a partisan left wing like it is now where most of the time it’s conservatives who get banned and not. And not Democrats like I by. Close to the close the vids taken down that’s fine I don’t have a problem with that but I can tell you there’s videos up of Republicans are go on and on and on so. It’s all in his buildi the filter right. Are yoaskingo whi e e suggting is th it wod be Filt deep a connt we rlly statef thert goesowor do thinin trms race. Wi beelied be abl to sayi.fter atnd wha Ias Is that f sometngf lik a vio wre it’ clear a ctorednmpersotion not wondfulsesor dee t X..atiot pare Th our art htorica juvenang foreoplt to eate them out theelves so m not ggesti all t fakes but rather on I’m not but I think. I mostly agree wh you other than I just don’t know how you I thin the cllengeere’s w do you. Ie d thats our useike an thesare als yearnow — In partilar o e issuf non nsensu *** reats and stockin and it’s su aontextl queson But en it’s ported.ely Theuestio iwe deosoingiral ere’s way in ich we reonsibl –nd absolely should bee ouldn’ be eology tt driveshe que. a miepreseation ia woulsay is a fsehoodhaty wayatee harmfo repution at’s aimpersation. at we ould te itown sI thinthat tha is the deflt I’m ima post but is a chaenge youx talked about the the ninety six law. The eds to changed — And I think it has to be one way or another rht either they have to truly be a open the public square which which then it’s ve difficult to filter because then whoever’s developin the builderuts their own bias into But tually neteen nety six atell i didnot imagi a compiesouldn’t fier the opsite w desigd to courag selfonitorg d an iunity inxchang for good Samag ffensi ctent. So thentireremise n so pvide an immityo that thereas. Beuseongres nilleoo hardor Conest geahead allhishemselve ght. An thawas the ninetsix imagin no ce — think we shoul preser the t coition ineasonae Thatiteral traff iabuse at encrage illegity and th should nnjoy iunity from liability right with. Ande’e challee right so how do wes the draft. Legislatiothat would — Yeah they were able that hap to te you how tdo it rig so sectio n sa no saker o pubsher – tread as speak oralle puisher o sually of soone el’s ctent. two irty C one tsay tt no chaeen onlines in a reasoble connt trteds the eake oa b puisher osomedy elss conten. Soean cngeection two thty with some imagination But it dends o whahe definion ofa at’s wt lawoeseally wel. lawyayean’t figurutr a what’seasonad Rateeglince is but on t fountionu a peulum rht we ten start th niability becau we reallyant t bunessesnd we shoul An we perimently reaze the’s a lo of rm ande all ereactnd impetric somewhe in the ddle.bilitndhen t Righ whereee neigenceives reasoble actise havindustri there’ conte h t g h l e emgingndavemergedn the la ten yrs Soe have guidet’s n as thsand and nineteen we can co up wi reanabl pracces. Thanyou. Bactrom [indibl Mist Him Norman I want to get in — Quick sens from u of wt the status quo is with rpect to our ability to tect and where that res b butefore I do that –t something that. imdiate and intense interest the intelligence community. Mr what shaid something which se is happening on a be sowhere we n just tn on thcames — I not sure that’s rig rigecause if you c creat a deeake. ere’s no reaso why you c create a dp sak fro that mera to th screen rht so in otr word the pnt I’m trying obvisly rels on things like fullotio video and photographs andhat sort thing os no jt thehreatshat might be de to ok silly on YouTe. But that our inlligce communy. Usn be aeo tell fact from fiion occur Welce baceveryo here ws tha we just have a couple more moments for you on fox ten actionable or going to seize what’s coming up next here on literally got thousands waiting on are you to stream to hear from president Donald Trump at one o’clock. Our time he’s in me talking about second chance hiring so it’s likely people would record you know convictions –ab get back in the workforce because a lot of people struggle with that right yeah the thing about it. You’ve done your time you want to try to convert and be a better person and maybe sometimes hit that wall. Borders don’t trust you still absolutely and I’ve got some top stories from across the country all these teen academies in cancer going on because it’s summer time well if you had your choice would you want to be in Denver at FBI academy. Nice. That’s awesome. I know we always get these joy ride stories terms on a four year old in minutes. Had a joy ride an S. U. V. anyone imagine what he was Yes will ve tha.candy. I owight a news eaks ross t count livehat as we all rht looki for tt and muchg usere tay on fo tenxtra agn yh torrow from. Ten AM sties whawe like to dou the top bi or mayTwo minutes worthe notd S story in le weee s many tes wse ingike day pside tmp foy minus Of wor f summiakin ace t Whiteousehis is ju some ke flit bac fm Arona govnortung.r you ghtere on ns noallor thankso muorr m we look fward to seeinguys all torroake re b bye eryo . The ldershi of S. R.. in tw- e nort spe borou terallcried [audibl He ithat wl rescted d fors many accplishmts la yeareas. Awded aonorar docrate o of Aska Fabanks [audibl Ja Adamss a maof wism. have sto wn Ias was dlingith a parculayenal tenI Wh worke out wt Ihoughtdiffict . I flew to UT ac to mt with Impoantlyf the mmunit. reed. Impoantl wn I asd himio. wh he thght saide thout it uld be And woulde supptive oit at mea so mu to me. So muc to mes advi.y Gener getti his Mist psident Je Ams is n of few words buthen h eakst is powful a peopl sten. He’s a m of ep deewisd Ask o hi wdom his nural And as adingove ofhe land hisum. the ople Alask i hamily whic nown and ildr. A fewears ago at cebri inis hon Jn Hopn jior lead fromhe northlope contbute to s communy and Alaska. Ja i also brie the wld betwee trg n leads. guidanceoward rth spe boroug. In therctic slo rional rporatn as ty matuds is instution as fild these res tse leadersholp . e h r wards s fami. Inis comnity We said. Jo Hsonunior aut Jac Jake ank y forll youe don r us f your mmunit F l Alaans thank you f your decasfs Thank y Loueal f shari An cgratulions ain o be inur Alaan of e week yield e floo [indible] Mier presint. Senatofrom Tas [aul ster preside senarane for jningith me introcing whathould hopelly be simpl But cruallymporta matte for e Sena. To sue an unuivoca — Raed and cle antiemitism [inauble] Unrtunaty. Wee livingn an e wre the condnation of an semitm We a in the midstf aave of an semitm seeoth hen the Uted Sts d all er theorld just e lastew yea. Weave se repeate ai semiticommen] Ma pubcly. Includgnsinuaons qutionin t loyal a t triotif Ameran Jew. 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Strehing bk millnia Andt condns the mernorm. Of thosencient pjudice. It talksm has f centuri iluded exactly wt e . Inuding ysicalttacks [inaudle] Agait Jews. Includg tax o the lay of Js andccusatnsf dual lolty. Caaigns tboycoto confiste or dtrh businees. powe. purche policale This resolionlso sakso Whicwe we st ackwledgethe uque e d likto rea one cuse i particulan quot. Jews hav suffed from stemat dcriminion. In the fm of exusion fro home oe. s ohibitn from sying in ceain hels restrtions upo membera her aociatis litatio upon admisoi edationainstitions. An other barris tequal stice unr the w is is shamef legac. That mes itln k in one vce andtand resved at thenited Stes condemn an commio combing al rms. Ofnti setism. Misterresident thin Asifty sixo sponrs. Includgourtec . I pticulayratefu t nator Kan and his leadehip brinng us tether to spk Uned And I’mopefulhe jusmoment om now e Sene wl come gether of ai semism oneundredoll ps a o nothin. So thawe arelearly unrstood. 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But it not jt Charlo] t t youdaychool a fewiles from here inirgini tha experice i y eighen theewish counity cent in . beerepeatedly With Not seeraffit and ai setic. Grfiti andhey a inn a hetening sn whenhat Virgia Christiusliewishf graffi off.r to rub t An yet thi hast hpened ju wante it hpens. Over a over d. Thshootist the nagogu Pittsrgh in Califniahe assassatr tize at a niorenter. Inverlanparr . crimes agastews asypord he colleae mentd eiggest source of vicms of ha crime isirecte agast an relionn thisount a rectedgainst. Jewimerica ando wed ] Whe? Rerdless of whe it cos fromegardls of wh We he to knowdge at it’ real tt it’s posions haveo be ae togers tt i. std agast as rmly awe can. An so Ipplied my colleue canork o this togetr thi aopichat coulde used for paisani uld. other si said at thedidn’t the li andenator pern talked out tt buthat wrealiz thi is juoo imptant a issue get it ggedown in rtisan politics that t car and py meers othe Jish cmunity. And t ec agnstews in manpartsf Is somhing thatouldall forntryn. a partis respoe. A clearondemnionnd als a Sete comtments Senatwe will dallo t that our nion’sor star s at we ca b true. To t eedom of ligiou worsh amenent at’s in thfirst amendmt t reon. And so appli my lleagu. I hf th body to cept. e moti that will sn make ity un. Weass thitrong statentf wherehe t . Mister president wldield the floor back to colleag from Tes. As preside I tha myriend eloqnt remkshis perful Deyingnti setism. Andmplori a of uso stan Uned with onelear bipartisa voics al on the same pagne huned to nom d Stes of erica. With that ask unis nsent tt theudicia furtronsidetionnd the nate n pceedo answ as repo Senat resolionnell eightyine s . to t measu.ono procding The coittee dischge. . s coent thathe relutione aged the preble b agrdo and that t md be consired me and id upo e tae Is the objecon. Wiout objecon so dered. Thank u . AnI suggt the sencof a quorum. [inaible]l cl the ro Mier Alender- All rig — Bu we ve Ca Goodinuniy wa alled i Nework in regard tinat toucng so we’reonna tune he madnews cferenc wit e Sena. Beingharged with a crimet they did not commit [inaudible] o . Over aecade o twel years For ybody witthe Ro tl. ars twey yearhat was abed in y way it is ver reectful. Proces. Heas cplete nfiden tt he wilbe. F. Assual expssionot becse shwas unr arre warra. Cameack fmw York. He’s bn tread veryicely He mplete comfoable and comptely adjudatedn the shs oany crinal couct how yofeely I mn he’s peoplersonidl loveseople. Hes ry colction bause t ople tte usuall she’s when hgoese veffent vtures a always ving t warni and pture Linu a as s he was in thd heeci. rticul case aays ver troubl whes d point. e what Itill higy intocated. In fh w e talkg.orn fortutely she Anfollowg him ound d he w polit. We they were td to pase y ave the alonend givthe privac at indidual wasoing t ppen autinaudibl scho.n and de thifor Therwas anld to tion.ld Actecoolity. esent e whol time ey indated to rs. Which e greengy . . And washat. rror f you. Hiin the prisinaudie] Transpted ] Whinaudie] And en he ts dowto theble] ocess d sever hours. Not guilty . allf the sitiveesultsof u’reot seeg it. I s rlly vy dturbino meharg foro. Hover. Video only reew. Byhe procutor’office. She is note case wilcertaiy be dmissed. At the time e secuty in e that iy inapopriatconduc. obvisly in ne. Toold thn the obw trons jectednd stothatrom ppeng. I conceed abo. Th this.ointin. Has not en. A t more serusly By the psecur’s office no cours wch theood thg is a cebri. Esciallyn thes times t arge witsomethg like this Should. Thbenefi. e prosutorsonsideble aluati bore ty are foally crged e statof Neworknd in any jusdicti. Not on reprents the inrests. Ofhe vicmut the ierest. that stehow Theistricttorne. Of New YorCounty has auty and ant thbest ierests. The dendant. Iupposeo moveorwardithhappen e ca. pa.nean onl look the alletions coue somehowhey celeity.trahemsels to So nowheyant toaveifteen nutes fame metimemaybehey look a celebry ae alousy a ty say oI can ta down. Can onpecula But I amorrd e ] I’m rry. That’s always a conside. A tf tis younow virtllyake laim e l it Also ba poibilit. Yoknow I cannlypecula I dot. Uslly tha. Personecuritwith h tt ght. Evenhe one incidt whers. she’basily ease lve a sution. It sort ofike daing didn’tee that show doou know is r [iudible ers. Sh was. Inhe vid. We d’t need y bodyse. It’s reay. anwhite.ucan On shiles.A case. And sed on the video. ] Alrightinauble] win [inauble] Your Jnifehow. Come Sir one more time. She alone you are. he’s hisay down. The about two hours ing down using absolutely free [inaudible] It sounds [inaudible] He’s. He takes pictures. All right — But you just heard from Cuba Gooding junior is lawyer after some groping allegations in New York City assault live right here on news now which is a part of oxen Phoenix dot com. Good afternoon everyone happy Thursday my name is people are areas I hope you’re having a great day regardless of where you are watching us from the free let us know where are you what type of device are you watching as I would like to get to know our news. Hours and chatted up on are you to chat I know a lot of you are waiting for president Donald Trump he has a one o’clock Arizona time four o’clock eastern speech on second chance hiring. And me in my face were talking about it at the end of news now on fox ten extra it likely has to do with people who have records to have convictions and who are just trying to get back into a normal lifestyle make some money. But perhaps are hitting roadblocks with lots of employers now I do have some top stories from across the country pulled for it for ya from California out from Minnesota. A business research Tracy Carrasco and I believe one additional top story as well but we’ve got all these live events going on right now and that’s what we’re all about here on news now showing you live stuff raw an edit it as it’s happenin. And Chuck Schumer is currently speaking on the Senate floor some gonna take yeah there now again thanks so much for watching please like share subscribe with your friends your family are covered in neighbors everybody you know. Know about us right here on use now streaming eleven hours a day for now. But we are getting a third an additional news now host on Monday and once she gets up to speed with how this whole set threwe’ll gnows how late a ‘ll leyou kn over. One ato my cl. s animouconsenreques thanky my fend thsenato In ts ise th.ity lder – ally uortuna time. I am a can’tm. Alys thoht I in tod’s globalnvir] You. coulbe thereatesoutragay’s t the ct yesrdayn. The Uned Stas. Evfter all tha we’ gon rough in th last two a a half ye. Ev afterll of the iden of Rusan . Our a vetted eve aft a hundred ds e campgn.d wh the ump Or tmp busins operions. Youhink e l Evenf theye not okinto sayn a gog foard bas oughto makelear. to intvenegainowerries In aelecti e let we c tell. Assk for requiment. port tlaw enrcemen who noig tng or erybod es it How mu presint [inaudie] Ev. The esidinoffice w just. I ha no qution imy min form pow tried to inrvene inis camigneported to law forcemt. ery evideen the pa. Atmpts on reign tervenon. didn matr whatarty they ar and didhe rig thing a port tlaw enrcemen By mcollguesne e . Timeand ples.o furtr litigahatev. Twty twon ter otoday n’t wa to eier. That we arsafe from forei maksu. intervi We live aorld that st hostf ways.cnged in a ole Seri of neappropately l. In t mantrat our airpos. ThTSA a homeld secuty alwaysryine is. If youee sometng say sothing da und burn I tnk on r travelg pl d becae of tt invoement I ink. Airpor are ser ouldn’ we ha theame. The mimum sc entegrity of r elecon system youee something say sothing ally legistion i Is tt theris dicatishat agent of to iervenen our ection.g Tellaw eh Tryo trac my lislati ways toake su thatt it. Wodn’t iolve. Any ofur actities. oicial nsibleooden volves dling at a bassy payOne inlving contasn the nmal y n to irove ts legislatio. ke sure thate cld rea agement on wha I got here tha we dot wan forei presential eleions our am wi open how we ca anges make bette. But say. In theace o ts presents owBI dector o is s. B. have thisnformation abo foign inrvenon. d tn I ha the ansr in the Whe Hon FB direcr iwrong. Yemy colge. ray e FBI rector.istopher Abou t imptancof law enrcemen inteention or you belie feign ‘s not big tng w I’m anxus thear t And I knowhere m be steedossieed at abo the was somne a fmer. Inveionark wiin a sll doier Give the F in thsummerf. twentyixy forwarbasi.on a ing Thny of ose kd of ain Our properly rept a l enforcement les have aed at tsay? We don thi this is iortant enou. For e somow thi debadnystemhouldn bef our shodn’t be ken o. Starng to s me.ut ptect. It sevteen mons out om the selec. We he ahite Hou whe the’s n o in chge of eltion surity ‘s senteenonths t om nexselectn ‘veetix hou bartisa ection secity leslatio at wou ensuror that there is that paper tra and if there Fortremarkle made f out. elecon.onths o in thnext In tee wee after we’veeen nipulaon of video of the eaker of the hse. e cleay was manilated [inaudle] A fae iressio arod the We d’t he commoagreemt on som. agn in tnty twty theayted it wasn enty steen t one oy nee toook Lead tHayden bloshed Iia d Bur. Countrs arou the wld not tang aion onhese ims the hght of irsponsility. And ts mt bic of l . Thisimply ys. someingf there’s foreimethi say intervtio. Whyould anyone s that is n Whene sayi rectistory in our cot? We’vseen theame door crusher use. ‘s in e brex vote using elecons.resideial To t I. dictor cch. He sai thaweI rectorhristoer rig sd the beack h formatn [audibl That.[inauble] Mae aftethe weends. My cleags one And ke up this iss. Up clo with . I ju can’tinaudie] And I kwome of colleues. in theide of r leasttarter spk out d I apeciatehis. this Whiousehugeear of Willgnesso take vendeas tgainst anye whoaise a voe in oosition ank yofor a ment. what Donald Tru sai yterdayst at fr the ol offi. ov officetillerry wesident worde saidinaudie] I’d stes Well erybodyoes th so heake a lo assisnce imyome from Russia ohit thcertaiy shou. My gooess gracisn faern t Repubcan Pay Ronaldeagan. Mu be spning ihis gre. Mier presint I’mot her religate. Twentyixte I’m herto e su that en weo our b at we nor tt hos to foren and mestic. emies Now knowhat u. . Ofussia or the st few The tion oa fouraming d welso havan oblation asell Mter psident. To maure tt we otect the integry of. n demoatic t for aew mutes. Let’s h pass. Electi secury leglation lem bac c grills arod social mea so tt we a not maniputed. On s ke sur and gahead and p obligion oall campaig esidenal campaig going forward. Tf FBI d law forcemtate t ster psident yieldhe floor [indi] Tennessee is ing to rponse my co. Ha a chae to respond or commen as ll. See wod likr pside a I artulatehe reansor the jectn.o r om Virginis leglati l beg byayinhat w a al forree. dair and honestlections now I know. The senatorrom Virginia spend some time as governor. In tnty sieen te balceOf Virgia. Onwaslice no. conve oaffeed he knows that I’ve served on an election . And I kw. Th t senat from Vgini I apeciate. at our count Eleion Commison ctertate ectio mmissis a in charge of sering those sectionsnd I will have to te you M esidt. know he di in t gat ste Ou cnty ection commissionsTenss. and I were statelectio statre veryocusn makgof certn. at the eleionsre fair and hont elections and they’ goid exian. cal ectis sta eleions and of course in the tnty twen eig predentl its alyselpf.ontt tnk First of allet me y this lcom. My colague aoss tisle thenderandi atad actors have trying for cade dades to inflnce rey wre gna bng yourht a righ bac hee mayor can’t get a go is delivering her I number all statef the city address or righnn . sta for hting us tod anorgazinghispeci even. A huge thanks to the eraton Befo I talabouthe ate of mar.ut the stef thek Andhat ans a veryeartfe ank yoto my rents. Iould note here tayf it hanot been r thr lovend suppor Whr n boar y. Two arehe ppleho havthe thanyou engh.e to truly I athried tbe hereo just at th event b at is momentn. f becong theity’s secon elecd femal mort a te of gre cha. Andlthoug chaean metime be dficult I am inediblyptimisc aboutur futurenhx acro our gat cithef yo stest growi cityn the nation. Feey our ty has itshallens b this ment.t rig now a The’s sething ueniabl speciahapp. e innotive cy tha everefore city tt is gting smaer. And mo gd causef t invesents w de theob mart is shting We d tecology jobsearl 50% in ju. Ororenclusive More stainab. the oulder of tse who ceege to o it itodaynday Phoixhat kwhese lders would all ree tt we’rstill jt gettin start. . yourealth to ild onhat ha ready en don ople a drawn tour ty caus othe gat prose at youan wri yourwn narrate oenihas aeautif hisry One many ws it istill beg writn Pele come here to beomethi and t. homeere ma years a. my down the I sevenen towds Phoeni . a lile ee in pla besid Thiss a ph thacould ppen. inew pces bides Penix. I serv asn thremonthsnd we hit t ound runng ‘ve add hundds onew he art forounges resents t kindgarteneady tlearn. Ourities inrnatiolonst fghts oprtunies.radend trism d aeroday’s introctory marketppag Hawa as we.flit to gog to bvery bylso on e liste’re makeraveliith amallersoing ild just lite bit sier. To aractt tante’ve incased the nimum wage to livabl fteedolls ahour f We suldlso ne that we havetime . ju inaugatedwo new memrs wh areere wh us tay distriive coy t cocilmemr Carl Gara. The rst ek b ese aomplisents build o cityas aievedogetr o alread incluna f life and mordivee jo and e renownhunderrdwnctors. Ther a newotelsn placchoolf glo. where oncew fficulo sere aresh instme. Adtive re us procts are creati ny builngs r dowown h a rewed coercial cente with jor events fc r o e ci of Phnix istrong ethert’s the song and growsven mp toll of . The choes wmakever th next f mono ty ouruture. No isore conquenti than whher weill sa the lht audice all heetweenowgestl. anthe Aust electnhat I want speakandidl about wh lightail h meant for u and whf oenix if wgo bacards on to s hbor to n feetnd tox me dolls invesent anghen tracks ahird perment jo. ters we whys wh the ted notnce. support thlight il in Phnix. A all ideolical groupants to thw out years o onomic develment a rersed crse wh propition One ohid jeardizeillion odollar innfrastct . And we’re goingo haveo spea That’s whyhe Phoix chaer youreside Micel Cwe eighty. P. x leership therizona geral ntractsndany morgroups are alltat . Becae it mesore th oplet moveour ecomy. Investntn is d oueconom tnk aut it. Nearly a qre ur regn right plic ge twork to t to hool to geto theocto d witthe new lht rai ation at fty strt i shingt which w desigdy and foreoe . 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Th is theame veronhat wapushed forwa by leers such as h Cainnd conessmand hass realyill reire heyeront liftin willot get tsee thfruits theirabor bloom witn their life. . e This means aotf peop fro across the vley wl needo Thats why tay I’m aouncinlay ned my plae I ametailriente persoi. sions ed plans. The ti is no tmos exting vion foard. A greer city g fromowsn’t jt aboears staibilityt is aut Everhing’ve taed aboalitof lif. day i impornt t wmustot fort the The rce that brin peopl to our gy I’m tking abo our o o are rong awenty ality r ar a cultu communities ntinue to an onomic winng exhitions.ard Sky hbor andre r ght raiextensn wo showca excing s instment featung loc tists. Ase trantiono the r future we st. f c as t home of gaanized in e wareha t our fure. is yr’s budge hasedicat idenfy mor hertory esertionpportuties le this. Ou diverty is so a mor dre. Our vrant LGBTQ commuty h ne souch f our cy passi the cy’s ai discrinatedate t thes indivualsnow tha right feel fe in ou mmuny. Phoeni is rrentl inourt fiting those w seeko brin wn thi ordance w a nfidenthat we wl clai ctory i our psuitf Manyfur amang proams ali for al. rn outf ouribraryystem. As theotd g On h days.rm. We all rememr o firste f ok pesnd theossibity ofealth. But tre i atherroposion theugust blot th seeks as lrariesnd aft schoouch ograms. Prositionne of ste ian ensu the cy can nlongernvestnt l inst in oufutureTo get his fuing bk once is cut ll take era. . A all gro o scial intests connueo trynd ip away aour lalconomy sh that t mos eectier to rm o goverent isocal gornment. The same oups phing ths i grou fornitiates thewant Our eat cy cant be lab rafor the enties. We mus stem thk e o ofte dk mon h bn used to cov then . Phoex mot sucssfulle paed aark moy charr amendmt. We es n d d lit. Onho ispendingolitic inittive. I ful suppo his Any r a par traiu wan. stanngeforeou tod fering the mor sta of th happing acrs our cityn our themlves rlect in eir ected offials m notesiden to ok to ci hall and to sesolutis theirroblem. elecd offials he their voes oenixs a pce whe you c trueor allf usromised thold asure thato o who dve past m ben o for anythin other tn othererson comino Phoeni makeer ownestiny. Anthat’sxactlyho I w. I want to m portuny in eess leave you wh thi. I cnot do thi o is I ndour he and the baing oall t natio to ma this happen. I nt to ankou allor you Ourity’s futur ibright and were onl just ginninthank yo. l rht awayromne live ento anher rig here on news now w are n at the Wte fiftn minus behin schede here hea spch oseco cnce hirg. u wereust ltening to oeni may Ke guy g king h verirst stef Thg sndin pttyptimisti ty addss. for thosei oenix izona [audible] d lile bit of bakin news s spe thaikeaties alerd moft aeart rraandes steppgown asressecrery forhehite Hous so. Again w a heari that Sarah Huabee Sders is out she seven out. e present himlf Realonald Tmp tio an a hal years areonderful Sarahe leing thite Hse a the coinui onhe is veryt ecial pson wh extraordinary talts who has done an incredibl job I hop she decides to run for governor of Arkansas she would be fantastic Sarah thank you for a e Likely what bause t lite t ofelayere onhisecon chan hirine nate Thank[inaudie] [audibl ah inaudie] Wi priden of the Uned States . ank u vy much pase ease [audie] Great occasion I want e Whe Hse we’re her tod Ther were ken to he forme matefind aob. Li a crime fre lif and sueed beyd thr wildes drea. This y ateful tha my distiuished gutsncludi sreta Ax ostalex thk you ry mh. Believe just snd somtimeil Bryt. Tennese. e adnisttions fus onifting up a Ams h As ptf o working famils apprticeshs and job traing wadelived htoric tax cs of o count. inhe history And regulory refm ane e healcarend chicareervi could all. i s wh havbeen he sidines back iohe rkfoe inclung fmer mates a thoseecoverg from. ioid addtion vy imrtant d it’s beencredie the Sinc t electn wve creat six miiod re tn a milon n jobs in Ameran and Asianmerinng lowe level andhe lest rates theu untry. It been an increble tuatio allur policie a building liv. Rebuilng famies and o reize Arica’sull pottial we mt uf eversingle citiz wan to ftvery Arican faly out ofoverty and into ture of ho apportunity. In Decberf last yr I gned io l gundbakin storeformo our iminal juice stem. The rst sp act . Thany. Thk you ke i. s truehough nce — W toug i washey’ been trng to do i. For ny yrs and man many could d it a wet itone butead tremeous An tmendous leral suprt w very bartin some of e mo conrvate peoe. Th I kw Mi Lee was in inavor o itoke Gssley s hadeople tharankly didn’t ink wou be ndingoo man of the tngshat wand to Brn. an thearednd Ivaa weof incredle ane ey were being pusd a ltle t also bKim Kaashian. advaed simil refortheave stateevel. No we st make sure tha the erican rurning fro pson. Gea tru secdhance de. Amica wi would citizs wh a crinae the commuties a law Whenormer inmat com hom. th sine mos iorta action c take iso help theind a ally reall gd jith a lovehe joo ? Righ that becausef aot o reason incdin e have greatconomy ha normall madhat choicm pple tt they me e t emoyers. They a so happyhey can ea onmanolde sef e best oplehat work r nowame t oprison And ese a peoplthat aew e ven ahance a n conders ofteformernmatesreot. Too consided f f th’re quafiedehabilated d reao work and that’ why ‘re takg crucial ste to encoage businso exnd. Sendhanc hirinpracces. So wne siw me a Aricansndhat’s what’sappeni. . You n seeruly and aotf theolks ir r longimeut Ihink is trulay than the htory ofhe firsn r cntry Thathat’sappeni s it’s rely bn fantaic. e uneloymenate forormer mates i up to ve tes gher. Th the nionalveragey admistraon n t e t thinive ars that we tnk ere’s reallyood ancef dog it. arch eines hing is about safer cr g . We bieven the digni of wond theride othe yche. reith us toys a Jnny Forc. dierentl a ltle tcau easeold a ttle bit Cle]ht think hn pris forlcohol relat accint andot communit.pect in ewl ‘s tremeousuynd Joh maybeou cld y a few rds ease. Thk you Miste presinthank u alor bng her. don’t wor about theame manyearsn anye’s do in ain myame’s Johto foc d i. Misterreside here ur you rerm hasade Ameca ser Hamademerica me psperst’s made . firstnd femosone ank yofor at. Yoknow wre in June tlfth I thk twey niteen tay i in June Twei ison — Iad hea seone m coholi — I csed c cident in a iny aoholis drivin d. t personister esiden. Here was this ialawyer wh I was. me for meyy — Nobod asked Whicis rlly rpring prent Butearl erybo aske for a b Ed ime treuny wittheir milies to y chilsuppt. shap — was blessithook opleike ithe t fks inhisoom w gave tha second cnce to ntribu. And I wldt n New Jeey — Fm tre. Iould go on tbe recruedo ito wori i h gornor Ban so ny gd An witut aecond chae.oplen a rm. I don’ knov I’m t sur if Iould o ayed ser ctainlynow I uld ha conibuted tleve I di. xtonth I he my fst chi baby dghteon the w. I ve tnk y. An I hehe ality tbe standi herwir esiden tnk you f checking onrimina justieform lks thiis. The plic safy iss of r me is i a jtice iuef ou time. iss a cilights issu of ou tim Mter president thanks to d blessinauble] is iredible can’ tellouhe jobs donele storyI we’r givin forr iates the resourt . priss annoued that iill rk with empyers to he ose lving priso. ar relsed somhing thaaob led upy isever hapned Al earli tay t partnt olabor Alex as gd he’donet b. He at aood jo award two llionollarso stag to Fidety bon wch uer right mpanie that hire forr prisons. Wen chanell grailot pgram thrime inrisoo ta e llege lev class. begu aew iniative to inrm erican wkersncludi former inmes s and at is great dustry. this befe we’ve now bome t mber one ergy pduce b farn the ri Ariainauble] ssia r admistratn is ao rking to low we ha dta hoing somhinghey weablerys cizel able. He withs toda is Maus minon ninetn nine six alow f wea w run technogy comny d he’soing a ver gd job marks ply hello you hear [indibl e present. en I wasnd slleewelv I’dever tho m e – onef the worsmistes of lif a i lded m i frt of judistening t him ncee ton I ew u in prinell and Th dressn tt oor tofy e t tattl o the ison rec yar Dasl eve Th becama bipart ome tha ‘re ts da spiri — Tha momgain to se andyom de aommitmt becse she waed to dersta sheante me to dera . ey wld b pottialays As a m wro me tter if you mplyictusvery d for pris sennce unt I ce home so shoe ndowo the rld. cotry hav’t hs arnd.l e firs sp actn wh we’ chansecau eveonce camdoin now wn ho. Itas sti very chaengi Athe finallyound aob at Mimumage b a I wasery ge a j i waseally oyo caus of t way the word one ofhe e It aow m tbe aeo even entuly srt myirst sinessfter pson whh wa a patingu. nd upirinver ehtee empleest thnie weeali tha theirst sixtn wh alleg e oprtuniesor oer m a wome to comea grtlace to o wo wit sustnabl emp. Weant to nture lite bit rthen the two tusan twelve we sth coany. e te company fooshop i now a vtus t ar incceradoved oneshe sameay tte tter andictus When wasn priso We’v concted or oneundred arnd t coury.nfamies d’m s grafulecauhe ou tec.ereseeales ungoces that k Isuildg thext generion of erepres aders biness ecutiv like me. Inreat empyees tt some I’m soratefuo be amalls. part of ee i What with u guys ldersp I Tomoow more kidsill b in deeing a r for major Thk yo vy mh reall ntasti. Toy we’ als joine by ma inmas a hping uuild theemploys e rongtconomy is we as roomcessfueopl in this d we appreated all vy muc thank u ve much eat jo. Join uton e CEOf good will. Goodillmploye e r mo tn oneundredhousan rmer iates eacand every Stev I wt tthanou f e devion and ahat you d r a condhancstat Thankou vy muc r An ior wking with ngre pass aipat Yeah ireally dsecaue ow that it not an sue of e sidef th ais of th An nowe all get tworkthe it’s e togetho eny gi people. Who arcomingack he a l ? Yo know all kw abo hig recidism. t y I kno bausehe pside id laseaalone od wil workith er r e Inn thei place comhigh. and mportalyTo fdrivesr Th oft cemts the pathb. to dthat. invtmenwe me. As a retn many mes er thinany ofs coulprove t ctainlynhe fm o for e indiduals a fes tt a trafh eir falies at’s so imrtant that rememr you remeer ts . Sohankou again Misr presidtor a e ingo be pt of it. To advae thimpornt eort ank youuysor yr sties. The are likhere no beer stimyend to shat’s happening her – In tir oer opleround the country that ve the same expienc. If there git chancehankou MaybI’llust ke aomeo At thehite Hsendebate wi me w three a a hal name Sah HkabeSandslyn ars foree be through lot tethes tough. ha touenedad righto Anshe’gointo b leang- shis gngo beoing. and Iuess y cou s pvate Th w sta oney a t sotatng to like i t we le Arnsashe’soing to bgoinas wi a gat famy huand i An Ion’tnowhilnd folksanttic y . ife cageter trun f the shld bvery weland I’m Rely wted. To s’s apecierso. very very. hard.seen so grt uuch She’stronut wit gre yofor outanding job.k Becaus anoth crime can mak us lk- Ths beenhe hor of lifeme — I cldn’ befeme t oppoa oprtunit to see yountry anparticarly to wo for th president – It heas accolished so mh in tse o and halfears a it’ truleen a aI s onof t greestobs cou everave’ve y – e esident I le t tea tha fothe prident surundedyo mef theost. Inediblend mt talted exrience — Thenly o I can youoe thk of tt mit top it jt litt bits the fachat kids. I’vhreemazi d I’m gon spend a ltle re te wi the In. be o ofhe mt. a ctinu to Outsken and loyal r of theresint ahisgenda and I kw he going to ve an gea whol lot me done. Li wha wre her to lebre today and Ion’t wt toake ay fm that so certainl want pele behine of donee president’s truly an honor ank yoSir. Ina’s awa warors are rig rrio rnd Wld War iwe In tsorld buthe’s a wdveohoic. thank u s. f hunesourc magemen. Jonie Tayr and w Joh. Plea che i. Th guys someuy and som Th I canell yo so mbe you uld ju tal aittle t well you doing with weeh Thanyou hn thankou. Vidly rember –ecembe two thsandighteewakingp one moing a reang the sied aead ps a theewspar tt Cgra pridentad sned t first Thathatevehapps. not An a I mea s mh so at c I g up daid I c’t lieve likhe said tdo i t I ink i wouldappe. And he we we y e enes pple le marolden o’sere ithe ro from cok industesd d the rst tng Ihought was what c It my rt in is. I presen an ganizaon reprent threeundredhousandhe son pple ross thelobe. Ou compaes empy a huned and fifty . insttlyt hit ane Wh’s theext st. Wh w know i ttnce pple ge o too oen can of carcatio too oen ty return becsea jo ese an’tad peopl ty’re ande can pla a rol in tt if w c f th barers. ose Bea’shat lea to gh onwants to ack into the ate ndedo do ifigure t h we uld pl aole. Theountry has ofessials to movehe bay ar o emploent. Ansoe’re bnging badeopl cknto the wkplaceo wt backo my te . 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Thn twenttwentylone and nurryurnitu was theallmillif leadg categy CPSC rulakin In the lt tenears thePO C. finaly . t e Withy fries fm Chigois Congre –omy andongressm Bob rush i e save cribs act wch wou ban crumpers. pedirics — acamy of Our rommens a formhe sercesndot roc cribumpers –amilie nd thatight . So am gog to cogniz our nkingember – Who i inoducedn iortant piece of legiation the fastect I’m That and they recogzeou for Thanyou mam chai welme everneo tr subcmitteeearing. Todaarks a fir gislateearing d we’rhere tdiscus. Imrtant isss foreople saty I wto than cir hakows for h leadehip to op we talke aotbout ton portanf bipaisan wor. ichas I whi w- Wch is whyas surpris by e jorityction adinup to e hearg. mynderanding tt tspeed up t ft tl ocess. A that woulde condered a draft discuion dft as we ntinue o negiatis — inrmed thathe ancy wilas t conder sff dra for subcmittee dust tt wite e no surisect deadnehat a ll nee to inoduced. incooratehe feedbk finshe te to partis sponsors or do any of t prope wk requid to All of th saiI di quick hearg and I commied td’s nding A bipaisan csenso greful tha theajorit ismprovt. cludg it toy for not oyivesurolutionsor thr best chae to come law It alsiveshe pubc the st chae ofeeing rests that keep f risk of injuries and death sociat with nsumer pructs. at we canno prote eryon from eve har it’ our jobo addres? oppounitie f dangeus workounds.oo e bil tayeals wh cb bumpernd it’t wexamine whastatesave de in ts s. k r pillshich pes suffre ffocatg danrackn the ib. caus they can’t access safe Eaierhis Cgresshis bcommieeeldn ovsigh hearin wit ae the CPSr comssionef air Bkle is sadfastn her efrts to advaehe sety missn ofhec coeagueso confirm r.nate ThPSC tho sll in ze has a brd jue than fifen thoand oduc Rently wve hrd ccernses.atre ud. exisng fast tra rall progran soms l t explesn his ttimo tts Be tngs upxamps lik trovhy we s. week approl ess leases. soal med post.ct phrass on Orequiri tol free nbers which mae nineeshenashionastrk was create . i foard whangeus pductse so thecanhh agey. t le myhingsn is n slost tra is n Becaef an tdated reaucry therogram fm that n’t As aesult seompane g conntionsetwe the CC and od acts and indusy. remongazardo pducts fro r homeo keep our kid out That’s w I’ventrodud the tranarencynd eectit rells or th faste act HR. Thirtyne sty ne my luti wil makast track rk in th tnty fit cenry by ging e When cpany subts a a spific ralllan a by learning from e cpany itiated recal It aows ausins to tify A. thcommison of recall. And direc o preselease dels nooreo me For rents whown dangeus babyribsf usehol with appance that e a fe risFor r ildr wh tshat a burecratic dels cant happen. The e possle and wil still giv the coission thelexibity it needso em remedy is rit. And if necearyo ii n recl. Andake se thawhen procs in ple f that reclsomethga to hapnn d a solutio. Others man oth importa sues sh as theortabl fl coainer saty sndards — I had thh ss Ell and t iss of evyone bngere today all all these issue.ghroughhe witno And aoung t t y yids bac they are chair now recoizes Mr Polog chaman t full scommite-or five mutes fg statemt thaou madam cir discs wther the csumer pruct sety cmissios o fiing its missi. Of ptecting consurs in sia se as bes aworkin of o witsses andvenomeyely to is commisones SCas noteentts bes hereodayo discuss impornt consumn C . CPased indtryetts own res and the . His rprise digned a marketed and sdhe roc in place sleeperf prodts whose intend use wn agast t advicef pe. sees mdato sety sndardsPS stdard tt haveolloweary stead. Aecade later Fisrrice leas thirttwo inntsho h di itheroduct and aeed toecall a four pot one seven llion ck inlace A simarroductrom ki to s recled asell aftt least fi dea. CPSC kne abo t dangers an instce welbeforehe recl subcmitteechedulversighthe heing oPSC. And aer CPS idvertely prided Consureports wit detail oi a previoly rusedo discse. So i shoa congssiona heari or an acdentalisclose of inrmatio tget a ddly produc off s e theitopriority. We’r also he tay bause enhenPSC wan to ac it’ proces fo willo by befe any andas bipaisan mority theanot mmissi Yi’s thaa mandaty staard e . Begiing re in pce would ta yrs due to S see Near every safet rules CPS is iue a reamlid pross tt bipaisan consur productthorid ue safetympt thatould dect CPSC justs follow so bow reporble fuontainers to oducts safet inot a to see thaa nber othese Demoats a Repubcans. Passin thest safe standarn placeaster d sav lives I look rward to woing wh myolleags to The Coness shoul notaveo pass a o s thor doesn allow to spond quicklw zards we ould conder resing tt autrity. I he alleged coue mines Mister caronistsnd tnhea second oe Cuer so we’ll srt with — one nute i a he’s here thankldir u Mist chairmand I’dike think — Chair wom’s caske for inginghis imptant aring torder. Th wee I intducedR thiy one sentp e le of clines theroducts such as n y introduced ts bill bause baesave been dng ninehey’veeen dng becau mpaniesecided makg mon wasore imporntnd putng for dustry and sod byssg more pcio. Wa t consur pduct safy bodyow befe decingo taker acon I d’t kno. There’plentyf bl majo fling I see ishat of thC. P.. C.. d evenith trecent recls ese produsade by other coanies are sll avaable on the m. As graparent it’ just appainghould of I thi at we shld be tting. profs – And whaveot of chiren’se wo to dond wh theimited veryuch Mistechaian a a Thanou chairman Pologne insureomr nvenin thiimportt heang today asI ow there nothing more importt tha kpingur childr and l. om a ynggee tel childr to carulg the street. To waysear sebeltsnd thandle sha jects with care. Yet there somhrt ou led one cannoee one of the mon moxidehichshe leadi deat in e Unid Status Ipprecieoday’s heang discusng mn eighte the Zhary a cholaserg cbon moxide poisong prI troduc wit m Rublica Cart.u rresentedody is lislati incenvize the ates to pa law requing rbon monidelarms in lodggs and crees arant ogram to inallarbon In lowncome d eldey It wl saveives a to th d Ieek nimousonsent to enr into the rord lette of supptor the carbo moxide prevention a fm the curity induse ds worwide AnI yield ba my me. Withou object inrmationto the io the rerd. Thk youanagernd tnow I’d li –o e r Waon for h openg statent th madam cha and Iant — To so you’rmore into yound everne on the committee into oure preciate. the rst legistive hring ou ttimy e yea for t sub is heangs iortant f r a cole of reaso –irst conseratio a t policie to impve o producnd kee kids a consum sav this a goawe all she. And cond the opt to talk rectlyhe pubc aut the sks. thathey’reaking ste t otect emselv and tir famili. I’m d Kath — Becau as wall he- again tk who jus want to get infmation oud do a lot i recen yrse should reall do nd to fi lution herand I inke can d wil. I understanhere’s a lf bipartan s prosalnd look forrdo hearin fm oo the P. S. C cmissiorsm and a nbet paiesboutoing. On goiroduct specs n whic we can impro somof the agen. stakeholders aut conces of th existgastrac recl hearg sgests tkeep ks in hazaous products frothe maetlace aquickl a ficieny as ssible Andt does not aly tjust onor two pducts itpplies tollifteenhousanproduc tegories in the C S. P. C. jurisn as I mtioned elier t ster progr a swreatly Phrontteryo reaucry tt new amples wi hereoday. benet of nsumer.dd substantily e Andurtherelay f weeks i toldbout pottiallyangero oducts. produc suld we encoaging themo wd t go aund the ancy. So thi the ay s this is y Ippreciathe workf tse trac tsolici comnts and ideas o s progra?yward wning rall This bilreates processhat remos the unnecessary red tape slowing do recalls today. Itirrors programsre alrea woing at eDA anddd the NH T. S. aiss is a as I indited e . To bill withur cleagueon both seI thk we c find a biptisan soluti s so. foher tughtfu appachnd r helping advced sety ue suppt HR trty one sixty nineolae poin I’d like to make a is t ke thi opptunity to reitate my strg sport f tinghair Burklo be confird by thSenate ashair for h. She wellositned to ad the ts critalgency in is demonsat otectonsumers thrghout r career . So Im hopelhat our Sene coeagues who I’m sure are aled intour hring today wo and we want to partns but ele I’d . Homend f yourindrds and the. I’d like tremindll members th first o tookany rules al memrs shopng me partf the recd It’syonor to troduche the the thy arting right to toeft lete troduc Mister Willi Wlace e maner he androduct policyor fr- r of parts agast tip ors — I espially wanto than you for beg here tod – I would birthday I underand — Toy-ed one twohank- Misr Chrisarsons po Minnesot profeional firefiters ae than you so muchor traling here. Mister Ges Suel w is a mber of m’saw firm tha absoluly lk forwd to t stimon — At ts. At ts timhe jorw cogniz eh of t witnees — weekd I jus wnament bored systost oyou prablyghtg undersnd buto lighill itially be gre a e start of youpening stement the lht wl tur yeow wn youave oneinute mainin plee bino wrap up yr testony athat point – The e r timeas exped of votes tt are comg up. I pe youl- Abi by tt — And ain m goa sta rig to leftister llace youre recnized r five mute. y rankg memr Rogernd memberof theu. I tnk y f the oortuni be he o balf of Csumer ports. transparcynd fairns in t rketple. The consumer product safety mmissi is ariticagency th anndispeable pubc It plays a snifian rol in lackg t approiation staff d ahoriti it uld need t rry oll thait is pable But are he today bausef doi. the CPS s r . Th fled t year olCamden Ale. A obbishashingn. Twyear ol Conno to long oLakeland Florida. And total ateast t ndred and sichildr. diednder theeight of ho dresser otg orage fniture. Deiteanufacrers beible at t same ice pot.sser As we dumentnu ittenestimo. Tioversre hden hard this into tue emergencyoom aually t people ofteno notnow the dange. d dressers are partularly dead. See ourtore –wo yea vestigion including safy search tesng reporng in survey d at indtry’s curre luntary sbility staard chilenate to prect standasoth feasiblend unneceary Tv nth o a rover tenf Anin tot at leasthirtyngn Virgi. sen infas whoiedn clined sleeps like e Fisher pri . Maeted as a seolution for That’s aroducthat ner shouldave . r dren car outrom th CBS sees strgassinestanda. The enre i slperonflic witmerica acemy of diatri safe eep recommd. d be eminate. spri that ve occurred? The partular ralls are not lilyo be eeciall prodts outf homes.he The CPS ste tt shor. have reptedly llen On in a ni este relea to see oure puish sries reveang the deaths low the plic tknow t easts d sevety of e dang. And for tooong theovernmt manufae victsf crib bumpers fes involving portae fl containers ce pooningnd those we injur or kille by other kinds nsumer products need to CB the theutshe firstof the Amican public compans.nser produsr to Wi stronsafetyulture. of le they’ hav to fa an acve in power ency ght nowe don’tave eith. Th’s whyt’s so imptantor youo take t oppornity y have beft sturdy safe sleep safe cri portay an cbononoxidoisoni prevtion as ich wl at least shohat you put ta ildrennd famies first. Youlso ceject taster act in itsurrentorm ich wou furth dispowere thCPSC a give ralling coanies more conol ovelife d deat decisns regding recallmpl. As mbers ctinue twork o In partilare would recomnd speake e conser advacyn conser satyide wi respe the recl impmentatnt Ther are someignifintthe FDand . concer wit. Ov the lger term you have e oppounity to reape t CPSC. Teln ke seconix B.. Which could eily t ny of th incli seper ds t in not f the C B. S. the data rease. Th occred i error. An to reire much me proactectiony fity CBS theeadersp and compans alike nally will t othe agea for toy wt e appropriions andtaff tha e CBC ceives Your cldrennd famies yr constienf . in ft.f them all Amecans Deserv souch morthan ty ara en it comes tthe fety of thr home in th produs the y? with y to prect thd to woing Than you f yon e cogniz forive minus. llo my name is crtal Ace I amn elentaryducato m childafetydt p s organizatn ofamili like mine whoost a cld to fuitureipped ove. than yo eachnd everyoneo geeginn of you forllowinehe opportity s. for is aery diiculday day wou by son Cden Alice’ senth. fiveears a on fathes day. incidentre tipd over shree Grges thirtand ree quter ih tall dreer to g his cthes trappgis necketwe. . p . breaast.t him t fore I can sti hea my husba’s scres terryingy besto revi him whPR ana co at Setle cldren’. hado say gooye natingis orgso hopelly accint a I had ndea ttakve ather this w a . a not oyhe sevth child to die without a recall but thaurer chdren werdying at the rate of onevery t days. From fnitureip ove was ablutelyevastad. multle getngeady for byshis psin clses andhild pofed by mom group lears or paren h ever td me about t risk o esser t oversilling my child. know that the are my oer parentt dresrs arres tssumes I d. govement and would not be ld if h evyen day is crisihat needs to y e o n e dea ofim Ama’s daughteregan bk. The eaiest deato d notnough has beedone t worlse by a child withld dymic tesng. Would have ved myon needhe stuy act for many progss and wking witack of nufacters tget tm tdo the rit thin. Consum advoces a pn ha bn tryi forlmost two decade te . Mafacturs know howo solv is proem rig now engeering theip overs rit out the dign. Meers connue tattend meingsnd task gups ready toive io iroving the andardut by mulple accoun a meass onof t mostontentious subcomttees at fifen for two overseen by TM. They have stn addressing t furture tped over issuehey keeaying Thrata. data. Is a dea andnjured childre we do. Ev wit t devasting atisti we aeady have we so know e data is der kn w the CC i othe dnot incints of faul productto them. Evyresser that lls at the tef one. R. vitvery poteial to be death or a li alterg inju. CP songlyrging thenithhe chamane and ke immiate actio tng Ther were ill densf. negati votesa llot. Some manufturer members othe S. T. Msubcomttee of aued shodake th crent we kwhe current sndardst t enoh. Prooff ts exist mI kia Hoy needs voluntary tip over to lg in orida a was snnnoor in viralo ye old tn broers in Ut th in. of aandato standdrom thionre to me thetandar songcult theye expssedhatip ors ar tirumber oneighest ever toolvailab tthemue cludinectionne of f Andecalli ery dress tha does not mt t curre week vontarytandard. are n afraif replitionssrticipae from t C. Betweenheir smalludget a eir has bei tied bthe litations from ction sty of t coy . a s . day parents against up erseas here to be a voice for chdren whoost there’s a voice r pares oromeoday acting as r thei children. incint but’veeen lefwith life aea t find tre’s becsehey’re furnure tpedver inot a all partis iue I assur y fuiture fallsn both Republican ai ildrenqually stable fnitureoes no scrimite ank y again f allowge topeak tay and I hop you ll joie in ptectin ildrennd famiesn this cotry. By supporting e stur act. Than y miss sce think you’ren American hero and I apeciateour ttimony. Then and nm hpy- T troducister Parsons — You recoize f five nutes. ank yo. Thk you chair womanheck owskireas ck. present o the Mnesotaers of pression firefhters. I areciat tt Genel predent Haroltionf eesebuer i thever thr ndred xteen thound firefiters amn mecal psonnelomprisour unn. A servi captaithhe Snt Pa Minsota fir deparent. An I’ve enirst hanhe unfortateess nsumer sety lsn an informt myommy d actnn tse isss impas n onl theublic b so injes fefights. thathe federalovernmt c andhoulde eventragedi andhe los ofealth an. r so for t portable fue coainersafety a. In theicholas and Zacry Ber caon monoxe one the cl to convel twey eighen firighter andaramedo n woing fes werexposed to rge ounts refigers ame rerdants. On thoug to ovide asur of protectnlame retus rlacio r Prov to beoxichen o fe.- studs firefhters a dyingfic Studs byiacin oths hav fod the firighter have crease risk of dng from ncers comred tohe generapopulati. e Ferrte’s a dxins io theng ye studyfirefigers bod afte wking fs ofour ats and dions. re thanne huned tim gher tn the blic ao know that flame rerdan are notnly toxic but alsoy retardts only pvided tee extra s. t of carbo monide i eight mes t amounf salt furnuretnon trted soft on skate from burni buildi f h retaants.ese of toxic ame Th IF is pleed to dorse so faro makealifora technicalolt. Onseventn dashwenty thteen aationa standd. testhich led. Tthe us of toc flaetardasnd furnite with a r reisticmaller tt ewenty thteen Californi stanrd reduce the t presee of flg fireghters exposed to suby chemics. will eendhese ptectioos firefiterd e I F als suppos the coittee’fforts to upte fuel ctai. hundd fiftburn vtims wl preventablhenomenonown auccumtoy ames jting. Flames shootin occurn n d thror.n explovelame pe Bly is. I wness fmes shting aa fire e initl fir was lated in the extr de of a use. Buthe jettinglame cau a immedie s The ttinglame from a portab feelh ck shot through t drway into t is Into a plonged a sustaed attack dama tn wou have been exctedrom thorigin fire. For as i ntsanufacrers oportab ammabl liqui coniners can add aln e rap releaf paps that cae flamesetting rtableuel coainersafety With direc tnstallatnf flame arrl Manuctured wholelammab suppthe Niclasnd Zacryo bird memial carn moxid isoninprevenon act. Each yea care . Th tnty thsand bdens t om visit and fouhundre aths nionwide. In ninetn nine fiv nnesots. Nichol Zacry bird tracay Like the Rocheer firefhters that rponded tthe bis agic inciden I thave carb monoxe firhand.s of When responl d awrom carbononoxid isonin? Theyell fatities lehese are avoable withhe installati ofe woingarbononoxid dector inhe hom. spite t cle dgers o rema owaref the nee frbon moxide rbon moxideetecto is bilaims tchange that. It wilassisttates i deliveng pubc edutionn the dgersd pridin grant tpurchandl instal. eldeyelloowncomee of citins a schls conusion inhe inteationassociato refighrs expssur sport for the tc saty bills. And’m hpy to aner a q. t a Thanouters are hoess well. m in MSamuel you a now recognizes Roge and mbers othe membe suommitt testybouthePSC fast to ack rall proam The rk othemall ancysy critic to f . Thvastajorit of dustry ritfully csidersroduct Compies desn a buildlue. Somemes the effor fai. Anrecall a require thank you introding H thirtone sixt ni the fter a fastrack.sto to imoving companies to quickly remov Fastrack ia signicantmarke beco ossifiet shod note lowed to lauish it shou be retalized.o partipate i st track a binessust be prared timplemt rrecti aion pn incding coumer lel rall whin twenty workf bmitti aast tck repor prodt aut onehird ofthep coective actiof in ft tracks t ps benets to firm removg the pduct fro liabity cims is reded al CP wl not ma a pliminary derminatn. Thathe produontain a subsntial productazard act thaca fast tro custerevel comnicatis.hernt Counicatns to th distribuon cha e lostics planhiss requesajor planngy the compan a r als requis and he is the If tt revw is tC.d forthcing tn alls of a crective actn plan nguage a the ft tracks What have en ovehe years therocesslows dn coiderab becau of olongexaminaonndack dorth bh interl a beeen sffing fms? reca and especlly t press releasor other cmunication This t gettg sety infmation to coumers. cause ft tck is longe fast some comnies are by passingt nventialpproaches CPSC working we qukly than CPSC or annouing CPSCecal on theirwn whout Th situaon is nothe fau any parcular CPSC adnistrati or staff b visition of a ogram i agcy conrned a note criticed. 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Canet out to coumers quily an csumersan act asart o e recal or oheir own to otect emselves and tir milies. cour the cmissioust hav the auore blic Iopehe subcoittee wese thi bill. As basisor engement with l thetake holde including the CPi langge wilbe offer whi ll neeto conder. Thk yound I’de very plsed tonswer y quesons. Thankous n the teo appriate tt — witness opening statements — Foe membe qstions eac memr wi of fe minus to as quesons oour wnesses- ll basalltart by asng I just can just can tnk you eught coage -or you to toe here wh I wand to ve the justely oolunta.can’t w Stdardshat a being velope To rts- Both t stdard ielf. And ao theoluntaartf that. Love yr commts. Thank y knot r stanrd thawe haveurrenty still allowg cldren to jured ao die Conor dong theyre oy – But it is itter shows tr not. Okay sondly volunry standard toe hone i’t even wanted induryolks wan a mantorylaint held aountab andeld to the Stanrd wusteed tmake iis a voluarytandarcuent – I kno you now havehe a grpow bigs th group of stard witut ne paresrshi. howeve we ae e . We represe theoicetyles th are in m nere in a brok.ocate that are two By thi trage tuse thr limit. e r . Tohat treas anyymns whatever that this was a dangerow matt whathe pri point o exnsive dreers kil cldren wead cheapresser kil ildren ‘s is say acros a No.rapcs and I no onno. OnMisterallace Conmer portsas dona lotf over.abo h to prent tip and fnin Ca – Csumers tl if e dresse – Wiy lookg out even. Noonsureportssom more. is n easy way foronsumers tond e te wheer dress is re or les liket by lking ait is wk I iroducehe sa cribs a which wld ban cr bumpe Buer — Paren heave bee twenty even an t and f goodeason cri bumrs. standard as bn — Talkety about t. f ars hav rommendhat baes sle and baby crib fe clutt ordincen respon tnews – vestigory is — Newtories that fs b . Bu fled to anythinbout it ainister Wallace wt are wh are yr thoughts on banngrib buers. Ithouldappen mean ib bumps a noy coributeo an uafe eep enronmen on t Amerin academ opedI clr ints trougholicy atemen develed over e cose of years looki at th medicaeviden ds aaby suldleepn i ck in its o space. surfe tha has nhing els fl sfact the no added betti the baby iit. Andhat’s y it’s it’ critally impe ese pructs o on thmarket ther. a l of cousio out ght now – Paren may en for thsafe of eir babie at’s not thease amore – Theresede ol crib sndard t gaps beeen t sla wer qui wide Toda. Produc manactudo thnew anda it’s nrow and a geingn tpped beten t sls a a rult Thereor these produs not ly cree a daer to children. Buthey’r also unnessary thers noonger I remberib with m ki Chstmas — And steems A sp furthere — I precia a ofur o recoize o ranki memr on and nowo th Rogs f five nutes. Thk you madachair – A I want to g thisearingoday so thate n. More deepl Isost ofoussues — know I andm havehree yng chirenow eier twee eighandive I Rember Ban had se frnds o had los. toderhen boohelf fl Of fnitu in ourouseld — Been bns o thhardt thinthat h yospeclly tohe parts – Fothe crage in edvocac tang wt is unimanable& grief. And comingdvocat shat al of us – Acrosthis cntry nearn. An the takction to ke su thate’reoingverythg possibleoI to s tha you tMargaretl wan that wcan we cafigureutsot Iee d w to t thi right. Caainarsons I wt to y Issu impornt to fifightenkou foe and ando otect peoe from the dger of fir n my on my leslation t ster a wouldust encoure y to lemo at youhink needs to haen so thats y e leslatio and mgoals t Thate canctuall g it ne — Samuels- You kw an you hilighte seroun the thetestimono fast cl rell pgram and nce as t bilthat Im — Advocang I Toake so timend higight me of the emple ohow the process has slowed andhat’ beuse e delays. Thanyou very mh – Wre you have at Thenou wanto get t to the public as soos possiblehen you’re . fast track pgram whi was deloped by – Ceer employe the CC twey some years ago. Was e esiden ge withi of invationward — B or tihat ihappen is with ma thing into patrns the pgramsin bemes oifiednstall to ght. They want toave ectly. same patfor rell.ow thehe sam pt Wordin chaes ipress commicatio theonsumerleas change Theye got certa fmats tytritors- questisr tryin to impose reiremen wn youeeally. Shld bgettin outsoced to theublicnd announcing this recall so so at’s what the And yr bills a gre stting pntor disssion abouthate can do. annocement as on ao tte can wn s possible. ToeC s othervenu underurre law tinvess d condt recas- Rht absotely rht l y c requirents for fing und Most recallsrobabl wluch. ntinue underhe conventiol – ocess and if ompany use the st track eveow but en bu cerinly und yourill and the remedy i inadequat they d’t da good j i reiring t produr repling it wit aith a sa oduct or ty don’ — Acratelyescribehe procts has the autrity n a wouldC have tr send ralluir psibly a Okay thankou vermuch yl Than you wha knowecogni coressmaon Rers f chesteor fivminutethank You dam cirwoma and thank you soa Note of tnkso thearents Befo cing in –eave theand I es- sevehirthday of Cdenest ere’s no beer way to nor m in andingpor famies anhildre acrs our count Iust wa tsay tha you r that. Birthd.ehalf Cden Hay An wn thoug about thi issue –ndo myolleags. Yohear tonversion about Delare we ha aactual- Fath w periencehis with s son in a tel — very- Famou person actuy helpn t stateevel tgetet leslatio. Wealk aut sudn inft death synomea n irty tee butt that te we may bpes we wee wid things tt we thght we the rht thing to do –ndlsohought aut — Th tipng over. The samehing. An missllisou you aually de a comnt and iwasn’tn my scrton bu admit you me a commt at mt man pple d’t eve ow wit C. P.. C. i. So the don’to an get help or tfind of there’ se toe ptected om. My queions to u and the lack o knoedgebout CCnd recoendations ttou wouy have-o mbt wi Mister Wlace a go do re — Allust very briefly yhey wh it cos tthe p ovs iuehen it cos – To mean one othe mo. take in thr hes if theyavet sten a a lu r –o to ahorto th wa – Butt the meime w fod thrgh sury o o coumersatiolly presentive surve that is justot t consers d many of th hadt en hed of i And thas an emple right ank you They sell hher wil spe to e ft tt — Not only did not kno I ] wh specic agey I juso fired m gernmt protted me a tn -d I spe- To Khy abo. At there are lotf govement agencu whatou did wng wt what’ going ooy adnisttors andhen – Then I’m law ading citiz but I was tr a inhe intimntilhey ca gure it out –hanhe CPS to kw allbout your accident giveI Nohanks. I n’tnow at you’rght an w whe I one telone mou govemeny e mosterrifyino my le thank u. Caain Jerom Chit sk By cgresan cn . y worknd not — Fingff flame rerdants iMinnesa I had ve ltle knowlgefhe CPSCndith a tt it at itas don is extrely imrtant work i will ld by lives s e inrmatio tt is a theren pducts. But Iemembe as child gro- g inittive — Ofork we occurrg- Thn Geral. We are cut dow on se on okingmoking ang cldren- Peaps we nd anoer initiave ang if abou fortyeconds.s Iavetha Well let me just sayhat this ency isignifintly under resour. Ts doe’t hav tapabily got itsudget isastly small needshe suprt of Coness myther questns f themit than y all f being here a Thank you I jus want- Ttell reca dot gfinaudie]steng now m sorr. Recall we call. Dot gs — t haveeen. Recall a safer product t v ia pceo go were u can rort On ifhere areroducthat yove expienced as beg safe. I jus wante to y that and re mites. Than you madam chair aft lling tay’s hring and beinith today and thehingso our cells tnks for ch f your teimony queson wh you ss Walce — llew nerrib stanrds o contuing conce aboutnlants eimit tp mean for trav in seralompanies manufactearket mh crib liner a d bumpers re familiar with. Severah therhave bn noatalits or inries tated iemergey partmesou know cident involvedn n thetatef Ohnd seral other stes f recognize thiata anexclud sh crib lin is fm legislion thabb bumpers Frhruit t liner are ao bannedlond t parents were searching matrs his e diffent typesf soof fr fromf impvised solutis ventha. Inourritten tesmony state conser of th mh cri linerthat tt wheyou jor termatio. m sorr I canear t bra did you consir theeshrib deteinatnou major lied to ffocatnnow are straulation entrt t a t ofata they’ prett n oducts a I thinkhe Ohi was wis iecognizi tt questi needd e the io lawesh liner-ut ‘s it’ the l crges evybody to co bk after I the state of e evidee.t But the nd t — y — Tescertnly likehat ando teed mashiner or cr coendihat thnear furemper yd Adn don’t curntly hav pns we dot think th sleeenviroent — We think that a. And thedseant tmake sure t to couse anybo abo thatr to sd anyixed meages Thatear i best of Br Cre bassin . An it’s itical not tput infas sep envonment. the ank yo – Ty cld –as you do o there. Toocusnish quesf Asiaachee poable fuel ntainers safety ac whi I’m also coponsor. And age o n f those flammle liquifuels. As t consur prodts safety the billnd otherequirents — deta descres theiffere types of t t toda. A congssman Mica jury ad the qute s those dos maka lot noise uld yogo into more detail andescri the diffent typ avaible on t market toy.of fla e A congse formatn ohe spefic be me thanappy to wi-‘d ovide tt informion to you a laterimekayere appreciateny ae f n e detl the seduleeldhe flame arstors prenthe flas om stting. Are u conessman lot o the mynderstanng isshat — When whene quid ctainer – Iites pressu buildup inhen the coaine itsel Andhe dad tn shos fl. Ouof thepening. Th a Rusrthich wld keep th vorsrom esping through th opening dusk — eping — Of fla from shting frothe opening ank yo vermuch a mad backo balae my te.oul gonnecogze — Coressmakou I’m fw Sotoor fe. n . r minutes. For vote however the hunter howanyThree ndred vote so we’ll ctinue th you Thanyou mam chawomannd comment knowing tt we hav just f ough is penng. It wasn’t A Flida m Megan to long tim co int m offe sou from thSaraso arealking about her chd Connor who –ied du to a drser thatas not balce correctly and impred me makeure to suort the securi actt Also her today ‘re jned by cryal err andnd figingor ourids her wther it’s thhether it i cppling prs o onr rbononoxid detecto are so many other great o bls tt are upk opping. here tha.e sse of said Peoplessume t goverents But that’not alys tru. Assumehate a at’s nlways teut that’s why we’ y thank you forour adersh a man I’m sure man hing a worhop on these bisn becauor eveone of these. There’ aundreds o thoands of sries of eryone fro fants a young childn to becae of aegligely bui sk on ris produs. Sohen pple asse the gornment working oit Th commiee heang today i we’re hearin the stoesnt nati so thank you r thathese iee leership. If youould bwillin — o yidhan jus heal back homers woman — Kel the remnder her Thanou weapon.hs from cal. Thk yohairwon ssiles I wan thankou also foyour ttimonyoday I beenowards you mtioned the life f safe houseld pducts ch asresser. Qu bumpe can aect anyon d eveonen my own dtrict the cif t band the ef crib mpers. safe andivinghicagoarents mof a pce ofine he on third ofyistric is actualnhe o I’mostlynhe sou surbs d then have aorld porti our addre a just ke yric n rents a two trds of my strictre burned wi hallma to sure k educion all oyou’vealked Besi le docts oarents goingo pare n whos of w.fefigers ould ecate bond govnment know wave a responsibity woulyou remmend so we do get. Tovery dayeople out wh ey shouldo. Fish. I’Ieallyave am ad t peatricssacki the srdyf act think. ve bn sayg with my story hersf sheappene to benho r theoom wher eightear oldshent happen that and’m also working in shingt state witchild prile to ad to risk of tip over e paets tt getsent to famies t somimeseople d’t read those Ihink a conrsatio pedirician when yore goi for tse wel child cck y hav you you know he you you know csidere. have u hazardn your homit suld be pt ofo d captn. Coresswonellyhen I fst scrahing mhead w would refighr. He agast fla retdants a more- Educaonhat I gothe from m unr coeaguesn othtates – Th it the iss was ver clear dn ver prese in allf As fefights weere allur les wer. Minnesot statessociaon we took it up oselveso educate our h ate. Beuse fefightersill lien e othe firefighter -So — As fars theonsume sety pructs — Phaps ptty mor notice d e y Us singhat surge geral’s rningront a centeo wos in erybods mind so I yo backnd thank you chairman f- Hallen there stiwo haveot — ter js n thatreand set whent come — To tootingn someinghort that ey wanteut I nd As aormer rst respoerf ort — A caain inhe we’ see apolice oi. lot ofeatb ] s case w. Prevenble. In my cas oyoue . And what I heard a common the he. To thection at there is y encies isoo slow. Edation pcess is need tbe. Gotten to a higher level that — At the agcy ised unrfunded vastl undernded belie its ang withany The needs of ahe safy of our tizens [indible] An tres D. ineed celas yousa there a It’st’s ctical thate do careos itooks ielf an tt e mayo. And ss we ed to more — . agenes fau.ies a say it’s Thgencys onlyoing to as gd. supeisio.le itires t give it be ableo do i Ando -‘m sorry missis so you r you do — And I just — shou underand that?i we We’re af alla volved – I’v thr young andchiren fourth en the homee alway cck. To e if the straps aroun t socke. Are ar tenare oand our ildrenre toorecious to us all. And iyou’ve seen e traumahis tthe captain d other he see. A u can derstand e t relevce o ming sure weet thidoneight. Thank u veryuc. Thk you l me cse bsayi the wiesses.ll thehe The m be hers w wante come back but wre probay gonnaet twand a half hours-o I wantedo tr begere -I want tput in threcord — Statent fro represtaa s t etterrom t nional asciatio of mafacturs leer fro– Se rsonabl eathab babI’ll Il see a letterrom fuishing alliae- An lett from ks in dangebout d the consur fedation o Americ a lette from the curity indusyssociation tter from seids worldde – Withou- And wto remind membe that psuans eyave t busins day t bmit. Additial questio forhe cord to answed b tnesse wave appeared — respd protly to an such quesons thamay arise. what youe doingoday ieven lives-s mmittee adjoued . Inur mison proction ccesse b increing-he ansiti tnatura gn some aasn o abo trsporthe naturalasnd elecicity from renablee source tthe ars wre is needed sot y loing fward to ture diussion o on cleaower And and other toohat I think argoing be aeally recoendatis frohisera commtee — with at — Goodght thanky friend for histatemt –ithout enter openitatemes ioto the recor s . At thi time I’d likeo witnsesf her with us today – Abit induries aociati bore joining CM Ross pperas theirector of the deparent of inrior’s reau of ocea eney nageme erehe led the ancy that oversa td e energy inclung when Sh Sir formallys the direcr of the Maryland energy administration. ToKierna presint andEO of a weisteraren wasresident theationaarks fiftn year.n assiation for ristin teasect i managg director at Cleview ergy partrs prior to ior to ining theirms to usact wa aenior resrch anastt Rort W. Bai and comny. And a senior vice presint with thWashinon resrch grp. Catherine Hamton is chair of thirtyight nor solutio a co chair of e Wld Econocs technolo gbal futur couil gridlternaves miAtlant. Wiout objeconhe he you’ nowecogni to give a ve minetateme. Great tha you vy o morning — ank y chairman Kass survey he mber gray on the other mbers of the mmitte amo hpy tbe here tnkou foe ank you f yournteres in sor ener. And mo imporntly tha yu for yournteres in dressi thclimatcrisis tt we fa. As you jus heard I’m hing a CEO of the solar ergyd dustri associationr s t- We reay likacrony an thenergy world. solar just wandervice dress one thing-hat thin we all e commiedokin membe clean rele t y dema that’s what ey expect the lar iustry we repsent – Amerans w workn the lard energy in biion dlars that winvest thiation wrecent cele the two milonhe U. S exciti I wou invityou to bule uthe becauswe are abt to ter theolar plus dede. Saw geratio current genetion but by twentthirty we thinkhat will be 20%. An whilehat i certainlyn aggresvs rtainl doabl ande certainly cant. s caonmissioyeventy tons per yrhich ison mric uivalent to taking fifen point sf theoad. Sof we aceve this0% in th xtecadee wl add more than tee huned forty fiv Three ndred fty thsandomy. adtionalolar js prong th a clean economy ia stro abou our abityo dohisden llt’s basedartly on at ‘ve acmplish to te. work tt investmt that’s of tusands of jo lerally. inconomirowth. of doars an aualtepped dowhat wilat le. Tan eveualhaseut for mmercial and iustriaitreditl spd utily sca solar. So unt Carms passes a carbonax or come to someonsens on how we address climatehange. e IT. C. is literally the most effecve policy -o deploy car r sor poli but it is literally a pk ithould be eended. lar h benefed from oth incling theublic ulityfedera pol regulaon i tor purse. Whicencoures t deploent of smalld devepment andontinued -l Deoyments so e state lel lotsf emples I wou point in my i. just can’telp bu also highligh South Colina cause of theipartisan nature. Ofolar eney and renewables in genal — t Just M gornmentaster signed the l- at clear otacleslears we’vtalked about — To grear adoption o rooftop solarnd also e l eate jobsnd encourage investments- For l sout rolinis. woul ask y to ta a loo at helpurther theeploymt m nameor but the’s clearl moren n seek conseus on larges we Carmen poly thinkhat’s o clear thing at Coness c d to I wou ho the intest in ener stage a suc a tnsformive part of clean ergy ecomy andoe think thae supptor stoge i a crical a that Congrsan do. Thd would suggest that investddr . need ofpgrade specificay can ke sure we canethee electronsd & distbutedeneratn a suring tha are grade. Isquippe to hale thatwo wayraffih o vestnd wororce delopme. Solar dsg litelly nd hundrs of thousas of rkersn the nex dede. We must pporteliberatyo buis dirse a incluve reachg to comnities tt havnot yetenefitd fro aoble engy. We must eure thaevery ente thithis –ector so- Andelsos at aoweteran a tnsitio from mitary servi into solar jo. benets odeployg rewablethe the ener a slur ecificallyre enormons r uses insular plus the wd solar ps eat moderzation. jobs and oortuni sohankment yovery mh for king me here. Thank you ry much Mister n and yore recnizedor fiv minus grad membe othe committe oppounityo testy ainom KernanEO e e l Of the wd indtry.y chain. In sumry wind ergy isn erican scess storye’ve ownow at a hundr fourtn thousa jd Is eithenumber o orumber two fastt gwing pfessio over theast tee yea we kind oduee larechniciao ‘re thrildith thcareer growth oor dustri helpingo lowe the ct of ectricyor conmerser zard wind energ is the eapestourcef n the untry actuay.rts of Ne wind is chear than the genetion werelso i ag fiftstates and in 70% of l e cgressialistric whetrt’s one of ourive hundred manucturin facities are u ousandurbine throuout t untry d lastly as r as is erican succe story we’re thlled tt we areeliabl on the gr thereix stas that rrently havever 20% of al eir ectricityrovidey wind ergy. Se d electrity wasind energy in theirs all e elericity in somef stateso regis s proded reliay by wi energy at I wt to thisorning polies tha hav led to this Amerie are a coupl of licies that we wot e succeeded. e produion tax crethe PT has beennd is anmportant mechism for the wd indtry to accy e enty fteenive ye And at five ar mul year clity and ctaintyf poli we havmoreind undert But causefhat clari and firssecond.nty so theTC Rewable portfio staards. They’r e reneble energy goals in both those a impornt drivers It’s ao impornt not thanfor our. ou PS doe not han pic a tenology rher all renewles inceivize coseductis i efficienco . out th’s bee so hefulpoint ition to C and our P… ght pruremenor offshe nde’ve gotorld css wind resoce onsre. east cstnd vy muc thohe speallye in t Great Lakes andff t st coa. States likearylan Massachusett Nw rk Rho Island and oths have sta t l . Blosming offshe wind instry abou somof thearriere talk some opolicies that we need to addo thosfirst tee fir. have — Anld and i aduate tnsmissn syste ectricys the lif bod of modern U. econy yetur grd i old an need of points on thatonsumedata currentl a payin. S essenceongestionosts becsein they’e inexnsive afforble cle nd ergy frords gerated. suffient transmiion th’so loadee pointnen ciety of civi eineers gave r geted. A D. ps. That’sot therado n . LastBP and m so ha bh foundhat tf ansmison are tee times grterhan the ct of tho Congss is to rect for t eateorkabloliciend piecf tramission howot w for ree plan fort n the permiing. Of transssion the – Pocy want to lkbout tha carb.icitrxplicit pri on Currtly dferent eney technogies g s dierent tim perds witho any a uny e simple w to fi this barrie forona explitly o implitly. So the carby valu and s electc generars hav ag eldo compe. d onceuchxamplet chnogy neual t inntives ang man ways of gettin e polies thaave bn beficial ThPTC renewle portfolio standard and procurent policies for offshore wind. addresthese briersh lis to ansmison policie. And a pce ocarn . Thk you mis’sccu ar cogniz for fe minus. Thk y chairn casr nkingemberraves and diinguisd memrs of e teas agozed leadhe powmmite my e pipelis al w ener ptners LLC. Were an iependeh firmere in Waington that serv instituonal investors and corporate stratists. Thank ye to ctributo yourmporta diussionegardi the gwth of rewabr I am greful forour digent nsiderion oflimate issue on behfs e hoers. memb grave US… A. nking calcules tt c wer secr cbon dioxi emsions dlined0% since t ousandive du to a ower eltricity demand a chang inhe m of fuel ed to nerate pow. Th occurd for variety o reons our resrce be has As wshouldn figuthe her capality the natur didt ovidean helus make furth provemt. Send as mtioned alrea ate rewable portfolio andard supportg saly newabl deploent dividual stas estlished taetsnd mantes decting their utir newabl energy resrces bed &-py a ye summaze theserogram and fire. To structuri these pgramss s imrtant as pow ruirements ofn diffe o an urly dly and seon. f Cafornia needs inwenty eiteen lding t natios ornizearkets as showein figure. n impoant in bancing renewle powero newabl pvided twey six consed in.eigawat hrs The Goen Sta last year weverhe top fifty dand Californiaontinue to rely avilynn sta natural gas sourceven as renewle resours shod large share of mandt peak tis in 20184%f Califoia’s top fio edsere meby i S gas plants at’s dn fm the3% avege ovwenty fteen sevenen it natal d toeep t light on as we ilstratein fige. poweneeds in th PP – Wind outpute mohs is . Mos ove a rangehough fro a low of hundreand for eight mewatts to high o sixte d a hf giv the what’ Thmaximu o houramp obrve tdate is tee poi ven ge the wt’snd the largest sns aropfourteepoint eig ga what’overighteehours. Naturaas e o planned. To mt ste levelt helprovide the bancing needsatet e naturaas plas currently Natul gas sector pticipas ntinueo exple carn captur and ser . Currentltorage alternatives e morexpensi tn installed new nus y offi smallase. La week fmer mayloombe call forl’ mainin coa plas by twent thirtynd oppos constction ofew naturas plas in an effoo ade on aeven srter teine vion by the state programs athay meioned. genetion pla cts aloes of requiro repe potne five rawatt hou of electril are tailed in myestimoutns assumi d sola bmass wastorage t colementind and solar oy. Ar rgh estate ilies as relad cap as alo to etpnt To finduch a badocietals goe look atheotential impaf incry ras to e addion oa one This approh cou provi a modestevg t would have spaire rate impact l n fferensn undeying cts of pow inad diffences in avage consumion as e x therore reding the ct of therar rthy of pocymaker nsiderion ctinued u of turalas and progress on cuent sta identied time nes give me powereedshile deliveng substtial emiions ergy surity inhree Bead andffordality. Ourxperiencet afrdabily cane a rl rld cstrain when comes toolicyormati. Pu i anoth way focingn attribes f afrdabilityan undmine curity and program durabity. We m thentire selectommitt fornas inting mto testi bore you toy. 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Feral poly dsotave to colict wh ste goa and in ma cases dtribut ergy source c provi serces bothhetility on local lel whi als delering valuab serce . t impoantlye need to thoughul a dr worker a the cmunitinat whichhey le Andn whosshoulders a industrialingation w built artaken intoonsidetion. purpo here inot bn t get to a 100 but inste to rae t possility thawe have t tooa throhout t grid.e resourc Wean fully integra rewable engy wheere combed dendespons with win tuinesre eney stora of lar pow or whether w ge consershe abity to mage and us ta It i all pt of th shoulde 10%missio fre.ricitysted Thankou fg e oppounity prese this teimony. Whathank y all vy much a ur tesmonyas cpellin s to he a lot of terficgng reckon myecogni myself f ve minutes — start t Ofoderningnd cleing up th oflectrity gd b impoant for ahole host of reons i it To to th comeo mind first the er. Seorfhe electcityector ev thoh admison the even thgh ofissis he faen mewhat remns signicant transptation secto indusial sectt ectrif. Of tho indtrie tt rreny ryn burng fsil electricatio wl be aore potentlimate sution wit t cleane. Ms Hamptonn your testimo descbe theotential befitsust sru oflexibl gridechnolies how n thelexiey soues technogies. Of ld f Stat how c we aieve. Our renewle goals off oa ster te line ank y for theuestio it’ becae part othis is abta real in ho dwe rlly engage consums and pe h . And Ihinkhat’s allartf the eatiod bere this is outllowg th supy andemand so sid t rknd tethernd indepeently. Th’s going to reire a lot o planr ols tt allow uto mane iwill lerheseysteml And wil aow for gater resilice bl r techlogies tha will while faile to rover fast Kar and Ihink Iaw you noingour hd when- Wn msamilto said thathe ice. C. — Haso incle ergy orage so ta tus about tt yogree wh that in aexpert exained your sition s we do aeeith that there is a bill believe in both is supporte of that we d we believ d orage a natal gas togeer we thinktorage –y Costaot it wld benit b — Tax edit tha wou further stimulate costeductis and deplment of storahether on projts pticula solra part of e soluon and. T muchts e Depl it so we windnergy is grong by les a bouds now bu wisC u coul accelate depyment acrohe coury aolutel d and Iould a wh transmsion yesee the gdend we absutely becaus is tranissionhat allows y. from wheret’s genered tlar load stoge is rt ohe answer tnsmr I . Oucurren direcr ia dee us we’ got tgetetteror gonna ve e fure. me is Halton btery stoge a big pt of ts is well everyo k’ t to etterow would y An in batrytorage — And lerage publiprivat rtnerships he ght so there coupl o ws indeor newechnoliesewicr chemisy s t stora for Another pie is me of e the issues arod the st of ore permting a tho are ctly th’re cled so costs a ing ae to ve som sistan on th from e departnt of e inedible. As Iention befelso modeng and alysisut whetr it’ from bac om ine all t way treally priding tools tenergy orage oer. Develors to wer t cosf n nnecti will breal buil in the o t the gwing clean – ether it’s tining itiatis- Aughat cate good jsll ay n needhose gd fami wil staini jobs. Yeah absoluty tt’s a super a lotf parf this countre engy transitiontage othe d so weave tthink about how to cr lolly. To ensu tt wre all ae to r have tthinknd it esn’te thatay not be thekillet it But I do bievehat we n d? at we st heo be vy purposeful about the way we do it okay thank you vy muc I recogne the rking mber no gointo get- Myston strg [inaudle] Firs ank you mam cha -nd apprecte erybody howe deal with is and Indyalkinn thkhat is somethi that runs iustr issu and fast ackinghisn myuestio n about storagendor wha o impoant we have to ha this convsation- Sond I’m fro North ke tremdous win ergye actual justerf lar — Bo excid abouthat too b ear is yea I had the oppornity to got . And Virnia claubs ruire er abo nine ousandounds a re ear mets and as w ha this conrsatio we’re mong forrd- O of th thgs I tnk whave to lk abouts tht n howe proce this ergy a wi theact thawe thenited Stess essenally a 1% liant on importing re earth mels Ihink athis pnt in ti — Ao out inears fnd that w aa ne imporr of twentof ove enty ctical rest mals – An rare earthetalsre limiteto a e . Obvisly som o t world ggestollute are wre we porthis stuff fromot t ntion se huma rhtsssues d Iean wwere partipating mouninasses I tnk the onl placeed ates rig now that does that and is actuly a cou a nsorti that’ o particarly by Chee y ip. About fiftyhousand ns of the h year sobor processg so convertion we’ talki about gre wre talki aut baeriesere talkibout a his aree alsoncludi in th conveation riousl tking aut. are n so dendent o othi a situae terrists i your opengd testimy ab. – oducin sol are we hing a coersati aut ming se th w are. and I meaow a weow a we addresng thaand I’ start [inaudle] Over he meanhat.n asme ovehere areookingt me – With e for th qt u wholheartey thaisn portantiece othe is n limit certain tst newabl tecologie but tse ere asrt rig we us them and many of ourroduct- we thi abo what are t as elentshat a imporntnd so o of the e fiftsolar photovolicarket Over 90% of the of that matial is silicon which is the secon mostbundan resoue in e So wre talng abo small legiation bssom times stifie tether part o engine invtory answerarest areere where w get them fro in od r – turdayith a fferen sition. I canust a for the wind called dirt driveurbinend we canet to e numb but it’s probf n . Direor’ve hamagnets in need tir small amot of re or snoe gearnd do nouse real so noan iue –ssentily for thssamilto ansr to b I I e proem wit all ohis is ishat anthat mht be true A Teslaeed sen pounds o let’s e. Any d whewe’r dling wh engy stoge on e gre and agree are gat nee updatg thatonversiono wheer it’s aurbinr baeryn a hoe for solar are rt of the eart metals nversaon a we don’t pruce them he so ss Hamilt. You he a he wted and thank yo so mu for this queion th is a ally reall and so critica matials at Cong tha does he terbleic prtices human rights praices whate have to do is tnk holistan ecutive oer that just ca out th a rortn crital material fs e big hugeiece of tho tt hav n thought abo yets recyclg. An i can be ne treix compansrount recle critilineral they Yet they’re notn the US we needot velopolicy bot. Toine in thU. S but also to delop recling filitie f re ears andritica marials. And eht and just think agreehat jt don’thinkthat’s arI that cverg as ft as the oer one is a noto put rselves i in d We A energ indepdent as tion rht nnd cate a we t and catch u so ank you all for ur ansrs fiveinutes tt they get you and thk you tthe wiesses And rtainl back homeut really cling f comprensiveosshee acon to dresshe clite isis a I I tnk cha ster a and t commiee for rely talki about ansiti to a 1100% can energy onomy d wenow th importce of thenvestment especilr techlogies andhe new — Possibitl just this week I repsentate utsche fro Floda a I introduced g rearch a develment aTo devepment lehe wor thasccelete d Univsityn theacificarin ergy cenr. ey’reuildin a we ener test filit. Ofthe Oron coa it’s a vy exting have -But is it’s also gne scussee needo workorce asell andw rves on e educatnabor coittee – Thatomethi tt we nd to hav this Alonith t transion –o the yo ramp upenewabsng Polandeneral Electri a NextEra energust anuncer forts tdevelo. Th natn’sargest maj newabl ergy falityhat’s gonna be iegrang at wind and sareneratn a ttery stoge in singl locationhe wheat ridge renewable’ ing to eate Anstoreave l cos clean renewable ergy to wer more kindf a t ftor ofinds sor — And batry storageo help ba efficiently ansferhe energy th but ao.I’m aing aboutyou Miarperou -alked abo a shar cle energ visn in yo testiny swhat a the curren opd alleng ontegrati whe you ve that a solith wi batte stora we’rverye’re o thaprojec inregon conatulatnst’s a it I I think it ist’s exciti buta proo that at the in th vion is coming tfruitionow righand so th is thi is t ju o cleannergy fure it’sre cle y t e thatlean energvision- I panests ofave taed abouthink whw ho. Astabliing th can bndersted the planni that- e t t wee doi Ihink we’ highlited somfa policies oserver aren tax policyy y certnty d prectabily thais that we should a share tt challenged bh othisederal vel but ao at e ste lelou tald a lile bit abt sou class. Right pmittin tse projes big elds chalnging and swhethe a tting claty arod there – I thin is at fst reay fro thin aboutew conructio and wehink abo the fact at is where deploy you know is or building homes and new buildings wehould have our state or is it jus rule or a statend I thk. you ok at theen yeau know if art tt — We pu togetr for Gegiae gerationix h shifted ay from cl l gand renables and hydro at arenvolved he’s en t hya that’ alway bee the the rewable that e thatransitn.sime tmake Anne of the ings tt they ha an S.. P. for emple in thheartlandf the untrys readyvailable rigeorgia.reatinds Ha it is to a lotf ho air Seventlet’s notet persol time Buti at’s alear iustratnf where me ofa mean en youpeak aut wind energy you knoyou caspeak in kil. In younow for sidentl kilowatt a so yonow ea. Tenology has aey rol to about stribud load the I sidentl sol I thi has a great ooa t e utility mage groht t ds of t system. And tt heleduce d i instment forne omiingne does IeaI n partular in r disict cotal sar. And anthey he really a th re arean in pticula.fhey to thehicd th’vectuall. me I’mctuall gde — Sor panel whe the theve help the ccken farrsn are usi ts in iusing itoind a ls grea add e reass coaster sews one of th reaso while we were. We’re si. Seen Georges is onef the to ten states in solarnergyot on that there creing js. Rewablenerg a of th i ust grt. ant tosk you abo somethg els in t orges no re for surcheck the nats proding lot of in fit It’s bigarket in i theretchen d. Eupean Uonut n s mh in t in Amica and’m jt more becse you know isonderg wo sentiay iits carb utral andot onlhat bute throug se In whawe’rerying tdo her any iden th did y Europn us Chevrot bute c n’t seem to ve — I have andotall I thinkhere’s been a t of ccernedbout. From carboprofilu he-e haestings perspeive When ye oldetrees forour for y ow newreasonapling? I Ihink that tre’s been a heren the U. S. than rhaps The wondeul thibout bio compitive aa reneble chnolo Ishatt oen doesn need th sameevel of ba u – In termsf d windould be becauset is a mo stabl wereneratn -esourc and so I thihathat acowledgnt andhe carn yearago — A being bettentaty o. an carneutralhat I We’v h a expernce wheree per you know astic bags we bettew infoed as aociety we gete bett andromival my tis — But I r r . Thank you. maye out pforminthergi sunshinetateo orida thereister Lev u is speing outf rewables. d exceingveryons ojectis Mist Levin. m gonnI’m nna to th — to o witsses – Beforu ming to Coress I co foder to cle energnonprofit calle ean te Orang Count –ow it’saller Caforniand we’ grown the Ande have t iplace asand of number of policieshatave — able tt to bthe ca good afternoon everybody thinks much for watching news now which is part of oxen Phoenix dot com my name is feel are areas some pop in back on the set. The nice crowd there in Times Square New York City if you’ve never been it’s a place to be hold for shore plenty of things see. He said here to experience. People from all over the world not just from all over the country there you can experience the true big city public transit system. Off lots and ls of sights and sods out there I lived out theres state ardha University and then — Visited an additional time after that I just love New York City it’s a it’s a place like no other it’s very very cool — Let’s see those thumbs up emoji is if you’ve ever been a member I like to get to know you all like to ask questions all the time. All right I got thisop stories ready to go for that I was talking about earlier but we had so many live events right w liket live of that we just don’t have time for the top stories. And they only for these top stories right now so it’ll be pretty quick. Five a lot of you were talking about a when I was teasing on that means when I like preview of my talk about that they’re coming up. When I mentioned earlier with my piece of the end of news on fox and extralite people were like whoa wow about some of the stories like this first one about a four year old taking an S. U. V. on a short ride to get what else? But candy yeah cay This is acalls o beeve now I c conrm. It ends here at this blame a spt about a mile and a half away. The young fr year old boy wit morning candy. eay And hofast were yo now. To scan spree d wt wereou whever yo theyan.Toas staon howome Let’ just say little Sebastian this whole mischievous naudib] Thank naudib] The d okay so jt abouou. erythi when comeso his Sant Fe.aer’s Hndai AnTuesdaorningbout eig irty Sebastianut a rl ared to his filyhen ok on th S. V. Lo a little bf almt aing citg. the otionsn trying to calculate wha happed an demonstrated how he pulled it off. Using great grandpa Roy’s Walker to grab the keys from wall hooks wh no o’s wching h unde inttheriver’s seat. d was off he watch everytngeopldg fromreat grand’s house bastn stretched his tiny body his eyes barely able to see above the steering wheel. He backed out of the driveway heading to some why the neighborhood streets before turningeft on too incredibly busy University Avenue at the heartof the morning rush. From their witnesses reported over radically along university at speeds in e ten to fifteen miles our range of eventually getting the Santa Fe safely to th gas station parngot. Whe poli quick metim I’ never seen a driver this young before operating a vehicl? A day later there some last known s seriouy injured in Sebas. But they’re also some seris leons for him in s fily ke goingorward and tkeep oserye on e younger ha bee verfewah I cod You ow wre heouldnr and th whe in male. We couldven t [inaible] Right w. yes i i iblank there erybod all rht I’m Masshusettbut I’m Ninet nine poi 9% sure th iis becausetI was e firs timI’ve er pretty coo le Hey at’s d I jt conrmedt is a lileit diffent weaer coitio than yesteay loo li cloud perha. littleoggy but the thr coas alrdy got threeore tops oriesr yeah mean teens areoing all sor cas at al sorts oflaces regardg . adul doingareer se stu. This nt s n acady. In Colorad I bieve it’s De. Yeixty tee teenars cam reo Denv heauarts day forhe F. B. I. tee academ tyt m swatn more I’mlso onef the sners othe tey ballist vesthat I have toear. Whatayind of keep safe he rightetween thewat gea theeape e in her the Denve FBIightee educion?fer qte the Th is causehe a tha kind ostuf hn g I’ve always wanted. To bome an te lear about fgerprint to tenologyvidenc collection paid to bl thing up ty see the ba s e m technicis tha werworkinon inspir a lot of youngeoplet over n I did everything I cldhree year ahen s got a clege inteship and is nown employome vy progssion. Of tay will the wners o the spis th is a mningfulayor young pple.t naonal suritynd and crinal pgrams and rlly ge sense for whaoccurrg i acady i sponsed by the. B. I citens acamy alui associions pretty eited worki wh thes kid te fothe fure There a t oth teen acemies this yearne in lorado sings and one in Lamie bhose a bhull you calwayspt Thirty o all right wll bri backut now le to Phoeni to h a highfne huneded thirte todao we ev got tre dohis We rlly appreciat honesyd coveg. it’s n y n s one ndred d seven degre so one irteenut every single deee once we’re pt that one hundd markell. ‘s wor it wl take it we plus plee and thank you. For thnext t serr gon take u o tLos Aeleshere they’re talking about psibly wingome cs. Anhow it mhte impacng e homess theituation in thcity let hear t latest om Los Anges. isorni I wked on shor block I was ablo come acro e known to be parked on weeksn end. side t Los Aeles cit hall resints spooth in pport of andgainstssemy bi. ve sixen o streetsreot be ud as lg term parking lot.veo modifi esting law byanning th towin the vehics in three scarios vehics with fivor re uaid parng ticke regiration expiredor more than six months senty two ursighty vemore an lawhichllows citso telle sidoesg abandod vehicles. And if the bill passes there will still be over twentfive basis to tow a vehicle iluding th vehles areegally parke. Me Ccf attoeyor plic counc whic void i e l d leg aid fouation and ile se residen joinen pport I don know sine on houseerson w’s eve Iave — Someo livin in nd fromy pla rht n th’re weomeo stay there as themnto peanent hsing speakersmplore the cncil to This isruci to our ci I dersnd the homelessness is oblembut e prlem doe not ge solve b aowineople to break t. Plea ve no. Kill tmembery by wase y oppong theill I fundamtally agree ouldote towi a vicle I ink thais a fincialion so hardip iss. An isshat deste Ls objectn now mes forrd to thstatSenate Do y kno live now te Whe Hse i ouratios capil look ae I sayhatord rit wrg pleaseonstruiveryby corct mm criticm aaysr th t lawreas. Onof younews nowosts we addional news w host onare abt n are kinguestio abo her yo ve not actuay met heret t to me i mpacere certaiy. citeo be aing aewost to theeamo be extenng our Okay so Tcy css gohe’s oneive ss Authities shareith th a this iag s h allonce aou parts. allonces why or w not let’syogis second day in a row mking t Dow’s isonth as theShina trade war ges onarget givin azon runor its mey the reiler now oering sam day deliryn thousas o items for only nine nine nine per. Orr previouyustome who joed a speal subscriptio dollars p year for t sered give customers an extra 5% discos loyalty program. And allowance is becoming a thin of e past a new pl from credit cards dot com shows only 40% of parents give their ce Yet t repor ao revea wanted for U. S. adults never learn basic money lesns wn Experts s teachg you kid out moneyan hel tm manage their finces ter lif. For more s dot com in New York I’m Tracy Carrasco . The uncilocial coopetion beeen the Uted Nation the leue o. h ep conrn thiorning responsibiliti claried htyncidet id. If there i sething t world confrontatn in the Psian Gulf rion Wiegards to the cooperion wi regionalrganizationse reiteref to pvent one And r cooration witthe leue of ab stes ipivota said- Wlecknowlging sessn the sretary gener hilighte t potenal f tionhat wiring real change to e e Ar world a bond liain officer the leae of N Ar state i carverill become operational this moh. Andhank the govnmentf Egypt for s facity. e secretaryeneral wilmeet – e sectaryeneral othe league of Ae n his offe and we will orgize a brfressincounter terwards. Turng to Syria we remaid alarme i hunitarian impac of in t northstart of sees docunted iidentsn whictde escaly least twe s cludinixty ne wome and eity one cldren wereilled sinc t descalatn ofinjur hostilies skews me since the escalati ofostiliesn More than three hdred tusandent. bord wh Turk camor thee displacedh i th open elds or under tre stris andrtilleryhellin oneveral fntsn northern Despithe annncementf a ceasire yterday beten The ited Nions urgesllartieso t. rties to e figing to Betweer agree to betwne Ruia andurkeyasteptemb anremind all pties of their oblitionsnder intertional law. Td civian irastruure and to reect therincip o distinion and y Turng to lly t speci sole on D. freef thery serity counc yesteay afrnoon attan centl Mol was another remdt And highlighted steps taken since n cludingncreas the numbe o paols in actiso prome reconciati. e e fighng agast iunity. of Hiremark were ared withou sterda statent iued yterday afrnoon byirgini gone out thspecia presentive of the secretary Johnn about Jia a the special genodend Kar Sth theof specl adver on th sponsility. prote. of ier comnal ethce cycondemn tn olence in talioryttacks. They’vbn centl Mi And on Yemen you wil s in at theead of yo andission- Michl is urt pvided the status un the initiedeployment. Taken by on Si all all ofhe leafnd rtyo –ith thta so yestday eving oafternn. Generas e miliry presee w ni tected ihe pts by gular veficati prols bthe U. an msion expediouslyompletehe moval of all mitary benefs statia e . initledeploent fromhethe portsere sy ishe first part ohe broer deploents i who da. intoiviliapacehetheorts facilited theore Notihe connuedommitmthete of t pares tthe wh data agement. Generas Guardrgeshemo fig gotiatio to low ful imementati ophase onand o that tning to bowl — Wi the ces oEbola now Heal Organationsheorld commteen internaonalnving athe y hethegulatns. Th meeting will ke place tomorrow i Geneva. to aertain wheth the orate public hlth emergcy oftes a internionl committe since the binningf e outbak in temocrac Republ of t. e mocrat Repubc of t Congo stant two thousanandces fourundred a fe deathsd d ts a of this mning Ugandanuthoe Reportinked to bowl A couplof cliteotes- F vil – Don’t shat we weome t announcement by Norw’s goverentension fd obalhich h didedo give thgo aad f the lgest foss fl. This iestmen to day dropn billn dlars wth of compt office s that the brerroadoaliti of and aders ctinue to call for acti for pvate cpanies.o make tha cessarontributio t emisons to mit t worst impact o clite chae. Joel clima actio smit inry said evenore ambitus targe fotheirompani. line wh t rept by e intergernmen . Which is made t ce of liting glol tempeture ris to ones centradebove p indusial levels. Te s to busesseadersnside b ase c gohe heaof the Withore th twey leads cigaays the prent t G.ncludg Mao ap Patria Espinoz the executiv dectorf the Uand change — J. o myith fr ed yh K. t secrery neral’envoy on youth an S. T. Gadvoca pollullman the formeri ternoon the sretaryeneral an clo swaphe fouer o e Wor Econoc For wil gn andill wiess the gningf a merandumf undetanding On a strategic partnership beeen t U. 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It good gn that th parties ofgreedo resume tks — A that t t wee seenas — W calle off — Secuty cncil skeut unanimsly so k n the sceneith th is al that aood sign in term of th the thee inrnatiol comnity and the uny ofessage the iernatial commuty — detaed — And we call for releas- And also for thehe restorion of of t intert r bic messa i one o pport for t Afran Uon togeer and cesivel twork oneor e tryin to soe thisurrent siation. Ma of rely. whicmeans ‘s up you. Tom revive them Thanyou. F it loo like wee traving to new destinatn togetr tss a place we’s heren the st year d a ha. Th is t Ocean Cit in New rsey let’s seeomehumbs u ther.if youe evereen I’ had lot of opleelle the achese grea u kw ve popul M TV sho lled Jsey Shore. But Iave ner bnt k Ci. Nevereen tBoston have en a DC. I getxploreome mo. You know wt I. citi anyerecross t world th youould le to avelo and ilooka pia joi righere on e bott left o. Inizza

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  1. Here we are again manipulating people to tell them what you see is not what you see ….here is what you see…pathetic

  2. Illegal acts openly online is one thing to monitor highly, but expressions of belief w/proof are never to be sqashed.
    I'm seeing muddy waters between the 2.

  3. How about if you don’t like something, just turn it off and go away, no one is forcing you to use it. Libtards with their infancy mindset.

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