News Now Stream 07/15/19

News Now Stream 07/15/19

that we might want to have. We saw the education facility and my friends you couldn’t. Learn anything and that the circumstances that did the noise it sat jun is overwhelming but their children children are resilient you don’t know what the effect on them is. But they have smiles on their faces we you know that but they also said they want to be with their families they deserve to be. With their families and not continually in our custody we have. Questions about countless questions on the process of matching children and a family. We are very interested in what the level of information is transpiring between the department of health and Human Services and the department of homeland security and we want to make sure that that information. Is not putting youngsters in jeopardy nor their families in jeopardy and so that we do not have sponsors of for these out. For the children we had was talk chase managers case aids they are doing the best they can we would acknowledge that. But there is seems to be a log jam and and and and placing these children. Over all this and and we also found children were continually being separated at the border. Well we’ve heard that has got to an overall because of my colleagues need to speak up as well. We are here to deal with the oversight above all. Above all. These children are in our custody. They need to be well taken care of they need to be moved to their families and they need to stop being detained and what is a secure our facility with guards. All around dead and no ability to move freely no child. No child should be held in these kinds of conditions thank you and not let me introduce to you. The person who is chair of the chair of the Appropriations Committee. Congresswoman Nita Lowey from New York. I want to thank. Chairwoman to laurel for organizing this. I thought it was very productiv. I appreciated the staff spending time with us. This is showing us the facility. But the bottom line is this. Even if this were the wrist. Or any other fancy hotel. The children should be with their family. And as they are checking out. We have to be absolutely sure and as a result of this briefing I am far from sure. That these records are not. Turned over to a vice yeah the climate in this country. By the president of the United States of America. Causes fear in the hearts of families and all of our community members around the country. So therefore. We have a lot of work to do. And I look forward to going back to Washington. Based on the information we gathered. And share this information with our of the probably [inaudible] Thank you. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the great state. Thank you so much. Thank you chairwoman tomorrow chairwoman always my colleagues who have come down here to join congresswoman Frankel and Kristin I and we also joined by state representative chevron Jones. Represents Broward. County and as well. As with Broward county — There are a few things that need to be made made very clear. We did not get. A neutral last minute picture of what’s going on in this facilit. We gave them notice because we were required to give them notice otherwise they would never allowed us in. As you know with that I have been withheld from being able to come in without notice in the past. We we’re in the process of changing the law so that we can conduct congressional oversight. Whenever we want to so that we can make sure we really get a true snapshot. A number of important things that we learned here. Many of you know we’ve been fighting. Now success. To get. Information about the facilities hurricane preparedness plan. They refuse to share that in the past they were we learn today they refuse to sharing even with the Florida department of emergency management. Came right from the mouth of the secretary. Now they finally committed to at least give us a briefing. Although they won’t give us on paper they say. The information that details. Preparedness find why not. Why not they say because they don’t want to should they are able to share locations where the children will be going don’t show that? But we are responsible in Florida for making sure that everyone can get to safety. And we ARE Alexa Fishel’s. Government and we are entitled to that information and we’re gonna continue to press. For we also were able to ask about the children that were apparently and have been. Apprehended. In the interior parts of the country. Who have? In the country one young man who finally was reunited with his mother who has been in the country since he’s nine months old. Whose mother was two hours away and he did not need the statutory definition of unaccompanied minor we’ve asked and they weren’t able to give us the information today. But the numbers of children that were detained and that were brought here in violation of the definition of unaccompanied minor. We have gotten very mixed answers today about whether or not and how much of the information that. The office of refugee resettlement shares with the ice in the department of homeland security we did learn today that there’s clearly information like addresses of where the children are going. Whose on sering them phone numbers contact information that clearly could be used by the department of homeland security to engage in enforcement action against those potential sponsors is which is why we’ve seen a drop in response. And what the heck it from July third until July fourteenth suddenly they’re able to drop a thousand kids here when they couldn’t do that as quickly nee. Where where did they go and lastly the education program? They are and they told us today that they do an academic assessment that the company has made up themselves. We have no idea what standards they use they aren’t being taught by certified teachers and congresswoman Laura Laura referred to the in the in the school and that the the tent that is used. To treat the children are taught an attack. And it is the same day and if you’ve ever been on a playground I didn’t know it during an elementary school recess. That is how loud it is in that room is the second time I’ve been there it would be. The way I did it when I was senator Nelson a year ago. That’s how about it is all the time how can the children possibly be learning in that environment they’re not taught by certified teachers. They’re not standards had it must change [inaudible] Yes [inaudible] Thank you. I want — To explain this is oversight this is what oversight looks like — We understood and found out today about an awful lot of kids who were move through here very rapidly before we got here today. This place that notice that we were coming in a week ago. And all of a sudden things start moving rapidly. That’s why the separation of the branches of government are so important. That’s why it’s so important that we’re here today — And what Debbie just said about the education opportunity here. It’s a joke I mean you couldn’t hear yourself think. In that place I don’t see how any child can learn anything and that kind of environment. This is the United States of America. We’ve got to be humane. We’ve got to treat people with decency. No matter where they’re from. Start doing it now thank you very much. Hello [inaudible] Thank. You can see this unfortunately I’m in this picture. But this is the first. Photo eyes can you say that. If you walk into these facilities you see all over the walls beautiful art work done by these children and the first. One that I saw was and the statue of liberty — And other affect their number one around and you see. You see Hart said say love. And just keep in mind that but what was sorry these are children that in here there’s something like. Thirteen hundred children. Were present the eleven thousand children across. This country. I came here the company. So the question I asked today is what why are these children hear we’ve talked talked about the need to get them back to their to their family but the question is. If you look into their eyes these children. Have hope in their eyes this child because they’ve come from terrible surround these. Back home. And so in my message today really is number. One the trump policy of completely cutting off three sources. Especially to these trying out countries is the wrong policy we should be educating children wherever they are in this world because these children these girls we talked. To they want it to be educated and if we’re going to have them here. The reading they need to be treated with humanity and care [inaudible] California. Thank you very much. Thank god or someone to learn. For bringing us here today and couple things at once as a member I serve on the appropriations subcommittee on labor health and Human Services. I come here with the background the clinical social work. And what I wanted to look at it specifically where the case management systems in place. Clearly first about the standards of the state licensed facility are totally different from what we saw today. Secondly with regard to the trauma. 100% of these children are traumatized but yeah. That’s not acknowledge these kids have been traumatized in their country’s their journey once they got here in America and so there should be a clinical systems. Video conference right every now and then once a week but there should be some. Treatment modalities that of that knowledge the trauma that these children have experience yeah and there is not. The bombing let me just say as with case management process. They’re going to send us a copy of the check list because the goal is to make sure children leave and go to their sponsors as quickly as possible. But I want to know what the check lists are and how quickly and how. How? Old the case managers are to the initial assessment and how as children leave what process is put in place the de institutionalized these kids because as regimented. And we have to have a coming again from a man that was one of topics and this line boring updated news fox news is William loginis William I your I’m doing good — We’re Los Angeles in this is the ice detention facility here this is when immigrants are apprehended in the field there brought here they’re detained their process and ultimately. Typically deported — There were no actual ice operations it yesterday on Sunday. One reason I am told is because that element of surprise is eliminated when the store was really several weeks ago. So the other thing is is ice doesn’t have the authority to enter an individual’s residents as a consequence they require surveillance they basically look at someone’s routine. Identify where they can make an arrest between a person’s home in their cars for maybe as a way to go to work on the bus or something like that. So — Operations did continue — This week however we are told potentially indefinitely as agents cycle through a list of roughly five thousand three two thousand individuals who meet a very specific profile or set of criteria number. One that the recently arrived in remember to they have a criminal record and finally number three have a final — Deportation order that is means that the case has been reviewed by a judge. And that judges — Determined that they are ordered deported that within ninety days they don’t actually do so so those are the individuals on this lis- So this is going to continue indefinitely as they try to identify apprehend those individuals might. And this is a the Obama administration as well. Right now this is picking up so much — The not only the media but century cities and states. Well I think number one many people perceive this — On behalf of president trump is heartless racist on necessary kind of ginning up the fear factor by making this announcement last week. Whereas most ice operations go on without anyone really knowing about it — Typically. Where is your right — The Obama administration deported many more nine criminal immigrants in our criminal aliens especially in his first term which is what critics are. Are are complaining about president trump. When in fact this is not a indiscriminate suite for a rate if you will but in fact these individuals a very specific set of criteria? President Obama actually adopted that set a criteria in his second term going back to what we call the prosecutorial discretion in January of twenty fourteen so you’re right you’re tearing many democratic lawmakers. Chastise president trump for something president Obama did — In his second term and actually you in a worst case it is first or deporting — Indicates about three million immigrants President Bush about two million and president trump of course is nowhere near that in only his third year in office Mike. And the last question here off. Was this telegraphed as far as we knew a day when this would be happening now this happens every day but why. How was this telegraphed where – We knew like okay Sunday was the day. Well several things — Hello history and I’ll try to be brief but several weeks ago this story was leaked in the Washington post that ice is going to do something called a family operation — That eliminated this element of surprise with nice again needs because what they’ll do and I’ve been on a number of different — Ride alongs and muscles with these guys dammit jacket and the jackals and sold a name and address — Description of the individual what they wanted for and so forth agents will get together — Sales circles a parking lot five four in the morning and a no go sit on that person’s house they’ve already identified a person’s work schedule Monday through Friday right so when word got out. Within the immigrant community that these operations is going to happen with these individual. Time’s up right so you’re not gonna be able to and then president president trump as well as two of his secretaries – Announced that they were going to do this on Sunday well you don’t do it on Sunday because our surveillance doesn’t. Is is useless at that point because you really been looking at their work schedule Saturday and Sunday are unpredictable so that’s one of the reasons it was in a sense delayed if you will. Some of those arrests in some cities were done on Thursday and then of course you’ll have a continuing from Monday. Until some period in the future that we’re not world like. A loginis thank you so much for breaking it down and giving us an update on all the weekend activities we appreciate it. Get more news now up next. All right well. Thank you so much question verya slow moving storm over the weekend from a tropical — Depression. Then before that it was a hurricane category one let’s listen you’re losing and if nowhere else that will not always. Be the case. We based on what we’ve heard experienced — I think we’ve learned a as we do in every single stone — And that will make us even better prepared for next time and we do know that there will be. A next time and ona stop for just a moment just thank the thousands and I know this is probably not something that most people see — And they can’t really appreciated because they don’t see it. Literally thousands and thousands of people all across Louisiana responded — To bury – And I’m talking about from our federal partners with FEMA who have who’ve been here with this from the beginning. Not the Coast Guard A who performed extremely well for us- They have a capability that we really don’t have in terms of the equipment and the expertise to flop when the winds are stil- The ed it elevated levels and they were able to make — Search and rescue for thirteen individuals I in the oval John Charles area — And two pets are learned a today that were also taken out of that area. But also all of the folks at the state level a represented about leadership that is here behind me — But beyond that at the local levels with with sheriff’s offices first responders fire departments levy authorities — You just name and then and then extends out. To the faith based community and other organizations who always step up — And perform of value million and I wanna. Thank them on behalf of the stable wheezing Anna. At present we’ve we opened a total of one hundred and seven flood gates of the six hundred and one that were closed. We have a gun opening floodgates and the version terror bone as well as several flood gates within the hurricane ridge production system. Within the greater New Orleans area including the western closure complex. You will recall and you’re gonna hear from — Chip plan shortly the the chairman to see puree — This was the first time that the British breast reduction system was completely closed off from button up — And and I’m sure that — That we’re gonna be able to get a report and perhaps not tonight A but soon on how it performed of from from here. At least it did appear to perform extremely well. All together with search and rescue across the state Louisiana ninety three individuals were saved — From eleven parishes of a would point out that forty eight of those came from one facility that was evacuated. A between two o’clock this morning at six o’clock this morning and not be area. That was the Iberia Medical Center — And I wanna thank all of the individuals who were so helpful in making sure that that evacuation happened timely — And very very smoothly. We currently have a hundred and seventy seven coaches about tomorrow all of the coaches will be. A role will be returned we will retain the para transit units. Until all the individuals — With medical needs are currently being sheltered and I think we have. Eighty eight of these individuals who being sheltered in the repeats perish medical facility until they get returned to the nursing home in. Morgan city — I’m sorry and and St Mary parish not in not in Morgan city — But and then we will keep whatever para transit- Units that we need to to move any other medically fragile people we also have a hundred forty school buses that will be returned by close of business tomorrow and I want to personally thank. All of the school districts to loan their buses to us — And and it’s good that we were able to have those are to increase our ability to move folks. As might have been necessary — When it comes to power outages we’ve been in constant contact with public service commissioner and the various electricity providers around the state? We know that since the storm started they have restored service to about a hundred eighty eight thousand customers. And many of those customers were restored more than once and so the total number of outages wer. Greatly in excess of a hundred eighty eight thousand the severe weather we experience today through south Louisiana has called additional damage. And slow the restoration process because bucket trucks can’t operate. Until the winds are reduced below a certain level so that — Those lamb and can can be safe. However crews are still countering challenges crosses the some areas of the state Louisiana — And as quickly as they are able to engage they are doing so — And so we believe that power will be restored relatively quickly for most of the areas and stay Louisiana without power now — Those being and focused an assumption — Iberia and and St Mary parish I do want to remind everyone that downed power lines do. Present a extremely a dangerous hazard you should always assume that the launcher live — And don’t go near them certainly don’t customer allow anything to come into contact with them — And of if you’re in an area that is experienced downed power lines please be extremely cautious. A when venturing out — There will be east state office closures tomorrow in three parishes and only three parishe. Of those being saying merry assumption and Iberia and again primarily thisis because of the power outages that we continue – To see in those areas all other state offices will be open [inaudible] We I have determined that for this particular. Disaster meant this will be our last full unified command group meeting. I will have a a smaller more informal meeting tomorrow morning here at nine o’clock should there be a need to address the press — We will make sure that you are aware of that right now we don’t — Anticipate interstate that. However — Again I want to thank all of the first responders state agencies to go seven ploys all of our federal. Up partners and all the local officials who have done so much a disservice to a Louisiana — During — This particular disaster they of all mind and exceptional job. Now I’m going to be followed — With — Briefings to be given the budget plan to charm the CPR ray. It we fall about Shawn Wilson sector of the public transportation development — Sector Walters of DCFS will will brief after. Sector Wilson — Sector Gila follows. And general Chris of the National Guard will follow and then — Commissioner Mike strand apartment acting for street onc- Commissioner strain of completes his remarks then we will entertain your questions. Thank you. So is the governor noted in his remarks are her came protection systems around south Louisiana function just as we hope they would — This was the first time in the history of the hurricane- Risk reduction system around the greater New Orleans area where we had all flood gates closed and operated the western closure complex — So that system performed of quite well — Even though we did not see the storm surge that we had originally expected in the greater New Orleans area. Additionally the more gains a to the Gulf hurricane protection system where to stay Louisiana and terrible in the foods perishes over the last few years have invested hundreds of millions of dollars — It to raise levees in those system and run around the greater — Fuse me around terrible in the Fuxi areas as well as major flood gates and pump stations around that area — The areas in terrible in Paris where you did see over topping — In the southern portions of the Morgans of the Gulf system. Those sites war construction sites where we were actively raising those levees and so the overtopping that you did see were active construction sites where we were. Trying to get those levees raised — In the event that we did have a storm surge — I would do want us say that much much of our efforts today when the coastal protection restoration authority were de watering the areas that took on heavy rainfall across south Louisiana. We did have to re position some of our large pumps from southeast Louisiana south central and southwest Louisiana particularly. In vermilion St Mary and point compete perishes — In that a quick update on Plaquemines parish — The point Celeste and the west point ill hash segments where you have seen some flooding on the corps of engineers construction sites there. Both of those sites have been addressed there is no additional flooding in those areas. And so are tension over the nex- Day or so will be focused on the moral Grove area where you had an overtopping in the back. Levy in the moral Grove area with deployed ten additional pumps — To address those to bring down the water levels in their one more thing of note I think is very important for the public to realize that we still have emergency regulations in place as it relates to activities on levees across south Louisiana. There should be no wreck reading no driving or riding. On levees in south Louisiana until further notice. Thank you very much. Thank you governor — As we get to the stage of demobilizing some of the buses — We would like to encourage the public to still be patient and it here. To some of the conditions that are out there currently on LA twenty three we have established a special traffic control. To put traffic on the northbound lanes because of standing water we also have an incident right now on highland — Where we have pulling water in the inside lane and we’re asking folks to be alert and be cautious as you travel through there? Over the next coming days of the next few days which you will see is the department transportation going out inspecting bridges for scour inspecting shoulders — To make sure that they’re still stable to protect the roads and so be alert — Put your cell phones down and out also encourage folks to still use five one one because while we still have some — Potential rain coming to the area you may have some opportunities a flash floods or down tree limbs and things of that nature the department. Has already been moving debris from the roads all the way up to north Louisiana down from terrible in Paris so we’ve covered just about every stretch of where — Hurricane bBarry — Made its footprint and so we’ve had tremendous success with a motor assist patrol — I would be remiss if I didn’t echo with the governor said about the school systems providing — Their assets — And the last thing I just wanna publicly thank the governor for his leadership because this is a collaborative effort — Among the cabinet federal officials and local government and is it’& been a pleasure to serve the people of Louisiana with you and the people that are up here on the stage today and all around the state so thank you governor. There are still seven open shelters in the state right now with about a hundred and sixty six people in them. Those numbers are changing rapidly as people feel like it’s safe to get home. That includes the eighty eight patients from a nursing home that are up in the mega shelter that the governor mention. The biggest shelters left outside of that medicine or or F. G. Clark here in baton Rouge and Dalton Avenue and rapids perish. This event we had thousands of people text or call 211- and that system worked beautifully and we’re excited about that new capacity and capability. To bring into our relief efforts so we’re very grateful to the two one one partners in the United ways to make that possible and we thank all the partners across the state that work so hard to keep our people safe and to get them home safely. In and out of shelters. Thank you. Good evening the Louisiana department of health continues to monitor medical facilities most have power there five on generator power but if you need to use an emergency room they’re all open — Really complimenting the Louisiana National Guard Acadian ambulance and emergency response network for early morning evacuation of Iberia Medical Center everyone was safely move to other hospitals throughout the state. We almost had a similar evacuation for Franklin foundation hospital but were able. To have the generators come back on it now the power is there as well. And do be aware as the governor has said multiple times that the standing water may not be safe there maybe electrical currents in it. Could be toxic substances for could be sharp objects to stay away from it just wait till it clears — In addition e’ve had a lot of questions about algal blooms — Although the turn may have and reduce those for the moment because of the low salinity Lake Pontchartrain we expect those to come back. Do be aware if you see algal blooms don’t go near them they may have toxic substances. Our website Louisiana department of health will have regular updates will be testing as when it’s safe to do so. Thank you thank you. Good afternoon through the Louisiana National Guard — Has maintained about three thousand soldiers on duty through today – Position predominate cross south Louisiana ready to respond if and when we were needed. However we will start right sizing — Tomorrow morning and we will start focusing more in the south central. A Louisiana area and then more towards north Louisiana so that we ARE position there — If we’re called home thank you [inaudible] Good afternoon. Out we have demobilized our pet shelters all all the animals are back with their owners and went home so it’s very good. I’ve been in contact with — Undersecretary bill nor the USDA and state director Craig McCain. Are what we’re going to do tomorrow the executive directors from each parish will be out doing initial survey of crop damage and livestock losses. That will be followed up over the next two weeks with a very definitive assessment. And then a report will be formulated an assessor we do over the next two weeks — We did receive you know some. Damages to our crops and also — To in some areas where we have livestock it was subject to flooding. Depending on what the weather does over the next two weeks will determine what the overall damages will be once that assessment. Is made if it reaches certain federal levels then I will be asking our governor — To submit a request to secretary produ for secretarial decoration of disaster. If we get a second terror decoration disaster it will kick in a number programs under the farm bill. Low interest loans also emergency assistance for livestock A will also kick in a number programs to rebuild and rehabilitate the land. Will be traveling to more towards others the southern part of the state in affected areas and then Tuesday. Up through central Louisiana and northern Louisiana. Thank you. Thank you commissioner N. certainly I will sign that request — If if you. Presented to me and and within the hour thank you for your leadership and your personal — Presence here the UCG for each one of our meetings and and I really appreciate that. Also with that we’re gonna open for questions correct. Published sense of relief but I know he also mindful that there there was some damage in some areas of it so [inaudible] What area? Thank you very the hardest hit. The problem well what I it’s it’s really hard to answer that question. At present and and in fact. Over the the next several days we will start our preliminary damage assessments that will be run out of go set here — With some of our federal partners — This vertically FEMA to go out and take a look — And see where the where the damages — Occurred — And and right now we’re still very much in the response mode not the recovery mode and so I don’t want to venture a guess as to those areas that were impacted the most — But we know that our levees — In Plaquemines parish the back levees we know that the live feed we know the grand Isle we know that terrible we know St Mary we know of other places where we’ve been in a significant flood fight. And it’s not until the water recedes ending you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Because while we don’t believe the integrity of any of our main levees has been compromised. There’s going to be a a lot of inspections that have to take place to confirm that. And obviously we have to be — Diligent and timely about doing that because we are in hurricane season — We don’t know when the next. Time is going to be that we get a storm we assume it can be very quickly — So we’re going to be out and about and and that’s what this really isn’t over. It’s also one of the reasons why the National Guard can’t just all go home tonight. A we’ve got thousands of piece of equipment have to be maintained everything has to be clean the of the preventive maintenance checks and services of what we used at least call PM C. S.. Still with the with the right. All of that has to be done and so this this is it’s not like it’s a light switch you just flip it on and off. Now we’re we’re gonna be many more days — Dealing with this and certainly we’re gonna work with all the local government to do these damage assessments and then we’re going to have more information for you — As that plays out. Details will be just a matter of the Medical Center taking on water or not — It was an electricity issue. And that has that has been — A bigger issue than taking on water it was it was electricity- In again — I just want you to think about — The the number of folks many of them were very medically fragile. Who had to be evacuated of from a multi story hospital — Without power meaning national guardsmen and others were carrying patients down stairwells — And and all of that happens safely it happen smoothly — And then it wasn’t like we had the ability to bring them all to one location — So we usually Louisiana murders he response network learn we knew exactly what capacity the various hospitals in the area had we matched up the capacity – With those who were most appropriate for the particular patients involved in the based on their Cutie. I and we were able to make that happen and then and actually — By six o’clock it was complete and in at least one instance during transport to one of the other hospitals — We found out that that they need to be directed because redirected because that hospital to temporarily lost power — So that so the learn network performed extremely well — It’s one of those things most people know nothing about — But it but it’s something it’s incredibly important for the stay Louisian. But it like most of the evacuations that we did after the storm came ashore. Was a a function of electricity not of water intrusion. You know everybody refuse okay yes. Yes I we we don’t that I haven’t received any reports of fatalities outside of some accidents — At the that we had today — But and I know of one very significant accident — In north Louisiana in Webster parish up but I don’t even know if that one would be dean this is weather related. Connery’s. Yes — So — Because that was at least that there weretwo fatalities there into very serious injuries but I don’t believe that we will determine that it was. Weather related [inaudible] Yes Sir. General so we sailed. On three thousand activated syllable [inaudible] Thousand with which we will slowly start ramping down if you will of through this week. Of tomorrow — You know what will be somewhere sixteen seventeen hundred maybe still on duty. The next day will be down around a thousand but as the governor said we we have to stay position for any potential search and rescue type stuff for commodities or security mission. But also we get a return are Quitman we have to services. And make sure it is ready to roll next found that it’s needed [inaudible] Mr. And and we we anticipate about thirsty he’s gonna be pretty much back down to normal. Operations but if we don’t do this now — The then then we have to guess it when we Forneya roof collapse I’ll be single story casino roof collapse occurred at Larry flint so lucky lady casino in Gardena California take a look at the response here from emergency. Responders we have been seeing – People being taken into ambulances there that is what you are looking at a right here live on news now once we get some more information of course. We will bring that to you but yeah and you can see there looks like a maybe some ATC units. Collapsing on only into a casino there and you’re taking a look at the widespread response obviously when you have. A major US structural situation like that sky fox is showing in this live right here on news now remember when there’s breaking news we bring it to your right here. As it is happening thanks so much for joining us here on fox ten extra we have one more hour Fauria right here on news down once we get some more information of course. We will bring that to you hi everyone might pay share we got one more hour filled. To the brim here of news from all over the country will go to another live event happening right now. Bernie Sanders rally out in Philadelphia and boy they have a crowd there take a look at the sky fox images there’re — Big response there for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia let’s listen to a little bit. As some speaker stock before Bernie Sanders gets to the stag. About the over eight hundred pregnant mothers who are now scrambling to find a place to deliver their babies. He doesn’t care about the five hundred and seventy one residents now for friend and held hostage not knowing if or when they will continue their education. He doesn’t care about our city our patients or us. The only thing he cares about is his bank account. We cannot let him destroy out. There is a you mean right and we need to defend that right. Against Jews like Joan Friedman consider closing on hospital a real estate deal [inaudible] Thank you. Keep it open. There’s one person here and that’ll be speaking from council member Kim who has been a staunch. One supporter of past map she has been in the background in the forefront of making this hospital stay open as well as Medicare for all and also people’s right. That is how one PM she’s coming to speak with us now. You may. Even get. So let’s make it clear. Fifty thousand patients. In the balance [inaudible] Three and refusal. To state action [inaudible] I get. All right there and they just took away the shot there on a so we get it back of course we will bring it to you here on news now but here’s a look. At the White House here on is this. Today we’ll be right back here more news down coming up next pe we’re making more product here than we ever have. Joining us today are manufactures from all fifty states. And they are terrific talents to refer craftsman terrific business people. We have hats from Wyoming sandals from Florida Tabasco from Louisiana. Airstream trailers the airstream is a great trailer I’ve seen it for many years in the doing better than ever from Ohio. And custom built motorcycles from the great state of Indiana. We also every representing a man and we have a lot of folks here from the light see revive crashed. From Chattanooga Tennessee. As a result of moving certain of its operations back to the United States I love to hear those. That’s what I like when they move back would have to make product in other countries. This parent companies has experienced a seventies percent and that just happened they just announced 70% growth over the last two years. So they moved their operations back and their 70% up in growth. So I want to congratulate you like speed and I want to congratulate everybody [inaudible] That’s fantastic. And also a very special thank you to Casey Andrews. With game day iron works in Oklahoma for making this beautiful prison at presidential seal. It is a beauty I think we have a displayed some place right here. And I specifically said how much because I want to buy it. I don’t know if they gave me a good price but we’re gonna get it we’ll get it we’ll put it up at the White House. It’s beautiful and so many of their other projects and products are incredible. It was forged from. American pride in with America brides. An American craftsmanship and it was 1100% American steel are still in this is doing very well [inaudible] We put. Massive terror of so and dumped still they were dumping steel are still industry was going out of business if I hadn’t been elected. He would have no steel industry right now will be done. And do we have not only steal. Energy and so many other things- We have we’re vibrant we have the hottest economy anywhere on earth right now. Today also viewed boats that were proudly displayed by cobalt votes from Kansas. And Freeman boat works from South Carolina. And a femme irrigation system from Nebraska is T. L. irrigation I want to thank those three companies it’s not easy to get these big beautiful products here you got in here thank you. Thank you very much. I also want to share appreciation. To Lockheed Martin’s CEO Maryland uses. For showing us the incredible Thad missile defense system the best in the world by far. And for keeping the Sikorsky helicopter plant in Pennsylvania open. Saving four hundred and sixty five jobs — Gold Maryland. A number of weeks ago I said I read a story where they going to be closing your helicopter plan. In Pennsylvania we couldn’t do that I said merrily you got to do something I don’t want to and I really appreciated Maryland they keeping the plant open everybody in Pennsylvania is after you. And we will continue to make Sikorsky helicopters in Pennsylvania thank you Maryland. Some of the manufactures represented today have. Been around for a long time. More than a century and a couple of cases. Johnson woolen mills was founded in Vermont before the civil war today Stacey Monash. Is the fourth generation of a family to run the company and Stacy wherever you may be hi Stacey please stand up Stacy. Congradulations [inaudible] It’s great. Others are just getting started like the snake bite company in Missouri I thought it might be a snake the do is snags. I’m happy about that. And I looked at your product last night and it’s incredible. Kevin Kelly ray just start up funding online just a few years ago and now we selling specially bodily old bottle openers and so many other things on two continents. And the product is amazing and Kevin congradulations that’s great job. That’s a great job thank you very much Kevin. When a snake bite come from what is that term come from — If I get it okay. Well it’s been working right. It’s been working. But while those here today create many different good you’re also. Devoted to one of the greatest nations on earth making the best products from the best material. With the best workers anywhere in the world. Right here in the United States of America right made in America made in the USA call it either way but that’s what we’re doing. And you know when I took office I was told by the previous administration that manufacturing jobs would be disappearing. There was no way they said you need a miracle. Right you did America well we have Americans because we up were up six hundred thousand manufacturing jobs. Since the election. So it’s been an extraordinary resurgence of American manufacturing. We’ve added more than. Six million jobs since I was elected including over one million jobs. In manufacturing engineering and construction as I said six hundred thousand jobs in fewer manufacturing and that number is going to go substantially highe. And and other countries are at my absolute request order call it whatever you want. They’re sending a tremendous and building tremendous plants now in the United States we hadn’t had auto plants. Built in many many years and now we’re having many in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Florida. In the North Carolina South Carolina. Many many plants are being built and being expanded. And that. Was not happening are auto companies and many companies were leaving the United States now they’re staying they have a big disincentive to leave. We’re not happy when they leave when they leave stop the same. Last year we saw the biggest increase in manufacturing jobs in more than twenty years. Under my administration manufacturing share of total job gains is the largest it’s been. By any president in over. One half a century and don’t forget the old is a manufactured so. I’m competing against some pretty tough statistics and yet is over fifty years unemploymen. Has also reached the lowest rat. In our country in over fifty one years. And many groups I have to say. African American unemployment. If you look at African American Asian American Hispanic American unemployment is to Lois it’s ever been the history of our country. Woman’s unemployment the lowest it’s been in over seventy years and soon we’re gonna have the all time record for women or women’s unemployment. And today American manufacturers are contributing two hundred and fifty billion dollars. Think of that. Two hundred and fifty billion dollars more to our economy. Then they contributed before this great election that took place. In twenty sixteen and where heating the wisdom and you people know because many of you are indeed manufacturers in your own way manufacturers. With great talent. For heating the wisdom of our founding fathers by restoring our economic independence and reawakening. Our industrial might and that’s what’s happened. Whether it’s jobs or making something that’s exactly what happened. Previous administrations allowed foreign countries to steal our jobs and plunder our wealth. They stole our well. They stole so much. And was allowed to go on so lon. But it’s not going on any longe. You take a look at what’s happening to look t today’s front page of the Wall Street journal. You’ll see where China has had its. Worst year in twenty seven years and I’m not looking for that but we had a deal with China and they decided not to make that deal. They said let’s renegotiate I said no thank you. And we put terror of sunshine a very big terror of sunshine a and we’re standing up for the American worker like. Our country has never stood up for the worker before certainly not in the hundred year or fifty year [inaudible] Here a I think we can probably go back right to the beginning because nobody stood up for the work a like I’m standing up for the worker. To protect our defense industrial base switche. Probably about the most important if you think. We place tariffs on farm aluminum. And far in steals. Which brought it. Not to a complete halt we still get some and the panel out of money right into the treasury. But it’s been amazing the difference that is sad and for our farmers. We’ve taken in tens of billions of dollars in terrorists from China. But China stopped in dealing with our farmers so I asked a great secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue what kind of number you talking about one of they left he said sixteen billion dollars Sir taken off the table. I said that’s okay. We take it in much much more many times that and terrorists so I’m gonna give of the farmer. We’re going to help them out because they’re great pages we’re gonna give them sixteen billion dollars that we just di. Been approved been everything I approved it. So our farmers didn’t lose anything. By the fact that China targeted are farmers a targeted the farmers. They said you know president trump did great with the farmers the farmers love him and he loves them. So will hurt the farmers. Well. The farmers are pages I never I had dad one farmer say please make a fast deal Sir. Please make a fast deal the biggest beneficiary will be the farmers. But the sixteen billion that was in spent we’re putting back into the farm and ag system and the farmers are thrilled I must tell you that. And we’re taking that the toughest ever action to confront China’s chronic trade abuse the we’re doing numbers in us for many years I watched Sleepy Joe Biden the other day talking about China. We would fight China. On J. but he didn’t do it for he’s been there for like forty five years. And he didn’t do it eight years because they ate our lunch. During the Obama administration’s only recently. That. Well I mean recently but lots of warnings for the last period of time. And then you have statutory constraints we can only go here here here. And we did that right at the beginning. And now they’re playing a very big price and hopefully we’ll see what happens when you have good relationships with. China president she’s a friend of mine is a good fight uses as a good friend of mine would probably not quite as close now. But I have to be for our country he’s for Chna and I’m from. The USA and that’s the way it’s going to be. And they should have never been allowed to happen. We’ve been losing. Four five and even more than that hundred billion five think about. Five hundred billion dollars a year to China that doesn’t include intellectual. Property theft and loss. That does include they say that. Three hundred billion dollars who knows what that is a lot of people estimated but it’s a lot but they say it’s three hundred billion so you add that to five hundred billion. So we’ve been losing eight hundred billion dollars a year to China. So essentially we rebuild China they’ve done a great job I’m not gonna take it away and I don’t blame China. I blame our past presidents are pass leaders for allowing a situation like that so rediculous to happen and it’s sad way other than. The size of the number. It’s that way also for many other countries. And we’re working on a lot f them — We just — Approve that again it’s going to be subject to the house passing it. And maybe for political reasons they doubt. At the U. S. M. C. A. that’s Mexico and Canada a great deal for the manufactures great deal. FOR Blackeyed as you know Maryland you tell me one second happen. A so we have to get the Democrats to pass it they may or may not depending on how they feel politically so politics unfortunately. It shouldn’t be it should be love of our country should be politics should be no politics involved. So the U. S. M. C. A. will create up to six hundred thousand new American jobs. Including seventy five thousand new auto jobs. And now we need Congress to pass it so. Call up your friends that Republicans are totally on boar. Call the Democrats get him to pass it is believe it or not. It’s a deal love by unions by manufacturers. And may be especially by the& farmers. It’s something that’s very very. Popular so call your local Democrat congressman I think the Senate will be actually very good. We have a lot of bipartisan support but they may not be able to show that support. Because the leaders may not allow that to happen because they think that’s a victory for trump but we don’t want to give company victories. Even though. It would be very bad for a country. But if it doesn’t happen I have a better plan okay so don’t worry about. We always have to have a plan B. plan C. especially in politics I could value. We are leased to American energy revolution and it is indeed a revolution nobody thought it would be possible. We now the number one producer of oil and natural gas on the planet earth not even close. And I just had and are approved one of the largest sites anywhere in the world — They couldn’t do it with Ronald Reagan they couldn’t get it done they’ve been trying to get it done for many many years. Many many decades it couldn’t get it approved I got it approved that’s in Alaska. One of the biggest may be the biggest the biggest site. In the world for oil and natural gas. We passed massive tax cuts so that American companies can beat their FARDC of competition now you have a tremendous advantage now. Because you and a of of impossible disadvantage before. And now we’ve given you with what we’ve done a tremendous advantage. That we did it to keep jobs where they belong right here in the United States of America. As a result almost one thousand four hundred companies. Have announced that they’re bringing their jobs back to the United States from overseas and that’s just last year think of that. Fourteen hundred companies bringing jobs back. Who would think that’s even possible? But now it’s the incentive three one of three in the United States. Early in my presidency I ordered the federal government to live by two very simple but very crucial. Rules by American and hire American. It is called America first fox it was never that way. I mean for many many decades it was everybody else [inaudible] First. And we were the people that took care of other people’s borders. We protect other people’s borders but we don’t want to protect our own borders. We’d fight for the right of other countries have a strong powerful border so nobody could come in. But our border was like a leaking city of and that’s change so rapidly and so much. Lot of things happening with building a wall as we speak even though we have about seven lawsuits trying to stop it from the Democrats and others. But we’re doing very well we’re doing well on the border Mexican has been of great help. I told them I said look you’re going to help us as they walk through your country two thousand mile walk horrible things happen. During that walk to people specially to women and children horrible things. Two thousand miles up from Guatemala. They walk through our country. So many the percentage of rape they say is over 30% think of it number one I mentioned that in my opening speech and everybody said on that subject. Such a terrible thing to mention well. What I said is? Very small compared to the actual fact over 30%. The crime human trafficking mostly of children [inaudible] And women. Human trafficking sounds like an ancient term he wouldn’t think it’s possible human trafficking but the internet has made human trafficking. A much bigger. Business than it was ever. Hundreds or even thousands of years ago the internet. Lot of good things happen with the internet but a lot of bad things happen also. So now are federal agencies are spending an additional twenty four billion dollars on buying your product with buying. Your product and I said specifically let’s buy American you have the advantage before you don’t have any advantage at all now you have an advantage you make your product in Americ. You have a much better chance of getting the deal. Today I am pleased to announce that we will begin our by American requirements but even stronger. Currently a product can be 50% farm and is still counts as American made figure that one out. In just a few moments I will sign an executive order will. That will eventually raise the standards up 275% above. So that domestic goods. We have to have 475% American. And 95% for things such as iron and steel can be 95%. We have great minds. We produce great or great steel. Grade aluminum great everything but we were using a most of more close in some cases. They blame the environmentalists most of what close enough closed anymore or they will be close very long. The philosophy of my administration is simple. If we can build and grow it or make it. In the United States we will. When we choose American made something truly wonderful happens our communities thrive and flourish or neighborhoods bustle with commerce our children dream bigger and bolde? And the bonds of loyalty that unite us as citizens become closer richer and deeper than ever before. That’s how we carry on the flaming torch of Americanism. As president Warren G. Harding called it. As Harding said we are forever devoted to safeguard America first. To stabilize America first to prosper America first. To think of America first. To exalt America first and to live for and review year. America first you never heard that before you been doing this for a long time. I speak into a couple of the folks that were. Responsible right here Freeman. For this. Great both of which they’re setting records right now records by a lot not even close said over the last three years was pretty much my where are you folks where I stand up please great job. And they were saying how well they’re doing and that they’ve never heard this kind of talk before build in America that in here that factor was the opposite they were trying. To steal your business and build it overseas build in other countries including China [inaudible] Many others. But that’s not what this is all about and this is a 100%. Made right here thank you congratulate everybody to place. So thank you all for show casing your all inspiring products today they are absolutely incredible. Thank you for pouring out your heart you sweat and soul to make our nation even stronger. Thank you for your on wavering commitment to this magnificent land. That we love so much and I just want to end by saying may god bless. The United States of America may god bless you all thank you very much thank you. Thank you very much. Okay you have any questions on how well our manufacturing businesses doing press [inaudible] The press. Well a lot of pressure. I didn’t mention names and I didn’t do that but I will tell you. With our country and I think everybody in this audience. These are great manufacturers. Great workers in our audience to that but a lot of their workers here — If you’re not happy her. Then you can leave as far as I’m concerned if you hate our country. If you’re not happy here you can leave. And that’s what I say all the time. That’s what I said in a tweet which I guess some people think is controversial a lot of people love it by the way. A lot of people love it. But if you’re not happy. In the U. S. if you’re complaining all the time. Very simply you can leave you can leave right now. Come back if you want don’t come back it’s okay. To but if you’re not happy you can leave. Well let’s just a very racist statements somebody that would say that so speaker Pelosi said make America of white again. Let me tell you that’s a very racist that’s a very racist statement I’m surprised she said that John. Well that a very unhappy and watching them all they do is complain so all I’m saying is if they want to leave they can leave John they can leave. I mean I look at the one I look at all more I don’t know I never matter. I hear the way she talks about al Qaeda. How can is killed many Americans she said you can hold your chest out? You can when I think of America home. When I think of al Qaeda I can hold my Chester? What you talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down some people you remember the famous some people? These are people that in my opinion hate our country. Now you can say what you want but get a list of all of the statements I’ve made. And all I’m saying that if they’re not happy here they can believe they can leave and you know what I’m I’m sure that they’ll be many people. That won’t miss them. But they have to love. They have to love our country their congresspeople and I never used any names but these are people quiet quiet quiet [inaudible] Quiet [inaudible] Why it? These are people that if they don’t. The like it here thank you to leave and I’d be. I I don’t know who’s gonna miss him but I guess some people wel. One of them is falling one of them is falling at eight one of them is falling at 8%. One of them is falling at 8%. So when when I hear people speaking about how wonderful al Qaeda is when I hear people talking about some people some people with the World Trade says some people not not some people. Much more than some people when I hear the statements of they may. And in one case you have somebody that comes from. Some idea which is a failed government a failed state. Who left of my Yahoo alternately came here and now is a Congress woman who’s never happy says horrible things about Israel? Hates Israel. Hates Jews it sure is. Very simple. And if the Democrats want to route. Their bows around this group of four people. One of them kept Amazon out of New York tens of thousands of job would have been a great thing. And she kept Amazon from guy what about a good deal I’m in. Pretty of made better maybe but tens of thousands of jobs. And New York has not been the same since that happened. It’s really hurt New York in New York City Amazon was going to go they’re going to relocate a major section of their business in New York. She kept them out. That was a terrible thing she did a terrible thing she did so here’s a story here’s a story. I see them complaining they’re complaining constantly. I watch Lindsey Graham today on fox and friends talking about — The same subject and frankly — Even stronger than what I’m saying he said there communist I’m saying. I’m saying that. This socialist definitely as to whether or not there communist I would think they might be. But this is a water could use about nevertheless they’re free to leave if they want and if they want to leave that’s fine and if they want to stay that’s fine. But the people have to now and politicians can’t be afraid to take them on a politician that here’s somebody we’re we’re at war with al Qaeda. And she somebody talking about how great tell China is pick ou- Statement that was Omar. How great al Qaeda is when you hear that? And will losing. Great soldiers to al Qaeda. When you see the World Trade Center gets knocked down and you see the statements made about the World Trade Center all the death? And destruction. I’ll tell you why. I’m not happy with them and it’s very easy to be set all Jeez well it’s okay. If the if we politicians want to say. And the Democrats in this case if they wanna. Hear their wagons around these four people I think they’re gonna have a very tough election because I don’t think the people of the United States will stand [inaudible] For John. But it. Is a concern you that we were seen as raised as Lindsey Graham said. The courage you to aim higher and does it trouble he’d say about that he just said don’t go out see I disagree with Lindsay. These are Congress work one of my supposed to do just wait for senators now these are for coach I disagree with Lizzy on that that was the only thing. He said aim higher should hire one of my gonna do wait till we get. Somebody else in a higher position higher office these are people that hate our country Hey John. They hate our country they hated I think with a passion now it’s possible I’m wrong the voters will decide. But when I hear the way they talk about our country when I hear the anti semitic language I use when I hear the hatred they have for Israel. And the love they have for enemies like al Qaeda. Then you know what I will tell you that — I do I do not believe this is good for the Democrat party certainly is not the party that I’ve known over the many people saw that tweet is racist and white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that. Doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me at all I’m saying they want to leave they can leave now. It doesn’t say leave forever it’s just leave if you want but what a judge what and what that John what that says is. If they’re not happy with the United States if there doing nothing but criticizing us all the time you see these. People walking down criticizing the United States. We just hit the highest stock market in history all of these incredible manufacturers at our end these are great business people they employ many people and we have workers with us. To that having the best year they’ve ever had can I say that is that a correct statement [inaudible] So. And they’re hiring more people than they’ve ever had a more people are making a good living than they’ve ever had we just hit. Twenty seven thousand plus on the Dow is the highest the stock market is ever been. Bad you have to go by the election because the market started going up the day after I won you know they like to and all of that tremendous game. They like to try to give it to Obama the fact is if I would have lost the stock market would crash. Out of these people that I watch in those debates ever got their hands on the United States government. Four oh one K.’s the values of your company everything else so we talk about was so proud of its down the tubes people will lose their money. They lose their wealth you’ll have a crash like you’ve never seen before and I’m really good at this stuff I know what I’m talking about. Thank you all very much thank you thank you. The ice rates were very successful. People came into our country illegally illegally. Many were. Felons many were convicted of crimes Many many were taken out on Sunday you just didn’t know about it in fact I went — To I spoke to the head of ice. I spoke to a couple of people we had many people who was a very successful day. But you didn’t see a lot of it because it was done a lot you’ll speak to them. And I’m not even sure they should be telling you but it was a lot. And it would have to be Sunday we’ve been doing this look. We have been removing MS thirteen de monsters we’ve been removing MS thirteen by the thousands. During my administration and I tell my people are much easier to go the other route. But I say focus on the criminals focus on the people that are killing people. That a causing crime focus on them much easier just to go to general population that’s easy. But I don’t do it the easy way we’re getting tremendous numbers of criminals and yesterday was just reported three before walk as I said how did that go yesterday didn’t have to start yesterday. The truth is it started a number of days before yesterday but yesterday was very successful. People come into our country illegally. And they go out legally every person take it out had papers and we had court orders okay thank you currency let’s listenn trafficking. Many players have attempted use crypto currencies define their malign behaviour. This is indeed a national security — Ship. The United States has been at the forefront of regulating entities that provide crypto currency. We will not allow digital asset service providers to operate in the shadows and will not tolerate the use of the crypto currencies and support of illicit activities. Treasury has been very clear to face both. Bit coin users and other providers of digital financial services. That they must implement the same anti money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism. Known as a M. L. C. F. T. safeguards as traditional financial institutions. Money transmitters of crypto currency must comply with the relevant bank secrecy act obligations from known as PSI. And register with the financial crimes enforcement network known as fan site. Many people are not familiar with fen sent. It is a bureau of the U. S. department of treasury. Incense missions to safeguard the financial system from illicit use. Combat money laundering and promote national security through the dissemination of financial intelligence. Last year alone it collected over twenty million BSA reports and is collected over three hundred million and the last eleven years. Vince and implements the bank secrecy act regulations. And has federal regulatory supervisory and enforcement authority over money service businesses and banks. The rules governing money service providers applied to physical and electronic transactions alike. As money service businesses crypto currency money transmitters are subject to compliance examinations. Just like every other U. S. ban. To be clear. Fence and will hold any entity that transaction fifth coin libra or for any other crypto currency. To its highest standards. I also recently established the financial stability oversight council is working group on digital assets. This apps are group enables U. S. financial regulators such as fitness and the fed [inaudible] OCC CFTC see a P. B. S. C. C. and other key stakeholders to work together. The combat risks posed by crypto currencies. As the president has said. Bit coin is highly volatile and based on thin air. We are concerned about the speculative nature a point it will make sure that the U. S. financial system is protected from fraud. Given the international nature of crypto currencies we are also going to great lengths to ensure that effective regulation does not stop here at the U. S. border. Last month led by the United States the financial action task force known as FATF. The global standards center for a MLC of T.. Op the doctor comprehensive measures on how countries must regulate and supervise activities and providers in the space. This was a major step toward harmonizing international regulations concerning crypto currencies. We also had extensive work at the G.. Twenty and I will be addressing this again this week at the G. seven finance ministers in France. To be clear the U. S. welcomes responsible innovation including new technologies that may improve the efficiency of the financial system. And expand access to financial services. That being said with respect to Facebook libra in other developments in crypto currencies our overriding goal is to maintain the integrity of our financial system. And protected from abuse. Treasury takes very seriously the role of the U. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And we’ll continue our efforts to protect our country and secure in the U. S. and global financial systems. With that I know there’s been a lot of interest in this subject and perhaps a few others so all take a few. In the back thank you Mister. If you don’t mind the first one is a J. how. Last week it would be meeting in the future to discuss Facebook’s lever of products specifically. Has happened yet and then secondly you talk about. Putting this product out. Able to ultimately resolve your concerns about a male and other issues. To be in the business officially crypto currencies. So. The first comment which is — I. We and my highest say we either at the principals level or at the deputies level we’ve had multiple meetings across the regulators with representatives of Facebook. And expressed our concerns — We’ve also had multiple meetings of the apps are working group — I think you know J. pal and I meet weekly and we talked about this extensively so there are these discussions going on they will continue to go on and to the extent that Facebook can do this correctly. And can have a payment system. They are correctly were proper AML that’s fine they got a lot of work to do to convince us to get to that place. Can you address the problems of raising the debt ceiling. I’m sure there’s a lot of interest in that as well the water I take a bunch of crypto currency questions. And then we’ll come back to you on I’ll give I’ll give you that but you can you can ask a crypto currency question [inaudible] Concerns. You see issues in the past how does that play into your concern and what is your level of concern with Facebook having the we just say we ought we obviously have concerns with the privacy issues. There’s been items in the process about potential settlements I’m not going to comment on that. But obviously the regulators and one of the regulators as I’ve said most people haven’t heard on fans that have been sent so one of the reasons I wanted. To explain this is whether they’re banks for their non banks there under the same regulatory environment for since then and we will hold them accountable and they’re gonna have to convince us. A very high standards before they have access to the U. S. financial system. Last week the president essentially accuse the social media giant’s. Against conservatives can you if your the markets and everyone watching the whatever action. This government will take is not a result of president’s view that the social media giants are biased against. And I can what I will tell you is the president does have concerns as it relates. To coin and crypto currencies and those are legitimate concerns that we’ve been working on for a long period of time but no we’re not going to target anyone and today. Everybody’s playing by the same rules again whether you walk into a money service provider or the walk into a bank or you do a digital like. You’re gonna have to adhere to the same rules [inaudible] Hello. To invest in. Tell them to be careful. They should be clear why they’re investing in them. There’s a lot of good things to invest and obviously we know about — But you know for number one issue is that one we don’t want bad actors using crypto currencies that’s our number one issue I think to a large extent. These crypto currencies have been dominated by illicit activities and speculation. Will make sure that the general public in investors understand what they’re investing in and whether it’s the SCC or other regulators there’s proper disclosures. Launching the currency. I I didn’t say I was comfortable with them watching a currency. If they want be in the appropriate in the same way in terms. I’m not comfortable today so. Just be careful as I said they and others have a lot of work to do before they get us comfortable this is a time line there is space. For being candid with the administration about it. Being very candid with the administration and where they are I’m not gonna publicly speculate how long I think it will take them. To get to the point where we’re comfortable with it but there they are a long way away from and again part of it there’s been a lot of public interest in us. That’s why I want to give the public the assurance but the before they or anyone else — Does this that we’re gonna make sure the financial system is protected and as I said there’s a lot of illicit activity that will be shutting down. For people who are using crypto currencies for bad purposes [inaudible] Secretary. The discussions are going with your account. Twenty eight countries on this particular. There’s enormous agreement on this as I said I was in Orlando I think it was two weeks ago the U. S.. Just finish the presidency of fat if I gave. Gave the keynote address there that was adopted I mean that is the largest organization much bigger than the G. twenty and it’s kind of the gold standard of AML and those rules were adopted. And have the G. twenty and the G. seven we have absolute general agreement that in the U. S.. If you deal with the U. S. financial system you have to adhere to the same rules and that’s something that. The rest of the G. twenty is is very focused on you said you do questions on number of subjects so all eyes from the first gonna finish the crypto currencies. He’s concerned about bad actors using — So just went out which is. She was — For actions. To stop back using. Central [inaudible] Sis and it is relates to any specific group I’m not going to comment on any specific group but what I will tell you is tha. Fence and has multiple investigations going on there are there have been enforcement actions that will be more [inaudible] Everybody wants. Specifically language wise are you looking. Out of the G. seven finance ministers meeting on and are you confident that you’ll get off. A statement that. I I’d say. It again my my of my understanding is that. You know they’ll be a chairman’s report there won’t necessarily be a a communique in general but I leave that to the French — I will say the we have working group said the G. seventeen G. twenty this is been in the G. — Twenty notifications I think you know we got a lot of interest in the digital tax were focusing on the international tax issue. But this will definitely be high on our discussion Fisher. In March on restrictions or sanctions on the the currency the understanding is that the business really Regina still trying. To can you give us an update on the wrists also you’ve gone from this restrictions and whether or not you have any knowledge. But this woman. Is. I’m not aware of anybody who’s really using that or it’s taken off for had and any success whatsoever restrictions more. As as as a secretary — With the same brush you know you have some of the crypto. Seven noise CFTC. Seven nine one five and he C. B. every regular getting this. Sort of comes out so you’re so funny everybody the same. Thing same Raj follow. For doing that at all matter of fact you know as I said one of the reasons why I wanted to speak about. Before we move on you can be specific as to the the list of actions that he referring to can you give us some examples. If you’re interested in getting into cryptocurrency. Is to avoid. Again if you’re dealing with a legitimate and today in the U. S.. Those legitimate and today is that are attached to crypto. Are indeed subject to the know your customer rules and AM out – If you’re looking to use big coin. To go through those entities and go on the dark web and think you’re not going to get caught. You’re gonna get caught so this is a warning if you want to use it. For speculation that’s one thing if you want to use it for illicit activities we’re gonna put the full effort of the U. S. treasury in the regulators on to that. The new regulations favor traditional banks maybe in the same notices this is intended to be a level playing field. Whether you’re MoneyGram or your bank or your an online for your pay pal. This is intended to be a level playing field field and again what we do encourage and there’s been a lot of financial innovation. Away from traditional banks for electronic payment systems lots of people use electronic payment systems in dollars very effectively. And you know war will continue to support those activities we want technology to involve

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