Nike Blazer | A History of Nike’s First Basketball Shoe

Nike Blazer | A History of Nike’s First Basketball Shoe

100 thoughts on “Nike Blazer | A History of Nike’s First Basketball Shoe”

  1. Blazer, Air Force 1's and Chuck Taylor have to be the worst shoe you could ever ball in! lol Dang my grandpa had some of them when i was young, i got some years later when i could afford them but i did not know it was for basketball lol

  2. What a well researched content guys, great educational video for sneakerheads. Hoping for the history of Airmax 1 to be feature next. Keep it up guys, much love here in the Philippines …

  3. You guys do a lot of success stories when it comes to sneakers, what about why some shoes flopped? Like the hiatus Jordan brand had after 14?

  4. There is a critical mistake in this doc. The Blazer was skated in by Tony Alva and crew in real time with George Gervin wearing them on the court.

  5. Great vid again Bryan and Nacho! Thanks again for teaching me something new 💪🏻 I’ve been asking for this for a while but a video on the original pigeon dunk is NEEDED!!

  6. About 10 years back I loved skating in SB Dunks and Blazers. SB Blazer Lows, the Grant Taylor version, and even the cupsole midtop Blazer all skated and felt like cheap shit in comparison to the OG SB Blazer High.

  7. It’s crazy how Nikes first basketball shoe is still relevant today! I skate in (the newer version of) the shoes almost every day and I love them! They are a great skate shoe if anyone was wondering about getting a pair

  8. I wonder why so many people bye basketball shoes and don't even play basketball in them,
    Or is it not made for basketball?

  9. Another great #Kickstory video with lots of great reference points!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👣❤️👟🙏🏾🤲🏾

  10. The saying goes “skaters adopted vans, Nike adopted skateboarding”, but this video proves that that’s bs and a bunch of skaters are tripping and don’t know the history as much as they claim.

  11. Great shoe. But my first Nike shoe ( in the Netherlands) was the Nike Legend Lo. In white with a blue Swoosh. Perfect shoe, looks a little bit like the nowadays Nike Air Force 1.

  12. Love the blazer the 77 mid is the one I want with the black nike swoosh. For the off white one the best one is the grim reaper one because it’s black and won’t wear as fast as the the ten blazer. Especially since it yellows too much after a few wears

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