Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

– (FBE) Ninja, do you wanna
come on out?
– Are you kidding me?
– Let’s get an epic Victory Royale!
♪ (8-bit intro) ♪
– (FBE) So today, you’ll be going
undercover to play Fortnite Duos
with a couple of our reactors.
Of course, our reactors think
they’re just playing Fortnite with Tom
to see who can get the most kills.
Tom, you’ll have
a completely fake setup,
and our reactors will have no idea
they’re actually competing with Ninja.
How do you think they’ll do?
– You know, I think we’ll see.
– Yeah.
– You know, you never know!
It’s a Battle Royale,
anything can happen.
– (FBE) Alright, are you ready
to go undercover?
– Yes!
– (FBE) So today, we’ll have you two
playing a round of Fortnite Duos.
Of course, there’s
a little bit of a catch,
not only will you be trying
to get a Victory Royale,
you’ll also be competing
with each other
to see who can get the most kills.
– Aww.
– Dun dun da!
– I get pretty competitive.
– I’m pretty dang competitive.
I know we just met,
but I’m about to throw down.
Do you play Fortnite a lot?
– I play Fortnite a lot.
I think it’s just the building aspect
that’s gonna screw me up!
– Yeah.
– I got this.
– Alright, where we landing, Lucky?
– Let’s do it.
– Alright sounds good.
– That’s definitely a safe call.
– You wanna go Lonely?
– Yeah, that’s where
I died yesterday, let’s go.
– You’re dying at Lonely?
It’s gonna be a long day!
Alright, I’m landing in the Lodge,
the loneliest of lodges.
– Oh, I fell! (laughs)
– Are you kidding me?
Kendelle, no!
(gunfire echoes)
– I believe in you.
– Thanks.
– I’m just gonna crawl.
– Not gonna lie, that’s 1-0.
– I still don’t have a gun,
how is this possible?
Like literally, not a single gun.
– You don’t have a gun?
Okay fine, I’ll give you the drum gun,
alright here.
– Really, that’s very generous.
– Yeah, yeah.
– This is gonna be so embarrassing.
I swear I’m better than this.
I’m so sorry.
– You up, you good?
– Yeah, I got it, I got it.
– You got bandages,
so you should be fine.
Nice, that’s one.
– Alright, alright, alright.
– Going for two!
– You know, I kinda hope
he just kills you, did you get him?
– Okay, jerk!
– I’m gonna steal your kill.
– No! Oh, dude!
– No, did you get it?
You still got it, didn’t you?
– I got it!
Oh God, I’m gettin’ shot!
– Oh, I’m trying to build, I can’t.
– Hey, 1-1!
– Are you a noob, what’s up?
– Talking to me?
– Wait, there’s so many people.
Oh, it’s just two, I lied,
I couldn’t find ’em.
There’s two, one of them’s low,
one of them doesn’t have,
they’re like in that general area.
Yeah, they don’t have,
one of them doesn’t have shield.
– Ooh!
Oh, okay!
Tied, 1-1.
That’s sort of a gray tactic.
Oh, wow, it’s gonna be like that?
– What, I don’t think that was me?
I think I got somebody on,
you should pay attention.
Oh my God, oh, easy kill!
– Was that guy just chillin’ there?
– He’s just standing there.
– C’mon!
– Yes!
– Oh, and on the house, I’m your dad.
– Are you serious?
– (laughs) Yeah.
– Maybe I…
– And there’s still one
on the barn though.
– Kinda wish that’s the last sniper.
– You can get the barn,
oh just kidding, he can get you.
– Okay, yeah.
– Oh!
There’s another kid in here!
So that’s two different squads.
– And you killed him, okay.
– Yeah, yeah.
Come down here and fight!
Oh, but laid it behind me?
– I wonder who’s gonna win this round.
– Oh, he was on top of me!
– You know, it’s honestly a good thing
because then you guaranteed the win.
– That’s true.
– (FBE) Tyler you got one kill,
Tom you got five kills!
– Five, oh my gosh!
– (FBE) That’s crazy,
how did you do that?
– Honestly, I didn’t even feel like
I was controlling the mouse.
– (FBE) Wow, maybe you weren’t
actually controlling the mouse.
– I, yeah, I don’t think I was.
– (FBE) Oh, Ninja,
do you wanna come on out?
– Are you kidding me?
You knew this?
– Ah, I don’t know! (laughs)
– What the…
Are you serious?
– (Ninja) What’s up dude?
– Holy crap.
– Nice to meet ya man.
Dude you almost had me for a second,
you got that free shotgun kill.
– No, I didn’t, yeah,
I got the AFK guy.
– It’s all good man.
Alright, so now we’re gonna
actually play together.
– (FBE) We have a little bit
of a surprise for you today.
– Okay.
– (FBE) So you actually
haven’t been playing Fortnite
with Tom these last few rounds.
Uh, Ninja, do you wanna come on out?
– What!?
Wait, who’d you say?
– (FBE) This is Ninja.
– (Ninja) Hello!
So I was having a little trouble
playing on the mouse and keyboard
and stuff too.
– (Tom) Oh my God.
– Oh my God, can I hug you?
– (Ninja) Absolutely, of course!
– Oh my God, wait,
you’re so much taller…
– (Ninja) I know.
– …in real life.
– (FBE) So you guys are gonna go again
you’re gonna play another round.
– Is this happening?
– This is happening, man.
– This is happening, okay.
– Alright, and we’re gonna get a win.
The setup that
I am playing on right now
is, it’s not as what I’m used to,
so go easy on me
when you guys are watching this video!
– My heart is racing!
– Was gonna say, you got nervous
playing next to Tom, right?
– Oh my God!
– It’s a little tough for me,
you know, being on
such a high end setup,
and then just, this is not…
– Oh yes, yeah, I feel that.
– …what I’m used to.
– I truly feel that.
– So, but basically,
yeah I’ll do my best.
This is great, I don’t really play
when I’m not streaming.
So this is nice.
– Oh yeah, huh?
– I don’t have to worry about
hiding the screen or anything.
– Chat, mm-hmm.
Oh my God, oh my God!
Here I go out the door.
– Don’t worry, I got this.
– Out the door, down out the window.
Nope, nope, nope,
here I go crawling out,
and goodbye!
– I got you, don’t worry.
– Is it here?
(gunfire echoes)
– Alright.
I think that’s everyone,
come get you back up.
– It’s like you play this
a lot or something.
– (laughs) You know,
it’s actually crazy,
as long as no one builds or anything,
I can kill them.
– Yeah.
– Or shoots back at me.
– Wait, am I competing against Ninja?
– We’re on a team!
It is a team effort!
Get your head in the game!
– Thank you for that reboot.
– Absolutely.
Oh, a trap!
So I’m gonna need a revive.
– (gasps) Am I gonna save
Ninja right now?
– This is it.
– This is amazing.
I have bandies for you and everything.
– This is it.
– Oh my gosh,
and like I told Tom earlier,
I don’t build,
I just revive out in the open.
– (laughs) Behind us.
– Oh!
This is me not building.
– Yeah, that’s okay, just keep going.
– I’m just bringing out
my old CoD moves.
Yeah, you, oh!
– This guy will not…
– I feel like such a noob right now!
This is awful!
(gunfire echoes)
– You feel like a noob?
Got him.
(gunfire echoes)
Pop some bandages real quick,
we’ll get you right back up and goin’.
– (laughs) You don’t have to,
you can just go on without me.
It’s okay.
– Are you sure?
– No, yeah, pick me up.
– I’m totally getting you up.
I’m reviving you with more mats
than you probably had,
and now more health,
you’re at 100 health.
(horn honks)
Boom, back in the game.
– Oh wow.
Oh wow, I’m not,
I’m just gonna stay down here.
Is that cool?
– Yeah, actually.
– I’m just gonna take this gun.
(gunfire echoes)
Oh, look at that.
Do I even need it?
– Oh my God, let’s go!
We actually can win this, let’s go.
– Not with my help.
– Oh!
I don’t know where that was.
– Northwest, the mountain up above?
– Got him?
– Of course you did.
I wouldn’t expect anything less.
– Campfire here, look at this.
It’s all coming together,
only 17 left.
– Yeah, I got that one kill, man.
I’m carrying us.
– That actually was a good,
that was a good kill.
– Ope!
– Bonus?
– So 210, 210, 210.
– 61 head, 62 head, what the heck?
– Yeah, you do all that work.
Yeah, you got it, I believe in you.
I’m just, this is me
just jumping around.
I’m just like dancing over here.
This is so embarassing!
Oh my gosh!
– What’s embarrassing
is this guy right here.
– Yeah.
– He’s in the river.
Hit it.
– Nope, nope, I’m so, ah!
– Oh!
Oh, I’ll try to third party
these guys fighting.
– That was so much stress right now.
– Nice shot!
– So much pressure, oh my God!
(gunfire echoes)
Oh my God, so close.
Right off to his right.
Shot him right by his ear.
Oh, goodbye, goodbye!
– That’s it!
We tried our best okay?
The goal was the Victory Royale,
and we didn’t get it.
It was a team effort.
It was a team effort.
– He makes me feel good.
– That third place was a team effort.
And that’s a good teammate,
no matter what.
– (FBE) Filming with
Kendelle’s game ran long,
and Ninja unfortunately has
other commitments today,
but he can play one more quick game.
– Ah that’s unfortunate.
Dang it dude, I’m so sorry man.
– Yeah, that’s okay.
Let’s do it.
– Let’s get this win, man.
Let’s get an epic Victory Royale!
Alright here we go.
Where do you wanna land?
– The new Retail, whatever they call it.
– Oh Mega Mall?
– Mega Mall, right.
– Mega Mall it is, man.
– I got one guy on me,
I think I got him.
Oh my God, alright he’s down,
I did 76, but his friend’s here too.
– Oh they’re up top, okay.
– Well that’s a good start.
Ah nice.
– I got one.
– Oh!
(Ninja screams)
I honestly didn’t think
he was gonna see you.
– Let’s hope this is a weak one.
It was.
Dude, it was a pleasure to meet you.
– No, great to meet you.
– Thank you for gaming dude.
– (FBE) So Kendelle, did you enjoy
playing with Ninja today?
– I loved it!
– I had a lot of fun too.
– This is the best experience
in the world, what!
– Thank you guys
for making this happen.
It was a lot of fun.
– Yeah, thank you so much!
– (FBE) So Tom and Tyler,
you’re both pretty big fans of Ninja.
How was that today?
– That was insane!
Like there was,
how could I have expected that?
I didn’t.
– After playing, it’s like oh my gosh,
that’s what we could be.
I wanna get up to that level.
Eventually, maybe one day
we could be there.
– Hi guys,
I hope you enjoyed the video.
If you guys wanna follow me
on any of my social medias
across the board,
it’s just @Ninja,
and again thank you guys
so much for watching.
Have a great day.
♪ (8-bit outro) ♪

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