Nomadic Fanatic Goes International ! ! !

Nomadic Fanatic Goes International ! ! !

and a pleasant good morning to you all
happy day everybody I’ve got to make
stop today an unplanned a little trip
before we head to Far West because woke
up this morning to load my bike onto the
ramp and the front tire was completely
flat and I see two puncture holes in the
tires so I ran over something it’s not
in there anymore probably a thorn or
something got two puncture holes and so
I don’t know when the next big town will
be that albeit a spot I would like to
get that tire patched up so there are a
couple here in Yuma I’m going to start
with the closest one and see who can get
me in today that’s my only plan today
dusty roads oh boy dusty bumpy roads
dirt roads and everybody out here in a
darn stinkin hurry for no reason
tired eating my dust can make me his
okay all right cool I’m here at s ra s
ra motorsports and just dropped off the
bike with the boys here they’re gonna at
least fix the tyre repair that up or
give me a call I’m pretty sure it can be
fixed they’re just tiny little thorn
punctures so should be no problem and
they’re gonna take off the clutch lever
and see if they have one but he already
told me he doesn’t think he has one for
the t W in stock so I have to pick that
up later but I’ve got about five or six
hours to kill here in Yuma so
let’s go try something crazy you guys
guys ready to leave the country yeah
let’s do it
there we go Mexico next exit and we are
just inside of California it’s like it’s
like five miles from the Motorsports
spot to the border
all righty so this is the glitch in
casino off exit eight and I believe that
it is a popular spot for parking and
overnighting and then possibly walking
over the border there are actually a ton
the Harvey is here look at this look at
this place it’s like an RV park
that’s a TW 200 on the back of his RV
just like mine that’s cool but I’m not
actually I’m gonna go a little bit
closer because Carolyn’s telling me that
they have RV parking right next to the
border and I’m trying to walk as little
as possible I might still overnight here
but let’s get closer
I think we’re a mile from the border
I’ve never gone over this border
crossing guys I know I do not want to
bring the RV in New Mexico it’s just
getting in there might not be so bad but
coming back you imagine having your
whole life inside this RV strip –
searched no thank you no thank you
maybe I would take the TW in but there’s
no point Carolyn said there’s there’s
parking up here so we’ll go check it out
hey there’s the Colorado River I think I
think this is the spot last u-turn us a
parking lot yeah let’s try this guys
that’s not a good spot stop they could
set $8 for an RV oh they got lots of
parking here though no overnight parking
close 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
hey didn’t know all right there
thank you
I think there used to be gate arms right
here but they both appear to be
completely sheared off and driven
through okay also in a new time zone now
California time does Arizona has their
own time so we’re in Pacific time now
and I’m gonna park right here so that I
have an easy access out in case this
place fills up how’s that alright Jax
although you do have all the
you’re gonna stay this time next time
okay okay alright well even though we
are not leaving the continent just like
you do need a passport in order to get
into Mexico and to get back into the
United States and I have heard from
others that you cannot film the actual
crossing itself so I’ll share with you
guys as much as I can without getting in
trouble and or I’ll just catch you on
the other side that sign there says end
of California 186 and up here is the
official border so I’m guessing there’s
some turnstiles and stuff up here but no
more filming I’ll catch you guys later
okay maybe you’re wondering why would
anyone come down to Mexico what’s the
point of just crossing the border real
well there’s like
cheap medical cheap dental macine cheap
prescription drugs cheap eyeglasses and
exams and when I say cheap I mean even
with us insurance the prices for stuff
here can be less than your copay with
your insurance I definitely need some
prescriptions I want to try some food
and the other really cool part about it
is you don’t need to get pesos they take
American cash here and American debit
and credit here in this particular city
right on the other side of the border
see they’re advertising some of the
stuff right here you can get your
inhalers huge lists of all sorts of
stuff you can get
that’s what I need right there Rome it
Brazil and I need some high blood
pressure pharmacy Olek wheeze we’ll go
inside and check it out and of course
liquor jose cuervo yeah
Takata is a local here I guess I don’t
see any Corona
not a lot of places to sit down but
here’s an example I got my omeprazole
this is for my heartburn I got five of
these 120 tablets in every one of them
basically – year’s supply of heartburn
medication for $19.95
I literally pay $23 for two weeks
over-the-counter at Walmart back in the
States so that’s good on the way back
god I’m also gonna get the other this
one didn’t have my high blood pressure
medicine but I will be able to find it
before I leave I am starting to smell
some good foods down here I will say
that I don’t know where the food smells
are coming from I don’t see them this is
Lupita’s fish and shrimp here
I do actually need a couple fillings
repair to some cracked fillings not
today though just looking around
everybody’s trying to make a buck down
here polishing shoes there yeah all
kinds of street load all this guys I got
some tips on some food but I got a low
saga donas hat souvenir still looking
for a magnet for my fridge but I got
Angela Los Algodones shot glass I think
it’s funny it’s creative handmade is
never seen so many dentists and doctors
in one spot implants
and dr. Sam and it just cracks me up
it’s so weird I mean you can get 90% off
your prescription drugs I mean geez it’s
music enchiladas
all right well I’m pooped out got some
souvenirs it’s gonna be a little longer
to get back into the United States –
they’re a little a little more strict
about getting through insurgent people’s
so anyway like I said I can’t I can’t
film the border crossing itself so I’ll
cut you guys back up when I see Jax in
the RV ah the sweet smell of the USA and
expensive overpriced health care dental
and medications yeah
you doing okay thank you yeah you kind
of fit I guess okay sorry I didn’t bring
you anything they didn’t have any cat
treats no I looked all right guys I’m
just in a camp here in the desert with
the quiet nature and actually I’m in a
Walmart parking lot here in Yuma and
this will work just fine I’ve already
been to all the campgrounds nearby so
first thing in the mornin be heading out
on a new journey gonna meet back up with
Angela tomorrow or the next day and go
try to find the tribe over in California
so gotta stop by and see everybody so
fun day I feel like it was not a very
productive day but you know it did have
to change things because of what
happened so alright y’all have a good
day in Jax now seeing a couple days

100 thoughts on “Nomadic Fanatic Goes International ! ! !”

  1. I passed by that Wal-Mart dozens of times over the last week lol I live in Yuma and will be full time vanning next week!!!

  2. Just plug the tire yourself. Ez fix about $6 , put a little rubber cement on the plug before you insert, helps out for a nice seal

  3. Don't wait on cracked fillings. You lose more of your tooth to decay and u need multiple fillings over the life of your teeth. You lose part of your tooth with every new filling. Eventually you need a root canal and crown which is wayyyyyyy expensive

  4. Really like your videos Eric but please leave the "Tribe" behind, i realize some are your friends but your videos are much better when its just you showing YOUR travels, you are nothing but you tube view revenue for most in the "Tribe", we found out you were flying to get your tooth fixed before you even posted your video about it, they are clingons to your success and desperate for video content, hanging out with CVK is a different matter, at least he does not use you to further his viewership.

  5. Hola from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Eric! I have been here 4 years and never regretted moving from San Francisco, California. I am happy to see you had a good time playing tourist. It takes some getting used to, but once adjusted, it is paradise.

  6. Well Kevin bought a blue tracker. I told him he had to let you have it to match your rig and bike lol. I have to go to Mexico for implants soon a full set of implants here are 50 to 60 thousand dollars that is just stupid. I really do not know what is worse them asking that much or somebody that would pay it. I am just going to try and get the dentures that snap onto like 3 or 4 implants.My wife needs 2 teeth replaced. You need to get yours done so we can see how it goes. lol.

  7. Hi Eric, love your videos. Very interesting to see the comparison. I hope your health improves. I have been noticing your diet isn't the best. You can help some of your symptoms and reduce or completely stop taking some of the meds by changing that and getting more exercise. You probably already know that but I would like to see you have a long happy life so you can keep showing me round all the great places you go. Happy travels.

  8. SO what do implants run south or the border? And what is the turnaround time? How many return visits or can they do the whole thing in one day?

  9. You should come to Canada in the summer plenty of camping here. Last summer I was camping in a campground that was about a 2.5 hour drive from the nearest town if you like to be wayyy out there

  10. Eric, be careful about getting front tire on bike patched. Don't forget you only have one tire steering you on the bike. sometimes is best to just go back with brand new tire and tube, if there is a tube. If a tube is present, Then you can just replace tube and use old tire. But check inside of old tire to make sure nothing in it to hurt new tube. (just a note for your own safety).

  11. You rely on a pill for heartburn instead of just eating proper? Did the doctors tell you that you needed it? LOL People will pop anything and spend a few bucks on this and that but never try a new diet. It cures everything ask every natural doctor there is.

  12. A tbs of honey 4 oz.of warm water and tsp.acv + tsp of baking soda === relief..!!!! Works for me and has longer results than meds..good honey is really healthy for you.!!!

  13. That is CRAZY how inexpensive stuff is over there, altho I see videos like yours of folks goin there and doin the same, it never really sinks in until the NEXT video you see of someone doing it again! LOL, thats a hell of a savings dude!

  14. Wow, great video, do you have to have a prescription and to get a years supply doctors don't give
    More than a 3 month supply here
    in the states and what do they say
    At the border?

  15. I'd try to get off those drugs. The proton pump inhibitor drugs are dangerous long term. Just get more exercise. Order grilled chicken instead of fried and breaded. Small changes can make a big difference and you're too young to be on old man drugs.

  16. If you're okay with having a shortened life, then I guess it's your deal to take high blood pressure and PPI drugs in your 30's. The PPI drugs are a smoking gun. They slowly destroy the kidneys and having no acid in your body can eventually cause all sorts of problems. I weaned off the PPI drugs by taking a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning in half a glass of water and a bit of honey. Elevate your bed; keep coffee to the mornings, exercise more and improve your diet.

  17. Well so much for the hater and troll's theories on you not being able to leave the country ! 😸😹😂

  18. Have your Potassium checked, too low will cause high blood pressure! They dont tell you that, just prescribe. Drinking will cause mal-absorption, causing low potassium, among others, i
    causing high blood pressure.
    (get some labs done)
    Also, exercise would help, including not eating all of those preservatives.
    (just trying to help)
    maybe you can get off those blood pressure meds.

  19. Just saw your video on heartburn meds. My daughter is a GI Dr. and says my heartburn was probably caused by a previous inflammation of my GI tract caused by too much vino. Told me to lay off awhile. She also said some flap between your stomach and esophagus gets floppy after drinking, so it doesn't close off properly. Too, take the heartburn meds 30 minutes before eating. Liquids don't start the acid, the weight of food does. Also, sleep with the upper part of your body about 12" elevated from the waist up. Try it!

  20. Thank you for another awesome video!
    I need to go to Mexico to fix a horrible dental experience and you just gave me the name and location of the dentist I will go visit; thank you SO much!!
    Safe travels and God Bless to you and Jax…and friend 😘

  21. I was diagnosed with gurd about 10 years ago. Couldn't afford the prescription medicine so I google MD'd. Apple Cider Vinegar routinely came up as a miracle cure. Drank 1 shot glass of it..Never had the heartburn again. True story.

  22. Hi Eric, I was watching one of your earlier videos the other day and I saw your old Tioga. Have you ever missed Olga?

  23. Thanks for taking me to Mexico with you. I've had quite a long break from watching your videos – distracted by "The tribe". Am really enjoying your videos again – bright and breezy and doing different things than the others. Thank you.

  24. Wow .. Super Cheap Meds and I heard? You Don't need a Prescription, Correct? I Take Omeprazole / GERD and Lisinopril, Atenolol, for High Blood Pressure. Gee, we take the same meds. LOL' Them Chicken Enchilada's made my mouth water! (Just don't drink the water 😅) Looked very friendly and totally amazing prices !! (United States is Really Ripping us off) Did you get bothered by "pan-handlers?" Years ago, used to go over via' McAllen, TX into Reynosa. Can't anymore. Border troubles and shoot outs. 😯 I Also Read and have looked into? A Passport Card. It's $35 as don't need a Regular Passport Unless you are traveling to many Countries that require that type of passport. Otherwise a Passport Card will get you in & out of Mexico and Canada and somewhere else, I forgot. LOL' ..
    Well? A day of taking care of business. So glad you got your Bike tire fixed. That hard to find a clutch handle? On your way to find the "Tribe" then can fix that clutch handle.
    Very Nice Video of all the shops and places across the Border. And Ice Cold Beer! 🍺 🍺
    You have a Wonderful Day / Evening .. and I'll see you at your next video. Blessings Eric !!

  25. Not only save money on prescriptions but you also save money because you don't need to go see a doctor to get the prescriptions.

  26. I love your Videos ERIC. I HAVE ONLY 1 CAT ALSO. HIS NAME IS Vincent Price. He is so sweet. He has never scatched me even once. I fed him for 4 months at the Convience store i work at. Then I got an apartment i could bring him home to. 🙂

  27. Thanks, Eric. Very beneficial info re script prices. Didn't know Mexico did this. Wish I could travel there b/c 2 of my meds are over $400 each.

  28. Does anyone know what happened to Happily Houseless?
    He seems to have disappeared completely from the internet.

    Nice score on the drugs in Mexico.

    Keep On Rockin’

  29. You should try to treat your heartburn with natural foods like bitters to increase the stomach acids,not decrease it. Watch videos online or read books on heartburn, and you will discover it usually is from not enough or low stomach acids, and a bad diet. Doctor Axe, Spirit of Health Kansas City, has some great YouTube videos about the causes and treatments for heartburn.

  30. Disgusting…what passes for "health care" in the United States. But off course there's not much incentive for congress to pass a comprehensive single payer universal health care system since they, themselves, have no worries as they get their health care for free…well, not quite for free, since we pay for it. Think about it.

  31. you NEVER patch a front tire…..  Buy a new one. Maybe you could of asked for a cycle shop in MX. anyways buy a new tire, you never play with the front steer tire.  Stay safe on the road.

  32. Eric please be cautious of blood pressure medicine from Mexico if you remember camper van Kevin did the same thing and found out it didn't work

  33. Ya know, you wouldnt need meds for heart burn if you changed your diet a little. Just sayin. I know from experience.

  34. I always carry an extra clutch lever and a tool roll. You can get by with a broken front brake lever not so much with the clutch lever. Keep an eye on the clutch cable too! You’re lucky you found that flat where you did. If that happens on the trail you may be in for a long walk. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Love your channel, great job😎

  35. man u just eat junk food, your cholesterol should be amazing!!
    u should put the prices of food, drinks and dentists etc , maybe u don't want to share it because of Trump policy but that's not a good thing for people u likes to see your Channel, try to do something with interest for your viewers don't u think?

  36. Eric I,ve been to this border town mant times . Good on your presciptions (way too expensive here) and your Lunch looked delicious!!!

  37. Thank you for showing us "over the border". Any time you are getting meds at 1/4 to 1/5 the price here is a very very productive day!!! Poor Jax… treats….🐱 Kisses for Jax!!!

  38. Been watching all your videos in sequence. Finally within a year of the new stuff. Yay! =oD
    Heart burn and high blood pressure are likely symptoms of your diet. Only saying because we want to see you around for a long time Eric. Please take care of yourself.

  39. US health care is crazy profit based system makes money off keeping people from access to proper healthcare. I wonder about BP meds can be dangerous if not manufactured correctly.

  40. I haven't read through all the comments here, but am I the only one here that suspects the bike tire punctures weren't accidental? I mean, he just got through having a confrontation with some pi$$ed-off fisherman who he had to kick out from behind his RV…and not just 1 puncture, but 2? Seems a bit "fishy" to me.

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