Hello Polynesians! How are you? We
we are here today in Tokyo
we’d just arrived to record content for
But you have no idea what happened to us, so we are going to go on and tell you.
Listen, check this. We just saw this a while ago and Rafa did
an instastories to show you. It is smoking area of Japanese. You are
in open air, check. You have to do it inside this fence.
This place is amazing because it is a cluster of about 6 buildings, it’s like a mini city.
They are cities of future.
We are here in statue of Hachiko and
I’m going to tell story, and we got here by accident.
I didn’t know this story and Karen just told me and I was like “no”.
I’m going to talk to you, story of Hachiko it’s a story about a little dog that had its
owner, what this little dog did was arrive
to Shibuya station that at that time
trains were not underground because that
it was in 1925, almost 100 years and then
little dog what it was doing was waiting for its owner whenever he went to work, he worked
outside city of Tokyo, he was returning
from work and went home and there was a day
that never came because he had a heart attack on train and its owner passed away and then
never returned to station and little dog followed it. Waiting every year and until
people grabbed it and took it to another place and little dog returned to this station to wait
to its owner. And little dog is supposed to
ended up here at station waiting for
its owner always and it’s like a monument to loyalty of a little dog with a person.
Oh, I’m going to cry!
We are in front of electronics store,
and guess why. Hey, we haven’t
told you, but let’s see, write in comments
before we enter what are we going
to buy, I’m going to give you a clue, it’s something
that every content creator needs. Hey slowly, little brain.
Hey, we’re entering electronics store,
but this is like the best electronics store
that is in Japan, this is paradise of
cameras, it doesn’t seem, but it is.
What we are going to buy as you saw is a
camera, because what do you think? We had one
camera we had bought 2 months ago,
It was very new and our little sister Lesslie
She lost it here in Japan. I’m a fool, I left camera, I lost it,
My brothers are going to kill me. She didn’t tell us how deep, what
happened, and when we see her, tell us well, what happened.
Well here Rafa is already paying. Did it hurt your little elbow of joke?
Joke was expensive. She will pay with all her work during
one year. They found camera.
Send it to your hotel. I can’t believe it, they found camera,
I’m shocked, they called us to tell us that
They had already found her two days later.
What is that? Funniest thing is that
my brothers arrived a few hours ago and
they went to buy another camera so …
I will have to call them and tell the news.
I’m dialing Rafa. Good.
Rafa I have to tell you a news. What happened?
They just dialed us that. Don’t do this to me Yadid.
Of camera? If they found it? Yes, they deliver it today.
Lesslie, we just bought camera, just we just bought it.
They just dialed me, I just hung up. And now?
Can’t you give back it? I don’t know, let me see, Yadid. Well OK.
Okay? Bye. Oh no, what a shame. Hours later.
According to my brothers in social networks, they were saying that they were looking for me, that
it was a lie. We are looking for Lesslie since we arrived
and we can’t find her. Lesslie, where are you? Where are we? I came to find Lesslie,
I can not find her. I came to your hotel to look for you to see if according
They are waiting for me. I’m going to look for them now. Young woman said where they are.
Rascals, as you were looking for me and I don’t know what.
We go over toTokyo from top to bottom.
Of course not! Do not overdo it.
Shopping. Don’t overdo it, we went shopping.
We went everywhere. We can’t find you Yiyis. Ugh shut up!
I tell you what happened. I left forgotten before from migrating camera, I was in
some little benches, filling out formats, I put my backpack, my suitcase and camera.
You were filling out migration formats in
the airport.
And then this is camera and then so
I grabbed my suitcase and there it stayed.
Two days later the airport dialed me
saying they had camera with descriptions
that we had left them. And when did they pass it? What’s up?
They told me they could leave it in our
hotel, problem is not on weekends.
And it’s a weekend, so I hope, if not,
I have to go for it, but we recover it.
Hey, that’s very good. Not good because we bought a camera exactly
equal, with same lens. Hey, but wait
I want to show you something I brought,
but I left it in your room. OKay let’s go.
We are close. They don’t know how excited we are to teach you
this. Rafa and Lesslie have not seen them yet
You gave them to me.
My sister
They are ready? It is a whole ceremony.
One Two Three. Are you sure you kept it in that one? No this
in this? Technical difficulties, we are back in a
That is to say…
No, you left them. Do you remember that I told you never to leave me
such great responsibilities? No, Karen It was moment where we all went
Let’s see this big surprise. And now, what are we going to do?
Hey, you will wonder what I do in this
I do not even know who you are. And my Polynesian friends, They just
to dial from Japan, because they forgot
something very important, something that I have just
here, but you can’t see it, I have to wrap it
very fast, send it to parcel and that
fly to Japan so you can see this surprise.
Several days later. Okay, now let’s go to a very place
amazing, because they are drinks that have a little glass in shape of a bulb.
Lesslie, but you had already bought that in
Korea even took one to Mexico.
Wait, stop everything, it just came to me
a notification and what you had forgotten
it’s here, Japan. Let’s go for it. Yes, in a moment let’s go to light bulbs or I don’t know what
you want to go right now. We finally arrived. Do you think that is it? Yes,
right, it can’t be anything else?
What’s your name?
It is done.
Are you ready for this great moment?
Are you ready for this great time?
Yes, I am hyper ready.
Yes, I do. Do we break it?
Yes. My finger
Are you ready? See this.
I can not believe it. I’m going to cry. We wanted to show you this since
a long time, it’s something that Gazer and we have worked for months, almost years
we could say, it is a pictionary framing
and this is our family, here it is.
Okay, not only is this in box but there is something else, so.
One, two… Three!
Shut up!
Japanese turned to see you as what happens to this girl? They even left.
It’s that they get offended here if we scream, but so, it’s a family celebration moment,
We can’t not scream. Let’s read a letter,
He says:
Rafa, Karen and Lesslie in Gazer 73 we felt extremely proud to deliver
Pictionary Frame and One of Polynesians
in collaboration with toy company
most important in world Mattel. Polynesians, never stop innovating and giving
to audience unique and interactive experiences that allow you to approach them.
Congratulations on this incredible achievement, signed by Jerry Godoy and Alex.
It’s right, I hadn’t thought about it but they have reason, it is first collaboration of this
Mattel style of digital content creators. Something like this had never happened in the world,
and in fact, here in Japan we find some
from Super Mario Bros, Zelda has her One, Pokemon
has his One, Mario Bros has his One and also Polynesians have their One, that is to say, like …
Hold on, come here to hug. Skbeches also wrote us that
says: We sent this from Mexico, we love you friends, we hope to see you soon
and congratulations on these 2 new games. Your Skbeche friends, Bryan and Eddy.
Thank you very much for sending it to us, if it weren’t for you.
They saved our lives. Let’s get them out.
I already broke it.
I am one? I am two because I was born later.
And Lesslie must be 3 because she was born third. It is repeated. 4 Rafa, 5 Karen, 6 Lesslie, then
again. Reverse Card
Special. Here we are 3. Take 2 all three. Do not
overdo it
We had to change places because there are a lot of
windy. Are you ready to teach them
what is number zero?
Yes. Alright, it’s amazing. I’m dying.
That later comes color pink, there is purple, pink, green and blue. Are you ready to see
+4? One, two, three. It’s very good
And wild card. Are you ready? One, two, three. Hey, they are very good.
Definitely while we’re on trains going somewhere here in Japan we go
to start playing One to see who is more
pro on this, my little brothers.
We already saw One now let’s see Pictionary frame.
It’s my turn to open it because Karen has already opened one.
And me? Isn’t there a third game for you
I opened it?
We don’t know, Lesslie. Would you like
another game? These games have to be sold
like hot bread to make another game. If you are from other countries you can
get in Gazer store. That’s because Gazer store already has shipments
international, that is to say in any country
they are already going to be able to send them.
In every Polynesian house there must be a Pictionary and One.
Also write us what game do you would like to be integrated into this family?, this would be
Very good. So come see this, it’s great moment.
Total Fail. Again.
I will not explain how to play because we are going to make a video in Extra Polynesians, playing
our games. One and Pictionary, so
subscribe to Extra Polynesians to see
when we upload that video and activate notifications to let you know.
We have this as a base but on other side,
All our magic comes.
There is. Rafa’s, Karen’s.
I am a reflection. I am classic.
Here I am. Here we have our little felt-tip pen, one minute little clock.
Hey no. I want that you see. What does number one say?
Aria Polynesia. My baby.
I have a dislike with these cards and it is
that first or first one you see, Rafael
I want you to see what it says I want.
She must not see, we will disappear that
When you receive Pictionary, first card is not valid.
Let’s see. It’s going to be saved, Karen. You will never find out.
No, Rafael. He will never fid out.
I’m going to buy a Pictionary. Crown of
Karen Polynesia.
I’m Queen. I’m going to show you a little bit of cards,
See here I have them all. See who comes on this card. In this,
challenges roulette comes and we also think in everyone because we know that in family
not everyone knows roulette of challenges and that kind of thing then here a card
So normal. Ankle, rabbit foot, armor, slippers
and bowtie. Things that everyone knows.
And since you’re done playing, you keep it
all over again. Let’s see. Here. Now available and for all
who want to know where you can get it,
here in description box, we are going
to say all places where you can find it.
And if you are not from Mexico you want to ask for
internet, it is available in Gazer store for all countries.
Polynesians, we are very happy for this
great achievement, really. And listen carefully to
who live in Tokyo because we are going to leave them this One and this Pictionary hidden in
city, so go to our social networks so that you can see where we hide them.
So if you liked this video, give it a lot
love and see you in next one.
Thanks for everything, Polynesians. I love you!
What a thrill! We leave everything in description box.


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