Ole Miss Women’s Basketball: 2018-19 Season Highlight

Please welcome your new
Women’s Basketball Coach,
Yolett McPhee-McCuin.
The Head Coach is
Yolett McPhee-McCuin, Coach Yo,
in her first year after
a very successful five seasons
with Jacksonville.
Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Guys.
What’s up?
That’s one thing
I love about Coach Yo
is she wears her heart
on her sleeve.
You don’t ever have to guess
what’s on her mind.
She’s either happy
with you or she’s not.
She’s not scared
to tell you.
Because the foundation
of her program,
she wants to stand on hard work,
consistency, effort,
and right now
it’s all about that culture.
But you cannot finish this game
and not give all you have.
And that’s full attention,
full lock in.
Be all in, buy in, believe in.
The charismatic way of Coach Yo
is just trickling down
through her team.
Ole Miss looking to make it
three out of four
to start the season,
and we are under way
from the Pavilion.
Near side, finds Sessom.
It’s a clean shot off.
No doubt there.
(Inaudible) steps back.
Puts the defender on the floor.
A lot of life in her to –
That’s how you play!
That’s how you play!
Twenty-four seconds away
from knocking off
the sixteenth-ranked team
in the country.
Taylor spins.
There’s no arm flex. Uh oh.
Crystal Allen’s feeling it now.
Kicks to a waiting Sessom.
Crushed it.
How about that?
Salter – yeah!
Mimi Reid coast to coast.
(Inaudible) on three!
One, two, three!
Go (inaudible)!

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