Olivier Busquet Is DEVASTATED By Viffer’s Slow River Decision

Olivier Busquet Is DEVASTATED By Viffer’s Slow River Decision

what’s up guys dog fold here we’re back to another edge of programs and today we’re going to be taking a look at a hand between David Pete Olivier blue sky from Poker After Dark 2004 two nickels when we stop because it’s just a bigger Hill make it seven says Bousquet when you raise the guy does the seven when you’re much easier to win when you’re winning our hand begins with the action folding to the button and David Pete coming in for a raise of five to two thousand dollars and anonymous player folds in the small blind and the actions over the big blind were olivier with scale looks down at King Jack suited now with these two to Broadway hands you want to three that particularly against late position opens because the nice hand to have to fill out your strategy you’re definitely ahead of their range and you’re going to over realize your equity post flop between stopping strong pairs and strong flush draws over to David Peter pocket fives very clear situation with low pairs and in general when you face a three betting you have a little pocket pair you’re going to be calling particularly in position and looking to play some poker all right let’s take a flop right like real easy right Olivier out flops Pete’s pocket pair that would be Austin you’re like sell the DVD how to win when you’re winning chapter one Chloe wait what if you will end the video I got I got you to ensue all the money you stole of end of video I guarantee a win unless you start you lose the first zipper quickly calls ten thousand on the clock the flop comes jake’d seven rainbow giving Olivier busca top pair and David peat pocket fives I think olivia has interesting decision to make here on the flop and I can get behind out of bedding or checking I think I lean towards betting trying to get some value as you’re pretty far ahead of your opponents range and there are a lot of items are bad for your hand but if I did have a hand like Jack ten suited or Jack nine suited I’d be looking to check and play some poker on later streets now David P as a clear fold and it’s a great episode of poker hand I’ll see you guys again tomorrow for poker hands wait this clip is this clip goes on for minutes calls 10,000 on the clock you can’t lose the tricky you can bring diamond every said Olivier turn to trim suppose how to break even the Pope I should have don’t edit down where I sat down I wonder better I would have went on water defeat the game at 20,000 Wow you’re just one large human being because his foot is coming out it looks like somebody’s a non-believer I’m sorry is the his foot right the turn comes another Jack giving Olivier three of a kind at David Pete pocket fives at this point Olivier has an interesting decision on the turn I lean a little little bit more towards check because when you do have a jack here it’s much less like your opponent has a good hand and also you’re going to be in tough spot here with a lot of hands let’s say you have a hand like aces or kings or Queens then if you do check you’re going to be putting some tough spots if your opponent sides to bet or even over bet facing your check so by putting the few trips into your range in spots where your opponent definitely has a ton of trips you can protect your range for later streets in general on cards are very favorable for one player and this is certainly a favorable card for the button you want to make sure to do a lot of checking if not check with all your hands to protect your overall strategy eliminate does decide to about twenty thousand here which is okay you can work in some other hands that want to bet like some value bets like ten nine suited or pocket aides and that will you can also Bluff which is the upside to betting the problem is what does it mean when you check and how are you going to play your over pairs it’s going to get tough to know how to play on later streets if you’re just going to bet what you do have three of a kind also in my experience checking three of a kind of spot tends to go pretty well because your hand looks like you don’t have trips and you really encourage your opponent to come after you anyway over to david p and he lets it go i’ll see you guys again tomorrow for poker hands alright let’s see let’s see if we can check the news wait it sounds like half over wait what holy shit he called here alright well in general when you have an under pair to the board you want to let it go facing the flop or the turn bet because your opponent can have an array of hands like straights or trips or over pairs you know the thing is even if you think your opponents bluffing you have so many other hands to choose from like pair plus straight draws nine eight suited a say it suited you can just have trips you should have a ton of trips in your range on the button that opens a closet three bet so yeah even if you think your opponent is bluffing just let this go and live to fight another day but I guess in this hand we’re going to play a river oh boy you get the feeling this could get ugly just no reason for Olivier to think that David peed has a better jack let alone a full house okay the river comes all through five and now Bousquet has decision to make in general on board changing turns if you decide to bet and you get a neutral river I generally lean towards advising people to keep betting when you have good hands you want to make a big pot and then also unless you always work some Bluffs into your game I don’t see this as being a situation that merit anything different from that rule now even though the five did help David Pete in a big way it doesn’t mean you can be scared of cards like an off suit five so I’d like to see this gate bet which he does for fifty thousand on the river David Pete has a very clear bet he’s a head of hands like ten nine tuted which would definitely play it like this if you are gonna have to bet on the turn and he’s also had to maybe a few straight draw or flush your hands that could have gotten there that Rivard straights like nine six or 64 suited he also beats any three of a kind is excited to bet three times for value which also will be part of that range so when you do have plug at five tier you’re going to have to jam and in general there aren’t that many hands that would feed out of the big line that can make full houses yes you could be up against a hand like eight or seven those are possible but other than that you’re not really going to see jack eight or Jack seven three left from the big line because those hands make very nice flats so with pocket fives here it’s over a David Pete and he knows what to do it seems to seven four three you’re getting called like I think but you’re not getting raised so like so cook sick and I know you ever began but I have just enough to like I can’t raise you I can’t fold have a full house I call oh god oh my god the river so suck out our teeth teeth wow that was like the Moni Asst two outer cut fuck out like oh by the way how come Phil Laak seems to be the table for so many of these hands yet mysteriously is never involve nated big pots I’m on to you Phil we’re going to do a Phil Laak and pretty soon thank you for joining me here were today’s episode of poker hand I have always like to ask you to hit that sub button and join the Empire you

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  1. Thanks for stopping by for today's video! I am headed to Philly tomorrow and had a few comp problems, will get videos out as possible.

    If you want to follow along with what I'm up to, You can add me on Snapchat @ WCGRider

  2. Can you please tell me why Howard Lederer is pixel out? Is it just a Monaco thing? I have seen him on other videos.

  3. When I 3 bet in position with a hand like KJ preflight, & a flop n turn as we saw, you should have been just pot controlling by check calling…peat could have obviously opened with a mid pocket pair like 7s or 8s & is trapping, same thing when Olivier hits trips on the turn, could have filled up peat in turn, or peat could easily play AJ out of position & called the 3 bet preflop! No matter what Olivier is calling maybe $50k on river, but all he could of done was check call every street if peat did lead out, IMO, a pot over bet sometimes is warranted on the flop to really define both hands & the situation…

  4. He has no logic. If you thought he had 77 or 88, you'd be gone before the river. If you weren't trying to hit a 5, what were you doing in the hand? So you hit the 5 then just call? I don't get it.

  5. man i lost to pocket fives to some luck box donk with the same exact hand. Flopped trips and idiot just calls with 5s to hit a 2 outer on the river

  6. He played that hand wrong on every street… He is miserable…how does he have money? F my life. How does he not raise river?

  7. Also a 7 or 8 would be a bad card for viffer…. Or any Q K or A…. There are too many cards he wont to see in other streets.

    There is no sense calling two bets there with 55 if youre not trying to make some kind of move on the river, rep a fullhouse and turn your hand into a bluff, if thats not the plan then the play has no sense to me. Easy fold in the flop like 90% of the time

    Also you can raise the flop take a chance and try to put pressure in other streets because of the board texture. J though would be a bad card to continue bluffing with on the turn, but you can still rep 9T 77 88 or AJ.

    Viffer call in the river is also bad. Cause busquet value hand bet on the river are.
    1. 9T 64s 69s AJ KJ QJ 6 hands we win. Jt or j9 wont make that huge bet on the river i think he going to bet some between 40% and 55% value bet on the river
    2. 77 88 JJ J8 J7 5 hand we loose and there are more unlickely.

    Most of the time our hand will be better so i will prefer moving allin rather than calling

  8. I hate when there's a video I want to watch and then when I click it its this long winded jackass and then I can't stomach to watch it

  9. I think that….
    "anonymous player"….
    (the guy that last name rhymes w / mail man) Uhhhhhh.
    Had maybe just one upped you on the one liner "knee slappers" this go round…
    (wait…. He only had 4…)

  10. Ok, who's that guy not willing to show his face in public ? Some kind of underground scene poker myth ? btw FYI that got me subscribed

  11. This oliver guy really gets on my nerves for some reason. I wish someone would just get up and beat the fuck outta him and then sit down like nothing happened.

  12. My favorite part is when Doug makes fun of that fucking piece of shit Howard Lederer. I ALWAYS thought Lederer had something cringy going on. Now it’s just nauseating to see him. Thanks for pixilating

  13. I don't like a river jam, what would you get called by even? KJ and AJ MIGHT make a crying call but I think those hands would fold since you can have any number of straights and fullhouses when you jam the river

  14. This is honestly one of the grosser hands on all of YouTube. Needs to be in more top ten lists. It's fucking disgusting lol.


  15. i know i've seen phil laak and antonio get involved in a lot of biggish pots heads up… I always thought they did this just for TV time and always just split up the money from the pots they were in together after filming to get air time without any risk. Now I don't think they colluded to force others out of pots with a whipsaw, I just think they decided years ago that any time the two of them get heads up together then they start pulling out bold plays or "bluffing rivers" if they didn't make a draw, inflating the pot and always claiming to absolutely LOVE winning their best buddy's money. It always seemed a little fishy to me.

  16. Phil Laak is a funny person and a decent player, but is not one of the best, and doesn't have the bankroll. He played 10-20 a lot, not the big game. Viffer, on the other hand, is one of the best cash game players ever, and he gets bankrolled for whatever he wants, and it's always big. Doug Polk is after my time, but he seems like a smart and great guy. I stopped playing years ago, but really enjoy these videos, thanks Doug.

  17. It does beg the question, by the river he was convincing himself that his opponent had a better fullhouse – hit the absolute best card (only card) he could and was still scared. It does make the flop/turn call look a little awkward lol – in a 3-bet pot I'm raising the river. In a multiway pot I would likely call – assuming I ever get to the river with 5'a there.

  18. Viffer is such a fat fucking ugly autistic cunt, what a fucking prick, after he tank calls the river because he doesnt understand what his range vs livb's range is supposed to look like, he leeringly looks over to Busquet to see his reaction to how much of a fucking flounder hitting 2 outs for all the shekkels. What a fucking disgusting human pos cunt, and thats irregardless of this poker hand.

  19. Peat is always the worse player in every single one of these videos. Hes such an idiot. Hits his card then nitrolls it and doesnt even get more value then Busquets original river bet. Such a fishy idiot.

  20. Man, I almost never comment but seriously, so many of your videos are straight-up hilarious. The Titanic / John Robert sequence, this one with Howard Lederer, and so many other's. I'm impressed!

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