OMG Machines vs OMG Commission Conspiracy Review

OMG Machines vs OMG Commission Conspiracy Review

hey guys I’m Clinton Dixson
I’m going to tell you
a bit of my story and
comparisons for the
OMG Commission Conspiracy but
first I want to tell ya
last May, my wife and i found some
really awesome information out
that we were going to have a baby
It really inspired me to take
some steps and do something a
little bit different my life
it started basically with uh… reading
Tim Ferriss’ four hour work week
pushing me and researching and
taking taking new action
i started looking at
create products that
eventually worked into doing
affiliate marketing
i’d been doing web design work for for
years and even teaching it…
but uh… I never
turned it into a business
i spent somewhere in the range of eight
thousand dollars before
i finally stumbled onto something that
works and
that was the OMG Machines that
that was the first real good program and
i came across and
step-by-step information said exactly
how-to rank
websites organically which means that
they stay up in the website uh… in
in the search engine rankings
rather than a lot of these others
they come there there for a short and they’re gone
so it’s not a black-hat method and it’s
all white-hat information but it still teaches you
to really quickly
and it’s over the shoulder
Greg Morrison
goes through
goes through exactly the steps that he uses
to rank all the websites and even you get to
see the progress along the way
commission conspiracy is the next
from these guys from Mike Long and
Greg Morrisson they also brought out
Bring the Fresh
but commission conspiracy is uh… is
the next stage
it’s the next step and and it talks a
lot about
local marketing
which is which is sort of the next
additional information for OMG Machines
Commission Conspiracy really
delves into
like us that have gone out and
have learned the program
have learned how to market themselves
and to really how how to market others
and get them right
get them
new leads ’cause that’s essentially
what total marketing as well
so it looks at several different
people’s success how they did it
uh… they go into details uh…
they’re coming out with new
videos every, it seems every day so i
haven’t have even see them all yet
but the Commission Conspiracy
is a great addition
so to OMG machines
uh… it is a
stand-alone product but
combined with all of the machines in the
over the shoulder videos that they have
and with all the information from
commission conspiracy
it’s amazing
the OMG Machines really pushed me to
uh… to get into a local marketing and
actually signed a twenty one hundred
client last week so
I was so happy with with
finally seeing results in and after
spending eight thousand dollars
on all these programs that didn’t work
finally OMG Machines and Commission Conspiracy
pushed it through and and and i’ve actually had
more projects then just that but
now i’m starting to get away from
from everything in the past and and
pursue the the local
local marketing and affiliate marketing
highly recommend it
check out the links down below
sign up for our newsletter
i can give the updates on anything else
i find
hopefully you guys can have the same success
that i had
maybe live that four hour work week too
okay guys thanks

9 thoughts on “OMG Machines vs OMG Commission Conspiracy Review”

  1. There are two parts to CC and you can certain go A LONG way on just Part 1. Myself and hundreds of others have easily made back the money part 2 costs. You don't NEED part 2 to be successful although it certainly provides a lot of great information.

  2. Hey Clinton,

    Can you purchase parts of the commission conspiracy separately or do you have to purchase both parts to utilize the training?

  3. Hi Brandon,

    You have to purchase part 1 first then you can purchase part 2. Both parts are worth every penny though. I have been part of the No Holds Barred (NHB) coaching program they run for 4 months now so I can tell you that their stuff is excellent.

  4. Cool video! Btw I'm willing to sell my copy of OMG machines at a tiny fraction of it's initial price, it's the full course, all the modules, the videos and pdfs, and also all the updates that are coming. If anybody is interested feel free to reach me by email [email protected] or by skype support.1000appreviews.

  5. weird looking at this vid, u have the same hair /eye / skin colour as me lol, u probably have scots/irish heritage. same face shape almost, how strange lol

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