Opening 200+ Valentine Pack – Growtopia

Opening 200+ Valentine Pack – Growtopia

Guys, Normally I Spend 1 Million Gems but I am Angry and Spent all gems. Let’s I Write My Gems Let’s WTF!!! I Spent 200k Gems What I earned Spent 500k I only need Golden Heart Crystal 🙂 YES!!! I got Very Bad Item:( Last 500k Sorry Last 400k Again Got Very Bad Item 🙁 Thanks Valentine Day Thanks Growtopia Thanks for Don’t earned Golden Heart Crystal 🙁 Thanks for Earned All Bad Item. Over The All Gems. What I Earned?

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  1. abi ben bile uzuldum gems lere sjsjjsjsj en sonu super olmus seninle abi biran once iletisime gecip konusup bazi sorular sormak istiyorum abi

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