Ordinary Guys Find Millions In Diamonds?! – “The Shop” – Full Free Maverick Movie

Ordinary Guys Find Millions In Diamonds?! – “The Shop” – Full Free Maverick Movie

(dramatic music playing)
– Mm mmm!
– Hello sir, how may
I assist you today?
– You can assist me by
taking my hand in marriage.
– Well roses and
about ten carats
should proceed that request.
– Oh is that it?
Well anything’s up
for negotiation.
Let’s say we talk
about this over
dinner and a bottle of wine.
– Well you know I prefer
lobster and steak.
– Well it’s not like
I was talkin about
two Lunchables and a honey bun.
– Ummph.
– Yeah.
You’re new here, aren’t you?
– Yes I see you’ve
been here before.
– Oh yeah I’m quite familiar.
– But I take it that you
know that the Baxter office
is closed today right?
– Yes.
But I have something to
drop off at the guard.
Something very personal
between me and Mr. Baxter.
So if you don’t
mind I’m just gonna
slide on up there
and drop that off.
When I come back we can, uh,
talk about some things.
– Okay, well you just
enjoy your ride up then.
– Okay.
You comin on to me?
(dramatic music playing)
(uptempo dramatic music playing)
♪ But now
♪ I been down
♪ And you say what
you been missin
♪ And I got one
thing to tell you
♪ Baby I’m not feelin you
♪ I’m not feelin you
♪ Not feelin you,
I’m not feelin you
– No he didn’t.
– Hey, it’s done.
But we have to remove
him from the equation.
– Why?
He’s proven faithful
in the past.
– That’s true but 20
millions in diamonds does not
compare to petty safe
jobs that he’s done for me
in the past, you
know what I mean?
– What, now you worried
about the family?
– Hey hey, look look.
Fuck the Jensens, okay?
Sloan, Ivy fucking Sloan.
And everything went as planned.
– So.
– So?
So what?
That’s just it.
I’m not comfortable, darling.
Therefore, you should
be uncomfortable.
– So I guess
there’s no other way
to handle this, right?
– No.
There’s not.
– I know.
I know.
– Look.
I know this won’t
be easy for you.
But you have been here before.
– What has to be will be.
I’m tired.
Lord I’m tired of
what I’ve become.
I’m trying to find my
way back, Lord God.
But I don’t know how.
Help me, Lord Jesus.
Help me.
And if that’s not in
your will, Lord God.
Forgive me for being lost.
(knocking on door)
– Yo yo yo!
You aight in there?
(music crescendoing)
– Hmm.
(phone ringing)
Nephew, what’s goin on?
– What’s up Unc,
nothin too much man.
Just fightin with this
‘vette right here man.
– Hey man you remember
what I told you, right?
– Yeah, I know.
If I’m fightin it, I
did somethin wrong.
– That’s right.
Take a break.
Walk away from it.
And when you come back
you’ll have it all figured out.
Yeah I had to do that
on my stang many times.
– Speaking of that stang,
you know that’s the only car
that somebody own
that I want, right?
– Yes, yes.
You’re in my will.
– Here here take this.
– And when I go…
The stang is yours.
– Man, Unc, you always
say that though.
– Hey listen, uh…
I’ve gotta go okay?
– But don’t forget
to call me back man,
I got some questions to
ask you about The Shop.
– I’ll call you back in an hour.
– Excuse me!
Please don’t park there!
Why do I have to tell
you every time you come?
Thank you.
– Decided to make the call, huh?
– Yeah.
– You okay with this, B?
– I have no choice.
– Okay but damn son.
You know this dude, right?
– I talked to the man
upstairs about it.
He knows my heart.
– I hope you right.
(gun shooting)
(smooth groove music playing)
(car stalling)
– Are you serious?
– Yo yo.
It’s not polite to stare, man.
– Hey man, I ain’t starin at you
and shut up fool ‘fore
I tell Little Richard
where his missin
sweaters at, man.
Excuse me, having a
little trouble are we?
– No, not at all.
I’m good.
In fact I like sitting
here listening to a
$500 a month car not start.
– Calm down, chill out.
What’s your name?
I’m just tryin to help.
I own a shop.
– I’m Kiana.
Can you help me fix this?
– ‘Course I can.
We specialize in Mercedes Benz.
– Oh is that right?
– That’s right.
– Really, okay.
– Here, take my card.
– Alright, I’m gonna
call a tow truck then.
– Nah nah, call The Shop.
We got free towing.
Like I said, we
specialize in Mercedes.
We’ll take care of it.
– You got me?
– Gotchu.
– Alright, I’ma call.
– Do that, do that.
(engine starting)
– Sounds good son.
Smells like it’s runnin
a little lean though.
– I see you picked
up a little somethin
from Pops, huh?
– Mhmm.
Mhmm, she’s beautiful.
– Coming along, Ma.
– Real beautiful.
I know baby.
I miss him too, I really do.
But you know what?
He would’ve been
real proud of you
puttin this stang back
together after ten years
of it being in boxes.
And you did it all by yourself.
With no help.
– Yep.
– I’m proud of you for him.
– Thanks Ma.
– Mhmm.
– I just…
I wish he was here to see it.
– Oh, he’s here.
He’s here
and in here.
You remember that.
I’m so proud of you.
So proud.
Give your mom a kiss.
– Love you Ma.
– I love you too baby.
I’ma go ahead and
close my kitchen door
before you contaminate
my house with that
lean smellin car of yours.
Woo, your daddy
always had my kitchen
all smellin with that smell.
– Ma, I’m gone.
– Woo, stank!
– What’s up, Mr. H?
– How you doin, Rob?
– Alright.
How you doin?
– Pretty good, pretty good.
This is the moment that
I’ve been waiting for.
I knew you had it in you, Rob.
You remind me more and more
of your father each day.
– Wow.
– I know he would’ve
been very proud of you.
– Thank you, Mr. H.
I didn’t know I had
it in me myself, man.
– So…
How are things goin at The Shop?
– The Shop goin pretty good.
It’s just I gotta
stay on my boy Shawn,
make sure I keep him focused.
– Right.
– Every since…
Well you heard what happened.
– Yeah, I heard about it.
And with his mother
in her condition?
I think you’re all he’s got.
You two are like brothers.
Watched you both grow up.
You watch out for
him, you hear me?
– Yeah, I hear you.
I’ll do that Mr. H.
In fact I’m on my way
to The Shop right now
cause you know he ain’t there.
– He never is.
You take care of yourself.
– Aight Mr. H.
– Hey Rob is it still fast?
– Fixin to show you.
(music playing)
(tires screeching)
– You Kiana?
– Yes I am.
– I hear you’re
looking for a ride.
Don’t tell me you with
the tow truck company.
– Yeah, I’m with The Shop.
– How’d you get
here so damn fast?
– Well they call me Slick Rick.
– Is that right?
– That’s what they do.
– Well you know what, whatever.
– Are you ready
to go for a ride?
– I am.
– Alright.
(uptempo music playing)
– Hey baby.
Damn, early morning ass.
– Early ho’ gets the
sperm, right boy?
– Fuck both of yall.
– Damn PJ, calm down.
– You ready baby?
– Yeah.
– Let’s do this.
– Come on.
– Shit.
– Would you come on!
– Don’t move man.
– What?
– What?
– Come on man, your mask man.
– Break it off, Habib!
– You don’t have any–
– Gimme the money!
– Hey hey hey hey hey!
– Come on fool!
– Wait wait wait wait!
– Come to the front!
– That’s all I have!
– In the cakes!
– That’s all I have!
– Ooh!
Uh, I see y’all a little busy.
I’ll holla Habib.
You keep it positive pimpin’.
– Yeah yeah.
– Get the money!
– Gimme the money!
– Shit!
Come on man!
– Let’s go man!
Gonna bring a knife
to a gun fight.
– (mumbling) your damn
money when I robbed you!
– Grab some snacks!
– For cash, for Mike, come on.
– Shit!
– Come on man!
– Can I get on, Sharon?
– Get off, get off!
– Can I get on?
– No!
– Ow!
(group shouting)
– Come on Mike!
(piano playing)
– Hey, are you alright?
– Yes ma’am, I’m fine.
– Well, you’re in
the right place.
And Jesus will fix it for you
if you let him.
(phone buzzing)
– Yeah.
– I take it that
there was a problem
since I’m now on
the phone with you–
– Yeah there was, I–
– You don’t have
weeks any longer?
You have hours!
Forty-eight of them!
(car honking)
– Hey Shaq, did
you find anything?
– Nah.
We searched that place
from top to bottom
but we did notice somethin.
– And what is that?
– One of his cars is missing.
– Which one?
– That white mustang.
– White mustang, okay.
So what you tellin me?
– Alright hold on, look.
We have to dig a little deeper.
But we did notice somethin.
– And what is that?
– Check this.
I found out that he willed
his car to his nephew
that owns a auto repair shop.
– ‘Kay, where is that?
– Oakland, California.
– Get me to the airport.
– Yo Shawn.
Please tell me
you’re at The Shop.
– They pretty busy in here huh?
– Yeah, it’s like
this every day.
Everybody wants to
come to The Shop.
Yeah normally you’d have
to have an appointment but,
you got Shawn’s business card
so you’ll be okay.
– Well, what all
do they do in here
and how long you
been workin for ’em
because I’m gonna
tell you right now,
I don’t just trust my
vehicle with anybody.
That’s my baby.
– Calm down.
Keep your panties on.
Normally they take high
performance cars like yours.
They do a good job.
I’ve been with them
for about a year now.
Just relax, your car’ll be fine.
– We’ll see.
– Hey what’s up.
– What’s up man.
– Shawn inside?
– On the phone.
Yeah the tow truck is here.
Eh yo Shawn.
Your package arrived.
– Hey auntie, what’s up?
– Hey.
Wait a minute.
What’re you doing here?
Ain’t you supposed
to be at school?
– Well, you see what
had happened was,
I was on my way and I
stopped by to just say hey.
– Boy, it’s 8:15.
If you don’t take
yo butt to school,
plus I got work to do.
– Okay, I’ll talk to you later.
– Alright.
– Bye.
– Love you.
– Love you too.
– Okay, see you later.
– What’s up, Vik?
– Hey.
– Hey, did that
invoice for them…
– Gotchu.
– Thank you.
– You’re welcome.
– God, I can’t make
no money around here.
– Hmm, tell me about it.
– Hey girl.
– Hi, welcome to The Shop.
How can I help you?
– I received this business card
from your sexiest employee.
The sexy hot ass one.
The one that looks
like El Debarge.
– Okay.
– Actually I’m Kiana.
I’m the one who
called about the tow.
– Oh okay, yeah.
You know what, I already
got you written up.
So I’ma have you just
go ahead and sign in
for me please.
– I am impressed.
– Thank you.
Here you go.
– Thank you.
– Where you want it, Vik?
– Hmmm.
But could you put it
to the back for me.
– You got it baby.
– Thank you Dave.
A cutie pie.
Here’s a loaner car.
– Thank you.
– That is an SL-500, okay.
It’s already filled up
with gas so don’t worry.
Even when you bring it back
don’t worry about
filling it back up.
– I like the way that sounds.
– Okay, have a good day.
– You too, see you later.
– Thank you.
– Thank you.
– Ooh, stop flirtin.
– I gotta take a leak.
– You know where it’s at.
– Hey Vik.
– Huh?
– Who just went in the bathroom?
– Oh, that was Dave.
– I hope you told Dave
the sink don’t work.
– I forgot.
– How’d you wash your hands?
I don’t even wanna know.
– Ewww.
– How’d he wash his hands?
– [Together] You
don’t wanna know.
– Ugh man.
– Hey Shawn.
– Yeah.
– The car.
– Oh man.
– Wait, Shawn.
– Yeah.
– Here’s that invoice.
And your mom called and
Maria called as well.
She wanted to know if
her car gonna be ready
to be picked up by tomorrow.
– Oh alright, alright.
– Nephew, let me
ask you somethin.
Tell me something you
can see yourself doing
for free.
– ‘Course, fix up a car, man.
– Well then that’s what
you need to be doing then.
– Why’s that Unc?
– Because if you’re doing
something that you love,
it’s like you never
have to work another day
again in your life.
– Is that why you and
my daddy did it, Unc?
Cause y’all loved it?
– Yes.
– Well that’s cool, man.
– Yeah, you know?
– That’s cool.
– Yeah, and still do.
You wanna back up dog.
– Oh, oh you want it?
– Better back up.
– Aw, come here, come here.
Aw man, I love you boy.
– I love you too, man.
I hope you’re never
outta my life, dude.
– As long as I got
air in my lungs,
I’m here for you.
– Me too, man.
– Go talk to him.
– Shawn, man.
I know you goin through a
hard time right now, but…
– He was like my dad, man.
I mean…
– I know.
– You know my mom with her
cancer condition and all,
I just…
Feel like I might
lose her too, man.
You’re all I’ve got.
– Come here, bro.
Gotchu, bro.
– Thanks, man.
(car honking)
– Whoa, watch where
you goin lady!
– Bread shut up you damn fool!
You know you should’ve been done
pushing that cart by now.
I saw yo ass up
there on Broadway.
– Nah, I’m tryin to get paid
and I’m tryin to get laid.
This ain’t no
Bentley you drivin.
Watch where you goin girl!
– It’s all you now, man.
– I know, man.
I didn’t even want it
like that though, man.
– I know.
– Boss man, what it
do, what it do man!
– Bread, come on man.
– Yeah man, the one and only.
Check it out, man.
– Come on now Bread.
Don’t tell me you
pushed that all the way
down the street, man.
– Yeah, man, I got
to get paid, man.
I can’t go home with the bacon.
Look here man, check it out.
This top notch!
– Bread.
– What?
– Look here man.
This a business.
– I know, I’m a business man!
– Won’t you take that
down to the flea market
by the freeway, man.
Get that up outta here!
– I tell you what, hold on man.
I’m a businessman.
Look here, just give
me two hundred dolla,
Two hundred dolla,
– Two hundred dolla!
– Let me see what you got,
lemme see what you got in there.
– Hold on, man,
this top notch now.
Don’t be disrespectin
me like that.
– Let me see what
you got up in…
– Alright man, you
done opened it now.
You done opened it.
Gimme 40 dollar.
– Bread.
– 40 dollar.
– You have me punch
you in the chest
over no toolbox, man.
Get that up outta here.
– Alright man alright alright.
– You need to go to
the flea market, Bread.
– I tell you what, man.
Boss man I hate you.
– Didn’t I say–
– Alright man, alright man!
– You guys take forever!
– Sir, I’m gonna
need you to calm down
and just tell me
exactly what happened.
– I got robbed!
– You got robbed?
Now how many people
were involved?
– Hey, Steele.
Do you really need a
hand with this shit?
– Yes, homie, a clean hand.
– You’re supposed
to be helping me.
– What they look like sir?
– You know what?
Insults will get you nowhere.
– What and dirty hands will?
– Depends on how dirty
you’re willing to get em.
– Well thanks for
the invitation Tommy,
I think I’ll pass.
– What is this?
– Don’t worry about it sir.
– Hey you.
– Just come inside.
I can show you, come
inside, come inside.
Did you see anything?
– No.
– Shawn.
– Yeah man.
– You alright?
– Yeah.
– Okay.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
– Yeah I know man.
– It’s okay man.
You hear me?
– Yeah.
– Hey Shawn.
– Yes?
– It’s gonna be okay.
– Oh man, that’s right.
I didn’t even have to
sit in the passenger seat
no more.
I miss you Unc, man.
I don’t even want it
like this though, Unc.
I wish you were
here to see this.
– Hey Jamal.
– Wassup Vik?
– Wassup.
– It’s goin on eight years now.
I been tryin to get witchu.
When we goin out?
– Well, with that attitude,
that lets me know
you do not possess
the endurance that it
takes to handle me anyway.
– Yeah okay.
Hey Rob, man, wassup.
I need you to look
at this Camaro.
I gotta get back to the track.
– Bye Jamal.
– Yeah aight.
Hey wassup man.
– What’s up.
– Heard about your uncle, man.
Prayin for you.
– Thanks ‘Mal, man.
I really appreciate that, man.
– Yeah, stay strong.
– Right on, man.
– Hey yo Rob.
What’s up man?
– Hey bro, I’m comin!
Why don’t you go wait
in my car for me?
– Yeah aight.
– You hear that fool?
– How can you not
hear that fool, man?
– Exactly, loud and crazy.
You gonna be alright?
– Yeah me and Vik got this, man.
– Not talkin bout The Shop.
– Yeah, I’m good man.
I’m good.
– Okay, okay.
Guess I’ll go take a look
at this Camaro for Jamal.
He shoulda had me
look at it before he
took it up outta here,
but you can’t tell
that fool nothin.
– Tell me about it, man.
– Man.
– Do a favor for me, man.
– What’s up.
– Take a few pictures for
the website for me, man.
– I can do that.
– Cool.
– Do me a favor?
– Yeah.
Finish up that Z for me.
– I gotchu, man.
– Aight man.
– So what’s up man?
This thing still run like it
did when your daddy had it?
– Let me show you.
– Aight.
(tires screeching)
– Hey Dre.
– Hey, how you doin?
– Good.
So that was you out there
chasin Robbie around?
– Boss man, boss man,
hey hey hey hey hey!
Boss man, this top notch man.
– Bread!
– This is top notch.
– I know you did not–
– I don’t care what you say!
– Man, take this to
the flea market Bread!
– Aye yai yai!
This top notch man!
– Aight man.
What’s up witcha boy Bread, man?
He’s crazy.
– I’m just tryin
to make a livin!
You ain’t got to
be so mean, man!
This top notch!
I don’t care what you say!
This top notch!
– So when did you
need me to come in?
I have to?
My breast?
And my hair, too?
But I thought you said
it wasn’t that serious?
Alright, alright.
I’ll be there when you
want me to be there.
But no surgery and no clippers.
Okay Dr. Allen.
Thank you.
Oh Lord Jesus.
Lord have mercy.
(phone ringing)
Hey son!
Oh Mama is fine baby.
Oh yeah, and my lovely
daughter-in-law to be?
She is taking good
care of me, son.
Now baby, when you
gonna marry her?
You gonna wind up
lettin her get away now.
Oh baby, I know.
I know baby.
Yes, I did talk to Dr. Allen.
But don’t worry.
He just wanted to run a few
little tests, that’s all.
Oh Mama is fine baby.
Don’t worry about me.
I’m gon rest, and I’m
gon talk to you later.
And Maria needs her car now.
Don’t forget now baby.
Okay, bye bye.
How can I…
Gotta deal with this.
Just gonna have to deal with it.
Oh hey baby.
– Hey.
I brought you tea.
– Oh baby, you are so sweet.
Thank you baby.
– How’re you feelin?
– I’m doin great baby.
Now come over and talk
to Mama for a moment.
Sit right here baby.
Right here.
– Mom, why didn’t you tell him?
– Tell him what?
What’re you talking about baby?
– Mama, don’t do that.
I heard you on the
phone with Dr. Allen.
Shawn, he needs to know.
You know, he already
have a lot to deal with,
you know what I mean?
– You keeping these
things from him
is gonna make him worry.
– Mama’s gonna be alright.
Okay baby, don’t worry.
Come here, gimme a hug.
It’s gonna be alright baby.
I promise, God is
gonna bless us.
And we’re gonna be fine.
– Okay.
– So what you got
planned today baby?
– You’re so good at
changing the subject.
(drum beat playing)
– Man my foot is killin me!
– Shut up!
That’s what you
get kickin my bike.
And you bent my rim.
That’s comin out yo cut.
– What?
– Cut?
What cut?
80 bucks?
– Yep.
– Man, we gotta get
some real money, man.
Hittin these little stores
and local dealers man
is not enough, man.
I’m tryin to get my money, man.
– So what do you suppose we do
about it then, Mr.Gotti?
– I don’t know baby.
But I feel we gonna
find something,
and something big.
Man, my left eye been
jumpin’ all morning.
Now my momma used to
say when that happens,
money is comin!
– Jae!
You wrong, man.
It’s your left hand itchin.
That means money’s comin.
Left eye jumpin just means
trouble’s comin, man.
– Man I’m right fool.
My momma from Louisiana.
– What’s that got
to do with anything?
She’s wrong from Louisiana.
– Shut up, it’s your
right hand itchin
means money’s comin.
Your left eye jumpin means
trouble’s comin stupid!
– Dummy!
– Your right eye jumpin
just means you nervous.
– Nah, nah you know what, mane?
I wanna go back to you
callin my mama a liar.
Cause you know what?
I don’t play that!
Jae, calm down, man.
I didn’t call your mama a liar.
I just said she was wrong.
– That’s callin her a liar.
– Stop instigatin!
– Insta-what?
– Mike, apologize man.
My mama’s dead, man.
– Well she died and
she took that lie
about a twitchin
eye with her, man!
Jae, be cool man aight!
That’s it! Come on!
Don’t talk, just drive.
You’ve already been
briefed on my needs.
So just do your job.
Yo Tommy.
I’m here.
Yeah, the church, 15 minutes.
– Yeah man.
Yeah I got it.
Alright, not a problem.
What the hell’s with
this dude and his church?
– Young man, how’re you today?
How’ve you been?
I’ve seen you come
here many times
looking in, why don’t
you just come on in?
And let the Lord bless
you real good, alright?
I’ll be praying for you, okay?
Alright, I’ma pray
for you, okay?
– See you still livin
in your car, huh?
Gotta new shirt on
every two, three hours?
– Man, you know how it is.
Alright, I don’t like to sweat.
– Anyway man.
I need to find somebody
named Shawn Wyatt.
He runs an auto shop.
– What is he, the main
reason you’re here?
– Not the main reason.
He has the main reason.
– What does he have?
Hold on.
Eh, yo Hicks.
Can you run a profile I
need on a Shawn Wyatt?
Okay, I’ll hold.
– Hey, let’s just
say this here 30%
could retire you.
– Alright, go ahead.
Yeah, could you
give me an address?
Alright, thanks.
‘Preciate it.
– So, uh Steele.
Still on your case?
I mean, you remember
what happened last time
I was out here.
– Yeah I do.
I understand, alright?
Last time she
didn’t even see you.
I got it under control.
– Hope so.
Don’t like loose ends.
– Okay.
Hey Shawn, I’m gettin
ready to go, okay?
– Yeah.
– Don’t forget about Dre’s car.
It’s at the end of the stall.
– Alright, I won’t.
Hey Vik.
– Huh?
– Leave the front
door open for me.
I’ll close it on the way out.
– Alright.
(car stalling)
Come on Unc, man.
I know you kept this stang
in pristine condition.
What? What?
What the hell is
you doin in here?
We got tool carts, man.
Get outta here Bread!
Man, this fool won’t give up!
– I tell you man.
I’m just tryin to make a livin.
Woo God.
– What you want fool?
And no, I do not want
that toolbox, mane.
– I ain’t bout the toolbox, man.
I got some information
that’ll make your eyes sparkle.
– Man, my left eye was
just jumpin again, mane.
Wassup mane?
– You gotta give me two hunnert.
Two hunnert.
– Check this out man.
I’m only doin this cause you
always give me good info.
But if this is some mess,
we gonna be breakin
Bread, you feel me?
– Yeah yeah man.
You won’t be disappointed.
– Yeah, my eyes
better sparkle too.
– Now lookit here.
– So what do you wanna do?
– Nothin.
I know where he is now.
We can handle this tomorrow.
Just drop me off at my hotel.
I gotta few visitors comin by.
– So you think Shawn knows
what you’re here after?
– We’ll find out.
– Tasha, where you at girl?
My tracks are slippin again.
– Kiana girl, sit down.
I’ll be out in a minute.
– Oh hell naw!
– Hey sweetheart!
– Bread, what you doin in here?
– Girl, I gotta
get lined up too.
I gotta stay lookin good.
– Girl, Bread be
here all the time.
– No he don’t.
– That’s why I hustle, girl.
That’s why I…
Line my head boy.
– Be still.
– That’s why I hustle.
– Bread, for a crazy ass
hustla such as yourself,
I gotta say your
hair do stay smooth.
Well, thank you sweetheart.
That’s why I push,
That’s why I hustle.
I don’t care what nobody say!
I’m a hustla.
Line me up boy.
– I am.
– What’s wrong witchu?
– Speakin of pushin,
you already saw me
today over there at The Shop.
– Yeah, I seen ya.
– I dropped my car
off over there.
– Mhmm.
– But the thing is with that,
right now I’m not
gonna lie to you Bread.
I’ma little light in the pocket.
But see them fools
gonna try to charge me
like they do over
at the dealership
and I’m not feelin it.
– An arm and a leg.
That’s why I push.
– So while I have
you in my presence,
I’m gonna ask the
master hustler.
What do you think I
could do just to swing
a couple of extra hundred
dollars this month?
– Well you know what?
– Mhmm.
– I’ll tell you what.
If you give me two hunnert,
I’ll tell you bout a
girl’s best friend.
– A girl’s best friend?
– Yes.
– Whatchu know about that?
– I got some–
Hold on boy.
I got some information
that’ll make your eyes sparkle.
200 hunnert.
– Girl.
– I could swing that.
– Yeah.
– Now come up off
that information.
– I tell you–
Hold on, I’m tryna get paid boy.
– I’m tryna line you up.
– I get paid
so I can get laid,
shut up, shut up.
Anyway, a girl’s best friend.
Now this what I know.
(knocking at the door)
– Hey boss, how you doin?
– The hell you doin in here?
– I was watchin, uh…
Checkin my email boss.
– You don’t even have an email?
– Uh…
– Yeah well.
I got you a suit.
– You got me a suit?
– Where’s Bo?
– He’s downstairs eating, boss.
– Again?
– He always eatin, boss.
You hired him.
– God, yes he is.
Yeah well, you know
I got you a suit.
– Boss, what’s wrong
with the way I dress.
You don’t like the way I dress?
– You look like a
Craigslist pimp, man.
– Boss, I been workin
for you for ten years.
You ain’t never said
nuttin bout my…
Why couldn’t I buy
my own suit, huh?
Why I couldn’t pick it, huh?
– You know what, nevermind.
You look great.
Yeah, you do.
– Okay.
– We gotta get goin.
You know, try it on.
You might like it.
– Okay boss.
Oh boss, I gotta card
and some information–
– I know, just get dressed.
– No, but it’s about the–
– Just try on the suit.
– I’ll look at it.
– And tell me after.
– Okay.
– Thank you.
I ain’t touchin no suit.
My threads is nice.
– Come on man.
– What’s up.
I finished the Z but
you wash it, man.
I ain’t washin this thing.
– I ain’t washin nothin, man.
– Man, look, man.
– What’s up, what
you got to tell me?
– Man, I tried to
start the stang right?
– Okay.
– Wouldn’t start.
Popped the hood, looked
at the air filter…
– Bags of weed?
I can’t even smell it.
– No man, look.
Bling, man, diamonds.
– Wow.
What was yo uncle into?
– Man, I don’t
know but for reals,
this is why he ain’t
here no more, man.
– Hmmm.
So I bet that shop robbery mess,
that was just a front huh?
– Well with this being here
I’m sure that it was, man.
– Man, whoever
killed your uncle…
– [Together] Is
still lookin for em.
– Hey boss.
– I changed.
You couldn’t have changed?
– But the suit was,
it wasn’t really my–
– You know what, nevermind.
Let’s go find Bo.
– Yeah, yeah I get
this guy a suit,
he doesn’t wanna wear it.
I don’t know what
to do with him.
Yeah look look look.
It’ll just be a
couple more days.
We’ll get it sorted out alright?
Eh no, nothing to worry.
And thank you for
the information.
– Hey boss.
I just got some info.
– Oh yeah, what’s that.
– My Cali girl, she sayin
somethin bout a dude
with a shop and a
truckload of diamonds.
– Really?
– Yes.
I got some information
like that too
but nothing about a shop.
– In Oakland, right?
– Yeah.
Alright look.
This is what I want you to do.
Take the Mercedes
and get to Oakland.
– [Together] Tonight?
– Is there an echo out here?
– I didn’t hear.
– Is there?
Do you hear it?
Yes, tonight.
Marlon is there,
and I want you two
to help him find the diamonds.
Can you do that?
– Yes.
– Can you do that?
– Alright, thank you.
Now let’s go.
– Hey yo Slim.
– What?
– Why you didn’t wear the suit?
– Man fuck you!
Get in the car!
– Open the door.
Oh and when you
get the diamonds,
I want you to kill him.
– Okay.
Hey lemme guess.
You hungry?
Get the fuck in the car.
– Hey man, why you always
tryin to embarrass me
in front of the boss, man?
I should jump over there
and slap you in ya head.
You crazy, you crazy.
Man, where are we?
– Yeah, we almost here.
But I don’t like feeling
like your chaffeur.
Wake the hell up.
– Whatever man, a
brotha hungry man.
Take me to get somethin to eat.
– That’s all you
think about, huh?
– Man, is that all
you think about,
rubbing your greasy chest?
– Man fuck you.
– Man whatever man.
Just take me to a spot to get
something to eat, will you?
– Alright man, hey but
women love this chest.
– Pssht.
– Hi welcome to
Burger King can I, oh.
– Yeah, may I have a
number, what you want?
– Number one, man.
What you doin dude?
– Sorry can you hold one second?
– Hey!
– Hey!
Kay Kay!
– Daddy, what is you doin here?
– Hey fool, what you doin, man?
God dog, man.
– How you been?
– Good.
– Good.
Mmm, I’m better now.
– Yeah, good.
– Yeah.
– So tell me what’s goin on.
Whatchu know?
– I ain’t gonna tell
you if you gonna do
something stupid.
I told you a little bit
bout them diamonds–
– Uh huh.
– Now I’ma tell you this.
They just some working
class dudes over there
at The Shop.
– Right, right.
– And I don’t want
you doin nothin stupid
and getting into trouble.
I need you out here
and I dont want you
gettin in no trouble.
– Slim don’t get in
trouble, alright?
– You promise?
– I promise, alright.
– Yeah.
– Alright.
– Alright Daddy.
– Okay look, text me
the address, alright?
– Okay I sure will.
– Don’t forget.
– Alright Daddy.
– Hey Kay Kay.
The address now, okay?
– For sure Daddy.
– Bo!
(knocking at the door)
– Who is it?
Where’s Slim?
– Oh he had
something else to do.
We’ll pick him up later.
(low music playing)
– Sup y’all.
– Hey Shawn.
– Drew, what’s up.
– Hey hey.
What’s goin on?
– Man, nothin much man.
– Gettin it in today, huh?
– Yeah, got to man.
I’m startin to get a lil,
lil wooly over here–
– See you, I see.
Hey man, I heard
about your uncle, man.
– Man, somethin
popped off last night
regarding that, man.
It’s got my head
just spinning, man.
It’s wild, man, it’s wild.
– I see, man.
– Boss man!
What it do, what it do?
Go that matinee, man.
Wassup man!
Hey, still in the
box, 20 dollars.
– I got that matinee,
anybody want it, 20 dollars.
– Let me check it out.
– Okay hold on.
You ain’t got that bacon man,
can’t see my girl naked.
Look here, check here.
– Lemme see.
– 20 dolla.
Top notch man, this top notch.
– It is, lemme see.
– Hold man, this top notch.
You got 20 dollars?
– Let me check it out first.
I’ma be here cuttin
hair all day.
– Top notch, now anybody wanna–
Oh hold on man.
– Whoa.
What’s up witcha boy?
– Look like he
seen a ghost, man.
– Yeah, looks like he did.
– Ow man, God damn.
Ow! Oww!
– Bread.
– What’s goin man, what it do?
– What you doin?
You gettin in some
early morning jogging?
– Agh!
Come on man!
Come on!
– Come on, that’s
what I wanna know.
What you got for me today?
Gimme something good
or I’ll take you
downtown and book you
for some bootleg DVDs.
– I ain’t just givin up
no information for free.
I ain’t.
My chicken–
– Come on!
Gimme somethin!
Or I’ll give you a free ride
in some complimentary bracelets.
– Alright man, alright.
Look man, this
information right here,
I don’t care what you say, man.
I’d rather go downtown
and get some sleep
and a free meal than just
give you some information
for cheap.
It don’t just come for
cheap like that, man.
I don’t just give
it up like that.
– You must got
something good, huh?
– Yeah, I got some information,
and it’ll make
your eyes sparkle.
– Yo wassup, talk to me.
Hey yo, this is Tom.
I got somethin for you, man.
– Yeah, what is it?
– Well, I believe Shawn has
found what you’re looking for.
– Is that right?
You for sure?
– Yeah, man, I trust this.
– That changes things.
– To what?
– Hey, meet me at
the dirt lot off 66
near the coliseum, in fifteen.
– Alright, out.
(car crashing)
– Shawn boy, why are you walkin?
– I wrecked my car.
– You wrecked it?
– Yeah, I wrecked it.
– You wrecked it?
– Yes, I wrecked it?
– So you wrecked it?
– I said I wrecked my car.
– But you okay though, right?
– Yeah, I’m alright man.
– Good good.
Cause I told you I
ain’t washing that car.
– Man.
– Man, that car is filthy.
– Uh, hello?
Can y’all hurry up and
have Kiana car done?
– [Together] Yeah, yeah.
– What’s up, bro?
– I started the
Mustang, it started–
– Man, we got way bigger
problems than that, man.
I forgot to tell you last night,
Bread came in the shop and
seen me with the diamonds.
And on top of that, he
popped into the barbershop,
seen me and scooted out, man.
I know he told somebody.
– Man, you know that
fool told somebody.
– Yeah, I know.
– So what you wanna do?
– I don’t know, man.
I don’t know.
– Alright, look.
Now we gotta make
this quick and quiet.
And if I remember
correctly, The Shop is by
appointment only.
– What Mr. Gotti?
(gun shooting)
– Damn Jae!
Stop playin!
– You clowns are
cleanin loaded guns?
Loaded guns?
– Yeah.
– Whatever, Sharon.
I want you to call and
make an appointment
for that shop today.
– Whatever.
– Man, Jae.
This sounds a little bit
too good to be true, man.
I mean, this is Bread we
talkin about, you know?
– Yeah, Bread.
– Bread.
– Bread.
– Do anything for a
few dollars, Bread.
– Yeah, but baby my eye.
– Yo eye?
Man, come on with
this eye thing.
You want us to run
up in this shop
for some diamonds all
based on your freakin eye?
– Hey man, check
this out, I told you.
My momma from Louisiana.
So it’s real simple, mane.
Either you’re in or you’re out.
(gun shooting)
God damn!
– Are you serious?
– Huh.
(music playing)
– Hi, thank you for
calling The Shop.
This is Vikki.
Oh, okay.
You wanna come in for it today?
Okay, looks like I
have a 11:30 available,
is that okay?
– Okay, can I have
your name please?
– Hey Baby.
– Hi.
– I’m sorry babe, but
your car’s not ready yet.
– Well that means your Audi.
– I wrecked it.
– You wrecked it?
– Yeah, I wrecked it.
So you wrecked it?
– I’m not going
through this again.
– Okay, then let me
use your Mustang.
– Honey, come on.
You know what that
car means to me.
I mean, you mean a lot to me too
but you gotta understand
where I’m comin from baby.
– Babe, please.
I’ll be right back.
– Okay, where you goin?
– Don’t do that to me.
Okay, so I’m gonna
go to Oswald’s,
get me some ice cream
and I’ll be right back.
– Now was that so hard?
– No, but if you
had my car ready–
– Shhh.
Come on.
– So, how do you
wanna play this?
– Tight.
We gotta play it tight.
– What, we got trouble?
– Like I said, we play it tight.
– I knew it.
Right on time.
Follow that car.
– Ugh.
– Rob, your 11:30 is here.
– Here Shawn, here’s that
invoice you asked me for.
– Yo go ahead, talk to me.
– Hey I need you at the
old warehouse in Alameda.
I need you at the point.
You remember?
The blue stops.
– Got it, blue steps.
What’s the plan?
– Like I said, we play it tight.
– Alright, I got you.
– Hey, where’s Sharon at?
– Hey forget that broad, man.
She trippin.
– Man, let’s–
– Hey, where you goin, man?
You were first in the store.
– Man come on man.
Let’s get this money man.
– Shut the fuck up.
– What?
What’re you doing?
– No, please no.
Get off me!
– Close the door.
– What the hell?
– Aight fool.
Where they at?
– I knew it man.
– You knew what?
– Who told you I was comin, huh?
– I’m not talkin bout you.
– Who you talkin bout?
– I’m not talkin bout you!
– Now if you quiet
and cooperative
this will go smooth.
You understand me?
Gimme the keys.
– Please, look.
Just let me go.
– Bo!
Wake up!
Here, take the mustang
to the warehouse.
Then go take care of
that at the hotel.
– Please, please.
– Shhhh.
– Hey!
Man, what you doin?
– Answerin my phone, man!
– Answer the phone then man.
Be quick.
– Yes, bae?
Where you at?
– Aww, you sound
a little worried.
But before you go any further,
take a deep breath and calmly
answer me yes or no to
the following question.
Do you have my diamonds?
– Please.
– Yes.
– Good.
All you gotta do is meet
me where I tell you.
– Please.
– And this will all be over.
– Can I ask you a question?
– Yeah, you get one.
– But now is not time.
– Please.
– No I need–
– No!
You are not in control here!
– Shut your fucking mouth
or you’ll be praying
to him in person.
Look boy!
I’ma text you the address.
You find your way there
or I can’t guarantee
you her safety.
– Please.
– Let’s go.
– Let me go.
– Alright now, back to business.
Where are the diamonds?
– What diamonds?
– I don’t have em but
the person I was talkin to,
they got em.
– Mike, my left eye
was just jumpin again.
– Come on with
this eye thing man.
– What’s wrong with yo eye?
– [Together] Don’t ask!
– Hey, I don’t
have want you want
but if you can help me,
I can help you get
to where they at.
– Man, how you gonna
ask me for help
and I’m robbing you fool?
– Because.
– Because what?
– Cause you seem
like a rational man
and them diamonds
are worth a lot.
– That’s true.
– I’ma get that.
– Hey, girl get
yo ass back there!
Let me make this
fucking clear, man!
This is a fucking robbery!
Don’t nobody do nothin
unless I say so!
Now what you got for me, man?
– Aw, if it ain’t my
main man Marq, huh?
– The hell with you Tommy.
– Aw, come on now.
Isn’t it why your
mama named you Maury?
She wanted a boy
but got you instead?
Huh, Daddy rode you
like a man, huh?
Made you join the police force
and follow in his footsteps?
– You really are
trying me today,
but that doesn’t phase me.
Not one bit.
I’m plenty of woman,
and yes I followed my father.
I’m proud to do it.
And speaking of
him, rest his soul
he would turn in
his grave if he knew
how you turned out.
– Listen, you better be
damned sure you got something.
– Are you threatening me, Tommy?
Is that a threat?
– Hey, Maury.
When was the last
time you played chess?
– What?
– The game of chess, when
was the last time you played?
– I can’t say I
remember the last time.
– I know your daddy
taught you, right?
– Enough about my father, Tommy.
What’s your point?
– What do you remember about it?
– It’s a game of strategy.
Hasty moves could be costly.
– Now repeat that to
yourself a few times.
– Shawn, is you sure
about this, bro?
– I mean, this is as
good a shot as any.
We not gangsters.
We run a shop fixing cars.
– I know, bro, but these clowns?
– Are we closing today?
– Nah, Vik.
Robbie and I will be right back.
– Shawn, I don’t
understand this.
Why don’t you just
call the police?
I mean, he sending you
a text talkin about
meet him in Alameda by
the abandoned warehouses.
You trust that?
Why would you trust that?
– Man, Vik you right.
That’s a good question.
Why we just call
the police, bro?
– Yeah, right.
Um hello, I’d like to
report a kidnapping.
Someone’s taken my
girl and my Stang
and they said I
need to bring them
their stolen diamonds
to get her back.
Come on, man.
– Y’all go handle that.
– Come on.
(somber music playing)
Come on.
– Marlon!
– Shawn.
– Baby!
– Baby.
– Oh baby, no!
Let me go!
– Shut the hell up!
– Get off of me.
– So, you got somethin for me?
– Let her go, man.
– Look, I do not have
time for these games.
– What is this, huh?
– You had the diamonds
all the fuckin time?
– Shit!
(gun shooting)
(phone ringing)
– Thank you for
calling The Shop,
this is Vikki.
Wait, slow down.
I thought you said we wasn’t
closing The Shop today?
Alright, okay.
Lord heavenly father
please look after
Robbie and Shawn.
Lord please send your
heavenly angels down
and around to protect them Lord.
In Jesus name I pray,
thank you Father.
(rap music playing)
♪ It’s a trip the
way the world is
♪ The way we watchin
but we never learn
♪ The way we put our backs
into everything we earn
♪ Just to through it
back into the furnace
♪ where the paper burn
♪ I guess we gotta
fuel the nation up
♪ Bitchin on the gas price
while we watch our bills grow
♪ We makin progress
but it feels slow
♪ How my supposed
to reach the top
♪ While my people die slow
♪ The problem’s
worldwide in every nation
♪ We got the cure but
we lack communication
♪ It’s not as simple as
a shifting concentration
♪ It’s a global epidemic
of our mental sanitation
♪ You need to check
in with the surgeon
♪ So you can sew the holes
♪ from all the paper
you been splurgin
♪ Give it to those
who deserve it
♪ The hope be the youth
♪ And the ones
who can serve them
♪ Another problem that we facin
♪ Is the fact that our youth
have a less than eduction
(phone ringing)
– Is it done?
– Oh boss, uh…
We had a little issue.
– What does that mean?
– Well, Marlon found him.
We had kidnapped some girl and
she had a little help.
She got away.
– Look look.
I don’t care what
you have to do, okay.
Just finish them all.
And bring me what’s mine.
– Two thousand?
– Hey what’s goin on?
– I’m tired of his actions.
– I know, I know,
but he is your brother
and you must understand–
– I’m not family, not family.
Don’t you dare say that to me.
Mother is dead
and just because
he’s her adopted son
does not make him my brother.
– Calm yourself, Noel.
Calm yourself.
I’m merely trying to
carry out my wife’s,
your mother, I’m trying
to carry out her wishes.
– And that’s the only thing
that’s keeping him alive.
– Father, you mustn’t
worry yourself.
You know what it does to you.
– I know, I know.
– This will be his last time.
– You know what, little brother?
You’re right.
– Look, Dad.
Ivy has disgraced us
far too many times.
He hasn’t proved himself worthy
to the Jensen name or
what comes with it.
– But killing is
always the last option.
– No Dad.
In this case killing
should be the first option.
– Why?
Noel, why?
Give me one good reason why?
– I can give you 20
million reasons why.
– Alright.
You have my permission.
– Get the plane ready.
We’ll be there in 30 minutes.
– Shut the fuck up, girl!
I don’t wanna hear that shit!
Man, let’s get Sharon so she
can watch this broad, man.
– Hell yeah.
(phone ringing)
– Man, good think Vik left, man.
– Hey bro, do not answer that!
– Why not?
– What, you just wanna go
back to business as usual?
– Well, we still got
a business to run.
– Man, we got a new business.
– And that is?
– The business of staying alive.
Man, them clowns got Maria.
We got that scandalous
cop after us,
and who is dude and
that pink shirt,
you called him
Marlene or somethin?
Man, did he have
something to do with Unc?
– Ah man.
– Shawn!
– Hello?
Man, I ain’t never
had a conversation
with a dead man before.
– Jae, man look, we
can work this out.
– Yeah, well you better
start talkin right?
No, you know what, hold
up, hold up, wait a minute.
You lied to me once before, man.
– Aight.
There’s more diamonds.
– This time you better be
tellin me the truth, man.
Or I will cancel my
insurance policy.
You get my meaning, right?
– I’m not lyin!
(knocking on door)
– Hey!
Hey man!
You better be tellin me
the truth man, hello?
– Ow!
Babe, please help!
– You hear that, right?
– Please don’t hurt her.
Just give me 20 minutes.
I’ll call you right back!
– Yeah, well you have
exactly 20 minutes.
20 minutes, man.
Man, get out.
– Shawn, I need to
know where they are
and how many.
– Wait!
Hell naw!
We already got one
scandalous cop after us.
What makes you any different?
Cause you walk in here all
calm showing your badge?
– No because I am
after that same cop,
and that’s all you need to know.
Now Shawn I need you to tell me
what you know so I can
help get your girl back.
– How do you know about my girl?
And let me guess, you want
the diamonds too, right?
– I been following this
whole mess since this morning
and no, I don’t want them.
I only want one thing.
– Then why didn’t
you do somethin?
You sposed to be the good guy!
Or girl.
– Oh!
– And you better pray
that your boyfriend
calls you back, too.
– What you keep touching
her like that for?
– Shut up!
– Man, I knew this
mess would happen!
My eye was jumpin, my
eye was jumpin Jae?
That’s some straight bullshit!
– Hey Mike, man!
Let’s not go there again!
– It’s been 20 minutes Jae.
– Yeah.
– No, no, please, please!
– Time’s up sweetheart.
– He’s gonna call!
– Just gettin a
little out of hand.
– Yeah, tell me about it.
Them punks took the girl.
– Man, forget her!
I’m sure the rest of those
diamonds is at his shop.
We should focus our
attention there.
– Yeah cool.
That fool hit me pretty hard.
I’m gonna get him for that.
– Yeah?
Well you do that.
– Jae.
Man look.
I need you to meet me with
Maria at Hilltop Mall.
You know where that is, right?
– Yeah, I know.
Over in Hayward.
– In one hour.
– Shawn man, check this out.
If this is another–
– One hour!
– Good now this
is a public place.
They’re not gonna
get too crazy here.
I’m just hoping
that Tommy shows up.
And judging by what
I’ve seen all morning,
he will.
– But what about
this Marlon dude?
I mean, he’s the one that
killed my uncle, right?
– Well I don’t have any
jurisdiction over that.
But as soon as we get
all of this sorted out,
I will help you pursue it.
– Okay.
– Shawn, you think I
should just call Vikki
and have her come
back to The Shop?
– Nah man.
It’s way too much
going on right now man.
– Alright, we’re going inside.
Nobody get in, nobody get out.
– Hey, you don’t
even know the code.
– Why you givin
everybody trouble?
– Man, shut up.
You hungry?
(banging on door)
I need to talk
with a Shawn Wyatt.
– Come on, get yo
ass inside there man.
Let’s go.
Get the hell in there, man.
Get over there and shut up.
– Shawn.
– Marlon.
– So, can we finish this?
– Can I get my
question answered?
– Shoot.
– Why kill him, man?
– You wouldn’t understand.
– Make me!
– Look!
I’m here for one thing, my 30%.
– Man, get off me.
– Let’s deal with this
Q & A at a later date.
– What’s the rush Hines?
I mean really, what’s the rush.
– Good move.
– Tell me about it.
(gun shooting)
– Here catch!
– Hey, I didn’t
shoot her, you did!
– Damn, well your
prints are all over it.
Guess I’ma have
to arrest you now.
– Shawn, you thought
this would suffice?
Now this can be real simple
or get real complicated,
if you don’t give me
the rest of my diamonds.
– I can’t do that.
I need them to get
my girl back, man.
– My boy here is
in a bit of a rush
and a itchy trigger finger.
Give me the rest of
my damn diamonds.
– Hey man, you goin
in the gate or what?
– Whatcha–
Boss, these the same dudes that
that helped em get away, boss.
– Is that right?
– Is your eye still jumpin, man?
– Bo, take the two of them.
Just get rid of them.
Girl, put her in
the back of the car.
– Man, the door don’t open man.
– Fuck.
You gotta get em
from your side, Bo.
– I can get out of the
car by myself, man.
– Hey man.
What the hell, man.
– Just get yo ass
over there, boy!
– Get yo…
Get in the car.
– Come on man.
Hey, get off me man.
Hey, get off me man!
Hey, both of y’all
get off me man!
Hey, hey, hey!
– Get up, get up.
– Get this man in the car, man.
– Let’s go, boss.
(knocking on door)
– Who is it?
– Maria!
– Don’t draw fire.
– Baby.
– Ivan.
I didn’t expect to see you here.
– Well you kinda
put me in a position
to come see this
personally, now didn’t you?
– Marlon, who the
fuck is this clown?
– Marlon, you didn’t tell
your friends about me?
– There’s no need to.
– Alright, now that
that’s out the way,
who has my diamonds?
– So these are your diamonds?
– Hmm.
You must be Shawn.
– You say that like you know me.
– Let’s just say that your uncle
was an employee of
mine at one time.
– Marlon, you work for him?
– Alright, enough of this.
Who has my diamonds?
– Hold on, what makes you
think they’re all yours?
– Listen, pig.
You mean nothing so
keep your mouth shut.
– Fuck!
– No, no, no, no!
– Alright.
– Back up.
– I’ll get the diamonds
and you three can sort this out.
– Okay.
Ms. Piggy.
– Sure.
– Yeah, whatever.
– Hurry up.
– Here’s one bag.
The rest are in here.
Now get the fuck outta my shop.
– Thank you.
– Don’t move.
We in bidness, boy.
– Now, Marlon.
You had one simple
order to follow.
Eliminate one person and
bring me my diamonds.
So how is it
that I ended up in
fucking Oakland?
– So it was you that ordered
my uncle to be killed?
– Back the fuck up,
back the fuck up!
– No, please please please.
– Small order.
– Now goodbye.
(gun shooting)
– Ah!
Oh, oh.
– Why’d you do that?
– I don’t know.
– Marlon, we gotta go,
come on man, let’s go!
Let’s get outta here.
Let’s go! Let’s go!
– Hey!
What about this dead cop?!
– Bulletproof vest, huh?
– Yeah.
– Was it worth it?
– It’s well worth it.
(piano playing)
– Oh yeah.
Retirement baby.
(knocking on window)
– Get out the car.
– Good evening, brother.
Come in.
Shut the door.
We have a lot to talk about.
– Ow!
– This won’t hurt a bit.
(gun shooting)
– Hi baby.
– Hey baby.
You gonna marry me, make
me the happiest man alive?
– Maybe.
– Aw, that’s cold.
– You know I love you.
– See y’all happy all
this mess is over with.
– Tell me about it, man.
– Man, me too.
– Uh huh.
– Girl.
– She is mad.
– Tell me about it.
– What did I do?
– You already know.
– Boss man!
What it do, man?
This top notch man,
this top notch!
– [Together] Bread!
(music playing)
♪ Yeah
♪ My city’s a force
to be reckoned
♪ The day’s so fast
♪ The night so long
♪ I gotta keep on
♪ I gotta stay strong
♪ I’m from the mean streets
♪ Where homicide meet
♪ Can’t get cold feet, cold feet
♪ Lil po me raised who I’m to be
♪ It’s not my fault
♪ I’m just a rare breed
♪ Seventies child
in a city gone wild
♪ Murder rate sky high
♪ And I meet the profile
♪ I lost a lotta loved ones
♪ Some young ones
♪ But it’s such a damn pity
♪ That I love my city
♪ Should I sit
back and say nothin
♪ Let these lil cats be nothin
♪ I could be the
voice for my city
♪ But the truth that I write
♪ It’ll make the
city come and get me
♪ I can’t hold back
♪ I let my heart bleed
on this track for my city
♪ Ooooh
♪ My city
♪ My heart bleeds
♪ Ooooh
♪ This life so cold
♪ This year we made history
♪ Picture this vividly
♪ Boycott didn’t have to pop em
♪ He’s handcuffed, he said
he only tried to shock him
♪ Damn near caused
the Watts riot
♪ He said it was a accident
♪ We ain’t buyin it
♪ But when them cops got lifted
♪ Then the whole weight shifted
♪ Maybe then they can feel us
♪ It shouldn’t
have to be this way
♪ So ready and quick for gunplay
♪ My friends they
ain’t comin back
♪ My homie sleep, he
can vouch for that
♪ I guess I’m here just
to make a difference
♪ My message, my appearance
♪ When I speak, do you hear it?
♪ Tired of my city
being chopped up
♪ The heroin, the cocaine
and gettin locked up
♪ I won’t hold back

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