Our Gambler Honda Accord UTE Has Sat Out for a Year, So Let’s Start It Up!

Our Gambler Honda Accord UTE Has Sat Out for a Year, So Let’s Start It Up!

Welcome to the strange and never-ending
story of the Weirdmobile. All the
longtime subscribers of this channel
probably remember the first build we
featured a few years back: the 1998 Accord
Sedan dubbed the Weirdmobile which
would go on to become an El Camino and
eventually run in the Detroit Gambler
500. The car was originally purchased for
500 bucks in 2012 to run in the Medina
County Fair Rough Truck Competition and
piloted by Mike, it came in 9th place!
Still drivable but quite twaked from
some of the hard landings, the car sat in
Mike’s yard for a couple years until he
needed something they got good mileage
for his long commute.
Despite the crooked body and uneven
front wheels the Weirdmobile drove
straight and smooth on the highway. Now a
daily driver, Mike needed a truck to haul
a four-wheeler. Since The Weirdmobile did
so well in rough truck, we decided to
turn it into a truck! A quick Photoshop
rendering, beer and sawzalls was a
solid plan. Removing the rear of the car
was the easy part.
Then we added some bracing after seeing
how floppy the car become. For the rear
cab wall, we cut out the rear wall from a
Honda Del Sol… because power rear window!
Next we reused the Accord C pillar, moved
forward a couple feet for a seamless
transition to the bed. Well it looks seamless from like 30 feet
away. Then we beautified it with faux rear
quarter windows and sealed up the rear
wall with fiberglass. Next we used hood
hinges from the scrap Camaro to build
a functioning tailgate and the Weirdmobile
was now complete! Life got busy and the
car set outside for yet another year
rusting away until 2017 when we learned
of a new event taking place in Michigan
which would undoubtedly change our lives
the Detroit gambler 500!!! We looked at our
$500 Weirdmobile and decided it was
destined to compete. With a lengthy to-do
list to get the car roadworthy,
we ended up focusing on other things to
make the car look more ridiculous such
as a rear suspension lift, big tires, and
a scrap metal roof rack. We had a little
time left to knock out the important
things on the list and headed to
The Wheelmobile survived the Detroit
Gambler 500 with only minor issues and
resumed its life of rusting away sitting
in the weeds for another year.
We brought the Toyota to the 2018
gambler 500 to help recover stuck
gamblers and kind of missed driving the
Weirdmobile, a true $500 vehicle. So we’re
gonna show the Weirdmobile some love
today with some cold beers a new battery
and let’s see how it runs. Here she lies
under a dead tree slowly sinking into
the ground next to Mike’s shed. The front
bumper kind of fell halfway off when it
was getting unloaded from the trailer
and it’s been rusting away nicely these
last 12 months. Oh look at this
the bed was a nice landing place for
this fallen tree and here’s a nice layer
of pine needles on top of 2017’s leftover
garbage in the bed. The question is
what’s living inside? Boy it’s mouse turd
confetti up in here. The flux cockpacitor
has aged and yellowed quite nicely and
another five or so years we might have
ourselves a black cockpacitor. Yep just
as we left it…
manual cooling fan bypass and all. I clear
coated the roof rack but it’s still
developed a nice patina
pretty much all the spray paint from
2012 is faded away except for the let’s
get weird on the side doors.
One fresh battery later…
it’s definitely gotten rustier. Oh God Yeah.
Like it’s at an all-time high.
I think the tree’s holding me back!
The rear brakes screech just as nice as
they did a year ago
you know I miss the teeth but no bumper
cover looks pretty good to look at how
how smashed up the awww good girl!
Without the bumper cover on it really
shows off the smashed up radiator
So what should we do next with the Weirdmobile? Do you guys think she has
another Gambler 500 left in her? Or what
about swapping it onto a
four-wheel-drive frame? Let’s hear your
ideas in the comments and as always
thanks for watching!

9 thoughts on “Our Gambler Honda Accord UTE Has Sat Out for a Year, So Let’s Start It Up!”

  1. Four-wheel-drive frame definitely I love your channel voice I want to cut my 91 accord station wagon into a truck As well

  2. Deffo swap it out for a 4wd chassis. maybe something from an old Land Rover or Range Rover with perhaps working air suspension for an extra plush ride.

  3. My co workers roomate has a 98 honda accord se that has been sitting since 2008. Absolutely no rust on it! I wanna try and get it going. Not sure the milage. Btw, put some musical air horns on it to replace the rusted out disc horn. Lol!

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