Our kids’ board games and table top games!

Hi, I’m Marian Abeid-McDougall and I
have no idea what I’m doing with regards
to taking video but welcomes to MultiTalented Writers Variety Channel! As the
name suggests, this is a channel about
a variety of stuff, and one
of the things I’ll be doing on this
channel is reviewing board games. So
today, I just wanted to show you our
collection. Here we go!
Okay, so this is our children’s game
board. We have three children ages three
and a half, five and a half, and almost
eight and this is in 2018—the beginning
of 2018—and this is all the games that
we play with our kids. Now some of these
games are recommended for ages older
than some of our kids, but we just play
them and we adapt as needed.
So I just wanted to show you the ones we
have, and these are this is just the
children’s game shelf. We also have
a whole one for adults as well, but we
wanted to show you some of these games
and then in future videos I’ll be
reviewing some of them. So some of them
people will be familiar with, like Jenga,
that’s a pretty popular one, or Twister,
but there’s also some less known ones.
So this one is Fish and Chips, and I’ll
talk about it in a future video, we’ve
got a version of cranium that
you can play in very short periods of
time, like even two minutes. Jenga, this is
not really a game; they’re just letter
tiles that I use with my kids for
learning sounds and letters. We’re homeschoolers, so we have several things like
this. This is Pop the Pig—my kids love
this game. We also have this tin of brain
teasers and there’s several different
games that I’ll review at a different
We have Rush Hour Jr. We also have the
adult version. Wobbly warm, this game
requires batteries, but we’ve just not
put them in and it still works as a game
for the kids and they love it. This one
is… I think it’s called Pop Jr., I think…
something like that… Popper Jr., and it’s
a Frozen version. We also have… This is a
game that I printed off a blog. It’s
called Mind Your Manners and my daughter
loves it and she learns table manners
while she plays it. This is Chef Pop-de-
Pop, and it’s a very fun counting game
for young children. We have I Spy, Seeing
Doubles, which is a game that we
seriously adapt for the younger kids, and
as you can see, I like to get a lot of my
games at a thrift store.
This is Word Dominoes, it’s for very
young children. Round-the-clock game,
for kids learning to tell the time. This
is just a puzzle off the map of Canada,
which helps our kids learn about the
provinces and the flags that go along
with them.
This is called button art and it’s
not as much a game; it’s kind of like a
craft, but it’s reusable. It’s a lot of
fun for the little kids. Old McDonald
Lotto, which is actually really useful
for my son’s speech therapy. Let’s go
sailing, which is a cooperative game for
kids and adults. We have let’s go fishing,
which is a lot of fun for the little
kids. Under here, I don’t know if you
can see, we have Mountaineering, which we
actually have not played yet; it’s also a
cooperative one. We’ve got Princess, also
a cooperative game for young kids.
Home Builders, another cooperative one.
This Spider-Man is just a memory game,
and we have Apples to Apples Jr., which
my husband actually loves to play. I’m
not overly thrilled about it, but it’s
fun, but I have other word games that
like better, like Bananagrams, which is
not in the cupboard I’ll show you next
but that’s my favorite word game.
Sequence, there are several versions of
this game. This one is Letters and
it’s very useful for helping kids learn
their sounds and letters.
This I spy Eagle Eye game is…
it’s okay but I’m very easily visually
I find it a bit difficult to play, even
as an adult, which is why we bought that
one, which is a little bit easier. Twister,
which is always a fun game for kids. Hiss,
which can be played cooperatively or
competitively. This is just a puzzle,
Bubble talk—my eight-year-old absolutely
loves this game—it’s pretty funny.
Perfection… I’ll review like that game
in another video. Sorry, which is a very
appropriate game for Canadian people 🙂
Junior Pictolino is a very fun game for
very young kids and it works quite well.
And then Cooking Up Sentences, which is
a little bit complicated, but it’s good
for kids learning the parts of speech
and I’ve adapted it a little bit to play
with my eight-year-old and I’ll talk
about that in a
different video. So that’s our
children’s game cupboard and this video
is already getting a little long, so I
will say goodbye and show you the adult
games in a different video. See you soon!

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