Out of Africa Wildlife Park Arizona – AlaskaGranny Kisses a Giraffe

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Arizona – AlaskaGranny Kisses a Giraffe

hi it’s AlaskaGranny you live or
travel to Arizona check out the Out of Africa
Africa wildlife park it’s located just
west of Interstate 17 at exit 287 it’s
located between Phoenix and Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona it is
open from 9:30 to 5:00 daily you can get
up close and personal with a large
variety of exotic animals you pay your
admission to get into Out of Africa Wildlife Park which
ranges from $33 but they have senior
military birthday and coupon discounts
and then they have add on activities I
loved it the day I was there there was
no crowd I saw these large viewing
platforms and I thought oh I’m going to get
to climb up in there and look around
but those were for the zipline ride the
tram to see the shows Creature Feature
Tiger Splash Feed a Tiger Show Giant Snake Show
and Predator Feeding on this day we saw
a gila monster, boa constrictor snake and a Cavy which are very
rare from South America and it was
wonderful to see these little critters
up close and get to pet them not the
Gila monster of course they had a large
variety of wild cats including this one
that couldn’t help but getting good
sniff it that Cavy and came running to
look through the fence so look up down
and all around you never know what big cats you will see
my favorite ever was
getting to feed a giraffe a piece of celery
AlaskaGranny feeds a piece of celery to a giraffe from her mouth
AlaskaGranny gets a french kiss from a giraffe
that is disgusting just because he used his tongue to kiss AlaskaGranny doesn’t mean you have to
I saw a bunch of you guys give the giraffe a kiss and feed it celery from your mouth
I didn’t think any of you would be dumb enough to do it good job
it is perfectly safe to kiss a giraffe we do it all the time
it is perfectly safe to feed a giraffe they only have bottom teeth just really
the guide will give the giraffe a big sloppy kiss and it will be extra gross
tour guide letting giraffe eat cookies from his mouth
I will stick my entire hand in the giraffe’s mouth they don’t have any top teeth
it is perfectly safe gross lots of saliva and giraffe drool
included is a Safari Tour where you
ride of their fun buses around
the African bush Safari Serengeti to
see a huge variety of animals most of the
the animals are native to Africa but
keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of
mammals birds and reptiles from all over
the world there’s a large variety of
diverse animals in Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde Arizona keep
your eyes peeled and see how many
different species you can spot on your
trip to Out of Africa Wildlife Park located in the
central area of Camp Verde Arizona it’s set in a
beautiful setting you can see for miles
and enjoy the scenery all around this
naturally beautiful environment check
out Out of Africa Wildlife Park it’s
worth the drive and the price of
admission for a wonderful outing to get
up close and personal with a large
variety of exotic animals in Camp Verde Arizona
learn more at
alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

7 thoughts on “Out of Africa Wildlife Park Arizona – AlaskaGranny Kisses a Giraffe”

  1. We have been there, it was so much fun! They were just improving it when we were there and didn't have the zip line or the shows.

  2. you do the coolest stuff—-love it wish I lived closer take my wife and grandkids ( you got nerve with the celery lol)

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