Outdoor Gaming – Ultimate Camping Battle Station!

Outdoor Gaming – Ultimate Camping Battle Station!

It’s summertime and that means the other humans that call themselves your friends and family are going to be harassing you to go outside with them,
Sometimes even overnight!
Causing entire weekends to be wasted on not gaming. Bleh!
I mean don’t these people even know that you’ve got raids to run, noobs to pwn, and bags to tea?
Don’t worry, this summer you can have your mountain dew and drink it too! this summer
You can bring your games with you into the Icky wilderness, and I’m not talking about some sissy mobile gaming
Nintendogs Switch boy Baloney no no I’m talking about having the ultimate
Camping battle station, so you can game on my friends literally
Anywhere! Whoa.
All right, so the first thing you’ll need to take your PC. Gaming experience camping is a
Pc. We’re using the Infinite a from MSI. It’s got a core I7
7700 CPU and a GTX 1080 so definitely enough
To butter up your favorite game then it has this convenient carrying handle
holy balls they knew!!!!
It’s like they knew though depending on how much space you have in the Winnebago with our guide
You can bring pretty much as much or as little
Firepower as you want from the overkill to the small like this MsI GS70 3 Vr
Gaming laptop, whatever your Rig we can power it which brings us to
The generator if you guys are anything like me then you will love the prospect of powering your beast machine
with gasoline
hell yea brother
But not any old generator will do
electronics especially your baby rely on
stable power delivery
which is why we are using what’s called an inverter generator this one right here happens to be capable of a
completely superfluous
3500 Watts of Power output because that is how we do son also that was the only one that was available?
At the rental house today
But smaller inverter generators like this one should be more than enough to get the job done since computers
draw less than
500 Watts even while gaming as
For fuel our 8 liter generator burned about point 4 liters per hour during our tests so for an entire
siphon that sucker
burned about point 4 liters per hour
during our tests so for an entire
Weekend of 12 hour gaming sessions. We’d recommend bringing along 15 liters of gas or about four gallons
Oh and don’t forget to bring along an extension cord, so your teammates
don’t have to listen to the drone of the generator on Teamspeak as
well as a power bar to plug everything in and if you’re super hardcore a
Ups, so even if you run out of gas you can still finish up the round beef
We’re running over there to top up there is literally no need to shutdown
Now what we’ve got so far
Would be enough whether you’re out in the woods for a land party with friends or your friends totally suck
sucky friends
And you’d rather game solo if it weren’t for pesky online activation these days even many
single-Player games require an always-on internet connection and let’s face it you guys are dying to tap into the kind of
primal base instincts that only wrecking chumps from an open cliff face can evoke so
Let’s get online
We’re using a wireless hotspot from tellus that we loaded up with four gigs of Data
enough to get us through an entire long weekend’s worth of
12-hour gaming sessions every
Day since most modern games only use about a hundred megabytes of Data per hour
Just be sure to get any games
including updates and
downloadable content before you leave the safety of your ethernet cables embrace and
Don’t canoe into the wild just yet. You may have learned enough to build a
camping battle station by this point
But is it
School keep observing young grasshopper with this personal canopy system
flips up shade like a boss.
You can maintain your healthy casper like glow and with our very affordable monitor hood
You can throw shade on your screen and all the haters hatters gonna hate buy this for nnane ninedy nwine
then for 100% completion add a tiny fan that no one but you is allowed to use oh and
linus flips out like usual
Don’t forget to bring a towel to wipe the sweat and bugle crumbs off your fingers in between Spawns
Which brings us quite gracefully actually to the food situation?
Most beverages at the campsite are going to be chilled with ice in a cooler
Which means you’re gonna have to get up to get one and your hands will get cold
What every time you reach for your drink if you’re a sucker?
Our drinks are gonna be on hand and as dry as a can of hydration can be good night
Aren’t you gonna have to leave a disk get food anyway, not this time idiot we brought our
well duh. linus flips out again
telescopic three meter long live streaming a weenie roaster I am never omg lol its so long
Socializing again, but how to keep the other humans from coming over to me to ruin my fun got you covered
Party Poopers can’t bork what they can’t see
Whoa, where’d it go?
Plus we brought a second line of defense
Literally these $10 sound grenades
Scream at a hundred and thirty decibels perfect for repelling Bears robbers or people who care about you?
warning moron alert ahead
But if they’re anywhere near as persistent as mine at least you’ve got your rig
You’ve got your power. You’ve got your data and of course you’re camping necessities
Everything you need to go totally feral
You don’t even need to pack the urine and if you really want to get in the game by the way
We recommend the Far cry series
Roar so thanks for watching guys and a huge thank you to MSI for sponsoring this
fun Little video with their infinite a gaming system and
With their super thin and light gaming laptops porting NVIdia Geforce GTX
1070 graphics with Max Q design you can check those out at the link in the video description
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Subscribe and you can check out our merch store where we have cool shirts
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The end of the day, there’s like so big bugs here

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