Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

We’re being overrun. Null sector is everywhere. I’ll hold ’em as long as I can. What are you doing here? It’s happening again. Harris was just the beginning. This is a global invasion. So, how’s Overwatch enjoyed our city? It’s beautiful except for all the killer robots. Look up there. That’s the command ship. Then we know what we have to do. You’re with me.
We’re getting aboard that ship. I knew you would return one day. It has been too long… …master. I can’t do this . You’ve made your choice. Nobody will stop us. Trouble is cropping up all over the world. It’s not just Null Center. A lot of lives are riding on what we do next. You’ll have to fight one city at a time. Let’s get them, Brigitte. I’ve got you, poppa. Watching your back. Now that’s teamwork. Time to learn some new tricks. Hey, chill out. Do not worry.
I will push it. Okay. Other direction. I am good at pushing things. Sojourn here.

100 thoughts on “Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. The more I look at it, the more I see this could just have been an update to actual Overwatch xd

    Also coment 666 lol.

  2. ___________– well at least gona be on plus because nobory gona buy it, just youtubers because they like spend money '-'

  3. Fans: can we get the story content that should have been in the base game since day one

    Blizzard: sure just give me 60 more dollars for just the story mode which we know Is the only thing you actually want from overwatch 2 and will be put behind a paywall, but everything else will be free including maps and new characters making overwatch 2 completely obsolete besides the story mode that you will pay for because we know you will

    Also Fans: sounds reasonable

  4. This could've simply be a patch update. You had to release another one. Don't be like 2k, Blizzard…Don't be like 2k.

  5. So… ist the same think, but with new default skins, new maps, characters and game modes? doesn't even have an improvement in graphics

  6. I can see that they didn’t switch out the keyboard control icons for this trailer, uploaded on PlayStation’s channel. It’s the PC trailer anyways. They’re doing the best they can do, so I’m fine with that, just pointing it out

  7. Steal the same game just new Hero's new maps with story mode you can call it huge upgrade not a whole new game it will not be the same fun as over watch 1.. just saying my opinion .

    You have been releasing the the same events for 3 years and expect us to belive this ?

  9. Meh. Very underwhelming. I can't believe companies haven't learned yet. Nobody wants to see cut scenes and cgi. Since like forever. Show me a mission, show me how deep this game can be. Are unlocking new abilities transferable to pvp? Is this artificial padding making you play the single player? What is going on here?

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