Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda Full Movie || 2014 || Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika, Praneetha

Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda Full Movie || 2014 || Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika, Praneetha

“Pancha Pandabas in history
5 brothers here with honey bee”
“Wow! Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi
Manipuri, Kaththakali, dances many”
“In Mahabharatha dance, drama, all round
Even Brahma’s pen will halt spell bound”
“In this game of dice a coin in each square
Chance can give joy or sorrow, bewarel!”
“Siblings 5 and bee like flowers scented
Smiling, con, connive enchanted”
“5 brothers with honey bee”
Shall we go the main song…okay?
“Praise bo the Vishnu’s glory
Supreme God Lord Hari”
“This world is on a hurry-burry spree
By playing cards, love bloomed secretly”
“History will be retold through this story
From start to finish, don’t you worry!”
“Even the battle of Kurukshetra will be shown
like the floral garden of krishna’s Brindavan”
“With their magic wand you”ll see
they will present us a perfect pot-pourri”
“One man and 5 boys in this movie
turn everything into gold picture-perfectly!”
Tell me
– Will you tell or die?
– I swear I don’t know
Tell me
You know
Where is he…?
Please don’t beat me
– Did he tell…?
– No, he didn’t, bro
However hard I hit
he isn’t budging an incg
Death is circling you
Will you divulge
information or die?
Let go of me, bro
Spare my life, bro
I’m beg of you
to let me go
Why did you shoot him?
What if he had lied?
Not just Mumbai, whichever
corner of this world…
….they cannot
escape from me
Indian guide?
Risky to trust them
We’ll go on our own
– Let’s move
Hey mister!
One Minute
Risk is my life
Possibility is my hope
Impossibility is my enemy
Danger is my game
So you want
Indian guide or not?
We don’t need any guides
A student top priority is a guide
Lord Krishna was the guide
Pandavas in the Kurkeshetra war
Bhagavad gita, Quran, Bible
and your wives are also guides!
They lead our human lives
Very intersting
We need a guide
like you, please
Okay, let’s move
Nice experience
Take this tip
I won’t accept tips or gifts
That is my character
What a character
Sir, why isn’t India developing like Bangkok
when we have so many wonderful tourist spots
Because India is a dirty country
Shut up
Not dirty india
Dirty politics
The Great India which is
being spoilt by dirty politics
Every state has party
Every party has color
and its own dress code
politicians don’t even know
the spelling or meaning of MLA!
They make Mother India
bow her head in shame!
Oh! Cool, Naidu….calm down
Your sharp tounge
and hands are itching….
….to set things right
But they won’t be of help
If I talk frankly in the Assembly
about our politicians…
…I’ll end up creating tremors
Some people may take it
as a personal affront
You calm yourself down
India VS Australia
Come on
Try your luck
Everyone is betting
for Australia
No one is Bangkok is
betting for India
There is…me!
Praise be to India
India will win for sure
He’s betting for India
in a losing match…funny guy!
In racing,records, rewards
in betting I am the ruling king
Shall I come to the point?
Bro….India will win?!
Hew is overloaded with black money
in his back pocket, so he can afford it
Good way to change
black to white
1000 bucks
for india to lose
Opening the account
Keep 1000 ready to give me
He’s abusing me?
No, bro
God gave him sound box
but forgot the speaker!
Can’t talk
I am his voice over
Poor thing…he’s dumb
India will lose
You also bet
Listen, bro, in any election
een the last vote counts!
Like how we cannot predict
a woman’s mind till the last minute
Same way India’s last ball
will decide its fate
It’s all mine
Bro, even a losing match
India will come out a winner
In all ways
always I will win
Australia has won
– Whaaat?
– Yes
In this TV here
I saw India win
Someone has taken you
for a royal ride, bro
Smell these nots
Crisp fresh dollors
Our idea never fails…playing
a dvd of a winning match!
Catch him!
He’s caught on to
ourtrick…let’s run
You run ahead
Hey Lucky!
Let’s go
Our dad shouldn’t know
about this betting matter
Correct, bro
Hi papa
Why did you eant
to see us urgently?
Who won?
Australia or India?
Breaking news of
our betting escapade, huh?
Now our bones
will be broken
We have money to buy
a pocket of cigarettes
But 6 pack body?
My dear sons!
Indoor or outdoor?
No, dad…don’t
We won’t do this again
You keep borrowing money from everyone
I’m so ashamed I can’t even step out
You are earning
with a fake dvd!
We are teaching a lesson to those who take
short cuts to quick money and ruin families
Don’t think you can fool me
with your smart Alec answers
Life is a like a book
The 1st and last pages are written by
God long ago as our birth and death
What we fill up in the blank
pages in between is our life
We are excelling
in our fill-up, dad
All we’ve been doing
is swimming in debts!
If we lose the pen
we can buy another one
But if we lose the pen cap
can we buy that alone?!
Fathers are generally cool like
‘Navaratna’ oil advertisement
But like engine oil
you are so hot tempered
If you get a maid-
Sorry, if we had a mother…
…we’d also have tender
loving care showered on us
Phone without sim
Network without signal
Children without mother are always
looked down upon by our society
Mother sentiment is
working out well
Mother, where are you?
I’m ready
Coming, Deepti
Hello sir
I hope you enjoyed
the rrr-ri-rides, sir
10,000 bahts
After all the hair-raising rides
our hormones have also risen
Where can we get
‘hot’ local gils?
He wants for tonight
not next year, tell fast
I don’t know about the girls
Give me the money
– Get us the girls, we’ll pay up
– Is there any problem?
Gopal, what’s the problem?
They are not paying up
Hey! Son of dog
Give him the money
We only wanted an address
You gave us an awesome doll
‘Miss Beautiful…hot and super
Her body soars in temperature”
Tell me-
Oh oh stop!
You brother from
another mother!
I don’t welcome violence
My school is to be just cool
If you fight for 1 minute
you lose 60 seconds of joy
Nice philosophy
You come here from India
for a holiday to relax
Pack up from frustrations
refresh and enjoy nature, brother
Why are you trespassing
into our space? OUT!
Vijju gets mad ehen
a finger is pointed at him!
Ask him to stop pointing
his finger at me like that
I won’t
What will you do?
– Stop, Vijju will handle it
– I’ll show him a thing or two
Go away
Cool down, okay
I want ice cream
Deepti, check if the breakfast is ready
Tourists will land up any time now
Make it fast
He’s mad about ice cream
Hello…hey hey…Gopal!
You’ll run the same
errand daily, huh?
– Yes, same job, daily
– We haven’t made our 1st sale
When do you really sell?
How dare you
ridicule my restaurant!
Let me go and
cool down vijju
Vijju…again getting
into a fist fight, huh?
How many times I’ve told you
not to get into a brawl
Your fight-count exceeds both hands
and runs into thousands!
You’ll never give this up, huh?
Why do you
always blame Vijju?
He was fighting those rogues
who tried to misbehave with me!
Honey, don’t defend him
Scold me, Honey
My mom will never
understand me
If I had a dad, he would have
hugged and appreciated me
Not scolds me
like my mom does
Phone without sim
Network without signal
Children without farther are always
looked down upon by our society
‘Dad sentiment is
working out well for you!’
My son…Vijju!
Sathya, however far you are
you’ll always be close to my heart
We’ll shoot a video of this
and sell it to Youtube!
– For what?
_ MMS craze
What game is it?
Excuse me?
Why are you lifting her?
Chinese love-climbing bell
If lovers ring the bell
then your love will succeed
– Really?
– That’s our belief
Vijju, that’s ‘true lovers’ bell it seems
If you climb up and ring the bell
love you succeed it seems
People her believe this
So funny, ,right?
For Honey’s sake, huh?
It’s a waste of trying
in 10 days Honey is
flying off to Australia
What’s the use of
your love and give?
Whether she flies to Australia
or out of space she’ll belong to me
Why do you need this love
with so many hurdles?
My love has no hurdles, dude
She has no dad to
argue about our love
No mom to raise objections
No brothers to put a full stop
All she needs to do
is accept my love
I’ll be there for her
Come with me, Honey
Vijju, where to?
You wanna have fun?
– Fun…?
– Come
Careful, Vijju
Ring the bell
For what?
Do you know
that significance?
True lover’s bell
If you ring it,
Love will be approved
Do you know Vijju loves you?
No, he just said ‘let’s have fun’
He didn’t ring it saying
‘let’s wish for love’!
Honey, get ready
for tonight’s party
“Monday is maddening
Tuesday is burdening”
“Wednesday, pain in the wrong place
Thursday is head ache always”
“Friday’s work load fries you from head to
Saturday rejuvenates you with a glow”
“Happily, happily, paint the town red
Smile and sparkle gleefully spread”
“Saturday night…night
Joy and jubilance at its height”
“Saturday night…night
Joy and jubilance at its height”
To carry through 5 days more”
“Reborn, rebuild, to re-begin
Resonate joys, rejoice within”
“Pack up problems flit and fly this fun day
High five, go high, freak out in every way”
“Happy, happily, live it up
Love and laughter no full stop”
“Saturday night…bright
Bliss and buoyance at its height”
“Switch off your mind today
Switch on your heart to play”
“Then…what about SUNDAY…?!
“Open (Mind) and deep sleep….!”
– Cousin
– Tell me
I’ve searched everywhere
except the sea, can’t find them
How will I face uncle?
Meet Daulat bai
Who is that?
‘They are not in Mumbai?’
You fool!
Are you playing
snooker or base ball?
Are you purposely
talking in a code language?
What happeened?
Why are you bullying small kids?
You call him a small kid?
He looks like a buffalo!
Then are you
a bear’s neighbor?
Don’t mess with me, Honey?
Which brand?
Dabur or Lion?!
Your face looks
like an oil can
And what kind
of name is Honey?
Jokers! Are you
troubling this girl?
Is this your honey-bee?!
I hate violence
You better stick to silence
You know, Vijju is an iron man
They he can
iron my shirts
Super, bro
Bro…does he sell br…bras?
Why add commas
after world?
I’m talking in commas but your
brother knows only full stop
If you have guts
try and hit me
Try and point
your finger at me
Go ahead
What’s the point of
all this commotion?
What the hell are you talking here?
You are creating nuisance
Better tell him to stop
pointing his finger at me
You try messing up with me
I’ll make mincemeat out of you
Let’s go, we’ll deal
with them later
This boat business is the best way to
bend the bones of the finger-fatal group
– We are in great soup
– What happened?
Our snooker-poker batch is
comperting with our boat business
What happened?
Bro! That finger-fatal group is here
I’ll deal with them
They are pointing
their fingers at us
Instead of being in the An…
ani…Aniimal planet…
….Why are you parading
on this beach?
Instead of being in
the Po…po…pogo channel…
…why are you painting
our beach blue?
Why are you
spoiling for a fight?
We will uproot your flag with
our boat business on a firm footing
Vijju will bury you before you get
your hand or foot in the business
What is he saying?
‘Oil can’ is pouring something?!
If you have gu…gu..guts
try pointing your finger at us
My father has said, if I point a finger
at you, 3 more point back at me!
If you want, I can
show something else
They are scared now
to point a finger at us!
Do you know
our background?
– Your underground is trembling
– What your glorious background?
The Great Dolly bhai
We must attend the opening
of Ajay’s boat business
Okay, boss
Dolly bhai is coming
– Greetings, bro
– Hello
Where is the inauguration?
Why late?
Are we late?
Let’s go
Vijju, do something
Don’t let them get a head start
Give it to me
Fast…before they come
Let’s go
Go with courage in your heart and
bring back treasures of the sea!
Get on, sir
I feel like I am sitting on
actress Kareena’s curves!
Have fun
Dolly bhai take off
“Life is a beautiful journey
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”
“No one knows
what our future is?”
My hands are stuck
Did you apply some
kind of glue or what?
You invited me for opening function
but looks like my closing ceremony!
What has happened?
Save me
Save me, please
Every time you come up with
some problem or the other
All the jet ski-ing
equipments are spoilt
The handle is missing
DO something and
un-glue me from this
Drug dealer is your financier
You arestarting
a business with his money
What’s this vowel-language?
prem, look at him
Lucky, why get into such mess
when you are bad with lies?
Anyone does a mistake
you point a finger at me!
Always like this
from our childhood
If you mother was here
she’d have supported us
And ticked them off
Our father won’t help us
Let’s deal with them ourselves
Wait! Ball is in my court now
Whoever makes a mistake
is unanswerable to me
Whether my children
or someone else’s
Who is inside?
come out
Do you have boys borna and
brought up the wrong way?
And they are messing
with my boy’s business
Who is it?
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
Sathya, I touch you, you touch me”
“Dear God
My good lord!”
“When your beauty caresses me
Its fragrance…spreads gently”
“I’m on cloud 9…really!”
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
Sathya, I touch you, you touch me”
“stood before you draped ina sari
will you kiss me…are yoou ready?”
“Kiss me soft and slow
Sit next to me, hug…don’t go”
“Why talk and waste time here
Take me to the next level, dear”
“I’m on top of the world, darling!”
“His hormones working over time! Goodness
Not waiting till the wedding, avaricious!”
“My parents haven’t said yes, but he says
he can’t keep his hands off me somehow”
“Your curvaceous hip reminds
of soulful music from a clarinet, baby”
“Life is treating me
ever so beautifully”
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
“Sathya, I love you…you love me!”
“Dear God
My good lord!”
“When your beauty caresses me
Its fragrance…spreads gently”
“I’m on cloud 9…really!”
I gave birtth to you
No, daddy
My mother
Shut up
I brought you up
No, daddy
The maid did
Shut up!
My name is Subbu
My house is called dabbu (Money)
That is exactly your disease!
Shut up
To be happy a man
needs 7 requirments
Nore down
1 is air to breathe
2 is water
3 is food
4 is clothes
5 is money
6 is money
7 is money
8 is money-
You added 1 more extra
Cut the 8yh one
Where is the richest person?
Right in front of me
Where is the poorest person?
In front of you, sir
Very very good
What’s the distance between
the loftiest and the lowliest?
6 feet, sir
Not the distance
Why would I gave
my daughter to you?
How many children
can you father?
How can I count the children
before marriage, sir?
How do I check
your manliness?
Give me and
I will prove my point
What is your monthly income?
5 to 6
– Lakhs?
– No, 100s
100 rupees per day
No, per month
Even my maid can’t
adjust in that income!
I can, sir
I’ll hit you
What will you adjust-
Shut up
Not that, sir-
What’s your caste?
Are you particular about caste?
I am particular about
caste and cash
We are not compatible
Get out!
Mr Subbarao, why are you
obsessed with money?
Money can buy everything
But not love or peace
Cool, Naidu….calm down
You are here to finialize
an alliance, not to cut family ties
You’ve won the girl’s heart
now win over her father too!
Be cool and sail smooth!
Hello! Exit is that side
Sorry, Mr Subbarao
If I exit, it will be after
marrying your daughter
Take my maid who is
ready to run with you
Shall I go sir?
I’ll kill you
Go inside
Not her
You go inside
I’m helpless, Naidu
My dear madam….stop
Here’s 500000 for you
I don’t take dowry
Who said it is dowry?
It is for you to
give up my daughter
My love for your daughter
cannot be bought
Are you sure?
It can’t be bought
Take this suitcase
Bend or send
I won’t accept
10 or 15. I won’t
fall for your bait
Who specified an amount?
Turn back and take a look
This is an empty suitcase
I’ll give you 6 months time
If you fill this suitcase
with Rs 500000
…I’ll get you married
to my daughter
I’ll be back with 500001
Mr Subbarao
However rich a man may be…
….when he sneezes it is ‘ach’
not ‘rich’! You can check if you like
I will be back
– Sathya…?
– Naidu!
I’m seeing you
after so many years
You look the same
Like an Ajanta sculpture
You look the same too
As tall as the Eiffel tower
Your style and glamor
As awesomer as always
In 19-
Don’t mention the year, Naidu
Why? Am I raking
forgotten memories?
After so many tears, are you
coming back for my sake?
I didn’t even know
you lived here, Sathya
I came regarding those idiots
who are doing that boat business
Naidu! They are my sons
They are your sons…?
Who are the boys
fighting with my sons?
They are my sons!
– Your children?
– Yes
Sathya, keep your boys under control
Otherwise, you know what will
happen, if I lose my cool
I know
My sons are also like you
you keep your boys under control
Take care
Old love story
On the exterior
they seem to be fighting
Their feelings haven’t
changed in the interior
I’ll decode it and
get all the details
You went to Bankok
and came back with…
…a fractured finger instead
of a ‘sandwich massage’!
Don’t rub it in
My son is in a bad mood
Please do something, bhai
Okay, I’ll take care
Kill him
Where did you take this?
Siddha bhai, where are you?
Daulat bro
Got any news?
Got your stuff
Let me see
This is the girl
I’ve been looking for
Where is she?
In Bangkok
In Bangkok…?
My brother will see to it
He will finish
this deal for you
We found out
Honey’s whereabouts
– Where?
– Bangkok
I’ll come back
only with her
Inform uncle
Why are you circling me?
Not just earth rotating, even life is a circle
You come back to where you began
That’s how we met
You didn’t, when you should have
Even if you do now, what’s the use?
Whatever the time left
let us make good use of it
Sathya, I’m strong in taking a vow
But my weakness is not letting it go
Just as your father
challenged me…
…I earned that money by toiling
night and day in 5 months, not 6!
I came to your house dreaming of
seeing you ina wedding saree
But no one was there
I had no idea where
or how you were
I was devastated
Now you show up with your sons
They are not mine!
They are my father’s secretary
Sambaiya uncle’s sons
My father faced great loss
in his business and died
I adopted Sambaiya uncle’s sons
as he also passed away, that’s all
But I didn’t get married or
have children like yiu did
My life started with Usha the sun
and set with ‘Vennila’ the moon
Usha, Vennila…..2 wives?!
Don’t you know ‘Usha’ means
dawn and ‘Vennila’ means night?
What about your boys?
Let me tell you a secret
they themselves don’t know
They are orphans
Wow! What a love story
– Love never has a expiry date
– Oh my god!
By the way I’m Honey
I’m Naidu
We think of our boys
as our future
Don’t tell them
about our past
They will be distressed if they know
I’m not their biological mother
Yes, they can’t bear it
I’ll keep ita asecret provided you both
continue your unfinished Love story
Get married and start
your 2nd innings
‘Children without mother are always
looked down upon by our society’
‘If our mother was here
she’d have supported us’
‘And ticked them off’
‘If my father was here
he’d have supported me’
‘And ticked them off’
What’s all this fa..fa..father
mother and marriage?
When time favors you
a father walks into your life
…when you’re yourself
as old as a father!
Whether he crawls or walks
we don’t need a father!
Gopal, you shut up!
Do you know
what a father is?
One who worries about his kids
without worrying about himself
Great gift given by God
That is dad
You can convince us
But how will this
wicked world react?
Goddamn world!
When your mom was working
with blood, sweat and tears…
…did that wicked world
lend her a kerchief?
Don’t lose out
on a dad’s love
Same goesa to those
motherless children!
Which motherless children?
Just kids
Small kids
1 of those boys
can’t even talk!
Oh my God!!
I don’t care
what this world thinks
I’ll make sure
my mom gets married
I’ll welcome my dad
He’s as old as a lighthouse
and he is falling in love now?
College love
Not now
They want to make
yesterday love blossom!
We’ll get them married
Uncle and aunty
get married, huh?
Sounds awful
We are ourselves
dying to get married
You are thinking of love, marriage
and on top of it, gain our support
We Won’t agree at all
Shut up
Do you know
who the mother is?
God cannot be with us all the time
So he created an option: mother
Mother is a Goddess
without a temple
When such a mother knocks at your
door, you think it’s your money lender
And refuse to
open the door!
Your bad luck
I need a mom
I need more details about her
That mother has…2 children
2 children?
Just this small
One is learning
to talk only now
Even then
we must see them
They are preparing for
their kindergarten exam!
At the wedding, they will
appear as your gifts!
Hello…slow motion
Already a late marriage
and you are delaying it further
He is the groom’s witness
She is the bride’s witness
You ‘Weeping Buddha’!
What does it matter who I am?
Register their marriage
Sign, uncle
Aunty, quick
But the boys
aren’t here as yet
Auspicious timne will pass
by the time they land up
Sign here
Wedding is over
Happy married life
Why is my left eye
suddenly twitching?
My whole body is trembling
Wonder what will happen now
“Unexpressed words in your smile”
What is this?
Marriage is over?
We had to register before
the inauspicious time set in
Dear, my sons
OUR sons!
Where have you
arranged the feast?
Let’s go look for
our younger brothers!
Little bro..junior..where are you?
My dad is a bride groom
Now we have a mom
who’ll feed us
Why are you staring?
We 2
They are 2
You are 3
Total 7
If we live together
we can be happy
As 1 family
Not happy
I’ll never live with them
Me too
Cancel this marriage
Just now they got married?
That’s why it is easy
Throw that garland
on her face, dad
I’ll get you a new one
I’ll punch your face before that!
Don’t laugh too much
Next will be your ‘tooth pick bro’
At least now stop all these
squabbles and quarrels
We didn’t get married
for selfish reasons
But to give you the parents’ love
you all missed out on!
Be united from now on
With them?
– Impossible
– It is Impossible
They will be staying
with us from tomorrow
Okay, dear?
I know
Dad will say ‘no’
Ajay, sons should
respect parents’ wishes
Husband should see
the wife’s point of view
This is her 1st wish as my wife
It is my duty to fullfill it
I intend staying
with her from tomorow
If you want to come
you are most welcome
Gopal, get up
Uncle, where is your luggage?
Did you come
to drop uncle here?
Yeah! Heis a school kid and
we must drop him in his hostel
We came because
mom asked us to
Wherever mom and dad are
we will also be, naturally!
Rambo is angry
Salutations to mother
Whenever we asked for a mom
dad would buy us new toy
We’ll see our mom in that doll
That’s how we grew up
1st time we are
seeing a mom ‘live’
Yes, mom, we’ve been
waiting for a mom’s affection
“Greetings, my dear mother”
“A big hello…to my mom dear”
“May you be happy, dears
May you live for 100 years”
“Like a star in the sky, shine
Spread joy like the sun sublime”
“Greetings, my dear-“
Why is he hurrying in
with a hammer, bro?
No, don’t, Vijju
I invited them, no?
They are your brothers
Natural for them to stay
with their parents, right?
True, Vijju
That’s why they are here
Mom, which room
will they occupy?
Your room
Wh…where will we be?
You’ll be in the sto…store room
and we’ll be in the bed room
You take this room
And relax
I won’t
Only because your bads luck took
an U turn, you are here with us
If you act up, nail to be hit
on the wall will be in your-
Hearts’s ce…cen…cent-
Got it
Let’s go
Oho! Romantic couple
Uncle….. happy?
Wait for 2 days
I’ll make the fighting brothers
turn into ‘5 pandavas’
Oh sorry
You carry on
Uncle, I’m so happy
to see you both like this
– All the best
– Thank you
Sathya, thanks to Honey
who made us one happy family
True, dear
It would be great if Honey also
becomes part of our family
She is made for Vijju
Vijju, why did you
bring me this far?
I’ll tell you
Fishing net?
Hold it
Put it down
Why didn’t you
bring me here before?
Everything has a time, no?
Come here
Wow! Beautiful island
Vijju, look at that gold fish
I – love – you
Vijju, I love you
I love you too
Do I take your silence
as acceptance?
“Don’t stare at me persistently
Don’t kill me provokingly”
“Thoughts of you drive me crazy
my precious Honey bee!”
“No tiny green chilly bites please
of my pink cheeks…don’t tease”
“As second skin when you hug me
Intoxicated…giddy…I get dizzy”
“You cling to me
like jasmine fragrantly”
“You are like a loaded pistol
blasting my heart out of control”
“Only you can be
my dream gorl tottaly”
“Shall I pinch You impishly?
Shall I embrace you gently?”
“Shall I give my heart to you?
Shall I give my love so true?”
“Without water
a plant can’t flower”
“Without you in my life
I face emptiness and strife”
“Life without a soul-mate
is a hollow hellish state”
“If you are by my side
every moment is a joy ride”
“My life went winding
thanks to you like a spring”
“Like a cyclone you enveloped me
darling, with gestures stormily”
“Only you can be
my chimera completely”
“I’m prisoner of your love sublime
I won’t leave you till the end of time”
“Is your smile a combustion
of love potion or ammunition?”
“Thief of yesterday, today, tomorrow
You’ve opened my heart’s window”
“Is there a knife or scissor
in your sharp glance of fervot”
“Oh God! Your eyes expressively
sliced the mango-like delicious me”
“Like a new ball, you made me
cross new boundaries gladly”
“You made me jump with joy
to everlastingly enjoy”
“My dream girl lovely
My one and only”
“Shall I build you a temple in my heart?
For me to prostrate from begining to start?”
“If you ask won’t I die for you?
My only true love, my beau”
Honey! I’ve got
good news for you
You’ve got your visa
to go to Australia
What…you look so dull when
I’ve given you such great news
God always gives me everything
but temporarily and he takes it all back
When I was missing my family
Vijju professed his love to me
So quickly God is
taking it away from me
I van’t lose my happiness this time
Isn’t this what you were
waiting for so long?
I wanted to go to Australia
for a better life
How can I get
a better life than this?
So I wish to become
part of this family
“You for you, me for me
that’s how life will be”
Why this red…raging anger
I’m feeling sleepy
“Lord Krishna and Brindavan…”
You should always be
the 5 united brothers
“Lord Krishna and Brindavan
Belong equally to everyone”
Mom has left
Let’s switch to
the sports channel
Papa’s gone
Let’s watch Pop channel
Whoever has the remote
will decide the channel
I got it
Let me
No, I can manage
Listen to me-
I told you I can manage
Why are you pestering me?
Vijay! How could you?
Apologize at once to your dad
Sathya, he didn’t mean to-
My mother…her wish
She can hit me or yell at me
Who are you to
come in between?
Don’t poke your nose
You have no right to talk
You shattered my happy life
bringing these people in
He got married to my mom
for this house, not for love
Don’t you dare deride my dad?
Is this Bangkok palace or what?
It’s a goddamn hell
within 4 walls
What rubbish
are you blabbering?
Vijju, stop it
Why are you fighting instead of
accepting each other as brothers?
They can never
become our brothers
Neither you our dad
Didn’t I tell you right then
not to come and stay here?
But you insisted
You made a big mistake
marrying him, mom
Vijju….my dear son
I am so sorry
I’m to blame for all this
stredd and distress
Don’t worry, Sathya
Their age to make us worry
Ours to take it in our stride
By the time children
understand their parents…
…they will become parents who will
be questioned by their children!
That’s when they will realize
what it is to be in our shoes
This is the human psychology
of every generation
Generation will change
But human psychology
will never change
All said and done
they are our children
Of course
Of course, your children!
Orphans whom you adopted
to shower mother’s love
Hoisted them on
your shoulder as a dad
Teaching them to
take their 1st step
Gave them the best life ever
from the bottom of your hearts
This was your big blunder
You were the answer to their lives
which was a huge question mark
And you changed your lives into
a question, your next big mistake
If I tell them their true lineage-
They won’t be able
to bear the truth
They only lacked the luxury
their mother’s milk, that’s all
They think I am
their biological father
By blurting out the truth you will
ruin the reason for our wedding
Even if we didn’t
give birth to them
…they are our children totally
Lucky, where are you taking us?
Why did you bring the-
Why did you come here?
What is he blabbering?
What are you saying?
Their mother is not
their real mother?
Are they orphans?
Don’t talk rubbish
Take your hands off me
You’ve gone
absolutely loony
What Lucky says is true
I knew this
before he found out
Uncle and aunty made me promise
not to tell you but he overheard it tonight
Super, Lucky!
1st time you spoke
and shocked everyone
Was your mother wrong?
One who raises a child cherishes
the act more than one who gives birth
She set aside her own love and
showered affection on to you
She was wrong
Was your dad wrong?
For your life’s sake
he forsake his life
He was also wrong
Why did our mother
hide it from us?
What would you have done
If she had told you?
Why did my dad not tell us?
I will ask him directly
What will you ask?
Why did you step in as my dad?
He didn’t want you to know
because you’d be devastated
Now go and tell
‘we know the truth’
And make things
worse for them
Go and do that immediately
Honey, none of us will
talk about this any more
Lucky, you didn’t over hear anything
You didn’t anyone anything
This truth will be
forgotten right here
They will always
be our parents
We shouldn’t upset them anymore
Honey, you brought
the entire family one roof
Those who fought
signed peace treaty
I’ll celebrate this happy moment
with aunty and uncle
I’ll confirm my love for Vijay
in front of everyone
– Why is Reena here?
– For your sake
Why so late?
What’s the ne-news?
I’ll tell once aunty
and uncle are here
Didn’t tell you there is
something special brewing?
Naughty fellow!
Onew minute
Hello uncle
Where are you?
Why haven’t you come here?
Found her
Take her
Who the hell are you?
You are asking me
what I should asking you!
Who is she to you?
Try touching her
and you will know
Finish him
Isn’t it wrong to try and kill
my broyher in front of my eyes?
Let go of me
If you touch my dad
it is like touching my heart!
– Hey! Come
– Leave her
Who the hell are you
coming in between?
Where are you rushing away?
Vijju, don’t come
If you don’t give me honey
I’ll slice her throat
A single drop of my mother’s blood
and you’ll be hanging headless!
Stop it
They have come for me
from my home town
I have to go with them
I called you all today
to tell you about my past
The same past has
caught up with me
Please let me go
I’m sorry, I told you
I was an orphan, uncle
It is only right on my part
to go back with them
Don’t, Honey
What bloody don’t
You better come
Don’t hurt aunty
Why are you
playing the martyr?
You come along
If anyone moves to save her
you won’t see her alive
If you hide in Bangkok
did you think ik can’t catch you?
Enough of staring
Get into the car
Don’t worry, sir
She’ll be alright
thank you, doctor
How is your daughter now?
My daughter is fine
But what she and I feared about
Honey’s past has happened
Why did Honey hide
her past from all of us?
To know the details, 1st I must
brief you not about Honey
‘But about 2 villages in the border
of 2 states, Andhra and Karnataka’
‘One is Pandavapuram
Another is Kauravapuram’
‘Dharma’nna is a big shot
in Pandavapuram
‘He is like the adopted son of Dharma’
‘Suyodhana is a big wig
in kauravapuram’
‘He is like the illegitimate son
to atrocities and adharma’
‘For all his misdeeds
his children were his weapons’
‘There is also a story to these villages
like a page from our history texts’
‘Residents of Pandavapuram
used to indulge in dance drama’
‘….playing the roles of
only the Pandavas’
‘The same held good for Kauravapuram
who enacted roles of Kauravas only’
‘In the course of time, each had
thier own identity and family tree’
‘When people all over celebrated
the harvesting festival in mid January…’
‘…these 2 groups contested over
some issue annually without fail!’
‘They gambled even to the extent of
staking their mothers or daughters’
‘One particular year, Suyodhana schemed
a betting game with bad intentions wherein…’
‘….the loser should not celebrate
any happy event for 14 years’
‘But he lost the game and fell
into the hole he dug for them’
‘So Suyodhana’s sons could
never get married for 14 years’
‘After the stipulated time
they got a chance to take revenge’
You are back after 14 years to
gamble with us, what’s your bet?
If I lose I’ll donate my wealth to
the people of both villages entirely
I’ll leave this place along with
my family never to return
But if you lose, your daughter
should become my daughter-in-law!
Accept this, sir, because if we lose
only our family will pay the price
But if we win
both villages benefit
Super, father
I’ll fix the wedding date
You get your daughter ready for
the wedding and to bid you farewell
You played your cards right with
your eye-talk at the right time, Ranga
So I’m duty bound to
‘help’ you…see you!
‘He silenced Ranga by burying him
dust to dust, ashes to ashes cleverly’
We never thought Ranga would
betray us in this manner
Brother, you are sticking to fair play
but won through foul play
Your daughter, Honey’s life
should not get ruined like this
Don’t think twice, let Honey stdy
in Australia just as she wanted
It is my duty to ensure she is safe
in Bangkok till she gets her visa
This is how Honey
came to live with me
She got her visa
Since Vijay professed his love to her
choosing your family over her plans….
…she tore her visa impulsively
I’m petrified what those
brutes will do to Honey
My dear Honey…!
You gave some sob story
your daughter ran away
From now on, Your daughter
will stay only in our house
You just attend the wedding, bless her,
eat your stomach’s content and go
Move away, cousin
I’m helping you get even
with your 14 year-feud, uncle
Your bed is waiting
for you to lie on!
No savior will come to
your rescue, save your tears
“Siblings 5 and bee like flowers scented
Smiling, con, connive enchanted”
This is Suyodhana’s house
Entering his house is as good
as entering a tiger’s cage
Inhabitants are not human
But she-demons!
However dangerous they are
we won’t go back without Honey
Not that-
Will you help us or not?
Okay, tonight you’ll enter the house
by hiding in Sathy’s water tanker
Damu, fill up our tanks quickly
– Come here
– Why?
Watch this new video of
a fake God man’s romance!
Why are you snoring away to glory
instead of guarding the place?
Till the wedding, you are supposed
to guard silently, not snore loudly
Sorry, boss
If you mess it up
you’ll be minus your head
Go back to guarding
I’m here to make
Pandavapuram listen…
…to your tenacity and durability
of our Kauravapuram mattress!
Why are you acting pricey?
He is after all youe fiance!
Instead of hugging him tight
why are you moving away in fright?
Don’t test my patience
I’ll brand her by this hot ladle
and make her surrender to you
Come, my dear nephew
See you
I love you, Vijju
I missed you
I know
How did your come here
all by yourself-
We are here as 1 family
to take you back with us
I can’t come, Vijju
Why are you scared?
We are here for you
I’m not scared for my life
But for my parents
If you try to escape
We won’t hunt you down
But you’ll come back in search
of your parent’s dead bodies!
I can’t for sake my parents
for the sake of my love
Well said
You told me your parents are
more important to you than your love
I’ll convince your father
and take you back formally
Have you come to save her
all the way from Bangkok?
You are caught handed
We’ll make you ‘dust to dust’
ashes to ashes’ in our quarry!
What’s this noise
in the middle of the nigh-?
Why is the mace on the floor?
Irt has got dented
Why buy trouble?
They will only pray
and not scrutinize it
Put it back but
turn it the other way
If they find out about the mace
it is the end of us in this place
Look! Fully drunk, he is rolling
on the floor like an empty bottle
He is bleeding
This 1 year of living in disguise
will be a boon to you, Yudhishtra
You’ll get back to your original
as soon as this year is over
Thank you, Lord Krishna
More than my affection for Honey
your love for my daughter is priceless
She’s really very fortunate
But not lucky enough to
become a part of your family
Even if we agree for this alliance
the 2 villages will oppose our decision
We have to face the consequences
of our (mis)deeds and karma therein
You are upset because
you are so virtuous
Was it right of Kaikeyi to send Rama in exile
even though Dasaratha granted her a boon?
Kauravas exiling Pandavas
since they lost in the dice game…
….so be it as per rules
But is it motally right?
You agreed to let your daughter
marry into this family, if you lost
So rule-wise you are right
But they won through deceit
I want to share ups and
downs of my life with Honey
I’ll rescue Honey
It is not an easy task as you think
Determination will decidew
the impossible in our favor
Let us use all the illusive
and elusive tricks possible
By begging, black mailing
insisting, intimidating
By changing or cheating them
Make them lose their mind
or diverting their mindset
We’ll rescue Honey who
made us 1 happy family…
…by making Suyodhana himself mend
his ways and make her our daughter-in-law
What is our plan, father?
With divine help
we will succeed
If necessary, we can
win through astrology
Like the eunuch Brihnnala
in Mahabharatha
…I’ll teach music and dance
to the queen and princesses
Like Valala the head cook i will enter
the royal kitchen of king Viratta
What is your disguise?
I’ll be Granthic who will attend
to the horses in the stable
What about you?
I’ll go as Sairandhri, beautician and
lady-in-waiting to the queen
Remember, even if one of us is found out
in this 1 year of being incognito…
…We will be exited again
Murari, does Suyodhana
have any friends?
Landlord Buridi
There is a family wedding
tomorrow in his house
Suyodhana, welcome
You are the master of gambling
Your game awaits you
You bachelor boys!
Colored sarees await you this side
praise be to Lord Shiva
Who the hell are you?
You are dressed up funnily
If you ask in the eastren direction
the sun will update you
If you ask West
wind will answer
If you ask North
God of time will replay
If you Siuth God of death
will inform you of your time of death
1 look at us, death
will be ‘scared to death’!
You nitwits! 14 minutes from now,
you’ll be clutches in the jaws of death
What crap!
As if his predictions
will come true!
Who the hell is he?!
When the planets are not well aligned
his entry is a blessing in disguise
He’ll predict second by second
within a second
In the 14th minute
you’ll both go in search of him
In the game of cards, many
have lost even a kingdom
But your lucky hand
always reigns supreme
‘Victory’ is the name of my house
You changed the name
of your house?
Till yesterday
we also thought this
Then we met a man who
is the synonym for victory
Where is he?
He is the one
I just spoke about
Gambler Gopi
24 x 7 x 365
cards, clubs and casino!
Your body guard look is good
Only thing missing are these glasses
Place your cards
Already done
I didn’t even see him deal
Didn’t I tell you
he is real fast?!
Damn all this danger!
As if danger will
fall down from the skies
Light my cigarette
Glam dolls will disappear
Let us hurry back
Oh my God!
What happened?
Damn lucky
You escaped this danger
by a hair’s breadth!
My target is actually
not numskulls like you
To beat betting laureate, king
of gambling Suyodhana hollow
You are sitting right in front of your
opponent, your dream has come true
What are you saying?
Oh my god! What an honor!
What a pleasure
Right from childhood I’ve been dreaming
of taking a photo along with you, sir
They are equally matched
– Smile please
– Thank you, sir
This is enough
I’ve beaten you
My life time ambition
has been fulfilled
– I am going to retire
– Wait, my friend
In 14 days, there’s a wedding in my family
You must stay with me as my guest
I must play with you and win
I am Sathya Menon
My specialty is ‘sweet balls’
May be he isn’t
suffering from diabetes!
Hmmmmmmm…mouth watering!
Did you alone do all this?
No, I have assistants to help me
Like it?
– Very much
– Thank you
Sweet ball or she?]
I meant this ‘laddu’
– All yours
– Coming?
For what?
To make sweet balls
for their family wedding
Yeah, that’s why
I’ll come, sir
Thank you
Astrologer sir, forgive us
for not taking you seriously
We insulted you
very sorry
Just like you said, we escaped
a huge danger by the skin of our teeth
If you come home
we’ll treat you like God
If you don’t
we’ll die at your feet
I’ll come and predict your planetary charts,
enhance the science of directions in your
I’ll protect you from death
If you gave birth tonus, father
he gave us a rebirth!
He just now saved us
from a huge danger!
Take his blessings
Catch me falling at his feet!
I don’t need anyone’s blessing
This is a matter of life and
death for your children
When we need a life saver
in our card game…
…don’t we use a trump card?
If he is making such sweeping promises
let’s see what he can deliver
You’ve all gained foothold easily
How will I enter their space?
Don’t be in a hurry, Ajay
I’ve planned when and how
you should enter their house
Be ready
He has been with me all the time
and is drooling over my fiancee!
I can forgive anything
but back stabbing
Get lost!
I know who they are
and their where abouts
The people of pandavapuram
have sent het some where far away
Even though we won
after 14 years…
..We are not able to
taste the fruits of our victory
I’ll some how get them
I’ll take leave now
‘His name is Sheik Ali Masthan’
‘He treats and cures amnesic patients
with alternate medicine called Unani’
Both you and I know
his predicament
I know
What now?
He has forgotten his entire past
By my treatment at least
he has found his way here
A capsule a month will make him
recollect and get back to normalcy
Yes…yes, it will
– Where is my capsule?
– Here you go
I’ll go and bring back that girl
Take our folks in
Come in
Supreme Absolute Truth!
Why did you step back, Guruji?
Praise be to the 9 planets
There is an evil spirit
that’s envelopiong this house
What are you blabbering?
When the divine mace is here
how can any spirit have evil effect?
That evil spirit has
dented your mace
Guna, get the mace
Victory to Duryodhana
Praise be to the divine mace
True, there is a dent, father
Let me see
Drive the spirit away before
our life gets dented, Guruji
I tried my best to convince her
but she isn’t listening to me
Looks loke she’ll only respond
to rough and tough handling
Don’t worry, somehow I will manage to
bring her around before your wedding
Who are these people?
They look like a drama troupe
How dare you
hit my aunt!
He hit the evil spirit inside her
When did she come here to stay?
14 years
How long since you lost
in your gambling game?
14 years!
How long since you were forced to
be bachelors like over grown okra?
Same, guruji
Do you want evil spirit or
our Guruji’s positive vibes?
We need only Guruji here
Then the sooner you send
your aunt away the better
Send her beyond
the outskirts of this village
What’s this injustice?
Uncle, keys
1st time she called
our father as ‘uncle’
All grace of our Guruji
Praise be to Guruji Graharaj
Praise be to our dear Guruji
Vijju, what’s all this drama?
This is how the pandavas
stayed incognito for a year
We are doing this
for your sake now
No one can come in between
you and me in this game!
‘His name is Pichakuntla pydlithali’
‘He is very fond of Bapu’s cartoons
and poems written by Cinare’
‘So he fashioned a pen name
for himself as Bapure’
‘He loves drinking coffee in the rain
and writes poetry in the moonlight’
‘His weakness is playing judas
and hence ruining many families’
‘His wife ran miles away from him
without even waiting for a divorce’
‘Totally he is a retard’
I inhale and exhale Telugu
‘Son of a mongrel! I will punch you
so hard, your ears will go (S)tone deaf!’
Aha! Even swear words in
Telugu are ambrosia to my ears!
Telugu damsel! Come out and learn
traditions and Telugu customs
Dad! Don’t call me Kuchala kumari
How many times do I have to tell you?
Call me Kuku
That’s why I’ve brought you
here to change your name
I can’t carry this saree, daddy
I want my shorts right now
There are 3 bulls raging in this house
who are bachelors after losing a bet
You don’t know how
they will react to you
You mean bulls, dad?
You and your accent!
Do what you want!
Guna, go to every house in Kauravapuram
and invite them for the wedding personally
Yes, father
Hello bro-in-law!
Why are you showing up so late?
I received the 1st invitation
The wedding will be a grand success
What book are you writing now?
I’m rejuvenating drops
that are fading out
Name of the book is
‘Raindrops of Telugu’
He and his Telugu obsession
Where is your daughter?
My dear Kuchala kumari
Uncle wants to meet you
What is this dress?!
What happened to your sari?
I did a strip tease
It was so hot
You mean slipped it bout with ease
How does her attire matter?
She is very attractive
She can marry my eldest son Guna
when my youngest gets married
Let me marry her, father?
Don’t change your mind
I beg of you
When we were exchanging horoscope
the groom-to-be dies of epilepsy
When she was about to get engaged
the groom died of a head injury
Choose either of them
for my daughter
You’ll be blessed if you agree
Either of them is fin-
Where did they go?
Bapure can’t be bowled over!
What an ideal Telugu idol?!
Who is this respected soul?
To save the family
from all hurdles
The astrology genius
and his assistant
Always be alert
Greetings, sir
I’m Bapure
I heard you are an astrogy genius
Which planets are
under your control?
What ancient Hindu texts
have you read?
What sacred texts
have you memorized?
You want to know about
the scripures I’ve studied?
Those who pass in 1st class…
…become Govt officials,
engineers and doctors
Those who pass in 2nd calss..
…chose a career in managment or
business controling the 1st class people
Those who pass in 3rd calss…
…become politicians controling
ist and 2nd class sectors
Those who fail and don’t feature in
any of these become thugs and dacoits
They control all 3 sections
The last group without any
qualifications are the seers and God men
Whole world falls at the feet
of this 5th group
What knowledge
What enlightenment
No award can match your brilliance
Let’s go
To be on the safe side, ask our folks
to be on their guard with this fellow
Okay, dad
Nice chicken piece
Sexy leg
Telugu dhai
Telugu eggplant
Telugu tamarind rice
Telugu pickle
Who is the angel
who cooked this feast?
I am Sathya Menon
This feast was cooked by me
and my 2 assistants
He is Mr Graharaju
and his assistant
What a beautiful telugu name
right, Kuchala kumari?
Mr Genius, are you married?
I’m a chaste bachelor
Why this celibate status?
It’s the only way
to change this world
Once married, we can’t even
change a TV channel!
What does ‘askjalita’ mean, dad?
When desires of all kinds
rage from within our body… curb all worldly pleasures
and bring it under control
Isn’t he a great man?
Are you also ‘askhalita’?
Shut up! Don’t make
an ass of yourself
I’m married
Oh! Is that so?
Who is your husband?
He is-
You said you are
a staunch bachelor?
I meant he is as tall as him
Tourist guide abroad
Oh! That’s what you meant?
Heard that, dear?
Though her husband is abroad
she is such an uncrushed flower!
This is the beauty of
our Indian restraint
But a non-Indian woman would
have been taken apart like this
What made you come
to that conclusion?
Who is this chap who looks like
a 6 footer even when he is seated?!
Gam-gambler Gopi
Are you that Gopi who made
my brother-in-law lose in cards?
Then play a game
with me and try to win
Whay are you
grabbing my finger?
He’s implying your hand will
be left with 4 fingers only!
What will happen to my 5th?
Thank you, sir
You saved my finger
Bapure, don’t get tensed
Finish your 1 and 2 and come
What does 1 and 2 mean?
And you call yourself a poet!
1 is to pee
2 is to crap
Once …just once
I have to beat him
You? I changed my number and
network and still you traced me!
Where are you, loony female?
You are here…where?
– Who, friend?
– My fiancee
Why did you yell at her then?
She is tsunami
draped in a sari
She stuck on to me right from
when she was a year old
She’s still holding me tight
How old is that tsunami beauty?
What a charming beauty!
She has Telugu filled
into every pore of her body
No! She looks like a fighting fowl
ready for the game
I feel like
making her mine
She looks strong and sturdy like
a rain drenched cement bag
If you see a girl
you get all hot bothered
Why did you come
‘when I told you not to’?
My love for you is increasing
like our world bank debt
Your love for me is declining
like the value of our rupee
I can’tlive without you, dear
Don’t touch me
Sorry, I touched you by mistake
I cannot live
without my darling
I am going to die
Don’t go any where
I’ll make him change his mind
Friend, your fiancee
will stay with us
Take her inside and
show her to her room
Why another room?
She can stay with my daughter
Comem, sweet heart
Please go
You are like a full frown tree
liberally fertilized
Uncle, who is this?
Why get irritated?
She is gambler Gopi’s fiancee
Kuchala kumari
This wonderful lady will be
sharing your room
She’s just like vanilla ice cream
You look awesome too
– Nice dress
– Thank you
Take this Telugu lady inside
Bapure, he-
I mean she should not share
a room with your daughter
Each of you give me
a string of dos and dont’s
Shut up! You and
your vowel language!
She crosses her leg on to
the person sleeping next to her
So what?
Both are woman, let them
cross legs on each other
What is wrong?
Bapure, listen-
Stop your advice
Come with me, dear
What is this speed breaker saying now?
2 swords can’t be in sheath
He’s butting in!
2 females heads
can’t share a bed
Listen to-
Note down his
pearls of wisdom
Nowadays isn’t 1 phone
used with 2 sim cards, no?
Everyone has some
dumb suggestion…go
Your daughter’s life
shouldn’t get ruined
I know best!
Telugu damsel. teach her
the ins and outs of Telugu
‘Turmeric lends a glow
to a married lady’s face”
“Vermilion grants longevity to
a woman and her spouse always”
“To be kissed , invite
cheeks milky white”
– I can’t
– Continue
Is he torturing us
to gape at that girl?
Rice flour pattern with dots
you drew was awesome
Thank you
Your muscles
are also awesome
Look how she follows
our Telugu customs!
See with what devotion
she has drawn that pattern
Why is she circling
that pillar, dad?
That’s our fortified
sacred plant basil?
My fate!
I deserve this
Go inside
Learn Telugu cilture
What’s special about today?
Today is Thursday, right?
special significance for women
But today is Friday
Friday is dedicated
to Goddess of wealth
That’s why
I follow this ritual
I’m very happy
to hear this
Instead of a bath tub, ensure
she takes an ‘abhyanga’ bath
What is ‘abhyanga’ dad?
Height of ignorance!
Applying turmeric paste all over
the body and taking a shower
Wow! Sounds intersring
Will you show me how?
What a sweet heart!
Take her in and give her
a herbal ayurvedic bath
What is he blabbering?
Actually it is not safe to
send them both in
The other day you objected
to them sharing a room
Today it is the bath room!
Tell me what is bugging you
Bapure sir, you don’t understand
If you melt a gold chain
you’ll get gold out of it
If you melt a cycle chain
can you get a cycle?
– If you melt a gold chain-
– Gold
– If you melt a cycle chain-
– cycle
I’ll clobber you
My daughter
My wish…get lost!
Is this enough or do you
need anything else?
This will do
Shall we start?
Mohini, what happened?
“Hi Telugu missy, your lips rosy
Your soft cheeks I saw closely”
“Your petite feet anointed with turmeric
Fulsome breasts make me euphoric”
“I saw intently, I saw intensely
I saw every mole in your body”
“I wrote down, I willed it to you
my heart forever so true”
“I looked into your eyes, lightning
My senses reeled, enlightening”
“Your spine made heat climb up with in me
Your curves halted Time’s hands willfully”
“I saw sea’s depth and peak’s height
What I saw made my body react right”
“Girls, curves, valleys and plateau
I saw up, down, highs and lows”
“Girls, curves, valleys and plateaue
I saw up, down, highs and lows”
“I saw freely, I saw fully
I saw every pore in your body”
‘I jotted it down, I noted it too
my soul I saved just for you”
“Like being entrapped in a quagmire
is your navel; quicksand of desire”
“Sway of your hips that dip and dive
I saw; breathless, I could barely survive”
“Wow! I saw parts of you, crystal clear
where rays of sun and moon can’t enter”
“Yahoo! Even places you haven’t seen
I saw and everything else in between”
“I saw intently, I saw intensely
I saw every part of your body”
“I wrote down, I willed it to you
my heart forever so true”
“Hi Telugu missy, your lips rosy
Your soft cheeks I saw closely”
“Your petite feet anointed with turmeric
Fulsome breasts make me euphoric”
“I saw intently, I saw intensely
I saw every mole in your body”
“I wrote down, I willed it to you
my heart forever so true”
“I saw intently, I saw intensely
I saw every part of your body”
Enough of seeing
– Come
– Where
Come over there
What’s the purpose of our visit
and what are you up to?
You made him
dress up like a girl
But you didn’t brief him, dad
Each of you should do justice
to your respective roles
Best of luck
Bapure uncle is coming
Hide…let’s all hide
Whi is there?
Someone is here,
Where are you?
I can’t see anyone here
What happened, Bapure?
– Brother-in-law!
– What happened?
Why are you shouting
like a poossessed dog?
Someone was hanging
around here, I looked
But I didn’t see anyone
Go and search
Look everywhere
Search that side also
Who is there?
One of you, go and check
Look behind
those gunny bags
No one is there
Didn’t see anyone
No one around
He spoilt our sleep
If he continues to
show this loony side…
…bury him in our quarry
I didn’t get this at all
But something is fishy
You didn’t let us
sleep last night
There is some conspiracy
brewing in this house
Before I leave this house
I’ll get to the bottom of this
Bro, this crazy cuckoo
should be tackled
His planets are non aligned
and unfavorable now
Time for our astrology
genius to step in
His treatment
starts tomorrow
I circumambulated
the temple 400 times
Not only that, Guruji, we rolled over
all around the temple in our briefs!
Bapure, what happened?
How can door frame
at 7′ height hit my head?
It’s death hell bent
on a fast to target you
I’ve hedard of ministers go on
a fast to acheive their goal
But how can death fast?
During the time of destruction
we go against our intelligence
Your bad time has started
Death God has been shoved from
the 1st house to the 8th house
Shoved curses or
showed blessings?
All jobless people are dying to step
into my space with pearls of wisdom!
That’s no big deal
Try getting a paunch like this
What happened, Bapure?
My nose got broken
Get up
Has your bad time started?
200 kilos! Hit and miss
You just escaped your grave
Morning was the door jamb
Now this weight’s hit and miss
‘It is death hell bent
on a fast to target you’
Genius…my savior!
Forgive my stupidity
What happened, Bapure?
Just as you said, death seems
to be hungering after me
It is trying to eat me up
like a chicken biriyani
Now do you
believe our Guruji?
Yes, I do
What do you think were
the demands of death?
– Assistant
– Understood
What did you say?
What did he understand?
What will happen now?
Close your eyes
I did
What’s this, Guruji?
It’s the light of truth
Perform Vedic rites in Kasi
for our ancestors-
We will find peace of mind
If you don’t want to die…
…if you confess
in front if this light-
Death will be appeased
Whom do you like very much?
Sunny Leone
It’s a lie
It should be a secret
you haven’t told anyone
I got it now
I’ll try again
Telling tales
If you want your soul to
rest in peace when you die…
…you must stop telling tales
Till my dying day, huh?
14 days,
14 hours…
14 minutes,
14 seconds…
…you must not tell tales
If I don’t back stab
my stomach blows up
So tell me how to
take out this gas
I’ll suggest the best remedy
What is it?
Sit ao a stove and
it will get equalized
An officer is questioning
in our quarry for paperwork
Did you tell the quarry
belongs to Suyodhana?
Our words fell on deaf ears
Tell me net time
We’ll finish him off
Ajay, this is the right time for you
to lure Gaja to our advantage
Take this hot coffee and
stimulate heat inside him
An hour before the wedding
ensure Gaja is with you
I’ll handle
rest of
the story
Why did you bring it?
No one is at home
So I brought it for you
Okay, keep it on the table
‘What to do now?’
Lizard…I’m terrified of Lizard
Hey Gaja!
Mohini is petrified of lizards
No coffee for me?
I’ll get it for you
Oh! My goddamn fate
Mohini, keep it there
Aren’t you terrified of lizards?
Oh! I’m petrified of lizards
– Gana!
– What lousy timinh!!
Thank God he didn’t ask
No coffee for me?
I’ll get it for you
You brought it?
Thank you, Mohoni
awwwww! Lizard
I’m petrified of lizards
What a bear-hug this is!
Gawd! These guys have
changed me into a female
This stupid nail
Ajay, our plans
will get ruined
I can’t go on like this
You asked me to lure 1 chap
2 more drooled and groped me
I can’t take this sandwich massage
stuck between these brothers, dad
Don’t be in a hurry
Kichaka’s chapter
of Mahabharath has begun
What are you saying?
Kichaka was 1 villian in
Viratta chapter of Mahabharath
There are 3 ‘Kichakas’ here
3 birds at 1 shot
Handle 3…I can’t
My dearest bro?
My precious pet!
Not even a milk white beauty!
Kuchala kumara…what happened?
what happened?
Are you also
scared of lizards?
Go…go…out you go
What happened to
you dear?
She got terrified of a lizard?
Why did you come here?
What brought you here?
My daughter screamed
Same reason we are here
How could you be
scared of a lizard?
Come, brother-in-law
Uncle, when you get
back from the garden…
…will you get me
a dozen huge oranges?
– Do you also want?
– She won’t need them
Oh! So you both will share?
I’ll keep 2 and
give her the rest
What a sweet girl!
I’ll glady get them for you
Come along with me
Thank you, Kuku
It’s okay
For understanding our problem
I’m sorry for all this
Mother Gandhari
Open your eyes to see
our daughter-in-law
‘When she is blindfolded
how can she see?’
Dad, is she Gandhari?
She looks like
the statue of justice
She is their great, great,
great, great grandmother
When she was alive…
…they didn’t perform
the much needed eye surgery
When she died they consecrated
a shrine for her and blind folded her
Don’t give me
that innocent look!
No..astrololger sir,
what are you saying?
Won’t I be blessed
by holy matrimony
Not me, that’s what
the planets predict!
You said it right
I appreciate you
I’ve been telling her-
Won’t I marry him
in this birth?
Will I not have the pleasure
of a wedding night with him?
You have both
With whom?
Praise be to Lord Shiva
Planets says you’ll be the daughter-in-law
of a house where 3 brothers reside
I’ll marry 3 men?!
No, 1 of them
That will be me
I’ve completed the prayer
Let’s start the next ritual
Mother Gandhari’s star Moola
Will one of you who shares
the same star come forward now?
I’m right in front of you
Tell me what I should do
‘God knows what
I should do’
‘Whatever the priest tells me
I guess I have to do’
According to your family lineage
since he shares the same star…
…if you whisper your wishes
into his ears, Mother will fulfill them
You will be our
first daughter-in-law
So you get
the inaugural honor
Mother Gandhari, stop this wedding
and ensure I marry the ine I love
‘Stop this wedding?
She loves someone else?!’
You are my guest
You get preference
Honey should marry
the one she loves
‘How does he know
Honey loves someone else?’
Thank you, my friend
The girl from Pandavapuram
should marry into our family
‘How will it happen? She seems
to be in love with someone else!’
I should make out with Mohini and
she shlould satisfy all my desires
She should become mine
‘You lady killer!’
‘Why obsess over
another man’s girl friend?’
I know what my brother
would have told you
He should not attain Mohini
come what may
He should get paralyzed
She should sit on my lap
in total surrender
‘Is she a Giant wheel
for each of you to take a ride?’
– I’m Mohini
– You want to wish too?
please bless me such that
Kuchala lumari is…
…mother to my children
‘Did I hear you right?
Wicked woman!’
‘Why did I even volunteer
disclosing my time of birth?!’
– Mother, I am Kuku
– What do you want?
My dad being obsessed with Telugu
wants to arrange an alliance for me
But I am in Love, I want
to marry the one I love
Oh gawd!
Victory to Mother
Okay, tell
My life has become
like a dried fish
I tasted Sathya’s culinary skill
just 1 night my taste buds want
a chance to taste her too, please
‘What distasteful desires at his age!’
Hey bro-in-law
My previous wish was for
Mother Gandhari to fulfill
Listen to my wish
meant for you
If you whisper a word to anyone
what i whispered in your ears now…
…you’ll be a skeleton in my quarry
Victory to Mother!
You son of an indecent lineage!
Victory to Mother!
Each heart desires
such dreadful wishes?!
If I tell I’ll be buried alive
If I don’t I’ll burst like a bomb
I have no other option
but to choose this
This is the last capsule
in my treatment for you
After you swallow this…
…you’ll even remember
your previous birth
Open your mouth
‘You come’
I remember everything now
Those whom Honey
befriended in Bangkok
….are the ones who dented my head!
Praise be to Allah!
How gracious is Your mercy
He has got back his memory
I get richer by 500000!
You stay right here
I’ll bring Suyodhana
Are you trying to get your
quarry which we possess…
…in a legal mess in the court?
No…leave me
Not just your quarry
We hold possession
of all quarries here
Bury him alive
in his own quarry!
For such a trival issue
if he reacts like this…
…imagine how he’ll go
overboard if he learns about us
Your nephew has got back
his lost memory
He was hit by men
from Bangkok it seems
He wants to meet you
So he can update you
Come, sir
Look here
You take a look at
what you want us to see!
This quack doctor is forcing
to tell stuff I don’t even remember
Unable to bear his torture of
swallowing capsule after capsule…
…I’m running away from this village
That’s all…Siddha
Are you trying to play stupid
games with me, Masthan?
This is all lies
Trust me
My treatment
won’t let me down
Make him swallow
his own capsules
No, sir, if I do,
I’ll forget m past life!
Allah! Save me
What happened, friend?
We employed him to
recover memory loss
And he is making us go bonkers!
What do we now?
Do you want to come down?
Only 2 more days
for the wedding
Hide him till then
Don’t get tensed
We are all here for you
Generally lovers will be
protected by their love
But for our love, our family
is the protection shield
We will be married
in the next 2 days
Oh gawd! So Honey loves
gambler Gopi, huh?
Where are you taking me?
Shhh! Look over there
I will ki-
What are they up to?
Don’t do anything
I’ll tell my father
You know what he’ll say?
Gaja, don’t think I’m getting you
married to Honey out of affection
It is to avenge a revenge
of the Oandavapuram family
You must marry Honey, whomever
she may have had a fling with
And whatever the consequences
Do you know?
Life is like an icecream
If you taste ity melts
If you waste also, it melts
‘But it won’t melt
if stored in the fridge!’
Why do you think of
the one who rejects you…
….instead of the one
who loves you?
Think about it
Your muscles
make you so manly
You’ll get a figure
gleaming like a sword
Honey and Gopi
Mohini and Gaja?
Inter change?!
I just can’t digest this
Astrologer genius!
‘I am a chaste bachelor’
Anyone seeing us will
have the shock of their lives!
Bee lured by a flower makes sense
But flower and flower intertwined…?!
With Gaja there
With my daughter here
She’s a woman
from out of this world
Bro-in-law! I’ll go to the guest house
and meet the minister of mines
I’ll grease his palms and
invite him for the wedding
Take care if the house
‘What is here
for me to take care?’
‘I don’t know whether to trust
that astrologer genius or not’
Wedding cards here
Move away
‘You have these boys
in your list too?!’
‘See what I’ll do to
your next flying kiss!’
Get into the car
Poking his nose
into everything!
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
“Hey baby…baby! Way you lobby
is loved by me, your rowdy hubby”
“Hey baby…, my hobby
is to pinch your cheeks so chubby”
“Your feelings for me, my dear hubby,
stir my soul like songs of Ghulam Nabi”
“Hearing Ghulam Nabi sing effortlessly
my heart goes lub-dub, lub-dub erratically”
“Head spinning
Burra gira”
“heart reeling
Burra gira”
“Body twisting
Burra gira”
“Breath twirling
Burra gira”
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
“Lets freak out in tonight’s party
Let’s drink tequila mixed with todday”
“Sequined sari and floral lungi clothed
let’s dance to folk song, Shakira both!”
“Can pubs or paise set your head reeling?
Can you beat this intoxicated feeling?”
“Hearing him feverishly ravishing her lavishly
the vicious jackal covers its ears hastily”
“Body twisting
Burra gira”
“Breath twirling
Burra gira”
“Head spinning
Burra gira”
“heart reeling
Burra gira”
“With my grip on your hips and all
time’s right for us to have a ball”
“Moment your body touches me
I get turned on, I need you fully”
“Mango pickle in pizza and burger too
We should be like this combination new”
“Trible dance by disc jockey is new fashion
Drum beats by kollywood we follow fusion”
“heart reeling
Burra gira”
“Head spinning
Burra gira”
“Breath twirling
Burra gira”
“Body twisting
Burra gira”
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
“I wanna tell you
I wanna tell you”
“Have you heard
burra gira?”
I cannot stay here
Let’s go to the States
Why this unnecessary anger, father?
Wow! Don’t think I can’t see through
your change of speech and attire
I also know
what you are up to!
I cannot tolerate this
Pack your stuff
and get ready
No, father, listen to m-
What kind of a house is this!
– Hi Kuku
– What?
– Where is Mohini?
– She is in the shower
– Why did your come here?
– What about you?
– I’m older than you
– Makes no difference
Now why is HE here?
Why are you both here?
You have Honey
So why are you here?
Who are you…answer
Cat got your tongue?
Why do you ‘Stare daggers’ at him?
He is MOhini’s brother Mohan
Is he Mohini’s elder brother?
Yes, friend
Take your weapons off
Peeping Tom! Did you come to
ogle at my sister in the shower?
What kind of sons
have you raised?
Why did you come here?
I came looking for my ball
Yes, father
You got away scot free
because I wasn’t in my uniform
Otherwise you’d have been
shot dead in an ‘encounter’
You are to blame,
How can you make my sister
stay in this stupid hell hole…
…when she’s heiress
to billion millions?
– Heiress?!
– Millionairess?
Beacuse she loves you
I kept quiet
Do you know what kind]
of following she has?
‘In your dreams’!
I’ll prove it
in 1 second
Will you marry my sister?
Tell me which wedding hall
I should book for the ceremony?
How many ever times
You ask me to
That is Mohini’s range
Nothing is lost
Think again
Decide quickly
I’ll come back later
Why don’t you meet
Mohini and then leave?
She can come only if I go?!
I’ll make arrangements for her wedding
and then only show my face to my sister
Suyodhana has organized
everything for the wedding today
Looks like what I thought should
not happen is bound to happen
Despite Naidu’s assurances
I’m on tenterhooks
Naidu is calling us now
Dharma’nna, don’t worry
I’ve also been waiting for today
Today will be the climax for
the villins like the last chapter…
…of ‘Nartthanasala’
of Mahabharath
I have renewed faith now after
hearing Naidu’s reassurances
Everyone here will
be getting married
When will we
get married, dear?
I’ve told you a zillion times
It won’t happen
Forever obsessed with marriage
Aren’t you ashamed?
Just because I’m following you
I’m object of ridicule to you!
We Indians know the value
of kohinoor diamond…
…only when the British took it away
You’ll also realize only when
someone else marries me
Remember this, dear
1 second before
you get married..
I’ll marry someone better
than you, equipped with…
…great looks
Otherwise I’ll end my life
in this same house
This is my Mohini’s powerful vow
“When we accidentally graze
and cares, what desires raise”
“when in the bath tub under a shower
goose bumps on my body spread all ove-“
Our bond will be
broken from today
You’ll be married
And I’ll end my life
Let’s elope
I’d have done so when I was 16
if eloping was the solution
Gopi should see me get married
in front of a huge gathering
If you have the guts, you are a man
and you really love me…
…ask your father’s permission
Listen to me, Mohini
Your wedding preparations
are on a super grand scale
Father, I need to
tell you something
Tell me after the wedding
It is regarding
the marriage
Get me married to Mohini
in this same wedding hall
I love Mohini
You will be minus your head!
I intend marrying Mohini
You won’t have any
breath left in your body!
Mohini is mine only
Gaja, how can you marry-
I want to marry Mohini
What about Dharma’s daughter?
Ger her married to your friend
I saw them having a good time
What is my son saying?!
True, friend
The moment I stepped into your house
she came and fell all over me
Because of my friendship with you
I had no physical contact with her
Instead of ‘declaring’ our mutual love
I gave up the deal for our friendship
I scooted in the middle
Stop talking rubbish
Get the sacred wedding thread
If I marry Mohini, she is
as good as your daughter
If I marry her, she’ll take
your mother’s place
If I marry Mohini, she’ll be
like a daughter to both of you!
Why do you keep
piling insults?
Mohini is mine
Scant respect to
your elder brother!
1 blow from me and
you’ll be disfigured for life
You want Mohini?
The mace is our family deity
You are getting married to Honey…
Mohini was born for me
You dare lift
the mace to hit me?!
I’ll smash you to pieces
Being siblings, why are you fighting
for a female so shamlessly?
You are tarnishing
our family dignity
1 care 2 hoots
“Even if koel bleeds
from the hunter’s arrow”
“You trampled my love
My heart beats in sorrow”
Mohini has consumed poison, uncle
What happened to her?
Uncle, she swallowed poison
She drank every single drop
She’s dead, friend
Aiyo! How could you
leave me and go?
She’s written
a sucide note
– Read it out
– I don’t know to read
Let me read
Please read it out aloud
Greetings to all
This is Mohini writing
my farewell note
God gave me only 1 body
I wish he had given me 3!
I’d have married
all 3 brothers
I am like a bedside lamp
spreading my glow to 1 bed
But I want to be like flood lights
to light up an entire stadium
Not knowing which
bed I’ll give light to…
…I’m switching off
my light myself
Eldest son Guna
is like a tube light
Such a good fellow
2nd son Gana is
like a torch
He’ll shine when
there is no electricity
Why did you leave us, Mohini?
Youngest Son Gaja
is like a focus light
He made me
completely focused
– My Mohini…?
– Stop wailing!
I’ll miss all of you
If I have another birth…
….I’ll take 3 avatars
and marry all 3 brothers
Don’t get scared
That’s my ring tone
Mohan is calling me
I’ve been posted in
Dharwad now
I want to show off myself
in my police uniform to my sister
I’m coming
Your brother got himself posted
close by just to see you, Mohini
Friend, save us somehow
(phony chants)
My mohini is no more
Only you can revive her
What did I tell you
half hour back?
Mohini will leave this earth
It has come true
You are like a godsend
Please save us somehow
That’s exactly why I came
I have an idea
Gopi loves Honey
We’ll get them married
When Mohan comes
Gopi can handle any crisis
Gopi will do anything for love
Otherwise the cop-bro will land up
and shoot all of us down
Hurry up
Go and request him
A house with a funeral should perform
a wedding to turn the luck favorably
You marry Honey
Me? No. I can’t
I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer
– Okay, agreed
– Thank you, friend
What do we do
to the dead body?
Bury her in the quarry
We’ll push it into the well
We can convince she fell in
while taking water from the well
Lift the corpse
I’ll handle it
You relax
Not any of ypu
We need a special team
Hey! You both
Come and carry her
If you dare touch her
you’ll be mincemeat
You can’t touch my sacred Mohini
“May you be, lovely lady
Married jappily”
“With longevity
be married blissfully”
Give me the sacred thread
I made you win
by marrying you
Mohan will be here anytime
You can lament later
Put me down
Saree pin is poking me
Drape the doll
in this sari quickly
mY Dear sister….?
You look awesome in
this police uniform
I’ll shake hands first
only with my sister
Where is she?
I must thank you
Because you rejected her,
I fixed her wedding with…
…Home minister’s youngest son
I want to convey this to her
Where is Mohini?
What happened
to my Mohini?
Mohini has left us and gone
my dear brother-in-law
What happened
to my Mohini?
Keep quiet!
Where is she?
She has gone to the temple to fulfill
her vow, praying for your posting
Look how fond
my sister is of me
I’ll go to the temple and ask her
to put this cap on my head!
She sais she’d come…
….to the wedding hall
directly from the temple
Gopi and Honey
are getting married
When did this happen?
I’ll explain it to you
Come with me
My Mohini!
If Mohan hears this
we’ll all join her too!
Go inside
People of Pandavapuram
and Jauravapuram
My friend Gopi and
Dharmanna’s daughter, Honey
…are in love with each other
Both families
are united by love
Both villages can
also unite by love
I’ve set aside my revenge
whole heartedly and…
…persuaded Dharma’nna
So shower your blessings
Let’s go to the wedding hall
I’m hungry
Why did you leave me and go
Cry! Serves you right
Evil spirit strikes again!
Are you calling me an evil spirit
You son of a mongrel!!
You loony fellow!
All this is a drama
That astrologer genius, Gambler Gopi
and the Malayali cook belong to 1 family
Mohini doesn’t even exist!
What are you saying?
Listen to me carefully
What is he doing here?
Did you tie yourself up
with these ropes, Siddha?
Why would I do that?
Ones who hid Honey in Bangkok
Those who hit me with the mace
Ones who tied me up now
They are all part of 1 group
1 family
Oh my God!
1st untie me
Goddamn you!
This is not Mohini
Just a doll
Look at this wig
Mohini has duped you
‘This scared thread I tie around
your neck ensures longevity’
‘Oh maiden with auspicious attributes!
may you live a 100 years happily with me’
We have all been duped
Mohini doesn’t exist
It is just a doll
We were cheated
They belong to 1 family
I’m the head of deception
You’ve deceived me
You started this game
I’m giving the final touch
You won by Ranga’s cues
Wasn’t that wrong?
Isn’t it true you buried him
in your quarry after killing him?
Answer me
I’ll seal your fate forever now
Wait, friend
Love, marriage and
problem are all mine
They came here for me
You want to hurt anyone
Let it be me, not any of them
Aim your anger at us
Not our parents
This game is mine
I orchestrated it
They are youngsters
Don’t involve them
Enough, dad
You’ve sacrificed
your whole life for us
Even if we didn’t know our parents
you showered us with tender loving care
Nothing should happen to you
Ma, we didn’t want you
to know we knew the truth
So we buried it
deep in our hearts
We can’t ever repay
your unconditional love
My dear son, Ajay
Without going through the pains of
childbirth…is she fit to be a mother?
He picked up road side kids
and calls himself a father!!
These boys who were left-overs
from trash cans are his sons!
Say what you want about me
I’ll take it in my stride
You dare deride my sons…
…I’ll slice you to pieces
and pickle you
Without shedding a drop of blood,
my dad wanted to rescue Honey
And you made me witness
my dad’s blood spill all over
I’ll shatter your head to pieces
Drop it down
– Sit down
– Mohini…?
Big mistake
There’s just 1 vowel difference
between Dharma and Adharma!
A man living in wicked ways
is as good as dead even if alive
A good man lives in many
hearts even after he dies
You decide your path
In any century, to destroy a Kaurava
like you who is cruel and unjust…
…Pandavas will come as saviors
in some form or the other for sure
You upheld your word of honor
Dharma’nna, I’m strong in taking a vow
But my weakness is in not letting it go
Kuku…Where are you?
What’s all this problem
in the midst of this wedding?
Why are you here?
Time for our flight…come
These 2 are married?
They were in love
They got married
Who were in love?
How does it concern you?
– Let’s go
– I won’t
Why won’t you?
I’m in love with Mohan
Who is Mohan?
I’m Mohan
is it enough
if they love each other
Shouldn’t I know
who the parents are?
They are his elder brother
and sister-in-law
Who is Mohini?
Uncle, will you get me 2 oranges?
Mohan and Mohoini
are 1 and the same
I’ve been watching you
from the beginning
I won’t let you go
whatever you say
I won’t leave you
I can see your end
Subtitled by rekhs
“Move…move…make way
Just watch this colorful display”
Not just one but five
Let’s give them a high-5!”
“Not only mesmerized
Seeing them will be joy multiplied”
“Shout out a hip hip hurray
To the Pandavas holding sway”
“Lord Krishna and his magic touch
His support means somuch”
“Screenplay is also Krnsa’s ,might
Age and gender barred delight”
“Entertainment, fun filled fare
You’ll be happy you went to the theater”

100 thoughts on “Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda Full Movie || 2014 || Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika, Praneetha”

  1. .హి,హి,హి, పాండవులు,పాండవులు తుమ్మెద, హి,హి,హి ఇందులో నా కిష్టమైన పేరుందిరోఊ

  2. super movie 5 hero and 1 side character as Heros good idea and tanish as dum is so good Pranitha as western girl that z as other is to good Vishnu angry us super


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