PC vs. Mac : Is Mac or PC Better for Games

PC vs. Mac : Is Mac or PC Better for Games

Hi, this is Douglas Willott on behalf of the
Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about how to decide between purchasing a PC
or a Mac. Alright, let’s say you’re buying your machine because you like to game. Gaming
is becoming more and more popular every day, especially among people who don’t consider
themselves hardcore gamers, but a casual gamer. That’s ok. For internet games, most internet
games will play on either system. There are some that will only play on the Windows browser,
but Windows is available now for Macintoshes as well as PCs. That said, a Macintosh, one
of the benefits is the operating system that it comes with and generally if you’re going
to be using Windows, you may just want to go with a PC anyway at that point. So, if
you are a gamer, and you’re not just looking to play internet games, but you want to play
some more of the in-depth ones, such as, First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategies, etc,
the PC has the advantage over the Mac for the shear reason that more games are available
for the PC than the Mac. This is because more PCs have been sold than Macintoshes. So, it
makes more sense for the manufacturers to make their games for Windows than it does
to make it for either both systems simultaneously or just the Mac. There are certain very popular
games that will run on both systems. As a matter of fact, the most popular games will
generally transfer to the Mac, because at that point, it’s worth it monetarily for them
to program for the Macintosh. But a lot of the other games won’t run on both systems.
Additionally, some games that have been out for two to three years and are now $10 to
$20 on a PC are going to cost the full $50 on the Mac because it takes extra time to
come out on the Mac. By the time they come out, your friends may be playing something
else. So, if video gaming is your primary source, or it’s going to be a major part of
your computer purchase, I have to prefer the PC over the Mac.

100 thoughts on “PC vs. Mac : Is Mac or PC Better for Games”

  1. okay pc will always have the advantage over mac when it comes to gaming and alot of other processes. mac's are ment for work such as school or buisness thats what they are built for and t hey do a good job at it to look nice and do simple functions PC's are ment to get down and dirty and gritty and run whatever you throw on them may it be a specific program or a game. im not dissing mac but pc will always win the gaming battle

  2. i would reccomend a mac to anyone who doesnt game…….

    or know anything about computers

    however if you know anything about computers at all you have no excuse for buying a mac… other than a brain hemmerage

  3. You forgot an advantage on mac…
    You can run both in it, windows and mac and you can choose the disk you want to run that is why I use Mac.

  4. "Oh look at me I'm in Starbucks. I am typing away on my $2000 laptop. Sure I could've bought a sleek looking Windows laptop with better specs for $800 and be able to use 99% of software created instead of 20% but I never really researched it and instead wanted to fit into the brainwashed hipster culture of Mac users. I have to buy a new laptop instead of upgrade unlike a PC user and my only defense is that I CAN run windows through parallel."

    So why didn't you just buy a PC?
    Poor mac users 🙁

  5. @TheXboxreviews2011 its your own fault for wastein so much of your money on something that wouldn't bring you haplessness

  6. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate macs but pcs definitely win. Better crossfire and sli support for dual graphics cards and as this guy said, there are simply more games available. Plus windows 7 eliminated so many problems that vista had.

  7. pc is better (in my opinion) i suppose its cause normally mcs have very few games to download or to find i understand that almost all pc games have a mac counterpart but i can nver find it

  8. @ShockWave270
    tell that to the guys who programmed angry birds. by the way, what is it you exactly do ShockWave270 that is so important? MSPaint? Calculator?

  9. @imre1205 well yes but it gets freaking slower and… if u want one fast is much more expensive that a mac

  10. @Darkteammadfiz Well, I have never tried ASUS, so maybe they are better, IDK, but I am really tired of bluescreen, programs crashing and other problems. Not saying Mac is perfect, but I think they have better stabillity. I just wanted to try something different, and I really like the mouse-pad on mac's. And gaming is really great on them! Only weakness is that it is getting really hot when gaming. But as long as it doesn't shut down, and it is safe, im OK about it.

  11. @Darkteammadfiz No one games on a mac with Magic Mouse. I use an ordinary mouse, and there is no difference with the mouse, than other PCs.

  12. a macbook is like 1000 euros while a pc can be 400 euros or something.
    buy a 1000 euro pc and then compare jeez…

  13. Okey So what your trying to compare is a $1000 Macbook and like a $250 Pc… Wow thats low Try buying a $900 and then use the extra money to get Games…. Now who better???? PC!!!!

  14. @Nordarock No. PC has more games that get more updates. Like TF2, and GTA4 (mods) Just Cause 2 (again mods) And more! Xbox and PS3 don't offer that.

  15. @willzawsome seriously u spent more then $2000 on a pc and the games run better on your mac? you seriously got ripped off, i spent like £320 on my computer and it still played new games, and i bought that like 4 or 5 years ago

  16. I'm only playing Minecraft of my macbook,
    stuff like Crysis 2 is better for my pc. 😀

    Look at the difference of the processors of the mac and the pc:
    mac: Intel core 2 duo
    pc: AMD Phenon II X6

    video cards:
    mac: Radeon X1600
    pc: Radeon HD 6950

    So, you see, animations liek opening files and stuff look cool and so on on a mac,
    but for playing games, I recommend you to use a pc.

  17. I just don't understand,my first computer was a Mac 512K and the games on it rocked.I'm typing this on an Imac with an intel CPU. The person owh owns this paid $1600. i got my mac in 1985-6 . 26 years and they STILL HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF GAMES!Steve jobs let Bill gates just take over .sad

  18. @Bitom10 You can. I can play any Windows game on my Mac. I currently play Dead Island everything maxed on a Macbook Pro.

  19. @carefulwiththat ppl buy mac bcause their fast and efficient unlike windows which always crashes.Sooo mac and windows has it own unique features and functions.:D

  20. Myhahaha this video is useless.. are you starting another spammy war or what? Everybody knows that PCs are better for games/work/compatibility/music/movies/piracy/clocking/hacking/and every possibly other thing

  21. you do realize that amount of memory says almost nothing about the performance of the card, its just a marketing scam for people who dont know much about computers, like yourself.

  22. Hehe, you clearly haven't seen a Mac Pro. It could beat you puny P.C any day. Search up the specs. Mac Pro will win.

  23. Why don't you look up the specs idiot. 16GB RAM is just a bit more than you can get isn't it? Sure you get a fairly good computer but what happens when your machine is too slow to handle new programs? Buy a new one? That sure is price effective.

  24. Price is the key word here. 2,000 USD for a computer? You over paid if you ever go over 1,000 USD this day and age.

  25. I thought the Pro was the Flagship for Mac "gaming", and how do I sound like a 12 year old, when I AM TYPING. You, on the other hand, got a Mac for Christmas to "game" on, prior to doing any amount of research. Look at the comment to BT Rask, now look at your reply to me.

  26. lol "the pc has the advantage over the mac for the sheer reason games are made for the pc". this guy is a fuckin idiot

  27. How does somebody sound like something WHEN THEY ARE TYPING. I hope that Caps lock rage got it through your dense skull, to your small brain.

  28. i want to see you shut the fuck up only nerds play games i use my mac for work and other stuff and you can play those games on mac dumb ass

  29. "only nerds play games" – Kind of ironic how a guy who knows you can play those games on mac and has a minecraft character as account picture says this!

  30. "Look at a mac pro playing those games" "your friend must be on a mac pro" I hope you are trolling because you may actually be retarded.

  31. well my friend has a mac and its my first purchase of a computer and i know my sister aka the walking virus will want to use it so since mac cant get a virus i think im going with that 🙂

  32. Is it a Mac mini from late 2012 or 2013? That's what I have but I can't tell if tf2 is dropping frames or if it's just my mouse

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