PE Games – Crazy Ball Soccer

PE Games – Crazy Ball Soccer

This is crazy ball soccer. It is a very simple
idea that can be used throughout the grades.
You will need some soft or foam balls, a
bunch of different kinds, or three
different kinds.
What you are going to do is you will have your nets and form your teams and
instead of just starting with one soccer ball (which you can use a dodge ball
or foam soccer ball or whatever you have)
you add in something like a foam dice,
and a Nerf football, or whatever kind of
soft, safe, balls that you can use
for the students. And you play and just have them
go at it, all three of them going
at once. The thing about crazy ball soccer is
with the dice for example, or football, it bounces
all over the place and makes it really
tough for the kids to time and they have a lot
of fun playing it! What I do, is if a goal is
scored, they just play on. The goalie
can throw the ball out of the net or
whatever. I usually put in a rule that if the goalie gets scored on then they have to
switch with somebody else, and the game just
goes on and on. Put some music with it and
it usually goes really good!
That’s it for this game!

4 thoughts on “PE Games – Crazy Ball Soccer”

  1. I've done something like this before. We used one of those swiss balls (really big inflatable ones). They come in different sizes, so you may need to think about which size for which kids, but when they are trying to score with a ball half their size, it's quite fun.

  2. So are you trying to score with all three of those objects (the dice, soccer ball, and nerf ball)? and can you pick up the other balls and throw it into the net? or is it strictly kicking it into the net?  

  3. We have an 'early release' day tomorrow and I know the kids are going to love it. Thank you for sharing…

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