Pen Spinning Tutorial: BEST Thumbaround “how-to” video on YouTube!

Pen Spinning Tutorial: BEST Thumbaround “how-to” video on YouTube!

Pen Spinning Tutorial – Lance Gross here and today I want
to show you how to spin your pen.
You may have seen pen spinning before
and wondered, “how do they do that?”
Today I will teach you how
pen spinning works!
The first step is to hold
your pen correctly.
Begin by holding your pen like you
would if you were writing with it.
This is the first hand position
for pen spinning.
Try to copy the way I’m holding
my pen in the video.
The key to pen spinning successfully
will be to have the heavier part of
pen furthest from you.
Watch my example in the video to
see how to hold your pen or pencil correctly.
One of the easier things to
use when learning pen spinning
is a brand new pencil.
Use a pencil that’s never been sharpened.
I HIGHLY recommend starting
with one of these as it will make
pen spinning so much easier to learn!
Keep in mind that pen spinning
is like riding a bike.
The first few times you try to spin
your pen it will feel weird and awkward.
But I guarantee that everyone who
practices this, will learn how to
spin their pen or pencil.
Notice that between my middle finger and thumb
there is a little bit of space.
Be careful not to have your
fingers too close together,
as shown in the video.
Otherwise, you won’t have enough room
between your fingers to flip your pen.
You’ll be using your middle finger
to push your pen around your thumb.
Then use your pointer finger
to push down on your pen to
provide a little bit of tension.
This will allow you to pull
your pen or pencil around your thumb,
acting like a trigger.
Watch now as I show you what this
looks like without a pen.
The motion of your middle finger
is very similar to pulling a trigger.
When you go to hold your pen again.
Remember to keep space between your
thumb and middle finger.
You will also push down a little bit
with your thumb to hold your pen in place.
Then you’ll pull your pen over
your middle finger like you’re
pulling a trigger.
Following these steps will make
pen spinning much easier to learn.
You’ll avoid making the same
mistakes I did when learning pen spinning.
Another trick that works really well
when you’re first learning to pen spin
is to roll your wrist.
This will help you get use to flipping
your pen over your thumb.
If your pointer finger is in the way of
catching your pen or pencil,
you can hold it out to overcompensate.
After trying these ideas you can put it
all together again.
If you have any questions about pen spinning
or learning how to flip your pen.
Please post a comment below.
Pen spinning can take a few minutes
or a few days to learn depending on
how quickly you pick it up.
But once you learn to spin your pen
everyone who sees you pen flipping
will be very impressed!
Thanks for watching my basic
pen spinning tutorial.
If this is the best pen spinning tutorial
on YouTube please let everyone know
where you got your pen spinning skills in the comments below!

64 thoughts on “Pen Spinning Tutorial: BEST Thumbaround “how-to” video on YouTube!”

  1. I actually dont force the "flicker" too much and i spin it slow, actually learned it in one night and started with a pen so im gonna try to be more faster now.

    But of course i still fail several times but it doesn't fly that much anymore

  2. I wanted to learn this cause I’m rewatching breaking bad again and in season 5 episode 6 Jesse spins his fork and every time I’m like holy shit I love him he is so cool I wanna do that

  3. "When you're close to giving up, remember why you started."

    bruh i dont even know why i tried this in the first place ive been here for like 2 hours

    Edit: im giving up i cant my thumb keeps blocking my index from catching it wth i wanna cut my thumb rn
    Another edit: yo i did it after 2 hours i did it. I havent mastered it yet but i can do it now
    More edits: omg im so proud and yeah my hand's tired now so ill practice more tom🙂

  4. Umm am I the only one who did it without paying attention to it but at him and went crazy but when you try it again I never works
    ….. ever …… like never ……for 70 years

  5. old vid but catch it with ur pointer finger by just putting it down and think about stopping the momentum of the pen

  6. I tried it, and my pencil practically flew out of my hand. I do it a but different. So this is definitely going to take me a while, especially since I can't get my middle finger to stay and also can't put enough pressure on it either.

  7. All of the comments were really disheartening in the beginning but I think that those are just people who haven't finished it yet.

    My point is that it's a lot easier then people are making it out to be. (Even though it might not feel like it in the beginning)


  9. My Favorite Cheap Pen for Pen Spinning:

    And just uploaded a new pen spinning tutorial (w/ slow-mo) showing how to do the thumb around:

  10. So heres how it went the first few times i started to get the hang of it but after around 13 more tries i snaped my pen in half

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