Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies!
Ro: Look who it is!? A special guest it’s Merideth!
Merideth: Hey guys!
Ro: I’m so excited you guys! I adore this girl.
Merideth: Oh!
Ro: I love all of her content, I’m gonna
put a link down below to her channel.
Merideth: Wait, you’re so cute! Aw!
Ro: And, you guys, this is also gonna be a
first time we make something from
Ro: Percy Jackson, because I got so many requests
from you guys to make something
Ro: from the movie. So that is exactly what we’re gonna be doing today.
Merideth: I’m excited!
Ro: Today, we’re gonna be making those cute
little Lotus Cookies that you see
Ro: in the movie that his team eats, and they
kind of get stuck at the Lotus Casino.
Ro: Because these magical little cookies kind
of get you disoriented you lose track
Ro: of time. Merideth: So they’re eating them?
Merideth: Yeah, mmmm-mmmmm.
Ro: They’ve totally forgotten their mission.
Both: Let’s get started!
Ro: The recipe that we’re gonna be making
today is a rose flavored vegan shortbread
Ro: cookie recipe.
Ro: And, they didn’t have any lotus flavors,
so we’re gonna
Ro: go with a different flower.
Ro: A rose. Merideth: Oh!
Ro: Close enough!
Ro: The things you will need will be: 3-1/2
cup of all purpose flour,
Ro: 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of
kosher salt, 2 teaspoons of rose water,
Ro: 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.
Merideth: 1-1/2 cups of vegan butter, a 2
inch round cookie cutter,
Merideth: vegan buttercream that we dyed bright
pink, with a number 366 tip.
Both: Now let’s put it all together!
Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do
whisk together our salt and flour.
Ro: So I’m gonna pour it in, Merideth, you
mix it up.
Merideth: Oooh, OK.
Merideth: This is easy, I’ve got this!
Ro: You’ve got this, step 1, done!
Merideth: So now that we’ve set that off
to the side, what are we gonna do next?
Ro: This is usually where we would cream together
our butter and sugar, but,
Ro: because we’re using vegan butter and
powdered sugar… Merideth: Right.
Ro: We’re just gonna mix them together until
they’re really smooth.
Merideth: Awesoome.
Ro: So I’m gonna pour them in here.
Merideth: And we’ve got the nice handheld
mixer. You can take them off at the
Merideth: end and lick the batter off, that’s
my favorite part.
Ro: Yeah! Merideth: Oh, so good!
Ro: She’s gonna be a pro!
Ro: You’re just gonna mix together until
it’s nice and smooth.
Merideth: Oh yes!
Ro: Now we’re gonna pour in our rose water
and vanilla extract.
Both: Cheers!
Ro: Let’s do a double pour, we got this!
Ro: Now we’re gonna mix it up one more time!
Ro: I’ll put this up, for a splash guard!
Merideth: So we’ve got our butter mixture… Ro: Mmmhmmm!
Merideth: and our flour mixture. Ro: Mmmhmmm.
Merideth: Now it is time to combine them,
mix them all together.
Ro: Yes! They’re gonna be friends!
Ro: Here they go, you’re gonna put all of
your dry in. Merideth: Yes!
Ro: You got this, slowest speed, slowest speed!
Merideth: Slowest speed….
Merideth: Oh yes!
Ro: Nice! Merideth: Got it!
Ro: She’s gonna be a great baker!
Merideth: I’m confident about this now. Ro: Yeah!
Merideth: I feel like I can go home and just
bake my little heart out.
Merideth: I think our cookie dough is looking
pretty good!
Ro: Mmmhmmm!
Merideth: So what are we gonna do with it
Ro: Now we’re gonna divide it into two halves,
and wrap them up tight in some plastic wrap
Ro: and pop them in the fridge to chill.
Ro: Yours is way cuter than mine!
Merideth: This one turned out well! Ro: I can….
Merideth: So our dough is done chilling, it’s
cooled off. Ro: Mmmhmmm.
Merideth: It’s much harder now… Ro: Mmmhmm.
Merideth: So what are we gonna do with it?
Ro: I’m gonna show you how to do some baking
Merideth: Ooooh!
Ro: Most of the time this works….
Merideth: I’m ready. Ro: So you grab this.
Merideth: Ok. Ro: And you’re just gonna pull it up in
the air.
Merideth: Oooooh! I saw that going!
Ro: Ooops!
Ro: Just go for it…
Ro: And usually it flips and lands here.
Ro: Not again!
Ro: And if it doesn’t I’ll hit it into
Ro: You got this, you got this!
Merideth: OK, whew!
Ro: I have a heart attack every time…
Ro: 1, 2, 3, baking flair!
Ro: Yes! Merideth: I did it!
Ro: You did it girl! You did it!
Merideth: I thought it was gonna go that way
or that way, we did it!
Merideth: We did it guys! Ro: Didn’t even need this!
Ro: Now, just gonna take a pinch of
flour and sprinkle it on top of
Ro: the work surface so that our dough doesn’t
Ro: Roll it out to be about 1/4 inch thick.
Merideth: This is an arm workout, I’m ready!
Ro: You didn’t know this is also a fitness
Merideth: We got the guns!
Ro: It’s those rolling pins!
Ro: Now, using our circle cookie cutter, we’re
gonna cut out a bunch of
Ro: cookies into the dough.
Ro: We’re then gonna transfer them over here
onto a
Ro: baking sheet I’ve got lined with a piece
of parchment paper so they don’t stick.
Merideth: Our cookies are ready to bake, we’re
gonna preheat the oven to
Merideth: 325 degrees and bake them for 12
Ro: This is my favorite part of baking, I
love decorating, and the decoration
Ro: today is super easy, I would say it’s
easy mode.
Merideth: Yep.
Ro: Just have a steady hand.
Merideth: Mmmmhmmm.
Ro: All we’re gonna be using to decorate
is our vegan buttercream frosting
Ro: that we’ve dyed pink and I put it into
a plastic baggie with a number 366.
Ro: They don’t have a lotus flower tip,
and I thought this was most similar.
Merideth: Yeah.
Ro: So what you’re gonna do to pipe a lotus
flower design on the top of our
Ro: little cookies, is we’re gonna hold
it at the edge, and it kind of looks
Ro: like he’s about to take a bite.
Ro: Ah-mah-mah-mah-mah-mah-mah-mah-mah!
Ro: Give me that cookie!
Ro: But we’re just gonna hold it over the
top and we’re just gonna press down.
Ro: Just go 1, 2 and pull up.
And we’re gonna do that all the way around,
Ro: try to get 8.
Merideth: Oooh, yours are looking good!
Ro: Right on girl!
Merideth: Yes! Ro: Look at her!
Ro: Then we do the 6 on the inside, I’m
gonna line my tip up right between
Ro: where each of the leaves connect.
Ro: To get the hang of piping, it may take
a few tries, so your first
Ro: couple cookies could be test cookies…
Ro: That you’ll just have to eat!
Ro: Then I’m gonna do 3 little ones in the
Ro: They’re gonna be tilted more vertical,
like they’re going up.
Merideth: Yours looks great, my next one will
be better.
Ro: No yours is cute!
Merideth: It just doesn’t look like a lotus
Merideth: Like what is that!?
Ro: Your leaves are beautiful!
Merideth: They look good, but, that’s the
right way.
Ro: Then we’re gonna do this to the rest
of our cookies, ’til they’re all done!
Merideth: Oh yes!
Ro: Look at that petal!
Merideth: Oh yes!
Ro: She did it! Merideth: Did it!
Ro: 8 big petals, they look amazing!
Ro: Boom!
Ro: Oh no, I did my petals too big!
Ro: Uh-oh, he’s gonna have one really big
Merideth: How have you not gotten frosting
on your hands? How did I do that?
Ro: Wait, how, what are you doing?
Merideth: I don’t know!
Merideth: Oh my god, that one looks good!
Ro: It’s the first one I counted correctly!
Both: Ta-da!
Ro: Here are the Lotus Flower Cookies that
we made today, from the movie Percy Jackson.
Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
this, and, a big thank you to Merideth!
Merideth: Aw, thanks Ro!
Ro: For helping me bake today!
Merideth: Well thanks for having me, these
turned out so well, they’re so cute
Merideth: and I can’t wait to try one because
they look really good!
Ro: Me too!
Ro: I’m gonna be putting her link, again, down
Ro: And, I’m also gonna be posting the recipe
and a bunch of pictures on Rosanna
Ro: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you
can check them out there.
Ro: If you guys make these, please send a
picture to us.
Merideth: Yes! We want to see!
Ro: We love to see ‘em. It just makes me happy!
Ro: And, if you have any other ideas for any
other Nerdy Nummies, please
Ro: let me know, leave me a comment down below
and I will do my best to make it happen!
Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!
Merideth: Thank, bye!
Merideth: I am so ready to try this, are you
ready? Ro: Me too!
Merideth: Cheers. Ro: Let’s do cheers, dee!
Merideth: Ooh it looks so good!
Ro: Mmmmm!
Merideth: This is so good! Oh my gosh, I’m….
Ro: Yum!
Merideth: I am making this!
Ro: I’m gonna eat this and forget what I
was doing!
Merideth: Oh yeah!
Ro: Like from the movie!
Ro: I’ll just be like, what was I doing!?
Merideth: That’d be kinda cool.

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