Personal Safety for RVers w/Jim Koca (Webinar #22)

Personal Safety for RVers w/Jim Koca (Webinar #22)

We’re going to talk about personal
safety on the road. A lot of stuff comes
from Boot Camp. We teach it in Boot Camp,
we also teach it in the RVOU which is
our online education program also, but a
lot of times we go to RV parks. Where do
you park at? Where do you want to go? And
what we do is we use an app called
Allstays and it lets you know where the
camp- it doesn’t have all the campgrounds
in there but lists a lot of the
campgrounds and it also will let you
know what kind of amenities they have
there also. But we use it because one it
tells us where the Walmarts are, where
fuel stations are, dump stations, rest
areas, but most of all it gives us an
insight into reviews for the campgrounds.
But you have to realize that we’re
talking about campgrounds. I may look
at some amenities that you don’t need
because I carry my wireless internet
with me, my MiFi with me, all the time
where you may have to have Wi-Fi. One
time we were to going to Florida for a
rally and we were looking for an RV park
down there for a few days ahead of time, so we go down the scope stuff out. We
went into the RV park reviews, looked at
the reviews, and it says “if you really
like airplanes, this is the place you
need to be” because it was on the flight
path for the Jacksonville Airport. So
we stayed someplace else that’s a
little bit quieter – it was fun. So, we do
that. Okay, on your stick and brick house
we have motion lights. You have motion
lights on your houses. Well, for RVs, you
can get motion lights, also. Several
different makers make them. You have a
Starlight 1000 RV light that has them.
If you go out to the Quartzsite or Tampa RV
show, any of the rally the bigger rallies,
the bigger RV shows, they will have stuff
that you can buy. We have one on ours.
They come in white or black, either clear
lens or yellow lens, but they’re motion
activated which are great to have
because you know, we go out have fun.
If you go out at night and
don’t turn on your light, and you come
home after dark, instead of fumbling
around, it would be nice to have some
light. So that’s one good thing about
having motion lights out there. Some
people use the little lights that sit
down on the ground that can go in there
that are solar-powered which are great
also. But again, it’s… I like my motion
light, too. You have to be careful with
the motion light because if you’re going
down the road at night, as you’re going
down the road, the light will go on and
off and they may blind other people in
the other lanes. So, just turn that switch
off before you’re going down the road.
It’s a little hint for that part. I
mean because we’ve had a trucker tell us
that at the rest area. Yeah, it’s like one
of those things you, never think of it because
you’re driving, and who cares
what’s on the right side of
you. Doesn’t make any difference.
Another area that’s big concern is that
CH751 key. A majority of RVs come out
of the factory with the 751 key. The
problem with other RVs but you know a
lot of RVers, they will not bother
your stuff because they understand that
they don’t want your stuff because they
have too much of their own stuff. But
the 751 key is also common to file
cabinets, toolboxes, and other locks so
somebody that is not an RVer could come
through the RV park where we are staying
and open up the compartments and get
your stuff out of the locked compartments.
Even though it’s a 751 key, that is very
common, so we suggest that you change
your locks out. That way you don’t have
to worry about your stuff being missing. It’s relatively easy, you can do it
yourself, and there’s a a company that
will help you do that.
It’s is what that is. They will walk
you through so that you can
replace your 751 key. It’s a strong
suggestion that you do that. I’ve done
that for all my RVs. We’re getting ready
to get our 8th RV now, because
you know you always want to buy your
third RV first. I’m learning that you
really need to buy your eighth or ninth RV.
We’re fixing to get another RV here in just a
couple of weeks, looks like. Another thing
that I ran into
whenever being a police officer on the
street and that’s the Hide-A-Cans. Where
do you hide your stuff in your RV? Where do
you hide your stuff in your house?
Because a lot of times if you get broke in,
the burglar who comes through
commonly knows where they’re gonna look
and that can be a problem. I’m going
to tell you where I hide my stuff.
It’s the Hide-A-Cans. You can get them off that new
website you can get almost anything from-
Amazon- or you get them from The
Container Store but they’re Hide-A-Cans.
Yhey come in different types of cans Dr
Pepper, A&W root beer, 7up, Barbasol shaving
creams, Ajax cans… stuff that you
commonly have in your RV or your house.
These are great because the bottom
will unscrew and you can stick your
valuables in there. Now, you can’t stick a
lot of valuables in there, but you can
get a lot of your jewelry, small jewelry,
and your money in there and you just put
it back on the shelf. Not everybody’s
going to be going through all your
canned goods to find your stuff, so
it’s very good to have.
Another thing you can do is they make
some t-shirts or coats with sewn in
pockets already that you can put your
bigger items in. Or, you know, some RVs
are coming with safes.
When we had our fifth wheel, I saw our
twice, two times. I saw our safe once when
we got it and then once when we sold it,
because in between that time I could
never find it because of the 36 pairs of
shoes over this safe which is a true
story. Another thing people will
also, buy a portable little fire safe
which are great. But, you don’t want to do
what my
buddy did. He decided he was gonna
permanently mount his safe, his little, you
know, fire safe underneath his
storage bin of his bed. and so he opened
up the bed, lifted the bed up, drilled the
holes in there and bolted it down to the
floor. He called me over, “hey Jim, look
what I did! I got my safe installed!” “Okay,
great! Okay, Bruce, I got a question for
you. How are you gonna pull your slide in?”
Because what he did was he drilled
through the floor of the of the bed,
through the floor of the RV, while his
slide was out and he permanently bolted
everything together so there’s no way to
get the slide back in. So, you have to be
careful and had to plan this stuff out.
But it’s a great idea to have a bolted down
little safe.
They’re called apartment safes. A lot of
college students use these safes in the
dorms, which are great to have. Again,
you know you can keep a lot of
things in that safe. You really can’t
afford to put in a gun safe, so to speak,
mainly because it adds a lot of weight
and of course we want to be able to
carry more stuff with us. Georgianne: or the floor of
the RV that in theory that does sound
really good aside from the slight issue
of course but also if it’s something
like wood what do you think about safes
that you need to be able to take with
you let’s say there actually is a fire
emergency in the RV and he wants to take
his fireproof safe out with all of his
valuables and insulted like what do you
think about that is it something that
you should be concerned about or because
it’s a fireproof safe ideally it’ll
still be maybe one a few things left in
your RV when it’s done if you should be
there but the fire burns hot the fire
will double in size every 20 seconds in
an RV fire and if you think about that
if you have a 40-foot RV and it’s in the
back or even in the front that’s why you
have to plan on how you’re going to get
out of your RV a lot of times we suggest
having a go bag with some credit cards
some money some pills in there maybe an
extra cell phone
you know that you can have by the door
or somewhere that you can get out of
your RV quickly but when it comes down
to a fire
getting out is essential property can be
replaced having the fireproof safe is
one thing you can do but when you’re
trying to get out of the fire out of
that RV out of the fire you’re gonna
think of nothing but getting out of
there and once you go out of the army
you do not want to go back in because
again the fire will double in size every
20 seconds and it’s really a time bomb
when you have your tires going off where
they eat up and explode if you have
propane that may explode all your other
cleaning supplies underneath the kitchen
they’re going to heat up and they’re
going to you know explode expand and
explode so really it’s best just to grab
what you can grab your purse grab your
your go bag and get out of that RV and
I’m sorry property can replace we can’t
so that’s the strong suggestion that we
say on that and I think firemen would
agree with that too yeah oh yeah I mean
I think general rule whether it’s a
house a vehicle or whatever is once
you’re go back in okay another thing we
get questions on are a cellphone booster
do you need one well cell phone boosters
are great I have one I have one that I I
dearly love what we use is a Wi-Fi a you
know for our internet and we have a cell
phone booster that we use religiously
because we get in some places that the
signal is weak and one thing that we do
because we do work for escapees I am in
charge of our Bo you and I like to
answer the questions in a timely fashion
through the internet so it’s essential
and a lot of people now are working from
the RV which is great home schooling and
going around see in the country is a
wonderful thing to do but we still like
our connectivity and so a cell phone
booster is great there are several
brands out there I’ve got two different
brands and really I can’t tell any
difference between the two
but they work great it’s not going to
produce a signal if there’s no nun there
you got at least to get like like a half
a bar but once you get that half a bar
it may boost it up to three bars if you
got three bars maybe boost it up to for
me it depends upon the dynamics of the
atmosphere and the signal coming in and
other things that are beyond my
technical skills but we do like the cell
phone booster again it it helps us and
gets a little bit peace of mind because
again we like to boondock we like to go
out to Arizona desert and just go out
there and you know get up in the morning
it’ll smell that good clean crisp air it
would be the same thing around Marfa
Texas also that was the big beard area
but again we like our connectivity so we
use our cell phone boosters another big
big question that comes about our
weapons in the RV should you carry a
weapon and that’s going to be your
individual choice being a retired police
officer and still being a police officer
I have the advantage of having an actual
carry license which is which is great
that’s why at least it always says she
always has her policeman with her but
it’s gonna be your choice you have to
understand if you are gonna use a weapon
you know and weapons can include you
know we think weapon we think of a
handgun what also constitutes weapons
OPC pepper spray or tasers you know
those are weapons also
I suggest if you’re not crippled with a
weapon such as a firearm is to carry
wasp spray and you may have hardly heard
this before I ran into it years ago
where I saw a friend of mine that was
walking on one of the paths there in in
San Angelo where I have my career at but
I found her I said Vicky what are you
carrying a can of wasp or wasp ready for
it she goes Jim you never know what
you’re gonna run into an angry wasp it’s
like okay now Vicky what he why are you
really caring she goes hey it shoots
over 20 foot you read us is do not
springing eyes or the mouth
if somebody’s attacking me
all bets are off I don’t care it allows
me to spray them and in a way and that’s
what I’m actin plus it’s legal and then
she may were in the general angry wasp
also so there’s always that possibility
but if you are going to carry a weapon a
firearm and strongly suggested you go
ahead and get a concealed handgun
license that way you are protected and
there are some complications out there
there are some apps out there that will
let you know where you can and cannot
share your weapon because some states
are more friendlier to weapons than
others so you have to be conscious of if
you’re gonna be carrying the weapon but
again wasps pray best thing to do
because bear spray even though we do
have bears in Texas believe it or not
around Big Bend there are some bears
down there but bear spray
I would rather and we carry wasp spray
because again you never know when you’re
gonna run into a wasp nest because
you’re parked for a while
those mud dobbers and wasps love to be
hide their nest they like to be a better
hider than you are a seeker and I’ve
been bit before and I don’t like it and
that’s why I carry a wasp spray with me
all the time but again it shoots over 20
foot and it’s legal to carry you know I
have to worry about another thing for
safety on the road We strongly strongly
suggest you carry is a weather radio
that will work on batteries or
electricity the reason why you want dual
is because electricity goes off you
still want to be able to have the
weather or you go go often let you know
what’s going on because flash floods as
we know around here we’ve had some flash
floods before that you know our readers
have been caught up in that which is not
a good thing so we need to be able to
you know get out of there and again
property we’re not going to worry about
it’s our lives that we’re gonna do and
you know no natural Weather Service
weather they say turn around don’t drown
which is very very important but again
you don’t want to put yourself into a
position that can harm yourself so you
know if you’re gonna be parking along a
creek side where the fishings great just
realize have your weather radio going in
case there is a flash flood because it
can rain 20 miles
away and come roaring down that river
and that’s something that’s going on in
Phoenix right now with that last chapter
historic tropical storm that came
through Issel there’s a lot of flooding
out in Arizona that they typically don’t
get and we’ve got pictures and we’ve
seen you know one of my other jobs was
Homeland Security and we would go out
and assess the damage that occurred
after flash floods or tornadoes not a
good thing because you know bad weather
and armies don’t go together they do not
so that’s some of the tips real quick
well some things are talking about
weather radios this is Jim’s got it here
in his hands and he’ll show you this is
actually a little weather radio that I
keep in my office here it escaped these
headquarters that if I travel it’s handy
too you can get them as small as
something the size of your palm and then
of course there are larger ones there
Hand Crank ones there are all kinds of
things out there yeah they don’t have to
be huge and bulky for you to covering
for one in your rig because I understand
that sometimes it’s hard to find even a
little couple inches square spot I’ve
actually had to mount my weather radio
on the wall because we don’t have a
camera space which is fine it works it
works great and every time it goes off
it’s my turn that go turn it off already
but if you have any questions feel free
to go ahead if you’re you you’re tuning
in with zoom you can use the QA tool at
the bottom of your screen or the chat
option that’s to the side of that if
you’re here on Facebook and joining us
there thank you for joining it by the
way you’re welcome to use the comment
section and I will try and snag your
questions as they come in so feel free
to ask any questions you have about
personal safety and RVing can work
together and how they can how to protect
yourself and your things while you are
traveling so one of the things that came
up Jim
is I know there is a big movement right
now that’s encouraging women to go out
and travel on their own
maybe they have a spouse that’s not as
interested in traveling but they are or
if they just if they do just want to
travel along for their own reasons
whatever the case may be there are a lot
of women who want to get out there and
do it but there’s a lot of fear about
what I don’t have my I don’t have
someone there with me to help protect me
in the case that something goes wrong
and so I’ve heard some advice about
things like I’ve heard suggestions that
women go and pick up an old worn out
pair of men’s work boots from the thrift
store or something like that to set
outside or like a men’s coat of course
happy weather appropriate type of thing
but I commenced coat or something that
indicates there’s a male that lives
there as well we think about things like
that or you have any other advice like
that that you think could be worthwhile
oh that all the above but what we
encourage women to do so in solo women
you need to come play with us it’s it’s
fun it really I create anybody say no
man single women but again for the
single single people that are traveling
again you need to be extra careful extra
vigilant I guess I should say what that
is is the word is correct word to use
but yeah going and get you a dog leash
and tying it up to the door handle or
the handle going up to the RV the dog
bowl is a great thing to have whoa hey
you may have a stray dog come by and
appreciate the water but I’ve heard the
bigger the better the work boots are
great also what I personally like are I
told you I’m going to tell you this it’s
the fake bullet holes that you could put
in everywhere you put them on the front
door as a joke but I can’t ever think
about but again the whole idea of
personal safety even crime prevention
that we used to teach residents of the
city is you don’t put yourself in a
position you’re uncomfortable or if
you’re not comfortable in RV park where
you’re parking out by all means move
there’s nothing wrong with that so you
lose a lose a deposit or whatever who
cares your life’s not worth it always
another good thing is to have your key
fob with you you know pump the if you
hear something outside honk the horn I
don’t know that that you’re there
the key fob is an extra thing you do a
lot of people will travel in a Class C
or Class B or B driveable RV that they
could literally move if they needed to
here’s somebody outside you start it up
and you get out of there
realizing that there’s advantages and
disadvantages for all types of RVs if
you have a truck pulling a trailer and
you disconnect and you want to leave
with your RV then you have to go outside
and actually hook up the RV itself and
the same thing if you have a you know a
Class C and you’re pulling a car you
have to do that so if you ever spend if
you’d if you like one night believe your
leave your vehicle hooked up you know
you may go out there and come back hook
them up at way you’re ready to go
but again in in a in a travel trailer or
fifth wheel you have to go outside to
get your engine going which is a bad
thing to do sometimes if somebody’s out
there but 911 times 9-1-1 will work in
places that you can’t use regular cell
phone service that they that will work
also again the cell phone booster is
another good thing to have also but
again knowing where you’re at is a good
thing too because I was over
communications for a while and one of
the things you know when we answered
9-1-1 we say you know and one what’s
your emergency where are you at and if
you’re operating on a cell phone it may
take a while to get to you because
they’re using triangulation versus it
sticking Brickhouse because if you call
them a stick and break down so we know
exactly where you’re at because the
address pops up but if you’re using your
cell phone you’ve got to know where
you’re at all the time so that you can
relay that to the particular person that
you’re talking to you
another thing is there’s some tracking
devices that you can use and I know some
of the escapees went to Alaska last year
and they use there’s some apps out there
to let you know where they’re at and you
know let your family this your friends
know where you’re at
one thing we tell you when if you’re
going to be you know off by yourself you
start posting stuff on Facebook be
careful what you’re gonna put on
Facebook begin because you know
especially if you have a sticking
forecaster can be gone for a while and
it’s like hey he come rob me here
but again it says it all goes back
common sense is really don’t put
yourself into that position but again a
dog bowl the big shoes there’s nothing
wrong with that anything to make it look
like you’re gonna be a if you have a
campsite instead of putting out one
chair put out two chairs because that
looked like you’re camping with somebody
and even though you may be by yourself
somebody may come along be walking
around you may be me meet a new friend
something of this so you know just think
outside the box with what you can do to
portray yourself the strong confident
and not gonna take it anymore
good point see you brought up the idea
of the handguns or some type of firearm
Jack has a question about what do you do
with your weapons when you’re traveling
to Canada or Mexico basically going
across border crossings okay if you’re
yeah that’s also a good problem so to
speak if you’re going to take a handgun
across the borders they’re not going to
let you do that because they have
especially in New Mexico and and in
Canada especially Mexico or ammunition
what you can do is leave it if you know
you’re going up leave them back with
somebody but if you’re full timing
realize that you’re gonna have to go
someplace to drop them off what you can
do is bring a safety deposit box at
close to where you’re going to be going
you know maybe that you bank with Wells
Fargo there may be a Wells Fargo in the
town a couple of miles from where you’re
going to cross at leave them in the in a
safety deposit box the problem with that
is you’re gonna have to come back the
same place to regain your your your
weapon a lot of people tell me what they
do is they go pawn them they go to a
pawn shop and they were upon them as
long as they pay the interest on the
you’ll keep the pawn active then they
you know they’re they’re secure but the
problem with that is again you have to
come back through your that port in
order to pick up your guns what I did we
with Canada this year is we left the
weapons with a relative and then we told
them don’t play with them but we left
them with a relative with a friend
whatever you can do because you do not
want to take them across the board a
friend of mine actually retired police
officer had a Thompson submachine gun
rifles everything legally owned and he
was going to Alaska and he went to hit
the Canadian border and he didn’t make
it to Alaska because they confiscated
everything because of bringing weapons
into the into Canada this is several
years ago he did to his research I told
him Richard you do your research see
what you can do but if you want to go to
Alaska and take your guns do you have to
mail them from one licensed dealer to
another licensed dealer in Alaska it’s
just like Lisa I bought a brand new gun
in Tennessee where Texas residents we
could buy it in Tennessee but it had to
be shipped to a gun dealer here in the
Livingston so that we could pick it up
we couldn’t get it out of Tennessee to
come back to Texas for that so there are
solutions but don’t take it across the
board I have heard and I’ve heard this
from a couple of our members who went to
Alaska I believe last summer that you
there are some minor like I spy minor I
mean very small exceptions to the no
firearms rule for example like we were
talking earlier there is a threat of
bears and other dangerous wildlife in
Canada as well as Alaska and you can
take properly documented and properly
I’m not sure what the right word would
be but ones that are that are meant for
self-protection against wild like a
rifle there’s a lot you can do you have
to do a lot of paperwork
yeah you have to do the paperwork they
take to be able to take a shotgun or a
rifle new to Canada Mexico I don’t even
think they allow that but if you’re
going to go hunting in Canada there is a
way to do that again you need to do the
research on that I’m not up to on that I
know there’s a way to do it I just have
no desire to
patrons rifles in yeah and it’s much
easier just to so just answer for
whatever other things you may have in
your vehicle not deal with the
legalities of firearms
okay so then thinking about bears one of
the things that I’ve heard before is
that thinking again about also border
crossings that for example pepper spray
can’t go into Canada however bear spray
can and so maybe would you have any any
experience or any advice on having one
versus the other on a regular basis or
anything like that
well again pepper spray is oleoresin
capsicum makes you cry literally as
police officers we have to if you want
to carry pepper spray you have to get
sprayed with pepper spray
because again you know you could
actually get sprayed by other officer
you need to know what it does usually
you can work through that but pepper
spray in some locales even states in in
the United States are illegal to have
but again walmart sells in Texas sporty
good sells in Texas
they’re great to have there is an
expiration date on that’s the problem
again you’re gonna have to check the
particular state that you’re gonna go
into whether it’s legal to have or not
but again that’s why you know bear spray
is really another version of OC pepper
spray is really all that is but again
you know pepper spray is legal where you
excuse me pepper spray is Lea bear spray
is legal pepper spray is not in some
areas that’s why I go back to the law
spray it’s legal do I have to worry
about it
what do you have it for I have it for
you know box because you never know
where they’re gonna show up at yeah they
have a question from Elaine who’s
joining us on Facebook she asks tips do
you have for securing things like
laptops passports etc just while you’re
out for the day okay if well a lot what
we do what we do for our passports we
keep them in a fire safe
way they are secure and I’m not gonna
tell you where I hide them but where we
hide the fire safe but we carry the fire
state if like if we go on a cruise
we gotta have our passports all the time
I just carry our passports with them I
carry say I carry a man bag
thank yo satchel and I it’s making
nothing to my iPad in in some water and
some stuff to chew on during the day
beef jerky whatever and the passports in
and so I always have them with me and
then lisa has her her bag also her girl
bag I guess but again in your rig itself
they do make again some seis that if you
ever go to a motel they’re starting to
put those safes in the closet somewhere
in there that you can punch your code in
and have it’s big enough you get them
big enough that you can put your laptop
in there and you can do is bolt it down
inside the RV so place and a lot of
people are doing that so again some of
your newer up in coaches are coming in
with the safe big enough that you could
put your laptop in that you could the
important papers in rings jewelry
whatever it is but again that’s why you
know for small items I like the height
of cans I really really do and I don’t
know in stock it but I do like them and
again you know this the small safes you
can get them big enough that you could
put your laptop in and such again you
have to that’s why really on on an RV
that’s why I really like to have a
deadbolt to because I’ve worked
burglaries where they’ve taken a pickaxe
and literally peeled away the door
because you know they’re not solid corn
or if like you can get in a house yeah
but again there’s that possibility
that’s why I like the deadbolt and a lot
of your newer armies are coming with a
deadbolt and that’s why a lot of times
we’ll see you know you may have that
frosted glass in the front
well somebody knocks on your door you
have to think how does the door open up
in a house it opens to the inside the
RV’s always open to the
outside and so a lot of times even in
boot camp will tell you to get a
peephole you can get peep holes and put
in there again you have to you have to
figure out what size thickness of the
door you have so you get the right size
people but if you have that frosted
glass you can’t see who’s knocking on
the door then you may want to peek
around maybe have a window you can look
at but I like the people and a thing
about if you’re gonna argue install the
people you got it put it to the level of
the lowest person with the shortest
person because you know I’m 6 foot 2 at
least it’s 5 foot 2 if I put it to my
height she’s gonna have to get a stool
in order to see out yeah I can bend over
she can’t grow to see out the people so
you always put it to the height of the
shortest person but again that’s
something that’s an aftermarket thing
and some of the newer RVs are coming out
with people’s now because of that of
that issue another question I was
thinking about with the you mentioned
that the CH 751 key earlier and how
common that is did a couple of people
who may have joined us on Facebook since
we started earlier so when the issues
with the CH 751 key is that it’s used
pretty much universally and it’s from
what I recall some of the RV door keys
can be the same not just the ones for
the bit the bays and the bins underneath
that some of the ones for the doors like
multiple of the same model maybe should
the different parts of the country but
they still have the same key hole do you
have any advice on some of the I’ve seen
like the punch button the digital
keypads and things like that and
replacing your dorky as well you can and
they do make they do there are some
companies out there that do make the
coded door locks on our on our Jayco RV
we have that now and it’s great as long
as the batteries are good so you have to
make sure you replace the batteries in
that at least every six months a lot of
times it depends on how long you know
often you use the keypad to
but again if and this happened to us
when we were out in California
where the batteries we did we went on a
cruise show why he come back the
batteries were dead luckily I had the
keys to the door then we could get back
in and then replace the batteries but
yeah I said aftermarket saying they run
anywhere from $100 so 250 knots a have
to worry about and even I haven’t where
like your key fob for your for your
vehicle to have it for the key fob for
the door unlock your door to so that you
can go in especially it’s great if it’s
raining you know if it’s raining you
don’t you want to get in as fast as you
can and that’s one good thing about
having a key fob so yeah it’s amazing
what aftermarket equipment is out there
for our beers it’s just when you think
you’ve seen it all something else is
going to be made that’s why you need to
go to court side Arizona to the big tent
the end of January find out what it what
you need we have a couple of weeks
before the show and we’ll be in Lake
Avenue I don’t know if there’s any room
left open or not we are at least and I
will be out there like have a scene
we’ll be teaching the boot camp Express
you’ve heard a Holiday Inn Holiday
Express this is boot camp Express which
is a shorter version of boot camp it’s
just a one-day down-and-dirty
you get all the highlights of boot camp
if you can’t do the entire three days
then we do the new it in one day and
that is selling out also something that
came to mind early last year actually I
met with another one of our members
Mandy Lee she’s a well-known
photographer that travels full-time in
our RV
she and I were talking about personal
safety for solo our beers and one of the
things that she brought up unfortunately
she had happened to her was securing her
towable RV her trailer because she had
one evening had detached from her
vehicle and when she woke up that
morning the trailer itself was gone she
was sorry let me clarify that she was
not in the trailer when it was
she was elsewhere but do you have any
advice or securing your tillable when
you drive away from it to make sure that
no one else comes along pitches up and
takes off yeah one thing is police
officer I did take reports of his wheels
being stolen and regular toe toe bumper
pull trailer is being stolen also
masterlock a lot of your different lock
companies make different types of locks
for that for that for the for the ball
hitch so to speak and they’re great to
have and really invest in a good one
because this is what we tell people for
crime prevention in crime prevention
you’re trying to send that person who’s
going to rip you off to somebody else’s
RV you want to send them to somebody
else’s house I want them to go to your
RV your stuff off the leave my stuff
alone I hate to say that but that is the
true yeah we wanted to go someplace else
so it’s not us that way we say oh I’m
sorry it happened to you instead of
instead of them saying that to us
well we’re trying to make it so if
there’s two RV sitting there one doesn’t
one’s not locked up but the other one is
which one they don’t take they’re gonna
take the one that’s not the easiest
target even 4/5 wheels you can get the
fifth wheel pin cover that attaches to
the bottom of the pin and you can also
get it with a stabilizer
it comes with a I don’t want to say a
cheap but it’s an inexpensive padlock
you can break it really easy with two
screwdrivers replace it with the better
better lock but again if one’s locked
the other ones not which one are they
going to take the same thing for what
you’re laying around because we have a
portable satellite antenna we use a
master master lock cable and padlocks
that we lock it up to the RV that way
it’s there so we don’t lose it if you
have a surge guard on the pedestal you
can secure them also you know again who
are they going to go to they’re gonna go
to the person that’s the easiest target
and ask the whole idea behind crime
prevention make yourself a hard target
so yeah again there’s a lot of products
out there that are great investment
money because you’re investing a lot of
money in this RV invest a little bit for
the lock
that way it’ll still be there when you
get back that’s a sinking feeling you go
out here oh yeah especially when your RV
is your home we have a comment here from
one of our zoom attendees his name is
Charles he just wants to add and that
for pepper spray it is possible to get a
conserve CCW permit and many times this
covers pepper spray as well and he’s
also added that a florida permit will
cover 30 plus States okay oh yeah that
is because some and that’s there’s a
good publication that I can’t remember
who did it that covers the different
laws of the states Canada in Mexico also
well there’s an app for that but there’s
also a booklet for it too I have both
yeah there’s a for that mainly because
you know the law change and this guy had
he’s a lawyer and he really has kept up
on the weapons but yeah that’s why you
have to check where you where you’re
going – I know South Dakota Texas has a
lot of places they’re reciprocal
agreements what it’s called when you’re
dealing with California New York
Massachusetts those are really really
restricted and so you have to be careful
going into those states but again you
shouldn’t be driving so fast that you
get pulled over you know and I’m not
saying what police don’t know won’t hurt
them but again you know there are some
people I have some friends of mine new
or not going to California is it on here
another guess which which is their
prerogative but again check where you
want to go to see what what is legal for
you yes and it’s even interesting I the
first time I went into California was
last year and found out that even some
produce you can’t
if you’re towing the speed limits now 70
is 55 yes there are a lot of states
through the chillings yeah and so you
have to be careful with that because it
would give them an opportunity to be
able to pull you over and and I was
wrong on that because we actually
stopped a highway patrolman at a
restaurant be pulled over I said it
didn’t apply to our readers and we
wouldn’t know where and asked the
highway patrolman he said yep that was
one of the few things when lease was
right and I was wrong it’s on very very
readily but yeah I really didn’t think
it was but again I’m not a California
sir I don’t know all their laws
yeah and one of the things I know I’ve
seen I definitely appreciate that
working with our viewers gives me a
different perspective just as a motorist
myself even one of them I little my
little sedan running around type of
thing that sometimes those lower speed
limits aren’t necessarily meant to
punish you or anything like that when
you’re towing but it’s they know their
roads aren’t that great and so they
lower the speed limit of people who are
towing just to help you be a little bit
safer to you let’s me have one thing
about the comment about weapons my
father when he retired he bought an RV
he went are being at a class a human
mother went RV before he had his heart
attack and he carried a gun I carry 32
all the time and one day he was down
there visiting us from Texas he says
here take this I don’t need this he says
it’s just a pain you know concealing it
or whatever he says because I don’t need
it you know generally you know it’s it’s
where we are a safe community what
happens is when you know we’re out
boondocking and you have these
rabble-rousers come around yep but again
he you know he got rid of his gun it’s
gonna be an individual choice yes you’re
trying so jack has a great question here
actually he’s wanting to know are there
any states where class A’s need to stop
at the truck weigh stations they you
know thank you
as of now no mainly because this is one
thing that we do for RV advocacy
we fight for the rights of our beavers
where you see the truck scales is
because it is a commercial it’s a
commercial application and what they’re
doing they’re charging the commercial
truck companies to come through they’re
there and you have to pay in order to
come through and use the roads
commercially we are recreational we are
a private that’s why I thought times if
you see these big 18 wheelers the
Volvo’s holding a fifth wheel on the
bottom of the door so we’re on that I’m
on the on the 18 wheeler on the the
truck tractor it’ll say not for hire
private you know private RV that way
they don’t have to stop for the truck
scale so that’s a right now I know of no
states that require our we used to pull
over now where you get in trouble is if
you go to Montana and get a Montana LLC
you have now registered your RV as a
commercial vehicle because it is a
company vehicle then you’re required to
stop at the weigh stations but again how
do they know unless they pull you over
cuz you’re not gonna say you know this
is a commercial vehicle it’s when you
get it wrapped promoting a company then
you’re going to fall into the commercial
aspect of they’ll have to pull over and
it’s kind of like this idea of the fuel
situation in Arizona because they charge
a different price per gallon for
commercial trucks for diesel versus
private entities where you see our
viewers pulling over into the weigh
stations are the transport companies
pulling rvs from Indiana because they
are a transport company and there are
commercial entity and then they are
required to stop and go through the
weigh station but right now we are not
required for it for that and that’s one
thing escapees will fight for is because
you know here’s a shameless plug for
why do trucks have to stop a Waystation
well the key word there is weight is
because a lot of times they’ll over
weigh everything they’ll put too much
product on there to get it to where they
want to go where we as you know as our
beers we need to police ourselves so we
don’t have a legislature or legislation
legislate entity in the in a state like
South Dakota Texas or wherever that will
require us to do that 57% of the all of
our B’s going down the road
statistically are overweight either by
runo’s combined weight rating tire
weight rating absolutely trading vehicle
a rating so this is why we we encourage
you to understand what your weight
limits are don’t go over that as a peace
officers that it as an accident
reconstructionist if I thought weight
was an issue in an accident I would
gather up all the pieces and I would
drag it across the scale even if it was
a private vehicle even if it was an RV
and I’ve done RVs before out of
accidents to see if they were actually
overweight we do the same thing for
trucks also so that takes me off that
soapbox a shameless plug for smartly yes
let’s take your breath for a second I’m
about to put you on the spot again so
we’re getting ready to wrap up for
getting close to an hour and I’m sure
some of you guys want to get on with
your afternoons but one of the things I
do want to make a point to bring up is
we have a program some of you may have
already been part of it or heard of it
you have our viewers boot camp which is
a program we do throughout the country
several times a year and he brought up
the boot camp Express sometimes there
are once let me steal this camera for a
second we have boot camp Express and our
dears boot camp both of which are on
hands-on onsite learning experiences
where you get to talk to the instructors
directly you can you have your questions
if you have any questions you’re going
through the different sessions and in
some cases I don’t know that the Express
offers this but in the
typical bootcamp you can even sign up
for additional hands-on driving training
with the company that we work with RV
driving school elsewhere sorry it’s
there’s nothing yeah okay I do that
because there’s you only have one day
and a lot to learn in one day however
think there are things like that
available – one of the things I think is
really awesome and Jim has had a huge
part doing this is especially for those
of you who maybe don’t have an RV yet or
just your lifestyle doesn’t permit you
picking up and heading somewhere across
the country for a couple days that sort
of thing we do have RV years online
University which is where a lot of this
information about personal safety came
from well let me rephrase that it didn’t
come from there it is available there
and we also talked earlier about some
fire safety concerns with RVs I know
there is a lesson in that RV oh you
about fire safety as well and it’s a
program that Jim’s been working on quite
a bit and we’ve had a lot of our viewers
to use it and it’s it originated from
our our viewers boot camp although it
the RV years online university program
has grown to include more lifestyle type
classes and courses as well so there’s
actually more available in RV oh you and
it’s a little bit less expensive because
you don’t have to worry about paying the
facility costs and that sort of thing
associated with boot camp but anyway so
that’s something that if you’re
interested in and considering that if
maybe you want to learn a little bit
more about personal safety about fire
safety there you guys even teach things
about like your RV systems here let me
let me give it back to him and he can
tell you a little bit more about it in
the RV RV boot camp we cover fire set
fire safety personal safety weight
safety tire safety
RV systems some general maintenance
stuff some tips we go in-depth in
batteries solar and such our vo you does
the same thing and but we add more depth
to it also
we got staying connected on the road we
have choosing your first RV or choosing
an RV some things that you need to
realize what you need to do for that
another shameless plug if as as she said
that we do have boot camps throughout
the United States
next one available that still open will
be February 1st 2nd 3rd in North Ranch
Congress Arizona you’ll do on February
2nd 3rd in Grand Prairie Texas south of
Dallas then we go back to Tucson Arizona
for the escapade boot camp then we’ll do
a boot camp in April and Pine Mountain
Georgia right before skip acre and then
we’re actually going to take it to the
northwest part of the country to Oregon
we’ll be up there in Oregon at the old
mill casino and I’m sorry I have CRS
can’t remember stuff I can’t remember
the city at the end it’s the old mill
casino but it’s all on the website too
you can’t do that take our view but
again you know don’t feel like you’re
gonna be by yourself out there we’ve got
a lot of good programs but we’d love to
have you if not send an email to
Georgiana and she’ll get with somebody
to get you an answer
oh yes definitely I’m gonna steal this
back for a moment normally I’ve got two
cameras set up because I’m in one place
and in our presenter is somewhere else
but Jim and I are hanging out in the
office this week we’re both here for a
few more days anyway yes so and also you
find out about more to our vo you and
our beers boot camp and smart way and
all the other things that Jim has has
handed in the different programs that
escape these offers for our viewers at
escapees comm it’s pretty pretty
straight forward escapees calm and in
the menu section most these educational
resources he’s talked about will
actually be under a menu conveniently
titled education so you can find out
about all those different things
including more webinars like this ones
that we have scheduled cut to come up
which right now the schedule is clear
the end of the year it gets kind of busy
with planning and whatnot so there’s not
a whole lot on the schedule just yet but
there more coming you can also view the
full archive of past webinars on there
as well we’ve been doing this for it’ll
be I think two years and January so
there’s not a whole lot on there about
20 or so on there but I’m always looking
to add more as well like typically the
one that puts this together organize and
host it so if you have questions you’d
like to have answered or you have some
topic suggestions you’re welcome to send
me an email my email address is
marketing escapees com
pretty straightforward and the marketing
director so it’s marketing it escapees
calm I’m always happy to hear from you
and I’m more than happy to do what I can
to get your questions answered like you
said if you run into even just a
question you have related to personal
safety that maybe some thinking laughs
after the fact you’re welcome to email
me and I’ll make sure that I get it to
Jim if I can’t answer it myself
and also this really available in case
you’re catching the end of it those of
you watching on Facebook will have
access to it pretty quickly I believe it
takes a few moments for it to finish
uploading the full video but it’ll be
available pretty quickly and then we’re
also take the recording edit them for
clarity and shorten them a little bit
and put them up in that webinar archives
so that’ll be there hopefully within the
week but it depends on how my schedule
goes sometimes it takes a little bit
longer to edit but anywho I appreciate
you all joining us today and of course
thank you so much Jim for joining and
for offering your information and and by
the way I have to admit I’m quite proud
of Jim we had a little friend join us in
the office today and this is the first
time he’s made his appearance even
though during our mini test runs he has
been quite quite present and I assure
you this thing were real I would not be
handling at this done this this easily
did you have anything you want to say
Jim we appreciate everybody it’s a
cockroach in case you’re know if she
says we have any questions you can email
me at boot camp at escapees comm boot
camp escapees comm and if I don’t get
back with you it’s because I’m out
traveling having fun so just if you have
questions I’d be more than happy to
answer it but again boot camp escapees
calm awesome well thank you all so much
for joining us I hope you enjoy the rest
of your day and we will see you again

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  1. A trend I’ve noticed is that many manufacturers are using those awning style windows throughout the entire coach. I don’t think a person could get out those windows without actually smashing them. I know there is always a special escape window, but in an emergency it would be great to have other options for a speedy exit.

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