Peter Jones RUTHLESSLY undercuts Dragon newbie’s first ever offer 🐉 😲🔥 | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Peter Jones RUTHLESSLY undercuts Dragon newbie’s first ever offer 🐉 😲🔥 | Dragons’ Den – BBC

Hello, I’m Katy and this is Gillian
and we are the founders
of Tan Cream –

the ultimate safe way to tan.
We’re here today to ask for £75,000
for 10% of our amazing business.

Following my own diagnosis
and treatment with skin cancer

six years ago,
it led me to have a light bulb
moment. I needed to wear

sun protection every day, but
also like to have some colour.

So, I saw a niche for
an all-in-one product that would

give me some protection
but a nice, healthy glow.

Tan Cream cleverly combines
the SPF of 50 with
gradual and natural self-tan

in a luxurious everyday moisturiser
for your face and body.

Lucia here has been
wearing Tan Cream

and has a lovely, natural
sun kissed glow.

Taylor has not been wearing Tan
Cream and we’ll show you the effects

of the sun protection
using the UV camera

that we’ve had set up here.
Just look in the camera first.
You can see which one has got
the sun protection on

and which one hasn’t.
And Taylor’s now going to apply
Tan Cream to show you the effects.

WHISPERING:I can’t believe that.
So, that’s SPF 50.
It’s really effective.
Forget SPF,
think the SAS could use that.

You can come and have a go in front
of the cameras, if you like.

Come on, I’ll have some.
Yeah, go on. I’ll do it on my hand.
A self-tan cream that moisturisers
and offers factor 50 sun protection
is the three-in-one product that
entrepreneurs Katy and Gillian
are hoping will
win over the dragons.
See the black?
Wow. Quite, quite clever.
Bit of a tiny smell.
Does that go away?
It does go away.
It does?Yeah.Yeah.
The Yorkshire pair are willing
to hand over 10% of their business
in return for a £75,000 investment.
Thank you, girls.Thank you.
Peter Jones is first to
quiz the dermatological duo
and he wants to find out about
the pricing of their product.
So, you launched in 2017.Yeah.
OK, how much do you retail this for?
If I was to separate it out –
cos this is obviously a
convenience one-stop-shop product –

what would it cost me if I wanted
tanning product?

That would be probably about £30.
And a sunscreen?
They range from £5 to £50.
And what’s the reason for keeping
the price at the level of 44.95,

as opposed to saying that if you
were to buy these individual

products, they’d cost you £30, £40?
You can buy this for 29.99.
So, it’s because the formulation
and the ingredients

are so luxurious, we feel that it’s
actually worth a 44.95 price range.

Are you done, Peter?
I’m Sara.
As you can tell, I’m pretty excited
and I’ve got 50 million questions

and I’m raring to go and hit you
with them all, right?

Someone showed me the sun damage
to my face a couple of years ago.

It’s quite frightening.
So, I totally get it.
I’m also a tight, canny
Northern lass.

Wouldn’t pay £45 for it.
Is this the right price for
this product, or do you think

it’s a little on the high side?
So, when you think of ours
as a moisturiser,

the price point is
very much on trend with…

On par with that.Yeah.
Actually, we went to the top UK
sun care specialist for three years

and a lot of the ingredients are
so superior that it does lend itself

to being a more expensive product.
The entrepreneurs confidently bat
away the debutante dragon’s concerns
about the punchy pricing
of their product.
But now, luxury brand owner
Touker Suleyman
appears to have a problem
with their packaging.
Katy and Gillian.Hello.Hi.
I’m going to bring you
right down to Earth.

think that the box…
..and your product doesn’t match.
That looks OK. OK.
You’re on the verge of semi-luxury,
but that looks like
supermarket 9.99 product.

totally agree with Touker.
don’t believe you’ll see
any product at a luxury level

that has a pretty average sticker,
not very well printed,
not high quality.
That is quite low end with
very poor plastic top and cover.

That’s not premium.
We did want to print the bottles
but we didn’t have time. It was…

But you did have time.
Look, don’t think that you’re going
to go ruling the luxury world… the near future.
It takes a long time
and a lot of investments.

Words of warning
for the cream creators
from retail expert Touker Suleyman.
And it appears Deborah Meaden
has caught a whiff of a problem.
There’s something
in here that smells.

It says no odour.
There’s an odour.
We don’t notice the odour
and we wear it every day.

love that, you know. That’s
like when you go to a restaurant

and say, “My food doesn’t taste very
good,” and the waiter tastes it

and says, “Of course it does.
It tastes lovely.”

OK. Well…
Do you all find that it smells,
rich…I can smell it but
it wouldn’t put me off using it.

Really? Gosh, it would me.
Actually, on my face,
that would really bother me

cos it’s quite fishy.
It actually makes me feel a bit…
can’t get over it.
I’m really sorry.

I’m out.
Deborah Meaden draws a line under
the tan investment opportunity.
And it seems Tej Lalvani has an
issue with the bronzer’s brand name.
Tan Cream.
To me, it sounds quite generic.
If I said, “Go buy Tan Cream.”
You’d think,
“OK I’ll buy a tan cream.”

But I wouldn’t really
assume it’s a brand.

think the positioning is wrong.
think this product needs to be…
..£10 and sell a huge quantity
and not go for the luxury market.

And then, I think you might
have a unique product.

But I’m not going to
join you on this journey.

I’m out.
love the business.
love you guys.
But if I walk into a store and see
that on the shelf for 40, 45 quid,

I’m not going to buy it cos
don’t know anything about it.

What you need is
you need to be on TV.

This has got TV shopping written
all over it.
Most people say that.
Because soon as she stood in front
of that camera, you had me.

You know, my products sell
phenomenal when I get on TV

and show people how to use them.
That’s what this product needs.
And that’s right in my sweet spot.
So, I’d like to make
you an offer.

will offer you all of the money…
..but I would want 40%
of the business.

Sara Davies makes her
first ever offer in the den.
And it’s an audacious one at that,
as her demand of 40% of the business
is four times the equity
the duo are prepared to give away.
Peter Jones has
panned the packaging,
but does he see any
potential in the product?
think you’ve had
really good offer.

However, it’s not as good as
the offer I’m about to give you.

Because I think that with
some very subtle changes,

you could go global.
So, I will offer you
all of the money…

..and I want just 25%.
You’ve never actually
made somebody cry through
making them an offer, Peter.

presume they’re happy tears?
Happy tears.Absolutely. Sorry.
Peter Jones massively undercuts
the dragon newbie
and gives the entrepreneurs
a second offer to consider
with much better terms.
Only Touker Suleyman remains.
Will he make it a hat trick of bids
for the three-in-one product?
You’ve had a bit of a roller-coaster
haven’t you?
Yeah.Could say that.
You’ve now got two good offers.
But at the end of the day,
you’re not successful.

It looks like you may have
great product…
..does a lot of things.
But I think the brand
needs to be changed.

I’ve been very hard on you,
but I’m being very honest
and very straight.

But I think you are credible ladies
because you’ve got something.

And if you’re willing… listen…
..I’m going to make you an offer.
Maybe two dragons
is better than one.

So, I would give you
half the money…

..for 12.5%…
..if Sara agreed to
take the other half.

Sara was at 40.
Well, I’m just…
She can change her mind.
OK, so that’s obviously
different to what I offered.

However, the landscape’s
changed a little bit.

little bit more competitive
than when I put my offer in.

So, yeah, I’m on board with that.
12.5% each.
And we’ll split the 75
between the two of us.

Thank you very much.
Despite his desire
to blitz the branding,
Touker Suleyman wants in.
Can we just have a minute, please?
Yeah, yeah.Thank you.
The entrepreneurs now have
two offers on the table.
Peter Jones has global ambitions,
but wants 25% of the business.
While Touker Suleyman and Sara
Davies have agreed to partner up
and split the cash and are also
asking for 25% between them.
But both bids are asking for
a considerable compromise
on the 10% of equity
the cream combo are offering.
So, thank you all so much
for your feedback…

..and all three of your offers.
We’d really love to go
with you guys.

Oh, great!
The best friends turned business
partners return to Yorkshire
with a mix of experience and new
dragon blood on their board…
Thank you.Thank you.
Well done, congratulations.
Very pleased for you.Thank you.
..much to the chagrin
of Peter Jones.
Very exciting.We’ve done it.
We’ve done it.
Touker, you came out of nowhere. For
guy that didn’t like the product,

was criticising it,
you did a good deal.
Look, he was playing tough ball.
Touker knows the luxury market
and Sara was so enthusiastic

and really believed in the product.
Well, Sara, congratulations.
Your first deal in the den.

Well done.
Well done.Bring it on!
First the many, I hope.
First of many.

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  2. I have a feeling she only blurted out 40% to avoid being criticized by viewers to be passive like that Jenny was. She knew 40 was so high that they wouldn't take her offer, she would just show some activity and call it a day. But nah, Tucker had to barge in

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