Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy | Official Trailer | MasterClass

First time I saw a poker game
was in a barber shop when I was
And I asked my grandfather–
I said, what were they doing?
He said, they were
playing poker.
I was hooked ever since.
Ivey shoves the river.
Got a trick or
two up his sleeve.
Very intimidating
glare and a little smirk.
Welcome to Ivey’s world.

You’d just love to get inside
his head for five minutes.

To Paul Jackson, he has a
very famous hand in poker.
I had queen, 8, he had 5, 6,
and the flop was jack, jack, 7.

And I bet.
He raised me.
I re-raised him.
Both guys with nothing.
Key point was when I asked
him how much chips he had.
The way he answered it
made me pretty confident he
didn’t have anything.
All in.
It’s just mind-blowing what we
just witnessed from Phil Ivey.

I come from a generation
where the good players
knew talking about a hand or
helping someone to improve
was a big no-no.
But maybe it’s time that I
share my keys for success.
I’m Phil Ivey, and
this is my MasterClass.

75 thoughts on “Phil Ivey Teaches Poker Strategy | Official Trailer | MasterClass”


  2. Either this means Negreanu course sold super well or not well enough – everything conveys information 🙂

  3. This rase, re-rase and all in action was some old school poker
    Love to play that game when someone rase me and i go all in right after him and he fold straight a way 🙂
    best feeling in the world with those great bluffs
    Any way i stream on my new channel the spin and go tournaments would love to get some help and support from everyone
    Peace 🙂

  4. I’d love to see Ivey’s MasterClass in Chinese Poker. Great story between Ivey and Hellmuth on that one.

  5. Another poker one is great, do another MAGIC Masterclass too, Penn and Teller were amazing. Or do Hypnosis.

  6. The Phil Ivey Masterclass is a enjoyable documentary of some legendary hands Phil's played, decent advice for beginners, but shouldn't be taken as a advanced strategy course.

  7. It’s refreshing knowing the years I’ve spent grinding and obtaining an edge in a game I made my life was all for nothing. Thank you phil, Daniel, Doug, Phil

  8. nowadays you have all the poker books and videos available online. to become an exceptional player, it is not something that can be taught

  9. The casino fucked Phil out of multiple millions a few years back. Those pieces of shit still need to pay up. Pay the man his money you owe him you rat bastards.

  10. I would like to see it… but I wonder if he shares all he can?
    He even said he comes from a time when helping people to get better was a big no-no. So, is he planning to share all he knows? Because if he wants to just share what every pro knows, I can find that in any $20 poker book.

  11. Although there're many up and rising young poker talents, I still believe Ivey is the king of high stakes cash games.

  12. Has to be one of the most exciting people to get involved in poker content! Our personal GOAT! 🐐

  13. Phil Ivey needs to start with the story of playing Andy Beal and closing for the corporation. Was that played in Bobbys Room? If the casino has video footage of this session That footage would would be something that all poker players including myself would pay to see.

  14. Come on, there is a Gordon Ramsay masterclass and there is also a Wolfgang Puck masterclass either were very successful sale. So why not 2 incredible poker players. Right?

  15. Lol someone's broke. Phil was great 10-20 years ago, this is gonna be useless. If you actually want to improve at poker and crush, for cash games – Upswing, for tournaments – Raise your edge. Save your time and money and pass this one

  16. Not a good masterclass. He says things like "because that's the standard" more than a dozen times but never explains or elaborates on WHY things are "standard". Would recommend Negreanu's class over this 10 times over.

  17. Hey let me know when is his masterclass on how to use marked cards to win millions at the casinos, I heard hes is pretty good at that too.

  18. No way that hand against Jackson is why I started playing poker I was flicking through the channels and seen this and thought 💭 wait there’s a game you can win if your not winning. That was it. Going bk 12+ years.

  19. "I asked how many chips he had, the way he answered made me know he had nothing" LOL!!!! STFU!!!! Your not interested in teaching your interested in being a celebrity

  20. when Phil Ivey plays he has this expression like he hid a dead body somewhere and doesn't want it to be found

  21. He lost the case vs the casino and looking for some money, I suggest he makes a high stakes ITM run after 2014 , before he teaches us outdated poker, no hate he's still a legend but like Negreanu, they are not as they used to be, after 40 things get hard apparently.

  22. Not impressed tbh. I was really looking forward to this masterclass because i look up to this man more than anyone else when it comes to poker.but I genuinely felt that his masterclass lacked substance.
    Ivey is the kind of a person who is the best in his field,but can’t explain to others how or why he does/did certain things (u’ll understand what i mean when u see him explaining some of his hand reviews).
    I felt the whole time that he is just reading from a script and doesn’t even connect with what he is saying at times.
    Just my opinion though…i love phil ivey…he is the best of the best.he is just not a good

  23. First time I saw a poker game it was in a barber shop and three guys came in and smoked everyone and left me for dead. I waited for two days to crawl out from under the bodies. But I still play poker when I can. Peace out.

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