Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin Play ‘Guess What’s Vibrating’

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin Play ‘Guess What’s Vibrating’

We’re back with the incredible
Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
And we’re helping
her raise money
for wild fire
relief in Australia
in a game we’re calling,
Guess What’s Vibrating.
Guess What’s Vibrating!
We have five boxes.
And the audience can see what
the object is, but we really we
do not.
And Phoebe’s going to put
her hands inside the box
and describe what the
vibrating item is.
And we’ll try to figure it out.
And for every correct answer,
Shutterfly will donate $5,000.

OK, you’ ready?
First one.

Is it vibrating?
Stick your hands in it.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Well, this is, this
is a mobile phone.
You’re not supposed to tell us.
Oh, that’s not the game!
OK, I’m going to
guess, I’m going
to guess it’s a mobile phone.
That’s $5,000 for
you, sweetheart.
I was so keen to win.
I’m sorry.
Thank you.
OK, this one, I’m not
going to tell you.
Yeah, please.
Give us a little work.
Oh, God, I’m so keen.
So it is, it’s long.
It’s very long and quite slim.
It has, it gets
thinner at the top.
And it hasn’t furry
bit on the end.
Is it a sex, it
must be a sex toy.
It could be used as one,
if you are adventurous.
You can turn it on and off.
Is it for a
A small button.
Vibrating painter?
Can I, um.
A toothbrush!
Again, you can, yes!
What did you say?
What is it?
A toothbrush.
Toothbrush, oh.
Although I love the idea
of vibrating painters.
OK, OK, here we go.
OK, Phoebe, do a good job.
Oh, my word.
Yeah, I know.
This is indecent.
What is this?
This is, OK, it’s
got a handle and like
a rubber bubble on the top.
It’s, it feels quite
nice on the hand.
You can, if I, can you see
when I lift it, the sound goes.
It keeps vibrating.
I honestly have no idea.
It’s smooth and plastic
and it’s got a, oh,
long handle, long handle.
A back massager?
I honestly don’t know.
What did you say?
I said a back scratcher.
Is it?
It wants keep going.
This one is strong.
Here we go.
The force is strong in that one.

It’s not vibrating?
No peeking.
OK, this is like
an end that spins.
It’s a much more
subtle vibration.
It’s got a handle.
A small handle that fits
completely in my hand.
And there’s like
a disc on the end.
A lazy dreidel twirler.
A lazy dreidel twirler.
A dreidel twirler?
It twirls by itself.
They have those in England.
Maybe it’s got a little bobbles.
On the disc, there
are little bobbles.
Do any of you guys
know what this is?
I don’t think I don’t think I.
Foot massager?
You mean little knots?
Little [INAUDIBLE] knots?
It goes round around.
The end disc goes round
and round and round.
A face scrubber.
Is that what it is?
Excellent work.
I think it’s a floor sander.
You’re making a
lot of money, girl.
Yes, this is amazing.
OK, final one.

Is it?
Are they finally
springing one on us?
Oh, my God.
This is just a, it’s a disc.
It’s plastic disc, that has
a kind of pulsating rhythm.

It’s quite, it’s a
very subtle vibration.
It feels, it’s going
four balls on the bottom.
Feels like it should be on
a table, sitting on a table.
What is this?
Where did you find this?
It’s a cocktail server.
It feels like a vibrating
cocktail server.
But I don’t feel like
these guys are behind that.
A Cheesecake Factory buzzer.
Is it?
We know those.
Oh, my God.
That’s amazing.
That’s proper knowledge.
Yeah, no, I go
there all the time.
We did it!

We did it!
We did it.
Shutterfly is donating
$25,000 to Australia.

And I’m going to match
that myself personally.
Oh, my goodness.

And I’d like to
encourage everyone,
the auction is live now on eBay.
It’ll be live until
Monday, and we really
hope that someone can run away
with that beautiful, beautiful
outfit, and also give something
to a really good cause, so.
Australia deserves
it, and we’ll be back.

51 thoughts on “Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin Play ‘Guess What’s Vibrating’”

  1. Lol so you’re telling me they had all the money ready to send but it was contingent on someone guessing an object? Imagine if they had been like “sorry, Australia. We have to keep all the money, no one guessed right. It’s just the rules. Good luck with your fire though!”

  2. How low have we sunk as a society that we call this entertainment ! Two washed up, has-beens trying desperately to be significant.

  3. So amazing that now we have so many generations of marvellous and incredible women together and all of us here to share on some level

  4. Wow!!! that is amazing… that is very generous, Thank you!!!. I don't want to take away the devastating situation and loss of nature and animals in Australia due to the fires… But I would like to create awareness about the Amazon Forest. It seems to escaped people's radar. It is only "The world's most important ecosystem" and has the "purest water in the world"… and also known as "the lungs of Earth"… with unique species of plants and animals… being destroyed by fires (7,200 miles of forest) natural reasons and human. Yes, It is bigger than the USA but not for long… we will be in huge trouble if people don't do anything about it.

  5. Thank you on behalf of my countrymen, women and wildlife who have suffered through this horrible disaster. Thank you Lily, Phoebe, Jane, Ellen and Shutterfly. There are still people without homes, businesses that can't pay their staff because tourists are staying away. Please visit the NSW south coast. It's still beautiful and they need you more than ever.

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