Ping Pong Gun Game 2

Ping Pong Gun Game 2

What’s up guys!
We are Pongfinity
Since you guys loved the previous item battle
we are doing a part two
We have 21 items
and we’ll be playing one point with each of them
and since Christmas is right
around the corner
that will be the theme for today
Good luck Emil
Good luck
First item
Normal racket
Okay next one
A chocolate bar
Milk chocolate with salty toffee crunch
Always trust the toffee!
The sledge!
Now, this is the one!
I think that’s the wrong tactic
No no this is good
That’s how it goes when you try to cheat
Okay sledge against sledge
You had like 7 lucky points against Otto
This is just the beginning
Okay next up the glove
I think I know how to play with this one
Is this serve allowed?
Okay this one won’t be as easy
Yes! I got it back
I think the ski should be quite easy
That was so close!
There’s actually okay feeling in the ski
yeah It’s surprisingly good the ski
Christmas card
I developed the best serve for a downhill ski
The serve was good
but I wasn’t ready for the next one
I was surprised by the serve
It was actually good
Christmas card
Oh no!
What a save!
Good card
Helmet against helmet
Maybe I try Emil’s tactic
Christmas present
I wonder what’s in here
Okay so I get to open my
present first
This is really exciting
I think I know what this is
Oh yes
a Pongfinity hoodie
I wish I get a Pongfinity hoodie
I wonder what’s inside
Miikka’s present now
The question is
how should I play with this
Oh no no no no!
There isn’t an even surface here
so it’s a bit difficult
So random
Now I get to open my present
I have a small feeling that it’s a Pongfinity hoodie
But I’m not sure
Oh there it is!
Pongfinity hoodie!
Good smash
Ice scraper
And brush
Woah what a save!
Okay, brush against brush
This one’s a Christmas…
a wooden Christmas sock
This is going to be hard
okay so this is apparently my
Christmas decoration
Christmas tree
You know what they say when it comes to trees and socks…
socks always win!
An old Finnish saying
Oh yes
Good smash
Emil I think the ball is over there
A very fruity wine…
Quite bouncy…
A lot of spin!
I guess I won
Christmas light
Actually that was pretty cool
I’m a bit tempted to eat this one
That looks so scary!
Did something come off?!
Okay this is a bit dangerous
I’ll ditch the
whipping strategy
Next one
a Christmas hat
Oh no!
But i won the point!
It was my plan all along
That was a good strategy
I have to admit
I have to finish my previous racket
Just a minute
You are having that strategy…
Time for the tiny Christmas lady
It seems that my
Christmas decoration is a
and Christmas lady
Is it good?
Yeah it’s perfect
Okay the Christmas decoration
or the Christmas ball
So many distractions
What was that?
That’s better than with your normal racket
The best shot I have done
Where did that come from?
I don’t know
I should switch to the candle
This one was good
The final object
The knife!
Oh no…
I guess that means I won the point
Okay so Emil’s racket broke
Such an unexpected ending
But that was a good idea with the
spinning serve
It was such a nice idea
Good match!
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Merry Christmas!

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  1. You should do a game with any kind of clothing, and if you win the point, you have to put it on and play (for example you get an ice skate and u win the point, you have to play with ice skates on your legs)

  2. Are you German…. Because in one video you said,, Netz''but in English it is net isn't it… Sry for my bad English….
    Happy Christmas

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