Planetside 2 and Monetization Tactics – Gaming Thoughts

Planetside 2 and Monetization Tactics – Gaming Thoughts

Hey there planetmans.
Today I’d like to talk about something Wrel
mentioned about Free-to-Play game design,
and to offer a rebuttal.
Put simply: Wrel is completely wrong.
Now that my cards have left an impression
on the table let me explain what the hell
I’m talking about.
In a Reddit reply, Wrel stated that people
pay the most in a Free-to-Play system to remove
an inconvenience, whether perceived or real.
This was talking in defense of the minor cloak
implant and the new implant system in general.
So now that you know what I’m talking about,
Wrel’s entire concept of what makes a Free-to-Play
game money is outdated by years.
So what’s wrong with his system?
Well, besides alienating new players no matter
how you do it, it also drives away old players
if it works like Wrel imagines.
For the inconvenience system to work, players
have to feel the benefit as soon as they buy
the item.
Otherwise they won’t connect the feeling with
the purchase.
Wrel’s concept of these items not having a
massive impact on the game is just asking
for people to quit as soon as they figure
out they’re scammed.
Of course if these items do have a massive
impact on gameplay, it’s just asking for new
players to never join in the first place.
There’s no way forward with this concept,
just six steps to the side and an empty bank
for Daybreak.
Let me ask you something, can you think of
any successful free to play games that lock
their best tools behind a paywall?
I can think of a number that have tried it,
but I can also think of how tiny their player
base has become.
The sad part is: Planetside 2 is in an even
worse situation.
Planetside 2 requires a healthy population
to be fun for anyone, it can’t survive on
tiny player counts like the others.
It needs to start using monetization tactics
from successful games.
But successful free games don’t make money
by inconveniencing new or old players, no
they make money by the psychological trick
known as “have and have not”.
Team Fortress 2 would be the best example.
All the gameplay impacting items in TF2 are
easily obtainable through drops and achievement
The latter farming also takes very little
time compared to the massive grind of Planetside
Almost all of the TF2 team’s money is made
through attempts by the players to acquire
a cosmetic item rather than anything with
a gameplay benefit.
Namely, those sweet burning hats.
Now that I’ve given my complaint, allow me
to offer an alternative method for Planetside
2 to make money.
Mostly because I don’t want to bitch and moan
without offering any helpful suggestions.
I want to bitch and moan after offering them,
That aside:

Step 1: add another section to weapon attachments
called “tracker mods”.
Okay, so I’m reading this back and if I’m
legally allowed to name my own children society
has failed us all, but back on topic.
This section will contain a bunch of mods
the player can buy with real money which track
specific special kill types.
For example, it could track sniper rifle headshot
kills past 300 meters or within 5 meters.
It could also track things like mid-air dumb
fire rocket launcher aircraft kills.
It’s a bit of a mouthful but you’ve seen how
popular those gifs are on Reddit.
Price these at about a dollar a piece since
you can make a massive number of them with
relatively little effort and you can generate
the most evergreen source of income you’ve
ever seen.
I mean, this should take relatively little
Unless you’ve been balancing the game for
years with no statistics being recorded.
Step 2: when someone buys or receives a direct
upgrade they should get the maximum rank of
it instead of having to pour certs in to upgrade
This includes things like the medical and
repair tools, all suit and ability slots,
all passive systems, all vehicle and aircraft
item slots, vehicle and aircraft passives,
and all types of weapon attachments.
This does not include scopes, reskinned laser
sights, cosmetic attachments, or the tracker
mods I just talked about.
You’re probably wondering: why should these
be given out at max rank instead of upgraded?
Because these “upgrades” were born from the
same mindset I’m arguing against.
They only exist to try and create the illusion
of progress where there is none.
They also fail miserably at it because Daybreak
apparently forgot that it’s not Blizzard.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell the
difference between Nanoweave armor 1 and 2,
and I’m fairly certain you can’t either.
With that being the case we should just get
Nanoweave armor with no rank and be done with
Also, full disclosure, I’m bringing this up
because my original video was going to be
about direct upgrades but I had to drop it
to talk about Wrel’s stupid concept of Free-to-Play
So this is partly me venting.
Moving on:
Step 3: you need to rework how difficult certifications
are to get.
For the purpose of this suggestion, and this
suggestion alone, certs should be a lot harder
to acquire than they are now.
So: fewer bonuses, no new player free certs,
and less emphasis on cert grinding with more
emphasis on showing off.
My reasoning for this is because players won’t
have to waste so many certs upgrading, as
per step 2, which frees up a lot of certs
to buy weapons.
You don’t want that, you want players to work
for at least a few days before they’re able
to get the best weapons.
Players that work hard to get a new weapon
are more likely to become attached to it and
buy a few of those tracker mods.
My horrible naming sense aside, I think a
good target for certification gain would be
about 100 certs every 2 hours.
This way the more casual players would have
to play for at least 10 days before they could
get one of those beautiful 1000 cert guns
and are way more likely to grow attached to
That means more tracker mod purchases.

Now here’s a pop quiz for you, Daybreak and
Why would this work?
Any sarcastic “it wouldn’t” responses will
be met with an immediate shove out the window.
We’ve already seen that systems like this
“do” work where your system has a track record
of failure.
Now, did you guess: Vanity?
… Just imagine the drum roll in your head
for a minute.
Okay good.
It is Vanity!
If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.
We’re playing a game where we want to feel
rewarded for our skills and strategies, specifically
over other human players.
Let’s be blunt, we’re playing this game because
we want to show off.
Tracker mods would feed right into that vanity
by using data that should already exist, meaning
almost no work on the dev front and an endless
supply of cash.
You’ve already got over a hundred weapons
in the game, so even if you just make 5 tracker
mods per weapon that’s a potential of more
than $500 per player.
As an added bonus you don’t have any negative
PR and you could easily make at least 20 mods
per weapon.
Also there’s the additional boost in population
by removing these stupid direct upgrades!
No, I will never stop harping on about the
direct upgrades.

5 thoughts on “Planetside 2 and Monetization Tactics – Gaming Thoughts”

  1. I'm not trying to insult Wrel (excluding comedic effect) in this video. He just made a statement explaining how the company feels regarding Free-to-Play games. I'm glad he did, because now we have a chance to explain to them that this mindset is unacceptable.

    And to answer the rest of Wrel's comment, he's fighting an uphill battle with the minor cloak implant. Every time Daybreak tries something like the minor cloak implant to generate money, it won't take too long for the community to actively urge new players not to buy it. This means they'll have to come up with another trick to get people to pay with real money. It's an endless cycle compared to my suggestion which actually works with what the community already likes: Gloating.

    Also #DownWithDirectUpgrades

  2. PACING AND TONE.. nice that you do put in jokes n stuff but you basically have this EXTREMELY dry and monotone deliver + long pauses inbetween make the whole thing… boring!

    Up the tempo.. add some passion and tone in your voice and you should be fine!

  3. The only part of this I disagree with is your certs idea. I would hate playing for hours every day for more than a week and only unlock 1 gun.
    Daybreak should follow in the example of team fortress 2, by adding things like cosmetic crates with common and rare cosmetics inside, and putting a trading system in alongside it.
    What do you say?

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