Play Video Games with Machine Learning

Play Video Games with Machine Learning

Hi guys! I’m Fractale. Today I am with Melimelo to speak about our
project. You could see a gamer playing Rayman, and
this player is not human. It’s an AI. This AI didn’t know how to play Rayman at
the begining and he dead several times before being able to perfectly succeed playing this
game. MELA
Our AI learns through Machine Learning Technology so it is able to learn from its mistakes and
to improve itself to pass a level. This technologie is called reinforcement learning. You let the AI play and then you give it a
score depending on its results. The AI will try to learn to increase its score. As for us, the environment is the video game
Rayman, the score depends on the distance between Rayman and the exit of the level and
the AI is a neural network. STEPH
The pixels on the screen is the input for the AI and it choose the buttons on the joypad
to be pressed. To improve itself our AI will take exemples
from nature. It will introduce small modification to its
neural network to try increasing its score. Its the same technique used by the life on
DNA and that allows the evolution of an human being from an unicellular being. This is the reason why the name of this technique
is neuro evolution. MELA
We are students from a school for IT master degre named EPITA and we closely collaborate
with Ubisoft on this project. Ubisoft is a video game compagny developping
games such as Assassin Screed, The Division, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs and of course
Rayman. Ubisoft always integrate innovation and new
technologies in their games and this is the reason why they decided to experiment the
machine learning with us. STEPH
The goal of this project is to help developers to test each level of a game. It’s pssible that, during the developement
of a game, a mistake prevent you from finishing a level. Thus our AI allow to find each bug and to
be sure that you can finish the game. We hope we could help Ubisoft to deliver good
quality game without any bug. MELA
If you want to play Rayman on your smartphones, you could do it for free just cliking this
link. You could also play Rayman on PC for free
with this link. Each month, Ubisoft gives you a free access
to a game until Christmas. So don’t hesitate keeping this link as a bookmark. We would like the thank a lot:
Olivier Dauba and Serge Hascoet from Ubisot. Without them this project wouldn’t exist. We also thank Réda Dehak, Guillaume Deslandes
and Joseph N’Vekounou from EPITA for their advice. STEPH
Thank you for watching this video. If you like it please share it and please
ask us question on the comment section Take care on you, we have to leave. We have to turn off skynet

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  1. Sounds interesting but do you have some more technical details on what kind of neural network you are using and how the learning progress works like an article or a blog post?

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